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Increasing your breast size by lactation

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Hurray, I have found the holy grail! The holy grail for all us very large breasts lovers. There is a way to enlarge a boobs, other than gaining weight. Naturally and without any side effects, no medication required.

And now hold on tight: Through lactation!

And how do you usually induce lactation? Well, pregnancy.
Pregnancy that wonderful time when the tummy grows and becomes out right huge even on thin women and when the breasts grow and fill with milk. Big bulging bags of milk that need milking and emptying, otherwise they threaten to leak and hurt.
Now I am surely not the only one dreaming about milking a womans large breasts. I have never had the privilege of accompanying a woman through pregnancy, but am sure it would be a ball.
Kissing and sucking on large nipples and areolas is wonderful, but sucking milk out of them? wow!

It is of course not possible to just do a pregnancy for that. The resulting child would be irresponsible if not covered by a functioning stable relationship. So lactating was so far not a possibility.

But you know what I found out? You can make breasts start to lactate! Without pregnancy!

Want larger boobs?
Just keep on using a vacuum pump on your nipples, the one that pregnant women use to suck off milk when they are too full. Do that every day repeatedly for about 2 weeks I guess and they will start lactating (and grow through the milk).

You will then probably have the terrible hard responsibility to help her deal with the milk that ensues.
Wow. If this is work, bring it on.

It is not 100% what you get after birth, but according to some medical journals it comes close.

Now if my theory is correct, it is also very pleasurable for a woman to suck milk out of her boobs while having sex or milk her while doing her doggy style for example.

As a man always having been pulled towards the breasts that you could call udder for their sheer size, making them even larger and being able to milk them is just so incredible hot and sexy.
Try it out and tell me how it works. I will too and will report when I know more.

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