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Destiny and how wonderful it can be Featured

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Ever wondered what you find a website like mine on the web, just when you are getting more comfy with your weight? When you start to decide that you should let go and give in and start fattening? That you have always dreamed about this, since you were a kid? And just now found out that there are actually men like me that want their woman to gain weight and put on fat? That dream about it, watching the magic as her belly starts moving forward, her double chin growing, the face getting fuller and her blouse getting tighter, filling with two growing balls of delight, rejoicing of all the fat that is making her body fill out? Ever wondered how come you meet a feeder like me, through this webpage, when it is time for you to gain, to get fat finally?


I am starting to wonder why I see destiny knock on my door again and again. 

I get contacted again and again by women, especially the ones turned on by the same extreme stuff I write and without knowing each other, a strong bond usually is there already. Like having known each other for some time.
Distances don't matter, we send mails back and forth, chat, talk on the phone and every step strengthens the bond.
We are constantly amazed how we share the same thoughts about feeding, how she dreams about being fattened... that she confesses to me some extreme fantasy and I can't believe it, I have the exact same one. We both are shy talking about it, because it is too crazy, too extreme and too bizarre. But when we do, it is unreal how the fantasies match.

It is like my web page, my articles and stories are out there to find the eyeballs of some feedee that is ripe to be fed, that she actually should become fat, well, actually MUST become fat. That it is a certainty, like a written prophesy, a thing that she cannot escape, no matter how hard she tries, because it is exactly what she always wanted. With every pound, every kilogram of fat that she gains through my mails and stories, the bond becomes stronger.
She feels my virtual hand on your belly, encouraging her fat growth.

She grows totally wet from feeding, eating and overeating, her body making it plainly clear to her mind what is happening and what it wants.
I adore so much to make women wet like this, to know that my stories and mails make them aroused and yearning to have a real hand hold their bellies and slide down to their wet spot and massage and rub it there.

I'm an educated man, intelligent and jack of lots of trades, and master of some. I believe in free choice, in free will. I believe that many people make themselves their own barriers. "I can't do that" is a big wall builder.
As Henry Ford said "If you can or can't do a thing, you are absolutely right!"

I know these walls, the walls what is possible and what lies beyond, the impossible, because I have broken through this wall and found what is on the other side. And widened my own horizon through it, found that my power and skill of learning and progressing knows no limits. If I truly dare to dream.

So I believe that most things are free will, I can make a choice and go right or left. Saying that things are written, that I won't be able to change what is already pre-ordained, so to say, is for me an excuse of lazy people not wanting to do an effort and taking the easy way out.

Here is an analogy that I love to use:
Instead of going up to the bridge of the ship of your life and gripping the wheel firmly with both hands, turning it where you want to sail, most people seem to sit down in the cabin and let the wheel turn free.
"I don't try to control what I cannot! The ship will go where it must, it is all predestined."
So the wheel turns with every wind-blow, left and right and when the ship runs on a shoal and takes bad damage, well, THAT was also pre destined of course. It was meant to happen. I am born to suffer and be a victim, so to speak.

Well, I am the guy the takes the wheel and studies the ship, the wood, the ocean, the weather, the light, the crew, the map, everything!

That you can figure things out and control them. Much of it., I have to admit, in feeding, I found that there seems to be such a thing as destiny. Things just happen, that women find me, women that are either feedees already or that are about to find out through me. Not victims, but women that want to gain, that have always wanted to get fat, deep down.
It is truly beautiful, since finding out for a feedee that she is, is a most exciting breathtaking adventure.
Most feedees find that nothing arouses them as feeding and fat does. I enjoy so much being that teacher, that master that is there to show them this new world, of being a catalyst through that women grow when they need to grow.

I am a provocateur and inspiration, that is what I do. I say it direct and in the face and it is so hot for me to have this gift, this openness.

It is so precious and sensual, when a woman realizes that she needs to embrace the fat, that she must not fight it anymore.
That no matter what shape she is now, it is totally natural for her to grow fatter. And have a partner, a feeder that is focused as she is on her belly, which will now start to have a life of its own, growing larger and larger.
The magic of growing fatter is incredible! It is like being pregnant, in sweet expectation, but with food and the resulting fat. To see your own body grow, to fatten up, to get softer and slow, taken up by fat, that is so magical!
And she getting horny and hot at the sight of her growing jiggling fat. And a man that gets a hard on, the most direct compliment a body can give to another, a thing that can never be faked, by watching her fatten and fatten and FATTEN.
And actively feed her, make her eat all her favorites, and more than she had ever dreamed about.

To overfill her, stuff her full with the most delicious food and see her grow from the excess of goodness. 

I don't know how it works, but I love to be in the position I am.

Am I destined to feed you too?

Are you ready to gain, feel the need programmed in your belly, waiting to come out?
Is there a little fat on it that just seems to want company? Ever wondered how it feels to have a fat gut?
Want to take the first steps finding out what you are?

Then write me a mail, I am ready for you.

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Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
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Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.

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