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The Animal Farm

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A girl wants to prevent her friends the farm animals to be slaughtered. She is trying hard, but discovers too late that the food specially designed to fatten up animals does finds her own stomach not that different than that of a pig. And while her farm friends stay thin, she is starting to balloon up like being pumped up.


 (this is my newst story, and I hope you will enjoy it. I wrote a lot in german lately, so this one needs to be in English. A lot of times, while writing it, I felt this borderless fascination for fat and fattening. I hope you will have as much excitement reading this as I had writing it. Rubens, 12.5.2001)

She was eating, slurping the stuff down. There was still a whole load in the crib and the stuff was specialy fattening to her. It did not occur to her to stop, why would she. She never had before. Stoping was not in her mind. She slurped, gobbled, gorged more and more and more. She did not know what that lead to. How all the others had got fat before her. How they had been taken away when they had reached a certain weight. Well, Clarissa had a firm will to grow and eat. After all it was not surprising. Clarissa was a pig. And she was the favorite Pig of Meg. Clarissa did not know that she had this name, as little as she knew that she would grow fat and because of this, be killed by the farmer and tranformed into lots of steaks. Meg also did not know this. Otherwise she would not have given the animals such cute names. She would not give them any names. But what did she know? Meg was only 17 years old, soon going to turn 18 and still naive as hell. Her parents still treated her with a kind of air that you use with people of limited intellect. The did not see how she grew up so fast and she started to ask questions that they still answered with the same simple answers that they did when she was 10.Her father therefore did not try to explain what happened exactly when he had to kill a pig or cow and take it away to make steaks. She would not have understood, he was sure. So he told her, that they died of desease. So it came that Meg lost all of her dear pets one after another as time went by. She was always so sad, when Alfred died and George went the way of the roastchicken. The one that saves the cows She noticed that her father was now using pills that he mixed into the food of the animals and when she asked her father, he told her that it was antibiotics, a medicine that helped the cows and pigs to live longer and be more resistent to desease. Tom even made Meg do the chore of giving the pills to the animals, which she happily accepted, helping her friends to escape premature death. Tom was amazed at the substance, how strong it worked and was happy that he had accepted the sample at the farm fair and tried it out. They fattened up with speed and he was hoping for more profit and less work in the future.  Meg noticed that the pigs were eating more and faster, growing really fat. Also the cows that were not changing a lot in the past suddenly changed. After months of caring for her animals, she started to loose a lot of them again. Trying to eliminate her pain of loosing her pets, she contemplated why the pills that she gave the animals made them still die. As smart as she was, she tried to do a test. After 2 months, she found out that the medication was faulty. It made the pigs and cows die faster. It looked like they died because they became too fat.As she stoped giving the pills to the animals, she was happy to discover, that all of them stayed in the barn and no bad messages of dead friends arrived to her. Her father Tom was not happy about her favorite Pig Marisa enjoying herself in the barn. She did not understand why he was not happy. Marisa was getting old and happy. What could everybody else want in life but that?Then she realized that her father was getting suspicious of the food that wasn't eaten by her animals. She had a bad flu that day and since she had a large amouth of the antibiotic pills she saved from the pigs, she took some to try to kill off the virus.After eating 6 pills, she felt a strong pushing motion in her stomach. She leaned her lean frame against the wall, while she felt that something moved and jerked inside her. She had heard of this, that sometimes it happens, so that's why they say: "...not on an empty stomach..."It pumped and pushed in her small belly and she felt her pants getting tighter. Then, with incredible ease, her belly inflated slowly and jeans were filled out by the blowing form of her gut. She felt like bursting and hell, what a bloating. She wondered if you could actually pop form taking some medications on an empty stomach. Meg knew that she had to eat something. And fast, because her pants started to groan from the pressure. She went to the pigstand and tried to scoop up some pig-chow from what Marisas crib, but it ran through her fingers. So she went down, on all fours, put her face into the food substance and started to take mouthfulls of it. As she swalowed, she started to feel sooooo good. She heard the pig next to hear eat and she slurped, sent whole mouthloads down her gullet. As she felt the stuff fill her belly, the bloating went down and her pants started to become looser again. A good pump is every girls best friendBut to make her pants bearable, she still had to eat more. And it felt easier and easier, the more she ate. She felt her hunger grow, like a balloon that got inflated. She felt good, eating the food of the pigs, sparing them the death of to much fat. She wanted to help them, she wanted to help Marisa.Then, suddenly, her pants were tight and groaned. She was full. That's at least what she thought. She did not feel it. She got up, saw how Marisa turned her head to eye her. She could hardly walk, moving to the house. What had happened? It was also so blurry to her... John from school knows a knack When Meg got to know John from School, she was over 18 and already got belly to show for. She was self-conscious for it, since the other girls in school did not and she also did not have it a year ago. John thought that she looked kind of pregnant when he first met her, but when he found out, she was not, it was kind of interesting to him. Then, to his big surprise, Meg became fatter. He wrote in his diary: "It is very strange, what is happening to Meg. I could bet that her belly is considerably bigger than yesterday. It's sagging more in her pants and her bra seams to be overflowing..."In the meanwhile, Meg had to distribute more and more pills to the cows and pigs, since they did not respond well to treatment and her father also got an extra pig as a compensation for the ones that did not perform as promised. She took all these pills, swallowing them, not letting the pigs or cows be damaged by them. And as it was so accidentially and diabolic, she got fattened by larges doses of industrial feeding medicine. Some night she lay awake, feeling her belly surge and sometimes, the pumping did not stop anymore. She had to open her pants and the unnatural growth of her gut made her wet through her little slip. Mothers cookies are sweetest The only one that was not surprised by Megs growth was her mother. Only now it occured to Meg that she was very much following her mother in this. Unlike other famers women Mrs. Nog was not so involved in the farming. That had more or less to do with her inability for hard field work, but also with her skills in house. She was an excellent cook, and although she did not like the cows and pigs in particular and stayed away from the barn when ever she could, her porky cooking was a synonyme for the heavy food she prepared usually. After Megs little brothers death just after birth, she fell into a depression. Her startling top body then degraded and she slowly but steadily gained year for year, going from plumpness in her twenties through large size in her thirties and through her forties, in which she stood at the end she amassed the supersize sagging mass of a fat woman. She started to put Meg double the Sandwiches than before and the butter was extra thick in them. Was she feeding her? She was never mentioning Megs growing tummy, was silently aknowledging it. But was she moving her to gain more and faster? Maybe she took comfort in the fact that Meg was growing and maybe she would soon not be alone with her size anymore. Her Father was not happy to see it and was pretty depressed to see Meg grow. He had feared it all along, that the daughter had inherited the same genes from her mother. And this at the same time that he had problems with the cows and pigs, what bad luck was that. .. So it was that her father was inadvertently fattening up Meg, instead of the animals. And both of them did not know it. But every pill that Tom put, put pound for pound on Meg, making her fat and fatter. Eventhough Tom did not know it, he was quite successful in what he tried to do.She did not tell John or anyone of her plumping, only when she was with the pigs she felt that they understood her. She was sacrificing herself for them, growing fatter and fatter while they stayed lean and happy. As she closed in on her 20 birthday, she was already very large. John had watched her grow, seen her girly breasts inflate into two bags of lard. She had widened her hips to enourmous size, having problems sitting in most chairs without the armrests digging in her soft and plump sides. John had a funny feeling with Meg, being strangely attracted to her. He had never had anything for fatties, his last girlfriend had been a thin blonde. Meg was with her jetblack hair and her wide soggy body quite a different type. Maybe it was because John had seen her grow fat. He had a distant feeling that he had enjoyed seeing her belly inflate just like that. But he was not sure, what he liked so much in her. They spent more and more time together, one weekend, where he knew that her parents were supposedly gone on vacation, he went to the farm, not having made an appointment, just to suprise her. He did not find her anywhere, and after ringing the bell for some time, he quit and was just leaving the farm. Then he heard some noises in the barn and found his girl there. Meg had taken the whole dose for the few days that her father had left for the animals. She was on the floor, her stomach bloating, slurping while 13 pills were fattening up her obese frame. He saw her from behind and watched her fill herself. He got hard from the look of her, seein her belly grow slowly from the filling. He held her gently from behind, feeling her fat body and sinking in with his arms. He propped her up on a wall and then went to install the milkpump on her, making them both wet like hell as he made sure that she could not resist the feeding he gave her.  The Rubber-Douber NozzleShe felt the flexible rubber-nozzle lodge inside her gullet, just leading down to her yearning stomach. Meg felt the confortable softness of the rubber, plugging her. She did not had wanted to become so large, but she knew that just yesterday, she have had the impulse to go on eating, eventhough she was bursting full. She was taking a deep breath, noticing how heavy her udder breasts were, easily outgrowing watermelon size and her plump fat belly was sagging more and more, making it difficult for her to do anything else than eat. She was getting better at eating, she found. Meg could fit more and more inside her. He switched the machine on reverse, pointing the output hose to the pigchow, sucking it in and let it labour it through the pump mechanism to the nozzle into Megs waiting stomach. As he saw her belly grow from the load, he took her wetness and penetrated her, while she fattened up. She came very fast, convulsing in a splendid orgasm, while he still went on force-feeding her.She never ever forgot that weekend again. John didn't stop anymore. He had her straped down all the time and the walls were wittnesing her strong and heavy moans, and the immense and crude growing of a already fat girl. He had grown very proficient in handling the milking machine pluged inside her. And he got so excited at her fat and her swelling belly, that he did her while she grew. Her plumping front felt great on his stomach everytime he dipped in and out. And to her big trouble, he was fond of asian techniques. He never came, always stopped just before satisfaction came over him. So he not even ever removed the rubber nozzel from her gullet. Would anybody have approached the barn from outside, the person would have heard her, making desperate sounds with her young voice, heavy panting coming out of her growing torso, her fat unjuvenile breast wobbling as she came in waves, sending punctuated moans and gasps to the curious listener.She had got larger than any human being he had ever seen that days. He could not believe what he had done, but it seemed so right. He had to help her to still fit through the door and she had no means of walking alone anymore. He left her then, unable to tell her the truth about his feelings. The next day, being alone again, he knew that he had done the right thing, since he felt the need to see her and strap her down, making this delicious huge belly of her grow. He succeded in resisting the urge to call her.Restless he surfed the web, finding that he was a true feeder. In the meanwhile, his feedee Meg was found by her mother. She was laying in bed, pinned down by her huge belly and her immense bossom. Meg wanted to become mobile again, soon. Her mother acted very strange, first went downstairs and cried long and hard. Then, she greeted Meg with trays full of Sandwiches. Meg could not believe her eyes, what was she doing? Her mother helped her to eat and Meg felt her tongue touch the sandwich bread, soaked in liquid butter. She ate and ate, finishing them all, eating like a good mindless pig.Her mother kept her stuffed all the time, Meg couldn't move anmore, was confined to the bed. She could not stop eating and her mother providing her with constant food, she ate nonstop for days.Halve a year late, John wrote a letter to her, explaining himself. As he did not receive any answer, he went to see her. As he entered the room, he saw Meg. Fat DisplacementShe was past immobility. She was resting on an enourmous ass, wide and so fat, the the fat rolls protruded out on the sides of the wide bed. Her belly was a huge drum, reaching more than her knees and force her legs apart with it's weight. Her breasts had grown, naturaly. The were two big balls of fat, but now they had reached such size and softness, that they hung down flattened, only forming a ball where they rested on her inflated gut. They were about the double size of watermelons. She was breathing with difficulty, her arms were large from fat, growing as they went up. On her upper arms, the fat was hanging down a great deal when she was huging him. He felt like sinking into a waterbed made out of fat. Her face was surprising thin for her size, but her mouth had grown bigger and she sported big lips from devouring. He looked into her eyes and knew that he had come to terms with himself. After hearing what had happened, he knew that he had to save her from her mother. He transported her to an hospital, requiring several men to lift her, where she lost about 50lbs. When she was home with him, she could walk again, and he proposed to her, knowing exactly what he wanted now. It had come to him some time ago, but he had been afraid to act it out. He had heard her wet moans in the night, keeping him play tent with the bedsheets. This incredible sounds, when she grew and had pleasure. They got married, she lost a lot of pounds over the years, but still stayed a fat woman. His preferences had not changed, he still was a lover of lardbottom girls. He never fed her anymore, but he did not have too.Everytime her opened her pants, exposing her special belly, he got hot on command. No woman had this form of belly, this soggy hanging distendedness, the soft fat and he knew that he had made it, in three nights of immense lust and excess. And Marisa was a whitness: No lifeform had ever been fattened so strong in these barn walls before and ever again.Send a comment to Rubens



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