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My dream about a ssBBW

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Well, no need to talk around about it: You know that I like super size BBWs. Even if I weren't a feeder, I would still love them.

I rarely had the pleasure of feeding a woman and enjoying with her growing to such dimensions. Which is a real shame, since it is so much more pleasurable to be shared. If you know that you likely will just grow fatter and fatter, why not engage in it with a partner?

Anyway, these days I have had an idea and it goes on the list of all the things to do still in this life:

Find an open minded ssBBW (450 lbs and up), locate a private pool, fill it with part oil and part water and then share the greatest sex with her while holding her  immense soft body in my arms.

This idea came to me because I have had the pleasure of sex with such large beauties. In a foresight, I have been endowed with a pretty long and very thick penis. Without this, I am afraid that I could not even reach the vagina of a really fat woman, since the apron fat can grow quite thick down there and form like a "garage" through which a man first has to pass through.

But even so, the positions are very limited, missionary and doggy seem to be the only positions for such a large woman.
A full hug is often impossible.
Now in this pool, she could move around unimpeded, no matter how large she would be, her belly floating free and me being able to make her feel the pleasure of being lifted up and coming down on my member seemingly without gravity.
The oil would lubricate the entering, since water tends to wash away the vaginal fluid and cause too much friction.

I know that there are many neglected very beautiful and very large women out there. I know this, because I have met some of them and they are incredible sexy and active in bed. It is a shame and disgrace that these single women seem to get so little sex, it is a sad testimony about our dumb superficial fat phobic time and the shallowness of men.

Without being conceited, I know that part of my life mission is to make these women feel good and show them how sexy and attractive they are. It is nothing I can help, otherwise it would not drive me and I would not find it so irresistible.

I know, I know, this might feel so crude to you. It is a mans perspective and sex many times dominates us. I am also not shallow, I have not slept with a woman in years that I did not get to know really good. I guess it comes with growing older and more demanding. I want to know who you are. Otherwise, it would just be sex with a body, not a person. The hot moaning and panting would not mean anything.

It is also that a ssBBW would looks so sexy underwater too, all her body free floating, her free to move in any positions.
Fat has so much buoyancy that a fat woman like this can be in any position without going under.

And with a diving mask, one could even see how beautiful her body looks in weightlessness, how hey huge tummy floats and her breasts look when the pull of their weight is removed. Touching and caressing her large beautiful body everywhere, seeing how it moves around sensually and then move her to come down on my large member, entering her from below, well... you could never do that outside of  the pool.
It must feel amazing to have so much fat in my arms and showing her all the appreciation she deserves.

I consider myself a very selfless lover, making sure the woman is coming first and through my experience over the years can last quite long, which women of all sizes seem to appreciate and a very large lady for sure.

I have never tried a condom underwater, it might be a problem. But it would not be the first time for me to do a AIDS test, in order to put both parties at ease.

And entering without protection is something that is so sensual, lifting up such a large lady and letting her come down on my large penis moving slowly and then faster and faster is something that must be truly wonderful.

I would very much like to hear about experiences of large women in water. Have you ever had sex with a lover in the water? Isn't it wonderful how freely you can move around there, how inexistent the many pounds of sweet fat are considering gravity?

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