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The Fat Clinic

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Thin girl ends up in special clinic after an accident. She cannot remember what happened in the last weeks. What are these people up to? Does it have to do with her mother? Too many questions with no answers, but one thing is clear, she is fattening up...

Chapter 1

Talents Yet Unexplored

She was waking up and realized that she was tied down. She looked around in the room and saw that she was alone. What had happened? Where was she? And with confusion it occurred to her that she did not remember anything, not even who she was.

A man in a white coat entered the room and watched her carefully and she noticed that he was specially paying attention to her belly. She saw that she was slightly plump, but that her belly had a special bloated texture. She tried to move but only felt the strong straps that held her down. The man came over to her and started touching her belly. Then he put his ear on her belly and listened intently.

He moved away and seemed to consider something.

"Why am I here, what happened?" she cried.

"You had an accident. You were brought here 3 weeks ago. Don't worry, you are fine now. Try to be calm, everything will be okay!"

She did not understand that, she was calm.

"Don't be alarmed!" he said and left the room. Then some nervousness seemed to grip her. It was like a tickling in her abdomen which increased and seemed to become like a flooding. Then, which all the peculiarity she saw and felt her belly inflate. It was a overwhelming feeling that made her extremely wet.

"Oh my god, what is this?" she thought.

As fast as it had come, it had subsided. She felt a sleepiness come over her and after what seemed a long time after she awoke again. She had the same feeling as before, but was much more wet than before. She again felt her stomach grow, but this time she was panting hard and that she was not alone. A man was there, also in a white lab coat, sitting next to her bed and having his hand dipped deep inside her pussy, rubbing her clit. She got so hot that she could hardly speak. She felt strange about his presence in the room and in her pussy, but somehow he provided a necessary service which seemed to relieve her. She felt intimate with him, even though he was a complete stranger. Then she came hard, like never before and while she was trying to regain consciousness, he explained:

"Sorry for that. I just knew that you needed this. The absorption is much faster without sexual exercise." She gave him a puzzled look.

"I mean that you could not touch yourself and you would have gotten hotter and hotter without the possibility to help yourself. That would speed up your fattening."

"What?" she blurted out.

"How much do you remember?" he said.

"...well...." she was again puzzled at how little she remembered. " Nothing really...How did I get here?"

"They abducted you" he replied while undoing her straps.

"But why..." she began while getting up. "You have something they want." he said definitely. "You are in a research and development facility of the largest producer of livestock fattener."

"Livestock fattener? What do I have that they want? My money?"

"Nonono", he said smiling, amused at the point. "How is your mother?"

"Oh, very well, thank you...." she became suspicious "how do you know my mother?"

"She is very large, isn't she?" he asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. She has this rare disease that makes people extremely obese. What does all that have to do with this?"

"Well, I heard about it. I was also in another project and when eavesdropping that they wanted to get you for it, I knew that I had to stop it."

He bustled her out of the room, led her down the corridor and into a green door that led into a stairwell. They went down.

"I don't understand nothing" she said. And like for first time she looked down on her and saw that her belly had grown out a lot and that she looked fat.

She did not wear any underwear, her belly was exposed and had like a little grid painted on it. She wore a bra that seemed to be filled with yogurt.

"Oh my god, I am getting fat" she exclaimed. "We have to get to a doctor immediately. Let's call the police."

"It's not that easy." he said. "You know, I am going to try to get you out of here, but there are no telephones here that can contact the outside world."

"What are we waiting for then? Let's get out of here. Where is the exit?" she said impatiently.

"Well, I don't know exactly. I was never down here before."

She wanted to say something in her impatient air. "Please be quiet, they will hear you. I will try to bring you out of here but if they will find you they'll strap you in and fatten you till you can't move anymore."

"What?" she exclaimed. It all seemed so unreal, so ridiculous to her. "But why me? There are fat women out there, I see them every day. Why they don't take them?"

"Because" he took breath, "you inherited something from your mother, something that is even rarer and they know it. Only 1 in 500'000 women have it and it is very useful to them to study. You got the super fat gene."

At that she could not close her mouth in wonder."I got what?" she said half laughing. "Look I am not some obese bitch that cannot control herself."

His face was serious at her laughing. "As a matter of fact, you do have the proneness to become extremely fat."

At her unbelieving look in her face he said "it did not surface that strong yet, but more and more your stomach will grow and with it, you'll fatten up enormously. They want to study this special stomach you have, how it grows, because the ideal live-stock cow should have it too. And this, I am afraid is going to make you extremely large."

She could not believe what she was hearing, but somehow something strange was happening. She had put on several pounds in the last year, without doing anything. She felt like eating all the time, had a hard time getting full, always there seemed to be some more room that needed to be filled.

As she looked down on her, noticing her protruding belly for the second time, he sighed.

"I am afraid they already started to work on you. You have to expect the unexpected."

As they reached the end of the stairwell, the exited through a door labeled "food enhancing x3". As he had opened the door, he noticed that she had staggered to the wall. She was dizzy as she had read what was written there. He helped to steady her and when they exited, they found themselves in a room with many horizontal tanks, connected to each other and the walls with an array of crazy arranged pipes. She was getting hungry and her stomach growled.

"We have to get you something to eat. Otherwise it will become painful for you." he said. They searched the whole room for exits, but found none.

"Oh my god, I am hungry!" she exclaimed with a pained expression on her face. Her stomach started to hurt. Just as she started to wince from it, they came next to a bathtub with a thick liquid inside. Tubes ran to and from this tub. He was looking for something to eat and an exit behind the tanks, while she stood there and felt an intense desire.

When he came back, he saw her staring at the tub and getting closer and closer to it. He saw that she was fighting the hunger and the pain inside her.

"Okay, this might do also." Without him doing anything, she sidled closer and closer to the tub, smelling the rich flavor and finally her lips touched and she started to suck at it, drinking rapidly. She felt her aching stomach fill and the pain vanished. It was so rich and great tasting.
"Stop, not that much!" With this he pulled her away, seeing her confused face.

"We have to get out of here." he said. He dragged her along, found a door and exited through it. It went upstairs again. Great, he thought, a least it was the right direction.

After they came out on the next floor, he found that they had entered the unused part of the hospital. All empty rooms with dust on the beds. He found a door leading out but it was locked with a chain. He told her to wait and went to look for some tools to crack it open. There was nothing to be found on the whole floor. He heard her panting when he came back and stayed behind a corner, so she could not see him. It got stronger and was now accompanied with her moaning. She was young and he noticed now that her voice was very sexy, kind of innocent, as though it had never been used to moan so lusciously.

He of course knew what was happening to her, at least in theory. But when he came around the corner, it still hit him:

She was leaning against the door frame and a plump fat layer had formed on her belly, which by itself was nothing special. But her gut was swelling ever so slowly. He felt a strange sensation watching her fatten. He went over to her, snapping out of the dream and helped her onto on of the beds. It seemed to him that her gut now swole faster. She must have been around 18 years of age and her belly, that looked highly pregnant now, bulged in contrast to it young age.

"Is this never going to stop?" she gasped as her belly inflated.

"I'm afraid you ate too much of the fattener liquid. They made this especially for you, but I guess for a later stage, when your stomach would be used to high fat content tube feeding."

She heard this and part of her wanted to throw up at the enormousity, but it stayed all in and as she looked down, she saw how her belly started to look, getting fat ridden. She got aware of how exactly it was pumping her up: It felt like there was a universe of liquid fat and a little doorway had opened right inside her, in the very middle and it was welling inside her, slowly expanding her belly. It felt strange to just let it happen...

He could not imagine that she would grow that large as he looked at her now. She looked just like a girl, although her face started to grow bigger, taking away the skinny innocence and show the padding of a ripe thirty something. What did they do with her exactly? She had been in their care for over a week.

She held her growing belly and couldn't stop feeling so hot and aroused at it. She started to massage her clit as the heat grew inside her, but it did not seem to relieve it.

He touched her gently and felt that she was wide open, her young pussy fresh and inviting. He felt her lean legs, her soft innocent skin on them... He inserted several fingers inside her delicious vagina, felt her rich fluid and that seemed to stir her in the right direction.

"Oh yeah..." she panted deeply. She climaxed, getting louder and louder. As she came, the swelling stopped and she was left with more belly than a full-blown pregnant. Her navel started to recede, becoming wide and fatty.

She looked at him with stars in her eyes, the sweet effect of an brain-boggling orgasm still showing in her softened face expression.

"That was so great!" she breathed. "I swear I was never that hot in my life" she said with some shyness in her voice.

"Well, I heard that they connect the sexual drive with the fattening, as you grow, so you will your sexuality."

They looked everywhere on the floor for more exits, but found none. She had to rest several times, lie down since she was so tired. She did not grow again, so he left her alone on a bed and went were he thought that he had found an exit. To his relieve it led upstairs. He suspected why she was so tired: She was accumulating fat, her breasts were filling out, her ass got it too and her gut was getting wobbly. When he exited, he found himself in a busy corridor with nurses and other personnel moving. He tried to explain his presence in the restricted area with all his ingenuity and barely succeeded. He found his way to the door again and down, but had to wait several hours for not being seen.


Chapter 2

Blooming Up

He found her drinking water at a sink and noticed that heavy padding on her sides. Yes, she was getting fat and fast too. As she moved while drinking, he saw something weird, like two large balls move lazily and wobblingly. When she noticed him, she turned around and...

He had to gasp at what he saw... she had been a small breasted woman, but that heavy bosom that was greeting him now looked much too feminine for her still thin body and her gentle age. They were huge jugs, soft, full and jiggly and...

She looked at him with a sad expression. "Look, they're hanging already." she exclaimed. "They can't be, I am too young for that! My bra got so tight and when I took it off, down they came."

"Look..." he did not even know her name "you don't remember your name do you? Well, can I call you Mandy? Great. Look, Mandy, fat women have breasts that hang, it is absolutely normal." he said.

He found himself like her new look, the way her waist had enlarged, the way her belly had grown and was now padded with a thick layer of indecent fat. But most of all, that that came as a surprise to him, he did like her breasts. He had always thought that the perfect proportion of a bosom was a D cup, firm and primed oranges. But Mandy's cleavage was easily out of that range and he knew that her condition was still ripening.What he loved most about her two small melons was, that her breasts grew bigger that lower they went, which made them bell shaped. They found a new bra for her in one of the cupboards and he was amazed at the voluminous cups these bras had. There was even a Z. Mandy turned out to be a F and was not so happy about it.

As she grew larger and larger, he found himself, surprise, to like her more and more.

They both went upstairs in the night when the coast was clear. Mandy had grown more and more hungry and it seemed to be connected to her fattening process, because she also had tremendous pain in her stomach.

"Why don't we go downstairs again. That stuff I took before really satisfied me."

His eyes grew wide. "That stuff is extremely fattening, wait and see, you'll still grow fast enough." he teased. In one of the empty offices she found a soda bottle, the favorite drink of any weight considerate woman.

"I can have this, can't I? I just need something to fill myself".

He nodded. That did not contain any energy, but at least made her full. She started drinking with speed and the pain immediately vanished.

But after a short while, still while drinking, her eyes went wide with surprise. With a delicious sound her plump belly started to inflate again. And this time it was intense. She moaned sexy as a large ball inflated inside her belly. Immediately he saw her pussy soak. She needed relieve and he felt his penis stand to attention. Her display of raw abundant pleasure made him very hot.

She panted and moaned sexily, watched how he approached her and got ready to penetrate her. As he did, he found her flooded and her pussy of the same pristine consistency as his fingers had probed many women when doing his internship in the gynecology ward. He got intensely aroused by the growing form of her belly in front of him while he penetrated her. The way her gut swole, he could already see the fat woman that was in the making in front of him. When he came, she was still growing, but her own lust then exploded in her clit. It spread around, she watched it with her mouth open and her breathing heavy as she got bombarded by hot lust that seemed to originate inside her, in the very middle where she was was being inflated with fat. As the orgasm went up another notch, she gasped and her eyes went wide in pleasure, she felt how her belly grew and it made the orgasm even harder and heavier. She had never thought that she could feel so much raw sexual pleasure. Then, her belly stopped growing. The orgasms subsided a little, but then, something pushed her gently, bumped her and then, it was like somebody was stabbing her in the side gently. Her body shook rhythmically and it felt like a liquid was trickling on her clit and there spreading everywhere. Her gut started to erupt in the same trickling pleasure, unfamiliar to her, it spread everywhere and she slowly rhythmically shook. Then she realized that this feeling was strongest where she had formed the most fat on her. The pulsation became stronger, still repeating in the rhythm of a second or so. She gasped and moaned in the same rhythm,always like opening the window to lust a little bit and then closing it again. Her fat and large knockers shook in the rhythms, she noticed waves going through her belly fat. Then it became stronger, she moaned louder, even stronger, she felt it take her, like somebody fucking her steadily, but there was nothing. As her fat shook, she started to feel stronger and stronger, the fat seemed to amplify her new lust, the rhythmic moans became little shouts, then louder and louder, till it showed some desperate quality. Oh my god, what was this, she thought. When would this end? It was so pleasurable, so hot. It started to get even stronger and then she started to pass out of pleasure, her brain shutting down. When she came to herself again, she felt like a thousand lips had kissed her everywhere, licked her heavily on her clit and some lips had entered her cunt and roamed around in her inside. Her vagina felt like filled with silk and her large yielding breasts seemed to still contain a residue of the lust she just had felt/endured.

A woman in a white lab coat came in and was not at all surprised at what she saw. Mandy saw her and was startled at her presence and that she could see her involuntary expansion.

Dr. Wagner, as it said on her name tag, was a thin woman in her mid thirties. She had a calm air and cool blue eyes as she said:"it's all right, come with us now. You need treatment... it's better..."

Mandy jumped to her legs, her fat wobbling and started to run out of the room. She bumped into Wagner and knocked her to the floor. She was out of the room and surprised some men that stood there with large gurney that had straps on the sides.

He ran after her and heard her shout "I will never become fat!"

As he followed her, he saw Wagner look after him, in no hurry to follow them. He was barely in earshot as he hear her say

"you know that she will get immensely fat now, don't you? Soon she won't fit through a door anymore..."

He was after her, but still swallowed at what he had just heard. What had they given her? Mandy was fattened heavily by what ever device they had used on her, adding to her proneness that she had inherited.

When he found her, the young woman was well beyond any shape that any woman had ever had during pregnancy.

She was holding her belly, sinking in the insistent fat layer that was growing on her. "What a strange taste for soda that was..." she gasped, still exhausted from her growing.

He could not stop to discover that she had more and more sexual effect on him. He loved that way she was growing into a woman, how she was feminized every time she grew. Her bosom was growing steadily, now giving her voluminous bra a hard time. Her face had become wide and luscious, her hips had expanded and her legs had all that sweet padding that no girl at that age ever has in our society.

"That was no soda" he said, still out of breath from running after her. "That was surely fattening liquid"

"Oh my god" she gasped, "I am getting fatter and fatter!"

He saw that she was right. Mandy was seriously filling out, especially her tummy was accumulating more fat than any other part of her body. She was becoming a fat cow, he thought. The word cow occurred to him when they went to look for another bra for her and her hanging bags of lard filled up a H cup to perfection.

She also seemed to become more and more prone to heavy eating, since she yearned for it, even then when her stomach did not hurt from being empty.

The people in charge with her "treatment" also left bait everywhere and they stumbled over plates of steaming food from time to time, which she could not resist. He did not stop her, since the plates had modest size, but he was amazed how many there were and he stopped her in the end, noticing that she could not stop eating anymore. She had already eaten six of them and her belly was swelling big from it. When they settled down on some empty beds to rest, tired and wondering if they would ever find the way out, she felt welling in her belly again and the fattening took her again like a strong lusty fever. He penetrated her, helping to relieve her, but deep inside himself he had the deep desire for it. When he woke up the other day, Mandy the girl had become a fat woman. Her belly was a soft fat wobbling mass, and the way she was getting built there was a lot of cellulite on it and her belly button was a fat luscious eddy. Her bosom had grown very large and did not fit in her bra anymore, so she had her boobs out, heavy hangers that went flat on her chest just from the softness that they had. He had never seen that large breasts in his life before. Her face was softer, not just from the additional fat, but also from the lust and pleasure that she had endured, her face had been tempered. She had lost much of the girlyness and had acquired had acquired expressions of ripe womanhood. Immediately, she was doing herself.

"Oh, god!" she gasped. "Why do I feel soooo horny all the time? I have just an incredible tickling inside myself...." and her hand went to her soggy belly and sank in her soft fat. "And this thing is coming apart.....ooooohhhhhhhhhh...." she turned her eyes up into her head and gasped "it's like being ..... inflated like a balloon", yearning that the overwhelming lusty feeling would pass.

She was making him so hot, he could not believe himself. The girl he hanged out with sometimes was pretty much how he liked women: She had a great body, nice shaped buns, tight thighs, a flat belly where the navel showed as a vertical slit. She was a hot dancer and that's where he had met her, sinking in her fast eyes and her bushy long hair. She had boobs that he called "a handful", exactly like he preferred them. They had ridden many times and he have had fun like never before in his life. He was even considering to marrying her.
Now he was in turmoil, thinking about Mandy all the time, even though he saw her constantly. She was everything his former preference was not: She was fat, growing wider by the day it seemed, her flat stomach had started to sprout fat, bulge out and was now hanging slightly as an incredible pumped up fat-gut. Her bosom was immense, the word udder crossed his mind and it made him hot. These large fat jugs were her best feature and the red ring around the nipples had grown immensely and now had the size of coffee saucers.


Chapter 3


By the growth in his pants he completely had forgotten their task. They had to escape as soon as possible from this place, as he remembered somebody saying: Mandy could grow too large to fit through the door and now he did not doubt it anymore. After finding a bra for her, he pulled her after him. She was kind of groggy and everything on her wobbled and swayed. Her breast were firmly secured in that immense KK cup bra and he was glad, since he was sure that seeing them hang and move would make him so hot that he might loose himself in her growing form and that they wouldn't leave this place anymore. He could not let them catch her, the image of the young girl in the clutches of this ruthless company made him upset. They would fatten her up beyond immobility.

He headed for the emergency exit door, aware that opening this exit would trigger an alarm that you would let them be discovered. He did not care, hell he thought that they were watching them anyway. He just wanted to get out of there, the changes to Mandy started to take him and he did not like the way his thoughts were starting to go. As he opened the door, there was no sound. Also, he found no stairs, just a room with funny light reflections. Water was splashing, there was a metal-mesh gangway leading over some large tanks filled with green transparent liquid. The green light was reflecting off the roof and Mandy started to moan again. He wanted to tell her that they needed to move on when he saw that it was pain that twisted her face.

"What is this smell in here?" she gasped while her breathing went faster and heavier. He could hardly smell anything.

Her hand was on her belly fat and made it wobble as she tried to calm the pain that was growing. "ow, I need to eat something..." Mandy said, low but sure.

"Come on now, we are almost out!" he pulled her up the stairs and started to walk over the gangway. When they were almost over it, the pain seemed to grow to strong and Mandy swayed.

"I....need....to...eat...something......NOW!" she gasped, unable to control shaking that made her large fat body jiggle. He saw the ripples on the large balls of her breasts that went through the bra. Her bosom started to become softer and fuller as more and more fat pushed into it. "Whats.....this....smell?" she moaned again, the rich taste of it made her gut churn and well. She seemed to loose her balance. She caught herself again and slipped on a wet spot on the floor. She fell into the green water, which swallowed her with an immense splash that accounted for her body girth and lots of liquid spilled over. He could not see her anymore and he ran down the stairs at the other end of the gangway that they had reached. Immediately he could see her through the glass on the other side. She was underwater, but it was so shallow that she was getting up, standing. Her head reached over the water and she laughed, drawing breath hastily.

Her breathing did not slow down, even as she catched her breath again. Mandy was still in pain, her hand was on her belly trying to massage the hurt away. Her nose an inch above the water, she smelled something overpowering that stirred the lard of her fat gut. She felt pregnant, suddenly, fertile and extreme lust flooded her. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and started to drink with big gulps like a cow after being lost in the desert. Her immensive udder moved slowly from the forceful gulps, making her more cow like. When he saw her drinking, he wanted to stop her. "Don't drink that, that is fattener. Almost certain pure fat, it's going to make you..."

He bolted up the stairs, taking two steps at a time, reaching the top of the tank, where the gangway went over it and saw the head of Mandy there, drinking happily. It felt to her the best thing she had ever done in her life, so fulfilling, so satisfying. The pain had vanished and was replaced by a strange tickling that seemed to originate in her insides.

Strange, she thought, that WAS fat that she was swimming in. It was holding her, enveloping her belly and her ass, tickled her breast. But it tasted sooo rich. Who wanted to be thin? She did not.

She was suddenly surprised, where had this thought come from?

What a strange thing, where was she? She did not want to be thin??? She was drinking FAT! She swallowed once more and then felt her stomach how heavy and full it was, her hand felt that tautness of it. She saw that he wanted to help her out of the tank and as she moved to accept his hand her belly made a funny movement. She looked at him, lips moving, eyes getting wide and breathing hard. Then she moaned from deep inside her, a mature sexual moan of an experienced woman, it defied her youngness.

He looked down at her, saw her body through the ripples of the water as the fat was working her. He went down the stairs to see her better and an amazing view greeted him. Her belly was pumped up large, it looked like the immensive bag of her stomach was bursting full with the liquid.


He saw her move uneasily, as nervous when unfamiliar things enter and cast their shadows before them.

"Now I feel better" she managed to say in a tone that he did not hear from her before. It was an understatement, since it showed on her face that between her legs there was an eager entrance and ready water play going on.


Chapter 4

The Glass Wall

"I have never been so full in my life " she exclaimed. "I am going to come out now." She suddenly got aware that he was staring at her, transfixed. His mouth was open and whatever he saw, it excited him immensely.

"Mandy..." he started. She had the strangest of feelings that the glass wall in front of her had moved closer, since her fat ridden belly was flattening against it. She had a claustrophobic feeling, put her hand in front of herself to hold it off but realized that there was no glass that had come closer.

In the meanwhile that man outside that was staring at her with the most lust occupied face she had ever seen in anybody, he had to open his pants so rigid got his dick from watching her. He was doing himself at her sight. Her belly was flattening more and more against the glass, showing her newly large-grown navel, the thick fat layer and the several stretch marks that had formed on it for the speed with which Mandy was getting fatter.

As she looked down, she saw the large blob of her lower abdomen that was fattening up and flattening on the glass.She stood and relished in the new feeling that had possession of her. It was fattening time and after drinking this pure fattener, she understood deep inside her that she had to grow now. Part of her watched the guy doing himself in front of her, getting hot at her sight, could not understand his fascination and the same part of her looked down and did not recognize herself. Where were the firm tiny breasts, where was the girly just-so-slightly plump stomach? She looked down at a forcefully fattened woman, with a sagging belly, growing and pushing against the glass and immensive large heavy udder some breasts. She saw a fat cow, still growing fatter. But that feeling of fattening was soo sweet and so rich. She felt like eating more, drink more of this divine liquid. As she started drinking again, immediately the level dropped and her shoulders surfaced over the lowering liquid. She saw his eager gaze as he waited for the water to do it's thing and laid down her voluminous breast balls and made them flatten and hang more and more. Her tits had grown immensely and burst the bra with ease. As the liquid dropped more, everywhere on her body, fat started to hang down in big heavy wobbly rolls. She was fattening up at an astounding rate, that much was sure. Then, as there was no liquid anymore, she just stood there, moaned softly and had one hand lodged under the large fat roll of her stomach, playing with her clit. Then the glass wall started to slide down, finally letting free her immense heavy breasts that had been piling up on her stomach and against the glass. The large fat form of her bosom was jiggling, large waves moving through the flattened fattened feminine balls. As the glass was sliding deeper, it gave free her stomach, which came forward, loosing wideness, but gaining droopyness. He went to her, in incredible excitement that he could not understand himself and pushed her gently on the padded floor. He immediately had to penetrate her, feeling her immense fat gut on his own. She had incredible soft wobbly fat on her bloated up gut and he had never had so much fun riding before. Mandy also soon gave herself to an orgasm that was radiating out from her fattening abdomen and it took her breath away. After he had come too, they lay there for what seemed to be an eternity. He just woke up once when Mandy was again being fattened, lustily moaning as she was pushed fatter and fatter. What incredible fattener had they given her? As she stood up, it showed that she had indeed the genes of her mother and was also prone to be extremely fat. Mandy filled out in all directions, dominated by the immense drum of her belly.

He couldn't resist the urge to touch and hold her large lard hangers, her real udders. They were extremely soft, his hand sunk into them immediately. He had once seen a woman with similar large breasts and had found it very disgusting and unproportionate. But Mandy was now very different. She was enormously beautiful, everything in and on her was overflowing out of goodness. Also her fattened up bosom. They hung and moved with every move she made and they looked absolutely great, not too small, not too big.

There was a shout from somewhere off and they saw the people from before. They had spotter them and were racing towards them. They started running, but she was immediately out of breath, panting heavily, her pumped up belly making her slow. He pulled her behind him, seeing her fat jiggle everywhere. Her breasts, now without any bra, swayed like a pendulum and she moved slow and heavy, having been fattened up to this degree.

The lab personnel was catching up with them, a woman with brown long hair and dark blue eyes dressed in a white lab coat leading them on. He noticed that she had an intent interest of capturing the fattening teenager. Now he remembered again, that she was Dr. Wagner, the woman he had seen before. She looked attractive for a thin woman and very competent, what ever her field was.

At that very moment, while fleeing, Mandy was slowed down and then stopped. Her mouth stood open, her eyes widened by the sensation of what was happening inside her. He saw an eager face expression come over the Dr. Wagner's face. She knew already what was happening.

Mandy stumbled on, while in her belly it seemed that something big was moving around big and lazy. She came to a door, through which she could see the outside. She was almost free, she could exit out of this nightmare that was making her a fat monster, her breasts cow udders that went down till her bellybutton, her belly a sagging mass of fat that almost reached her knees and her flanks and her ass extremely wide. Her ass and her sides!!!.... It shot through her head, she couldn't fit through this door. She had become too wide, but if she would turn, so she could go through sidewards...She felt a gurgling inside her gut as she turned to sidestep through. It worked. As she was halfway through it and he was shouting to her that she should hurry up, she froze, looked at Dr. Wagner that was looking at her eagerly and her hand went to her belly. With big pressure suddenly inside her, she closed her eyes, looked up and through her half open mouth came loud almost shouted moan and at the same time with a big motion, her belly was inflating, under her hand pushing it away. Several large pumps seemed to push her belly into another size category. She let out loud shouts of dripping wet moans that made her so soaked under the growing belly. Her belly reached the door frame with ease and the smooth metal was starting to dig in her front. It parted her front and she tried to move, but could not. Her spontaneous belly bloat pinned her more and more inside the door frame.


Chapter 5

The Fattening Treason

She saw the doctor and her aides close-in fast as she shouted to him to help her. She saw that he was moving slowly. Why was he so slow? As he reached her, he took one of her large breasts that had gone the wrong way of the frame and pushed it from right to left, so one went right and one went left of the door frame.

"We have to go, help me, pull me out" shouted Mandy. He kissed her deep. Even before Dr. Wagner had reached them, she had pushed a button and the door had widened, letting Mandy free. But as she tried to move out, Mandy noticed that he was standing in her way, and looking his way, she saw that he was looking at Dr. Wagner. He started to touch her immense gut in sheer admiration, still slowly growing. The Doctor was smiling at him, obviously pleased at the contract that had been made invisibly between them.

"Oh my god" she cried. "You are turning me over to them?" she said in panic. She felt trapped. No way out. GOD, they would fatten her up to such a degree....

Dr. Wagner came to her and looked carefully at her belly. She probed how deep her navel was and then held the still growing belly. Mandy had an immense deep large navel, one worthy of a super fat beauty.

"Does it feel good?" she asked smiling.

"Yes,..." gasped Mandy. "uuuuuhhh, very good!!" she admitted.

"As it should" Dr. Wagner smirked. "maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Diana Wagner and I am the one that designed the fattener that is making you grow right now!"

"I want to get out of here" said Mandy out of breath, not very convincing. She sounded like somebody trapped that finds it's willpower to escape melt like butter under a torchlight.

"Why?" Dr. Wagner asked. "Why not just be and grow? Aren't you hungry?" She was. A big hole gaping in her stomach, she felt the crazy yearning to eat endlessly.

Dr. Wagner circled Mandy, looking at her from all sides and her face expression showed that she liked what she saw. She touched her belly where her navel was and Mandy felt an insane sexual tingling inside her gut.

"You know, if your mother would not have been hospitalized for being extremely obese, she would have easily fattened into immobility. In fact, would she have been allowed to eat freely, she would have become the fattest woman alive."

Mandy started to feel something incredible inside her gut as the skilled woman probed her lower abdomen.

"You on the other side are completely another case. You were a natural gainer when you came to us, with the genes of your mother. You would have grown over the years no matter how strict you would have kept your diet, putting on the pounds month by month. But now, with the formula that I have developed for you..."

Mandy felt how she had been "made" by Dr. Wagner, how this scientist had studied her fat genes and had found the perfect way to fatten her up, fulfilling her, in the very sense of the word, her definite proneness for becoming very very very fat.

Dr. Wagner seemed to have found something, because she let her hand rest on one spot of Mandy's belly and slowly pushed the hand in.

First, Mandy just felt the tickle increase, but then as Dr. Wagner pushed harder, she felt something inside her well. She gasped at the extreme lust sensation, and then moaned helplessly as she felt....

"I have made you the most fat fertile woman ever, you'll fatten up far beyond immobility and become fatter than anybody before you, ever!"

She felt that her whole guts started to inflate and her belly swole out of her.

Fat Mandy just stood there, gasped, moaned, panted as she was inflated. She was trapped in a world of ever increasing lust and pleasure, where everything seemed to be wobbly delicious fat and her ever growing body. Next to her, she barely could make out Dr. Wagner through all the fattening that was happening to her, with mouth open and eyes wide, a splendid smile across her face. This woman was responsible of it all, it occurred to her.

Dr. Wagner put her head on Mandy's swelling belly and listened to the gurgling and splashing fattening noises that made Mandy fill out. She could not believe what she heard. She had worked with many fat women, finding ways to grow them larger, but the way Mandys insides sounded as she inflated made her amazed at her sheer capacity for expansion...

"You know, you have the most unique talent!" she revealed to her. "Yes yes, you have the biggest stomach I have ever seen in any woman and mind, I have worked in an obesity clinic."

Mandy continued a little more, her gut expanding like a river was originating in the middle of her. Then she she gasped at the weight that her gut had put on, made a hard step and sent wobbling waves though all her fat, especially her cellulite ridden gut that stood out and hung decadently.

Her udders were still moving and did not seem to stop anymore. She was a complete fat cow and about to fatten up hard.

"It's good that you are in our care now. "said Dr. Wagner.

"Come this way," she told her and led her again into the complex. "Alone you just would have eaten, eaten and got fatter. To maybe one day get stuck in a door while growing like now and they would have put you in an clinic like your mother."

The doctor made a dismissive wave. "You cannot just eat! You need to get the right treatment!"

Dr. Wagner saw him join Mandy, with the mouth open. "As I can see, you found yourself an admirer!"

She saw that he was looking unbelievingly at her udder mounds.

"You are unique, Debra! We are not just going to let you eat freely, fattening is an art, you know. You have received a specially formulated softening agent during the last two months... I am amazed how immensely you have grown wide inside. We need immediately to fill you to the absolute limit! Dear Debra, we will stuff you, fatten you and force feed you with pure fat!"

That was too much for Mandy. She now remotely remembered her name, but when she looked down, she did not see Debra anymore, the woman she seemed to be had been fattened up enormously, her large pendulous breasts and her inflated, fattened wobbling pump-gut, belonged to an enormously fat cow.

She had to escape right now, and moved to the exit. Dr. Wagner watched her with interest and and the man was watching her, amazed, how her super soft fat wobbled and swayed everywhere on her. When she had reached the door, she opened it and......couldn't fit through it anymore. She turned every possible way, but when she turned around and saw the looks on the peoples faces. She had grown too fat for every normal door and they knew it as she knew. He joined her, kissed her deeply and said: "I'll be with you, through thick and thin, literally."

"Oh that is so sweet" said Dr. Wagner, not mocking. "Debra is going to need a lover, especially one that appreciates her special gift."

"But now" she said with an air of urgency, "we need to start feeding you seriously. Your potential is just getting scratched so far. To the fat-room!"

Dr. Wagner turned and Debra was led by him. And that was when her belly started to well again...

Chapter 6


And you thought it was finished already.

One year later...

He thought back, how great times had been and typed the code, which promptly opened the lab door. They have had enormous fun and still had, the whole clinic was their playground. But it had a special thrill to discover all the facilities that had been made available for her heavy weight increase. And she had grown, as had his like for big women. He felt that he had matured, that his balls had ripened and he now clearly preferred the strong femininity that Debra had. He remembered and smiled at the fact that he had once been with a woman large breasts and have been intimidated by their size.
He felt that he was now up to the task and most small women bored him enormously, their meager proportions being so bland and bleak.
Speaking of which, he saw Dr. Wagner when he entered the room. She was a awfully thin woman to him, which no breasts whatsoever, although the would have sufficed easily for any other man.
But what was that?
"You're getting plump!" he exclaimed as he saw her tight jeans curve pretty over an round fertile lower abdomen, getting full with sweet soft female fat. She was bent over a ultra scan of Debra's gut, a whole country it seemed, black and white and inspecting her newest growth.
She looked at him, turning to face him, a small double chin showing under her face. She smiled, her big blue eyes showing it.
"Yes, I know. It's getting to me, hearing Debra moan and pant of growing fatter. I hope I am not fattening up more, my pants won't fit anymore. By the way, you are not bad yourself" she said with an nod, intending to point out his own developing gut.
No need to fight it, he thought, I am getting fat. Being together with Debra in all this year and seeing her growth, pushing her and fattening her also left a mark on him. His belly had bloated up in the last months, his navel becoming large and wide. He had noticed that he had gotten more and more comfortable, lazy even and had enjoyed the high fat foods Debra always ate.
Yet, he always hardly notices his small belly when he came to her, when he lifted her immense gut after a immense feeding bout and penetrated her eager waiting wet pussy, pushing his belly into her own continent of fat.
"You better watch that pouch of yours. Have you been trying out the fattening equipment we built for her?"
He remembered how it was in the beginning, when they had been eagerly exploring the whole clinic, both of them completely naked and they had discovered the anal pump. It had been a special wide chair and they have had no doubt how it all worked. She had sat down with excitement, her breathing fast and looking to him as he had turned it on.
He remembered that first nothing had happened at all, but then her belly started to swell out at the bottom. She started to get bigger and bigger, not feeling any pressure at all. And as she got started to get full, he could see that she really needed this glory for her huge intestinal tract. It looked like her guts had widened immensely and when the swellling came to the limit, he saw her belly being stretched and widened, producing him a incredible delicious erection which she could clearly see. This all made her so horny and hot that should could hardly stand it and the pump machined her just a little, opening up her deep navel quite a bit before switching off. She was so desperate to get penetrated that she shouted.
He then put his face under her immensely blown up and gurgling gut and licked her incredible wetness. She could not bear it anymore and came, large rhythmic contractions going through her blown up gut.

Or the time when they had discovered the hose and how the thought what this thing would be doing made her eyes widen and her sense of adventure jump.
There were so many things that she instinctively liked, it was incredible...it was like getting to know somebody else, but it was just her and her proneness to fat.

They had tried it several times, at first it made her retch when it slid down her gullet, but she remembered well the first time it had been inside her, the excitement of be so exposed, to be so naked, that something so efficient in filling any kinds of inanimate matter like bags or balloons was now plugged inside her stomach. She felt like a virgin, having her innermost exposed and being wanted. Her body still fought sometimes, but it seemed to get more and more tame.
They were in no hurry and varriated though the array of methods to fatten her up. One day they had went into one of the best italian restaurants and having eaten a normal portion, Debra felt deserted, when the cheque arrived. He had planed it all to well and made an arrangement, that made the cook very interested.
He was a superb cook, coming from a line of fine natural talented preparers of eating delights. His unresistable food had slowly increased his thin wife and made his daughter an early plumper, before his art became unwanted in his own house. His women went on consuming vegetables and salads, slowly returning to bland nothingness.
He had never done this, did as he was asked. Debra was sitting in a backroom, near the kitchen and the cook unrolled his best cooking, firing up his kitchen much after all the other guests had gone satisfied and full.
It made him extra eager, because he was allowed to add olive oil as much as he saw fit.
First there was nothing special in Debra's eating, but when he saw how much this woman could stomach, he went wild of excitement. He cooked and cooked, made food for whole families and watched it then go into Debra.
Nobody had ever honored his art this way and after delivering his loads of food to her, he watched the fat woman eat endlessly.
As she became full, he went again, and did all his desserts and all of them still found room in her huge inflated gut.
Then, as the days went by, one day after letting her starve for one whole day, which made her gut look tiny and deflated, he went to Dr. Wagner, which gave him a special hose, that they had just manufactured. It was plastic and had special ribbing alongside it.
"This thing will expand when you fill it and make sure that you let her breath from time to time." she told him with a wink.
As he took it she smiled, her blue eyes showing that it came from the heart.
"We are all very satisfied with your progress of fattening her. And witnessing her fatten with such pleasure is a rare thing to enjoy. you'll see she will like this one immensely." She touched his pants where his penis was becoming larger at the thought. "And a little thank you to you, I know that you like when she enjoys it. Sharing pleasure is the greatest thing that can be reached between two lovers."

She had dressed specially in a nice fitting shirt and pants with several buttons. Her empty belly was the only possibility that she fit in this clothing in the first place, but her hunger was killing her. He had invited her into a special room that she had never been before. There was a little transparent tank with a lovely smelling liquid in it and she wanted to drink it immediately. He stopped her, smiling, shaking his head.
"Do you want to kill me? I did not eat anything for a day!!!"
He took our the special hose he had received from Wagner and laid it on her shirt. She took it and tried to see what it was when he took it away from her and started to strap her left hand to the armrest.
Then, things became a blur to her, happened very fast... She felt him immobilize her, her arms were strapped in, her feet too and he erected a mirror in front of her. There she saw a very fat woman, starting to breathe hard and feel immense anticipation of what was done to her.

She felt that her gut started to get heavier, her large breasts pulled down by the weight. He took out a metal device of some sort, it had two handles on it, like a bicycle had and he connected the hose to it. Then he made her swallow the other end, heard her moan excitedly as it went down her wide open gullet. She could not grasp what was being done to her, felt the large pipe penetrate her deep inside her, entering the confines of her dear stomach. She felt very fat, plump and heavy as she was tied down. Then he connected another hose to the other end of the device and immersed the other end in the liquid.
"This is going to be real fun" he promised.
She watched with intense lust and anticipation as she was being prepared to be force-fed industry style.
"Well, you are industry grade obese now, aren't you?" she thought.
Without preparation he started to turn the handle slowly and the liquid started to rise into the tube.
"I don't feel anything yet" she said, faking to be bored, but being very mesmerized by what was happening.
He continued to turn the handle and Debra felt how the lower part of her stomach started to accumulate the liquid. He then accelerated suddenly, pushing lot's of liquid into the hose and Debra's eyes went wide in excitement and lustiness when it's special design expanded insider her and filled out her gullet, pushing at the limit, so that she couldn't breath. He slowed down again and she gasped, moaned hard and heard her breathless pants.
Oh my god, she thought, this is how to be out of breath of being fattened. In front of her, she saw the fat woman, her two large sacks of of fat falling and rising that other less endowed women called breasts. Oh my god, her gut was starting to swell.
"That feels soooo good" she smiled hotly, her face flushed by erotic excitement.
It took a long time to fill her up, she had grown immensely wide inside. Her predisposition, the drugs and the constant eating and feeding had made her digestive tract wide and yielding, the sack of her stomach had expanded to the degree any anatomics professor would have liked to see.

To him, it was amazing that the woman still seemed to have room for more inside her. He had fed her for a long time now, pumping slowly and sometimes going for a short sprint, in which the hose in Debra's mouth expanded immensely, she watched him with intense lust in her widened eyes, her lips holding the distended hose that was feeding hard inside her, she was trapped in lust. He had never thought, any woman, no matter how fat could fit that much. He could not understand, the level in the tank had dropped that much.
When he let her breath again, she always panted, moaned with the quality of "oh god, stop it, the lust is killing me..." and seemed to become more and more agitated. Her heart raced, pounding her extreme sexual excitement making her leak between her eager legs. Then, she had finally reached it, her before so innocent belly started to fill out the shirt tightly.

Then the immense feedee, with all her capacity started to become full and a low uncontrollable moaning came out of her vast breast. It seemed like she was getting full and couldn't take the lust anymore.
Her eyes were begging him to take her, to lift her belly, spread her legs and use her wide open soaked pussy. But he went on pumping, slowly. Dr. Wagner had told him how to do it and as he was instructed, he put his ear to her gut from time to time, checking the noises. She had played him recordings of how it was supposed to sound and he did not recognize any "getting-full-at-the-limit" noises coming out of Debra yet.
And his balls had crowded, a small erection growing in his pants as Dr. Wagner told him to not stop too early:
"Debra has a vast gut, she will quite possibly surprise you and the purpose of this exercise is, to fill her to the limit"
So he went on and then he noticed the stuffed face expression, the restless breathing of her and went to turn on the camera that was mounted on a tripod in front of Debra.
As the handles turned, expectation grew in his pants and he felt the moment draw near that he had been told would.
Then the camera lens got glimpse of a marvelous sight and Debra noticed it by the tension her belly seemed to have. As she looked at her reflection saw that this was caused essentially by her gut reaching the confines of her shirt and it's attempt to widen it.

Chapter 7

Jelly In Her Pants

In the control room, Dr. Wagner gasped when she saw the monitor. Her laboratory aide heard her and turned around. She was a small very fat woman, very pear shaped, looking like a triangle.
"Debra again, eh? I think I never have seen something like that. Amazing, so fat and large... You would think there would be a limit to growing."
Dr. Wagner said nothing, was transfixed by the picture she saw on the monitor. She felt the alarming feeling that it was taking her, that she should not watch it and get away for a long while, not supervising this fattening procedure. Soon they would start asking if the formula was rubbing off on her when she gave the monthly update in the conference room for the funding crew.
On the monitor, Debra's very large gut started to stretch the xxl shirt she she was wearing, the buttons started to strain. Then, some of the buttons tore, where her udders were and they swung lazily to the side, like freed water balls.
She heard the noise Debra made, her lust laden moans and she realized with a shock how pregnant she felt. Gosh, what was happening to her? She had heavily overeaten at lunch and lot's of fat was in her gut right at the moment. It was like a passion, a compulsure to overeat.
She realized what was going through that hose into Debra belly and another button popped off as her gut kept on swelling.
It looked so hot the way the woman grew and fattened. It had been her idea, for him to enjoy. But now it was taking her, surprising her.
Dr. Wagner was breathing hard, had the urge to feel her belly, to test the sweet decadent fat that was starting to increase in thickness inevitably there.
Then, the last 3 buttons strained and popped with force, making the huge form of her gut come forward.
Dr. Wagner saw and suddenly was hit by a flash of vision, seeing herself after eating, completely full, taking a bottle of liquid butter, topping herself off. She felt the fat running down her throat, impregnating her with lard and she felt the urge to suck it down.
The plump woman stood in front of the monitor, and shifted her weight, just to feel how wet she had gotten by all this.
Gosh, what was happening to her? Had she ingested some of the drugs she had given Debra by accident or was the special Debra's genetic proneness to fat contagious?
She had to leave immediately, otherwise soon they probably could take her in for fattening too, extending the program.

Debra sat there, her large inflated gut resting on her lap, completely puffed up, pumped, bloated, and fattened like any pig fit to be eaten. Her Belly had torn her shirt and she felt that her stomach had been stretched by his relentless pumping and she had witnessed his astonishment as he had listened to her gut passing the limit and dutifully, as he had been told, enlarged the girls stomach for even further fattening in the future. She lacked the words that described what she had felt, but later she said that it was like being inflated, like your belly was blown up like a balloon, not just filling, but stretching it.
As he lifted her immense belly, he noticed how wet she was underneath. Amazing, how wet it made her. She really was built to become fat and fatter, it was in her genes.
The things he had heard inside her, the strong stretching noise of her stomach and the gurgling, as well as her helpless hot "Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooooooohhh" moaning had made him hot beyond believe. It had sounded like she was immensely amazed, almost afraid at the intenseness of her feeling, her wide eyed discovery that this was where she belonged, this was the path that was layed out for her, not like her mother to do one diet after another, but to gorge. It occurred to him that he was immensely attracted to very fat women and always had been without knowing or he was attracted to her, watching her grow, or both.
She was panting like a pregnant horse, her stomach had grown to push away her lungs, filled with immensive potent fattener. She knew, she would grow fat in the next days like no woman had ever done and probably go through lust and pleasure that few girls ever felt.
He took out his penis, hard and thick and inserted it into her navel, which had reached such intensive size that it took it.

Dr. Wagner was watching and realized that she had to leave. Meeting Debra in her current state, which she was supposed to do, would stir things in her that she felt would ultimately lead in her getting fat.
Even worse, she knew that seeing Debra the next weeks, how she would start to accumulate all that fat that now was swimming in her large stomach, that would be too much. She knew too much, she had designed all the fatteners, she had basically designed them for Debra and she felt pregnant to be in the same line soon. She dropped the key and turned to leave. Soon, she knew, she would start designing some enlargers for her colon and was almost certain that she would start yearning for the same tube that she had just saw expand rich Debra on the monitor.
She left the room with panic, her shaky legs carrying her with uncertainty. She was already out in the parking lot, just leaving everything behind, her stuff, her documentation. She knew that she had to get out, now.
She just opened the door that led out of the lot when a voice called for her on the intercom.
It was one of her assistants, calling her to experimental bay 5. That was where Debra was. She had made Debra, it shot through her head. She could not leave the girl just like this. Big part of her work had made Debra so fat, she needed her.
She decided to look after her, especially after this large fattening bout and then she would resign.

Chapter 8

Even Better

Many people would have wanted to be Debra this day, because it just got better and better. She gasped, moaned, and was immediately out of breath when she felt the head of his cock in her vaginal lips, penetrating her. When he was all the way inside, he pushed into her immense tummy, sending waves of pressure and wobble though her fat front. His lips were firmly glued to one of her immense udder breast. She felt the way she was being moved, like a waterbed her young but fat form swayed.

Fat Debra was lost in even fatter orgasms, going and going for it. When she was more or less calm again, Dr. Wagner came in. First she was transfixed by Debra's immense fatness. Her belly had come apart, hanging largely. The girls digestive tracts had been widened easily by her drugs and the pump, which she had also designed. It occurred to her that Debra was fattening up at an amazing rate. The 18 year old girl had been fat before, but now her breasts had increased in heaviness, fat and were hanging down more and more, like her pumped up gut. Her face looked pregnant with fat, ravaged by lust and pleasure.
Dr. Wagner felt her own gut move at this sight, their eyes locked. Debra's seemed to be widened by constant lust and heat. He was also watching Dr. Wagner and she felt that she was being sized up. She saw the almost empty tank, Debra laying there in sweet bloatedness and suddenly the urge to be fattened hit her like a brick. She was getting fat! it shot though her mind. She needed to leave, no time to loose.
Then, Debra spoke and with her silky voice spoke her immensive fat. She gasped from time to time, being so full and pumped up that it was hard to contain it.

"I thought that I would explode, but then I felt myself stretch, just so naturally. What is exactly..." a loud gurgling noise came out of her gut.
"Oh my...." moaned Debra. The 18 year old was massaging her belly. She looked at least 28, so much had the fat bulk in her body increased, her very large breasts looked like she was a grown woman. Her belly kept sagging, her ass growing into fertile wideness.
Automatically, Dr. Wagner moved over to her, inspecting her growth. She had done so many times over the last year, refining the drugs that Debra needed in her fattening process.
Wow, was the girl getting immense. She was good, she was very good, Dr. Wagner realized. She had kept a perfect balance between softening Debra's intestines for expansion and fat absorbtion of her star feedee girl.
She locked eyes with Debra for a second, but it felt like ages. It sent her reeling, sudden wonder growing in her small with virginity fat covered abdomen. How was it to be fattened to this extreme degree? How was it to have so much fattener in your belly? How was it to have to wait for sex, till you were completely bloated full stuffed? She suddenly wondered if this genius she had would fatten her up so easily as Debra.
She noticed how large Debra's navel had grown, how deep it was, a fat wobbly vortex into her center of her fatness.
She went listening to it, with her professional precision telling her, that Debra had one of the post fattening effects, the digestive system of the girl reacting with the fattener that she contained by many gallons in her gut. Dr. Wagner heard the stretching noise that it made, expanding the girls belly. She heard Debra's lusty moans, as she was grown bigger and bigger.
She had designed that stuff and suddenly, she got the urge to go and drink of the liquid in the transparent tank and before she could stop the thought, wondered how it would feel like if it would start fattening her. She knew all too well, how it was suppose to feel, it was like a million little feathers tickling your colon, the grand feeling of growing bigger...
She staggered back, she could not...
Debra was lost in her lust too much to notice it, but he looked at her concerned.
"Are you okay?" he asked and came closer to her, to help steady her.
"I am okey." she said fast, not so convincing. "I gotta check on...." she stuttered as she wobbled out of the room.
Was her imagination playing tricks on her and was he looking very concerned at her middle section?
She wasn't sure, but probably not....
Then, something came that made her gasp: "Soon he would feed her like he did Debra, tieing her down and...." Where had that thought come from?

She run out of the room, heading for the exit. When she finally found the outside access point, a blue wide door, she opened it and went inside. She was saved, now she just had to jump in her car and get as far away as she could...
Just before the door fell closed behind her, a large rounded thing was visible for a second. On the door were charts of a fat woman that looked like Debra, several Photos arranged horizontally that showed her belly growth from fat to super size.
There was a large sign above the door, saying:
"Level 3 Advanced Fattening Lab"
"Patiences please enter naked."

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