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Sunday, 28 March 2021 11:47

Are we all being fattened up like pigs?

Written by

This is really exciting to hear, I'm sure it is true and probably the reason why my fattening is speeding up and why I long to be fattened up by a feeder, well even more to be pushed and urged to put on fat, to be force-fed.

I noticed that I crave more and more for fat pork belly because I have sinned before, overstuffed myself with bacon and fat pork belly and I carry that fat on my own gut now and it is inflating me, preparing me to fatten up like a pig, making it hot and attractive. It is very exciting and hot, I wish a female feeder would push me to gain. I'm already fattening up faster and faster, I need to really swell fast with lard.

A female feeder that is horny for me being so insatiable and

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:15

Site is online again and my status report

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I'm sorry for the interruption and the site being offline, but I'm currently fighting with a very deep depression. I'm currently homeless, have no income and am trying to find a job desperately, so far without success, which is also hard because I can't constantly smile like it is expected, which seems to be a requirement for finding a job. I lost the house that I was renting last year and additionally to it also my job.  I'm currently in a crisis of being, where I'm asking myself, which function I do have in the feedism scene, if any, if I do have a mission, like I feel I do, or if I'm just deluding myself.

This is part also because I'm fighting with the superficiality of the online feedism scene, the coming and going of people, that pretty much everybody has no interest in deeper connections, which deeply frustrates me, because I'm looking for them, but currently have none. It is a little grotesque, even people that complain themselves, that others are superficial to them and cut off contact after a while, do the exactly same thing with me.

Last Christmas I suddenly got very sick and was in bed for 3 weeks, I checked my mailbox on any social network and found them empty, not a message, nothing, also on Feabie and I realized that I could have just died any well, nobody would have even noticed or...cared??? And that just made me angry and frustrated. I'm longing for these deeper connections that go forther than just feeding and to people that take feeding serious and stand by their preference for gaining and fat and don't constantly keep running away from it. I feel so very isolated in the world, being so advanced with my preference and love for fat and fattening and find nobody that I can share it with.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 00:39

English Forum / Community online again

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The English forum is online again, don't know why it was missing from the navigation menu. You will need to be registered to access it. Enjoy!

This is a direct link to it:

Friday, 24 November 2017 08:38

The Tumblr mystery is solved!

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I did not know, but all people that followed the old Tumblr link did not see my blog, but only a request to login. It was always my idea to keep it public and do not require logging in, so here is the link that just works:
(and you can see everything without having to register or login)

Sunday, 17 June 2018 10:41

Waiting for expansion...

Written by

Like many nights, I lay awake and hungry, dreaming about how I would gain and balloon up, how I soon would not be anything that anybody could be call thin anymore, but very fat and getting a sagging belly. The belly that I have gotten has primed

Saturday, 29 December 2018 05:40

Depression Blues

Written by

Dear Reader

I'm sure you've been wondering why I'm not active anymore. I've been in a terrible depression for over a year that has completely paralyzed me. It's mainly financial, but also loneliness. At the moment I have arrived at the deepest point of my life and everything is extremely difficult for me, takes forever. I can't write any more stories because I don't have the peace and quiet and have extreme trouble posting them. To be honest I'm afraid of rejection, it feels like every person I've ever loved or every important person rejects me.
When I chat with a person, I automatically expect the contact to break because the person doesn't really want to talk to me.
This is probably self-protection so that I don't get disappointed and it's very important to me because I'm lonely and thoughts of feeding excite me and give me some relaxation as I get fatter and help.
Here this only as an explanation. I hope very much that I come out of this hole again and I feel better, I would like to write more exciting stories for you again, this is such a beautiful passion.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 02:48

Bi Feeder couple fattening me

Written by

Let me tell you a secret about me. I dream a dream that will pass as I fatten up and at the same time the dream will fatten me up.

I'm a bisexual feeder and feedee and I dream about a couple that is also bi sexual and both feeders. I would grow quite fast with them, as it would enable me being a fattening pig on many levels. This is something I want, I long for it.
So here it goes, let's start our story:

They both cornered me

Thursday, 25 March 2021 11:36

Thin female feedee turning fat

Written by

If you are a thin woman and you want to gain, if you have dreams about becoming really obese and fat, if you want to expand and balloon with lard, but you can't seem to gain a point, I might be able to help you.

I love fattening up thin women, I love to see the transition, see the fat growing. Many feeder want their feedees

Saturday, 23 April 2016 23:27

Restructuring the registration process

Written by

I'm currently restructuring the registration process, so please bear with me. Also, due to massive spam, I have to first approve new users, so it might take a few days for me to get to that. Please report any problems with the website to me, thanks!

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