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My Perfect Date with a Feedee Featured

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 I love the way your belly pokes out, how fat you are already, but I want you to gain, to turn that little round fat belly into a huge hanging fat gut.

For you to get these large hanging breasts, many cup sizes larger than what you got now.

So I take you out to that all you can eat place, and we both know why: The goal is to fatten you up, to really let yourself go and eat and eat and eat, now that you are with me and you know that it is OK and wanted by me. It turns me on to see a woman that can put so much away, that has a huge capacity and loves to overeat.

You have no idea yet what this will do to you and that being accepted as a piggy that needs to grow and fatten by a tall man like me will make this very pleasurable for you.

A dream come true, we are having our perfect date.


Your belly needs to become totally filled, to the max, that is why you have gained to get this large and also why you need to keep gaining. This is just the beginning, my dear fatty! Now you have help, somebody like me that wants to see that belly get as large as possible tonight!


I know what I am doing, and lead you. You feel my control, it is a comfortable cozy feeling.


When we sit there and we are eating, and I watch you intently, we don't talk much about feeding, we are doing it.

It is our secret, nobody knows that you are here for the single purpose of gaining weight, that you have to eat as much as possible, helped by me, and need to get fatter.


Being on the spot like this is fun for you, you have done this alone before of course, your large waistband and the bra that is overflowing with your new breasts can attest to that, but you always wanted help, to share this, to have a man like me watch you eat, bring you food and look at the curve of your belly and wishing it to grow and get larger.


And whisper things in your ear, when I pass to get more food for you.

"You have such a sexy belly, make it grow for me!"


"I brought you some specially delicious stuff, pay attention to the super fatty stuff, it will make you fatter faster!"


"If the others knew that I took you here to fatten you up? To make you gain? That you will grow and become a very fat jiggly woman?"


"I know this makes you wet honey, it makes me hot too! Just keep eating, you need a lot more


Whispering to you that I love the way you eat. I want you to gain for me! Get fat for me!


I tell you that the stuff that I brought you is specially fattening

I let you eat and you stuff yourself more than ever before, you never ate that much in your life. I then help you eat

"come on honey, this plate still needs to go inside you, you know that you have to gain, my sexy fatty!"

You are so pumped up that feel that you are going to explode.

I help you up and you need my help steadying you

you can hardly walk, I support you, put you to the car and hold your belly while we drive, see how pregnant with fat you are

We drive home and we both know how amazingly your belly is sticking out..


I watch your pumped up gut and it makes me horny, I can't wait to see it.




At home, there is something magic in the air, you know what will happen next. You stand in front of me, you lift your shirt and expose your belly, ready for inspection by your feeder. It feels exhibitionistic to you and hot. You see me checking you out, and you know that you need to be checked out, that I need to see how you are growing, to see if your weight gain curve is correct or if you need to be fattened up faster. You are my feedee, you are receiving, growing, getting fatter and I'm your feeder, responsible for making you grow. I have control over how fast you are getting fatter and that is the way it needs to be. There is something so hot and magical when I examine your belly fat.


I put you on the scale, measure your belly and grab your belly flab, like a feeder does, demandingly and greedily for you to get fatter.

I tell you "you are fattening up so nicely, I can't wait to see you become a fat sagging porker! I love hanging bellies, hurry up growing!"

and open your pants and let your fat gut gush out and slide down your panties. They are wet and I feel your pussy dripping wet, what a foreplay! You know that I want you to get fat for me and I know that you yearn to be fattened up and become a very fat woman.


You can see that I'm very excited too, my pants show that I am heavily hung and very long, I have been endowed for sleeping with very fat women.

I take off my pants and show you what I look like, my penis is standing to attention, as I massage your full belly.

You like large dicks, always have, and can't wait to feel that super thick thing inside you. But not so fast, I'm not done admiring you.

I kiss you deeply and run my hands through your hair, and hold your belly while we kiss, then I kiss your neck and enjoy doing it slow.

I kneel down and look at your belly, how wonderfully it stands out. I kiss it gently and look at it from all sides, it is so sexy.

It is exciting for the both of us, to know that you have overeaten so much, that you are pregnant with fat and that nothing can change anymore, that you will get fatter from this

"Please grow fat form me, I adore you! You will look so hot with a hanging belly!" I tell you on my knees and my hand slides between your legs. You cringe in hot anticipation, but I just hold your inner thigh and enjoy how you get even hotter in anticipation.

I stand up again and I look deep into your eyes, and you can see my large hazel eyes in desire and heat, you can see that I want to slide inside you and make hours and hours of hot sex, while I bring you to one orgasm after the other. I know that a full belly and fattening makes you hornier than anything and you can feel the huge heavy shape of my dick touch your legs.


I grab your double chin and you feel that I am checking out how fat you have already become and you feel greed in my touch, that I am not satisfied.

I do the same to your breasts, you feel like an object and it is really hot. It feels like I am checking out two bags filled with fat and you can read my thoughts "I can't wait till you got these huge hanging jiggling tits that are in the making here"

Then, grabbing your belly flab, you can feel how I want to fatten you up, it its purest form. My dick is between your legs and brushes against your dripping wet lips down there and you gasp.

I go really close to your ear and say "I'm attracted to really fat women, you have no idea how I am going to fatten you up! I also love fast weight gain, I wonder how fast you are going to balloon up!"


Then I have my hand on your pussy and open up your lips and massage your whole pussy and love how wet you are..


I lay you on the bed, belly up and lift up your legs, so your pussy is wide open. I know you are fucking hot now, so much foreplay and you can see that I am very horny too. Nothing turns me so much on than feeding women and watching them eat.


My huge dick is standing to attention and I love how thick it is, I love how I open up women, how many are amazed how that feels. If you are thin still, chances are your wrist is about as thick as my dick, no kidding.

I place the huge head of my penis at your vagina and you are sure I am just going to slide in, but I just dip it in, between your lips and wait.

I love that you don't know when I will push inside you. Then, you feel me come inside you and your wide open pussy gets filled, you would love how your lips are spread wide open around my thick cock.

You feel the rhythm, how my thrusts are strong and deep, how I am sure of my masculinity, how I know exactly what I am doing and how I hold your belly.


The sex is so fucking hot and a total relieve for all the foreplay that we had with feeding you and I make your belly jiggle so wonderfully, waves move through your fat as our moans fill the room...


I get out some pralines and start feeding you with them during sex or let you drink some fattener, telling you that I am impatient and some fat booster will help you balloon up!


And then you hear the hottest dirty talk you ever heard, the only real one that a feeder and feedee need:

"I'm totally attracted to fat sagging hanging bellies, to super fat women. I can't wait for you to get that fat! I will make you a jiggling waddling porker! You have to grow for me, fatten for me! Hurry up, I can't wait to see you waddle and walk with difficulties, getting lazy and even more hungry!"





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