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Tamara went too far

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Tamara likes to overeat and an experiment with a new acquaintance leaves her digestive System over enlarged. She soon finds that she has been flirting with things that will only leave her one choice, to go one way, up the poundage ladder.


Stuffing it was one of her favorite games. She often did this to make a 

meal just a little bit more interesting. Ignoring the looks of the others,
she completely teared the burger package apart and was stuffing it inside
her coke cup. Childish or not:
She was enjoying her burger tremendously. Even without this little prank she would.
Tamara was hardly a glutton. On the contrary: she refrained from fastfood when ever
she could, aware that it was unhealthy food that would probably bring her
to an early grave. Of course with her 25 years she was not that old
already, but she just wanted to do things right. Sometimes though, when nobody
else was present, she drew a strange satisfaction out of stuffing herself
silly with burgers and other fatty foods. Sitting there, bloated and
stuffed, feeling like a complete pig had it's thrill. Doing something
wrong, KNOWING that it was completely wrong had it's perverse thrill, once
in a while. Often, after such meals she stood in the bathroom and looked at her lean frame, her flat
belly standing out slightly. She then chided herself for being so
iresponsable. She knew that she was getting older too, and at some point would start
putting it on too. She often saw visions in her mental eye, of her,
becoming like her boss. Lauren was 34 and had grown wide and thick. She was
married and since 30 continously gained more and more, inevitably becoming
a lardy. She tried to hide it as good as she could, but Tamara  spoted her
soft form under her wide clothes. Her belly was big and soft, hanging a
little. Her hips had expanded outward, making her a very wide woman and her
breasts had grown and swollen with the fat that she gorged, hangig and
filling a large bra with their soft mass.

And then she had met Daniel. She could not put a finger on what she liked
on him, but she instictly did. And he made it clear that he wanted her. He
was slim and very tall. Luckily, a gentlemen, very much her taste. He still
practiced the old "knight-ways" of holding open doors and pulling chairs
for his lady. Tamara also appreciated that he did not push her too early,
as their relationship started. Then this special evening arrived,
electricity was in the air. She felt very comfortable and warm in his arm
and she gingerly took it and went along as he kissed her for the first
time. As their hands were exploring eachothers bodies, she saw that he got
aroused. As his pants had fallen she realized that she had won a bonus
which she had not expected. He was immense, long and thick. So large, that it
could not stand up, but fought hard to stay horizontal. He took her and she
felt the hot wet tingling feeling in her loin as he was about to push her
wide. When he did, she felt his big penis fill her up and make her pant
helplessly. He stretched her enourmously. Daniel was a lively lover and sticked
her at all different crazy location. She couldn't say that she disliked that, it was a thrilling
feeling when he took her to be fucked in an elevator. It was pleasure at
it's peak, when he penetrated her with his large thing, since Tamaras
Vagina was almost at the limit. He did her wild and hard, usualy, making
her affraid that her cunt would rupture one day. And he was a
romantic. She enjoyed him gently feeding her. Watchin her eat, as he put
little tiny bits of food in her mouth.
He looked at her and was thrilled. She WAS a beauty! She had the right
curves, and promising breasts. Of course she was thin as a rake and far to
light for him.

The plan

Daniel had long ago found out his deep rooted tendency towards fat women.
While the other boys in the class always were after the female classmate
with the figures right out of vogue, he enjoyed the sight of the overthirty
women, married, settled and starting to baloon from all the goodness of
wellbeing and financial security. They were developing a heavy midsection
and he tremendously enjoyed their kingsize wobble-wobble bossoms. But then he
discovered something when they were at Wendys and Tamara was already holding 2 big
burgers. She had much potential, this girl and he WAS going to make her fat. From
then on he stuffed her like a turkey everytime they went out. He made her
believe that she could use some padding and that her breasts would look
much better with some more volume to them. Daniel knew that he was strange
in the head, but he could not resist to do it. She was too good and too

As he saw that she took all the food he was feeding her rather well, he increased
the dosis and was happy to see that she agreed with it. The way he took care of her
made her melt and it melted down her stomach.

The thing in the darkness

As he was feeding her, he regulary had dreams about the machine. She was there too, in the
room and Tamara and the machine belonged together. Heavy and big is stood
there in the room, big dials and numbers on it, old and long not used, covered by
ancient dust. There was a big round tank and a enourmous black hoses running
from it to the crude machine. Their love and the feeding became stronger
and stronger. He made good progress, he tried to increase the amouth
considerably everytime he stuffed her. A lot of times, she was not able to
hold as much as he planed. She sometimes threw up, after she had arrived
home, releasing the hard pressure that was widening her stomach more and more. She did not tell
him this, not wanting to spoil his efforts. One day he filled her with an enourmous meal,
stuffing her for hours, giving time to absorb it. She was fuller than
ever before and she felt the churning in her stomach. They kissed and she felt
that her stomach had too much. As it came up her gullet, he kept his mouth
firm on hers and blocked her eject, the big foodmass going down inside her again, leaving
the pressure inside her that was widening her female innards. Satisfied he listened to the
stretching sound of her

No exit

Gallon by gallon, dream for dream the days went. One night in
his dream he saw it running. The noise went all though him, shocked and
amazed him and he woke up. She was there, beside him, sleeping. He went
down to the basement of the old house his father left him, not knowing
what drove him. In the old workshop, all the way to the back he found what
he was looking for. It was so obvious, that he never noticed it before. It
was a door, clever hidden, but quite obvious to anybody looking for it. He opened
it and came into a room with white tiles, that looked like a big bathroom or
a place where food was prepared. The floor was old and nobody had been in
the room for years. As he ventured deeper in the room, he noticed the
strong odor hanging in the air. Then he saw it. In the far corner of the
room it stood. So, it was not a dream after all! He went upstairs
again to get Tamara. She was all sleepy, very tired of the stuffing session
last evening. Like a ripe animal he led her downstairs. As she entered the
room of his dreams she still was very drowsy. He led her beside the machine
and could not believe that this was really happening. He got a hardon as he
started thinking about the big tank and the black hose that was on the
ground, a strange valve attached to it. He knew that it was the fatpump
that had lingered in his dreams for so long. The way that she looked at it
he realized that she had absolutely no clue what it was. As he approached
her, she saw his large dick push his pants and got hot. She knew what he
would do with her, as she slid down her panties, but had no idea that
much different intentions were burned into his mind. He had to do it and
he was convinced that she would enjoy it tremendously. He slid down his shorts and exposed his
heavy cock. She loved his large thing, but much more appreciated what he did
with it. He went down on his knees and got his mouth close to her pussy.
One hand slid behind her and get hold of the black hose. She was wet so
wet! As he lifted the hose behind her he noticed the weight of it. The
valve attached to it looked complicated and chrome. As he looked up, he
could see her in trance, her slightly distended belly towering over him. She had not
gained much yet, but her gut was showing the onslaught of food he was
feeding her.He massaged her ass and found the entrance. He kissed her pussy
and she moaned. Knowing exactly where her hole was, he slowly brought the
hose to her ass and shoved it in it. She opened her eyes wide as she felt
the sensation of the valve mechanism sliding inside her asshole and locking
the hose. The black thick thing was now connected to Tamaras rear.
The slim girl felt the heavy hose in her ass and walked two steps forward,
breathing heavy. Did she guess what would happen next? The moment was thick
with anticipation and time seemed to slow down. She moaned sexy and he felt
her loin become a waterfall out of anticipation. She felt this thing in her
rear and she wondered what kind of toy he had put in her ass this time. Her
asshole had become enourmous ever since he started doing her from behind.

Tamaras was prone...

He looked at the machine and he was like in trance. He never thought possible that this
could really happen. He led her closer to the machine, the large hose pulling behind
her. From the weight she was pulling he knew that it was impossible to slip
out of her behind. It was locked solid. He looked at the controls and found
some dials switches and old meters, which were labeled with psi. There was
one big button, red. Tamara looked at the machine and noticed the large
hose coming out of it. She just seemed to become fully awake as she followed
it and found that it in fact, led into her own rectum. He pushed the button
and the ancient machine came to life. Horror and fasctination was in
Tamaras eyes as she became fully aware of her situation. The device made a
deep grating noise. It sounded powerful and heavy duty industry built. Then
the large pistons in its bowels began to pump. Fat. The hose jerked and
moved. It had the size of a firehose and was made out of black industry rubber.
Tamara groaned as she came to senses and felt her bowels move. It felt like
going to the toilet, but backwards. Her ass was huging the hosepipe and a
liquid was starting to fill her large colon. With a paralizing curiosity she just stood
there and listened to the
rhytmic sound of the machines pistons pumping. As she became completely
aware it was too late to take any action, for her flat stomach started to
curve out, bottom first. He stared and she saw it. He gawped.
Her lower torso started balooning up, her navel stretching. He let his large sausage linger,
till it found her wet slit under her slowly expanding abdomen. His penis was long and now it looked
like he needed this lenght to still slip between the soft walls of a girls
vagina while her gut was soft and wobbly, fat through and through. As he
sliped inside her wet hole he felt her lean stomach curve out and become
very full. As she felt her inside fatten up she panted. Her intestines were full now and
a wierd stretching sound filtered out of her small growing potbelly.
Her Belly swole slower, stretching the skin incredible. She had been a
completely slim girl and her belly poked out, nicely inflated. She felt it, her
belly was still growing, the pump in her ass pushing, incredible pressure
building up inside her. Tamara looked 12 months pregnant now and Daniel was
penetrating her from behind. This was as far as the slims girls gut would
go it seemed. He could see it in her eyes. Suddenly, as her navel poped,
she let out a gasp as the liquid pushed open another gate in her intestines
and forced through. She felt a lead feeling all in her lower innards. Her
eyes widened, breathless, her belly did not move, just straining. A plump
tearing sound echoed through the room and her abdomen came out of shape, becoming
wide and big with one jerk. Her gut wobbled in it's new form before it came
to an end, still inflating slowly. It was now a big blob, moving slowily
like a waterbed and protruding the most on her lower abdomen. It was
visible that she got most of the pressure in her lower abdomen and there
the firmness started to give way, her inner workings to loosen. Tamara started to look
very pearshaped.

Bigger, sagging....

Her eyes stayed wide, her panting forced as she was infattened in her
belly. She felt like she had bursted. Tamara looked down and was surprised
to find her tummy still intact. But it was shocking to not see the legs
anymore. He saw the way her belly looked and knew that he had to stop. She
inflated like a balloon, with hose of the pump in her ass. She had the fear
in her face, the incredible fear of bursting like a waterbaloon for real. He quickly jumped to
the machine, pushed the power button. Nothing changed. The fat continued to slurp
inside her rear. He pushed the switch again. He saw her and her belly,
which was expanding with infinite patience. It sagged down more, the fat
making it soft. The sound filling the room indicated her lower
workings giving way to the immense pressure.

Then, suddenly, the machine stopped. With a click, the hose came loose of her rear.
He looked at her.

She stood there, mouth open, the eyes wide and panting like a
pregnant horse. As Daniel appoached her he put it all together in his head.
This machine was designed for a fat woman, with quite some stomach to
carry. Then, with a hissing noise, Tamara was ejecting liquid from her
behind. She closed her eyes, while the liquid fat went out of her. It left
a big lake on the floor. Daniel couldn't believe that all this had been
inside her. She stood there, for some time more after it had all went out.
Then, before he could do anything, she seemed awake again and paniced. She
ran out of the room. He started to follow her, but could not find her

After Time...

He hadn't seen her for 3 days after she had run off that night. He looked
everywhere, but she was not at her parents nor at work. He was worried,
that she was injured, probably with inner bleeding. It just had went so
wrong and of course it had been als his fault. Why hadn't he not stoped the
pump earlier? It had been a close run and she might as well have bursted.

Tamara came home and was tired. She had an headache and a fuzzy mind. She
could not remember what had been going on the last days. As she stepped into
the living room she remembered something vague about Daniel. A
dream...She tried hard to remember...Tired of hunting ghosts she realized
that she was hungry above else She started cooking. She prepared her huge pan with
rice, filling it, ready to leave the leftovers for next day. She often used to do that,
enjoying to have already prepared food when she came home. She was watching a movie
and was so enthralled by it, that she hardly noticed the flavour of the food.
While she was eating she had an odd feeling in her pants. As she shoved some more pieces of
the nice food inside her mouth she felt her jeans pinch her hips. She realized
that she was finishing the last bit of all the pan. The bare bottom of it
stared at her. She had an strange feeling in her front and her hand
reached to her belt, the familiar 1 galon mark of the pan passing her eye.
Her hand sank right in. As she stood up, she felt her belly soft.
As she looked down she saw that her belt put a line in her front and
her jeans were tightly filled with the soggy mass of her lower gut. It was such a
rich feeling and it felt so good. She went to the faucet to drink some water and it was not
like always. The water tasted different. She took big gulps and drank fast. The
water was doing something to her stomach and she enjoyed gorging it. After the first 5 gulps she had
a pudding feeling in her guts and felt the strong urge to drink more and
faster. As she was panting, not getting enough air in all this drought, she
looked at the mirror and jumped. Her front had swolen out and while her
belt was giving her a very small "taile", her jeans were filled with the
heavy baloon of her lower abdomen. Her entire gut had grown enormously and
although knowing that she was as slim as possible, she looked at a
fatwomans gut, which was hers. She knew that she had to see her doctor,
that something went terribly wrong with her body. It was a funny feeling,
walking and feeling the liquid and mass pulsate in her gut. It was like her
jeans were holding her together. As she entered the doctors office, the
doctor greeted her with wide eyes, seeing her distended middlepiece. She
was a woman of forties with a lean frame and a nice curved hips. She had
blue eyes and Tamara had never seen so much of the black middle of them,
now that she saw them so wide. She led her into a room quick and asked her questions, never letting her gaze
of Tamaras stomach. The doctor had no clue how this slim girls body had
become like this. Tamara came to regular visits after all, and
last time she had not shown any sign of plumping up. She had to see the
belly without clothing. As tamara unbuckled the belt, she had the wierdest
of feelings. As the pants came down, the doctor noticed that, with a slow
slurping and liquid sound her whole belly sagged and the shifted from the upper portions
to her very bottom abdomen. There, an immense potbelly grew slowly. Tamara became
groteskely pearshaped, with an enourmous lower belly. It looked like a ball
was slowly inflating in her lower torso. She was now far past 12 months
pregnancy and her gut also seemed to lack the firmness of pregnancy. The doctor
thought that Tamaras lower abdomen seemed to lack any kind of firmness. Tamaras lower belly
sagged down more and it looked impossible that she could ever close her
pants again, that she was just wearing a minute ago.
The doctor went out of the room, talk to somebody,
to make sense, to take her eyes of what could not be.

Tamara passed a mirror and went into shock. She saw her lower body and suddenly saw what
the strange feeling in her inside came
down to. She remembered a fragment of something and felt pressing in her
belly. As she saw herself confronted by her enourmous bloatedness, she
suddenly, for a second realized what it was. It took her breath away and
sent her into panting. It was like realizing ones pregnancy, but more
definitely. Her belly had a strange baloon form, sagging enourmously for
her young age, becoming wider and wide the lower one dared venture his
gaze. And it shower gigantic stretchmarks, especialy on the lowest part,
where her bowels had been treatened like a baloons neck, inside, just after the valve
of the gasbottle. The residue lard in her
digestive tract had given Tamara a little fat on her entire front. She'd
been a girl, but her bosom had taken it's share of her little adventure.
Her bra had problems, her load seemed to want to tear it. As the doctor was on the
phone, Tamara knew that her doctor could not have possibly helped her. She
saw her on the phone, with an expression that showed she was anxious as to
if this "thing" was contagious. Tamara tried to close her jeans, but could not even bring the
button together by far.

She ran down the stairs, out to the street, holding her pants up as good as
she could. She startled a young couple, they couldn't close their mounths
anymore. It showed without doubt that Tamara was not pregnant. She felt
loaded. Yet she felt the strong desire to devour more, to fill herself up.
She went to the restroom on the first floor and started to drink
with big gulps. She jumped, which sent her gut swaying, as a blonde came in and she darted out,
before she could see the girls face. Outside she realized that she had
expanded more and that her belly became also heavier. She had lost control
somehow, her thoughts unclear. Like a blur, the next half an hour went
over. She saw herself sitting on a parkbench. She looked down,compeled by
the soggy wide feeling in her gut. She was half relieved that her belly had
not grown. Then she realized that she was holding something in her hand. A
bottle of "Mother's Best" cooking lard, a whole gallon. The cap was off and she
felt her mouth wet in anticipation. The thought went through her mind and it
was heavy with magnitude. She imagined that after ingesting all this fat,
she would, very slowly, but with deadly consequence, become very very fat.
Probably more than 400lbs. She felt strange: One part of her wanted to
grow, to embrace size and fat, to feel the belly stretch and grow in front
of her,padded with a thick layer of fat and inside even more lard to mast
her up. The other one was in shock and keeping her arm down, not letting her
drink. Her other hand rested on her distended gut and it felt like it would
expand easily. It felt very fertile. She was a thin girl and did not want to become a fat bitch,
a woman that wobbled instead of walked, a woman that spent more time in
front of the TV and eating than anything else, because she was so
immovable and unattractive. She did not want to have take men that liked her as a baloon,
because all the others quickly changed sidewalks when she came down the
street. And she did not, more than anything, end up in medicine books, about
the intestinal fatigue syndrom, which would surely be named after her.

The next days she did not eat anything at all. After 2 weeks of starving
fasting her belly started to loose it's size. Then she was soo starved that
she did the mistake of all dieters and gorged a large mass of food,
whooping her gut once more up.
The next time worked better and after not eating more than salad and
vegtables for a month, she had her old size back.
In all this time she did not see Daniel again and avoided any contact to

She still had some fallbacks, but after one more go she kept her size. She
could now wear bikinis again. The summer was wonderful, sometimes when she
went out of the changingroom with her friends, strolling towards the sun,
she remembered the nightmare long ago. She started doing aerobics and
developed a nice trim and lean body that any girl could ever want.

It was a wonderful day when she went to McDonalds with a magazine she just
bought. It was becoming colder and colder, since fall was almost ending.
There was an article in the magazine about dieting. She laughed to herself,
knowing that she was over that for good. She never had read such a good
writen article and since the next one was writen by the same guy she went
on. What if she would call him sometime? That was the way to do it, right?
Go after it, when you really want it....The publishing agency would surely
have his number. She had an earie feeling in her
stomach and she felt full. As full as for a long time ago. She looked up
and cought sight of 5 boxes of double cheeseburgers. She was curious who
had put them on her table. Then she saw that some of them had fallen of the
table. She saw a old man looking curiously at her and shifted uneasy on her
chair. She felt claustrophobic. There was a riping sound and she felt
better. Was was that on her tights? It felt like a fat cat had jumped on it
and was laying there. The mass of her belly rubbed her tighs as part of her jeans had
come apart. Like a rock it hit her as
she saw the large mass of her belly rest comfortably on her legs. It was
heavy! All the
dread and sorrow came back and she had a hard time standing up. She felt
her entire gut sag down enormously. Her jeans slowly inflated with a
slurping bloating sound she dared not to hear, part of her flab came out of
it. Her leather belt made
creaking noises as she maneuvered to the restrooms. What was it, she
wondered, I'm filling out and I can feel it happening right now.
The impossible thought filled her mind as she felt her pants getting fuller
and fuller. She felt like bursting, although this came more from her jeans than
from her inside. (writers note: Tamaras insides were only happy to expand,
after all she had been treatened by the 3150 CP Fatinfusion device) Our
girl felt quite
She stepped into the restroom and eyed herself in the mirror.
She was right back where she was about half a year ago.
What was happening? She did not understand. The doctor had told her that
everything was fine with her.  She undid her pants and before she could
open the button, it poped and arced to the sink, scoring with a ping. As she eased her
beltbuckle, her belly came. Even more than before, with the most peculiar sloshing of
burgers and fat and the strangest feeling of expanding her gut slowly grew outward into a
huge hanging lardball. Her belly was slim outside, not pound of fat on it,
but it went sagging anyway, showing the form of a very very fat woman. It
looked groteske how the huge form of her belly came out of her open pants,
pushing the zipper apart.
Like in trance she came out of the restroom, not aware anymore how she
looked. A teenager saw her exploded
form and went wide eyes. "My god, what pumped you up?"
It was a innocent comment, one of the likes of a
child, not realzing what had just been said. But as so often, there was so much
truth in it. Tamara stopped in her tracks and suddenly remembered it all.
Her eyes became wide. Months of wondering and asking herself the same
question over and over again, blew away. She had been pumped up by Daniel.
She remembered the feeling of the hosepipe in
her rear, the way her ass hugged it. And then the feeling of her belly
being blown up, the comforting stream of the fat in her colon. Vividly she
remembered the sound of the fatpumping machine. Then the
pressure-rise, her guts coming to the limit. This perverse stretching
sound, coming from her own insides. Now she remembered it all. It was like a
dark, unhuman dream, that haunted her in midsleep.
And then she knew: Her intestines had been irreparable damaged by the fatpump.
There had been stretched beyond believe and her insides were wide and would
stay wide. She would become very very fat. There was now so much digestive
system to suck up food into her body. She was going to gain fast. This was not a prediction,
it was a certainty. She keept the thought in her head, imagining her
a woman of 400lbs. It was a strange thing, but there was no was exit for her
anymore, no more than for a baloon connected to a bottle of compressed air,
that would sooner or later be inflated, maybe to burst,
maybe to stay inflated till it expired.
It was now just a matter of time till she put on the pounds, sooner or
later she would sport a gut like Laura.
Yes, Laura. Maybe she could learn something from her. So she invited her to dinner
the next day and on Lauras uneasy questions she replyed that she had had an accident
while waterskiing. While they were eating, Tamara was chatting with her and found that she was very
likable and although she was fat, got enourmous sexy breasts that would
drive every man insane. She had somehow always been a little jaleous about
Lauras boobs. She put tentative questions, about her weight and
how she handled it. Not after long the thought sank in that there was no
way to loose fat, especially as a woman. And she could see it already:
Even while she was fasting, the megamenu that still formed her inflated
gut, started to crawl up her tights and make her muscles on her abdomen
disappear. One day she went swimming with Laura and could see Lauras gut
better. She imagined herself like this and felt a perverse thrill at the
thought. Getting so immense, that was it. But it wasn't Tamara when it just
happened like this. She wanted to enjoy every bit of it. The next day she called
Daniel, after more than half a year. His answerphone picked up and soon
after he got on the line. He was studying again and therefore was very busy.
He didn't sound like he was angry and she appologized. They agreed to meet.
Tamara knew that he had no clue of what she would look like. She did not
fast again, what was the use anyway? So she ate normal, no gorging, keeping
most of her large lower side. She felt that her lower bowels seemed to
loose firmness more and more and that she became wide and wider. She was
afraid that she would not fit through any door again would she allow her
urge to fill herself again. When she drove to him in the bus, she felt a
terminal sensation. Like a lamb that went to slaughter. But there was a
sense of destiny too, a sense that everything went like it should. Also,
there was no where else to go, considering that her gut became looser and
her intestines wider and wider. She was on a mission and the she remembered
the time before going to the bus. She stood in front of the mirror,
touching her abdomen gently, feeling it for the last time, she knew. She
marveled at her breasts that had well grown with all the fatpumping.

Prone to fat...what's that erotic sound...?

When they met again it was at Daniels house. When he opened the door he
swallowed: He instinctly liked what he saw. Although she wore big jeans, they where completely
filled with her belly. And thight too! Her belt was wide and black and it looked
like she did not hold her pants up much, anyway. It divided her body nicely
into to lower balloon section and the upper one. It was not fastened much,
just to avoid it sinking deeper inside her front. She was not so
confortable with her soft front yet, that was sure.
He led her inside, like a ship, filled heavy with gold to the
top. He noticed how she walked. He stood in front of her.  She slowly
opened her jean, knowing that this was the thing to do. When he was
finally faced with it, Tamara felt strange about showing it off to
somebody. Daniel though, reacted strong. He saw her belly and the
enourmousity of it. It spoke books to an unknown part of him. It was unlike
any woman belly he had every seen and yet he felt it was familiar somehow.
It looked strange for someone like Tamara: A girl of only 25 years and already
her belly was hanging down, getting immense on the lower side. There were
stretch marks everywhere and places, where the sagging showed parts of her
internals poke out through the widened belly front. Some part of
him knew exactly what he needed to do with her. He led her down,
determined to finish what he had started. She knew where it was
going and was well prepared, but when she entered the room again, she felt
a churning inside her large rump. She saw the hoses and was looking at
destiny. She opened her bag and pulled out the bottle with the lard. She
had so much tried to keep herself from fattening herself with this stuff
that it was a relieve now. The bottle had been sitting in her bag like a
container filled with fire. Gently he opened the cap, astonished at her
readiness to fatten up. He took the bottle and she opened her mouth wide.
He poured it in her gullet, like oil in a car when doing an oilchange. She
held her breath and had opened her stomach wide. It made such a sexy sound,
the pure fat sloshing down Tamaras girly gullet, stuffing her stomach. Not finished,
she took the the gallon bottle herself, belching the the dull burping
sound of pure liquid fat. She looked at him, before resuming the bottle and
emptying it. She had indigested more than 4 liters of oil and from the
sounds that she was emmiting her stomach was already working on it. She
felt the fat heavy in her stomach, making her tired as her body tried to
deal with the fattening stuff. She felt the itch in
her ass and yearned to be pumped. He saw the need in her eyes, but was in
no hurry. He loved the anticipation and wanted to see how the fat would
react in her. He closed the door and locked it. She would only leave fully
loaded, he decided. She couldn't escape anymore, she knew that. She had
went into the wolfs cave and now the wolf would wolf her till full. Daniel
went to her and knew that she was all his. He led her over to the machine,
enjoying the swaying of her large gut while she walked. She had 12 lbs of
lead in her belly, so heavy that she felt somewhat drifted away. When they
reached the big machine, she had to close her eyes, feeling her insides
churn at the potent load. It felt incredible bad for her stomach, almost a
little painful, but a perverse desire drove her, wanted to get out of
shape. There was a chair there and it looked very sturdy. She saw that he
had prepared for this, maybe not even for her, but to do it with another girl.
One of his big friends. She had noticed that all the girls he knew where on the plump
side and sedating one of them and then enjoy their bellies bulging out of
their pants certainly would have made this man have a good time.

The master and his creation

She felt his hands on her bloated abdomen. Daniel caressed her superwidened
belly. It showed in his eyes that he loved the way her inner workings had
become loose and wide. It looked supernatural and very decadent the way her
lower belly formed into a balloon. She was only 25 but her intestines had
already lost their firmness. Tamara felt it, the spoiled feeling inside
her: A fat woman of 65 had firmer inards that she had now. She was wide and
stretched and Daniel was hot and thrilled by it. He knew what this meant
ans so did Tamara Pear: She had a gutfeeling that her belly had a natural
tendency to expand and bloat. She had gone too far: Her
intestines, once firm and tighttubed had been overbloated, all the firmness
erroded by the crude pump, to whom, she felt a tingle in her ass, she was now sausage and balloon.
One could say she had lost her virginity, her innocence in ways of
digestion. She was now on the fat side, her belly ready to hold whatever she would
feed. With perverse satisfaction he saw how she took a closer look at the
device. Tamara and the pump belonged together, that much was sure. He
slided his hand into the back of her pants and came to her anus. Maybe it
would have all came different. If she would not have felt so inclided to
her anus. He had penetrated her from behind and was amazed at the size of
her asshole. He had a thick dick and all women before her just couldn't
accomodate it. Tamara loved the way his finger penetrated her anus. She looked at the
panel of the machine. It looked like a ordinary machine to her, one that is
in every factory hall. He put two fingers in her ass and a hot perverse
thought raced through her mind, leaving a sexy tingling feeling in her ass
and all her big intestines. When would he plug her?
It was such a bizzare thing. One part of her screamed at her, warned her, that she would become bag of lard,
a fat bitch, with fatpadding so thick that no man could penetrate her
anymore. And the other part wanted to grow. Grow bigger and bigger, come
apart like a plasticbag filled with a thick hose. It was not a more aggresive
part, neither had it more force in her. But it was heavier and thicker. It
had the determination of a big heavy truck charging. It was the seducive voice of a
delicious cake, rich and tasty. It changed her in the way
that 10 cheeseburgers forcefed to a teenage slim girl continously over
4 weeks change the relationship to her bodyfat and her growing boobs.
Make sentences spoken on the schoolcourt like "You know, he looked at you
so long. He never liked any girl. Strange, right now that you gained so
much weight!", spoken by a "dear" friend. And knowing: He was looking at
her and liked what he saw. Guys that took special notice on flabs on the
belly and boobs that got a little heavier and softer in a matter of weeks.
She pushed the big button and the machine came to life. Oh god,
she remembered this sound! She felt a comfortable feeling in her vast
expanse, the product of the pump. The hose was on the floor and seeping milky fat. She bowed down,
squeezing her soggy plump abdomen and picked it up. The machine was at full
speed now and a thick stream of fat was coming out of it, wetting the
floor. She played around with it and started wetting all her clothes,
making her shirt transparent and showing her nipples under it. She started
to become thirsty. She looked down on her and was dripping with fat, the
hose in her hand she felt the respect. This was FAT and it was the most
terrible substance for a woman. But she felt the need to devour grow in
her. She wanted to ingest it, suck it up, all of it. She wanted to take it
all in and contain it. She pointed the hoseend to her mouth and got quite a load,
she couldn't see anything anymore. She was opening her mouth and gullet wide, spreading
her lips like a funnel, letting it run down inside her. She started sucking, not wanting that so much spilled
down around her face. Then he saw her bring it closer and closer and finaly
taking the valve in her mouth. Her cheeks billowed as she closed her lips
around the thing. She felt it force down her throat and her lips exploded
around the hose, not able to seal the pressure. Then it clicked. She felt
the pull and the valve started to crawl deeper in her mouth. She felt it
reach the end of her mouth, her lips closed around the black rubber,
feeling the size of the thing. She choked, feeling it touching the very
back of her mouth, but it was no use. Then the spill stopped and with a
sound the hose lodged itself inside the back of her throat, where her
gullet went down like a drainage pipe. He saw her eyes bulge, becoming
extremely wide. He saw the stream of fat wide her neck, her gullet poking
out. There was the muffled sound of swallows, as she tried to gulp it down,
but that was no really necessary, since the lard was forced down with or without
her help. He saw her and her little stomach was filling fast. He saw her
shirt lifting, her stomach growing. She could not
breathe, just felt that she was force fed with fat. Her upper belly slowly
grew, her stomach nodoubt filling more and more with fat and growing big.
When her insides were emmiting stretching sound and he was affraid that she
would suffocate, he pulled the plug on the machine and it came to a halt.
With a click the hose came free of her mouth and the hose dropped to the
floor. She was filled with fat till the top and some overpressure went out
of her mouth and overflowed her body like a waterfall. She gasped for air.
Panting and gasping she realized that this little adventure had increased
the size stomach just a little bit and for sure completely filled it. She had now an
immense load of fat in her body, cursing through her inside. Eventhough she
had so massively overpumped in her lower body, her disgestive system
couldn't take so much. She wanted to say something, but then she started
choking. Her stomach wanted to get rid of the fat, last way out. But as a
large mass penetrated lower inside her and her intestines started to digest
it, all blood concentrated inside her belly and she felt her life fading
out of her head. The choking stopped, replaced by a lead heavy tiredness.
She collapsed into his arms. Just before she passed out, she felt the
gurgling inside her guts. And it began...

Tamara and the pears

Tamara woke up. She was desoriented. She felt like she had been asleep for
days, all her body feeling heavy. As she looked around, she saw that she
was in another room. She moved on the chair and felt the flowing of her
bodymass. She knew what had happened, of course. She had went too far and
now she was looking for the doublechin that meant the entry ticket, the
entry into the fat
legions, for taking this perverse pleasure of letting herself being masted.

To her surprise it was not there, but her arms had lost their former firmness
and were fatty soft now, padding hanging down from them. She looked around
and her gaze touched a mirror on the far wall. She wheeled her chair to it.
How convenient of it to have wheels. While she did, she couldn't stop to
notice that her lower portion became wider and wider. She was transforming
into a complete pear. Also, she had this enoumously spoiled feeling inside her guts.
She felt her sides touch the sides of the seat and realized
that her hips were filling this chair, eventhough it was quite wide. Tamara
was well prepared for what she now saw in the mirror. She was wearing a
white onepiece bathingsuit. It had a black grid on it. There was some
"scientific lab experiment" hue to it. The fabric was stretchable, to
accomodate her volume gain. The grid was destorted and stretched on great
many places on her. Although her face still showed the saturday night
Tamara that went dancing belly free, the rest of her body showed already
sure signs of heavy plumpness that reminded her vividly of Laura. Her once so
fatless belly had gladly soaked up her stuffing and was now showing flab.
He entered the room and looked at her, not showing surprise about her
expanded body. She saw this question in his face? "Does it feel nice to be
fat?"  She shifted her bulky flesh, amazed about how fast her belly had
sprouted all that fat. She stood up and had some effort with it. For the
first time she felt the fat of her stomach sag down. Under the bathing suit
she saw her bellybutton. Tamra knew the horizontaly stretched hole, that
always shone on her lean front when she saw herself in the wallmirror.
Now although it was not more than a horizontal slit anymore.
She was padded in places where there had
only been skin and bones before. Her breasts had grown about half the size
more. This would have torn her former bra, but the bathinsuit was holding
them effortlessly, without even much distortion and expansion of the grid.
She had always wanted a bigger breast and there she got it.
This grid on her was doubtlessly a tasty visual indicator of her rump
expansion. There was a lot of extremely soft fat on her hips, it had never
acured to her, mainly out of lack of fat, that she was a woman geneticaly
programmed to wide hips. This was it, to be a
woman: Your real shape and curves you only found out when you got bigger.
Tamara was not sure if she had absorbed all the fat that she have had in
her stomach, but she had the creeping sensation that this did not matter
much. Daniel touched her lovingly everywhere and she saw her gut bounce and
wobble for the first time. He loved what he saw, she could see that. She
could not loose the feeling that he was touching the fat sculpture that he had
created. Daniel examined her bosom with his big hands and not seemed quite
satified by it. She wondered if she had ever left him unsatisfied with her
breasts before, if he had always wanted them bigger.
As he touched her everywhere, feeling his hand sinking in
her first lard, she felt the fabric of the bathingsuit hug her padding. It
was so soft and stretchable. When he was behind her she suddenly felt his
enourmous penis on her ass and between her legs. He helped her lower the
supports of her suit and he sliped it down. It was on the floor now and he
was facing her from behind. She felt his anticipation as his breathing was
speeding up. She felt his largen hands sink in her sides and turn her
around. She was greeted by his large penis, pumped up to 10 and very thick
as always. He had hungry eyes and she knew that she was the reason for his
strong desire. She felt flattered and fattened: She obiously was a better
display now. Her own hands touched some padding that marked the growing
expanse of her belly. Daniel loved her like this. He felt that he could not stop and went to her.
His penis met her wet hole easily. He had been wondering and yes, her
areolas had grown too along with her breasts increase. She felt him
penetrate her hard and widen her with his large tool. He fucked her and she
felt soft in her cunt, yielding and her body flowed to the strokes.

They were panting and sweating, moaning as they climbed the wet slipery
climax. It did not take long till she started going up like a rocket.
Touching her anus had always been it for her. And now it was extreme: She
felt the desire to be filled from behind. She wanted to feel the stretching
feeling in her gut, making her wider. Like reading her thoughts he led her
down to the seat again and helped her put on the suit again, align the grid
on her gut and seat her breasts in the wide bra. When he left the room, she
was sitting there on the chair and looking at herself in the mirror, heat
in all her body and a unstoppable yearning. She felt a alarming feeling, a
sense of selfpreservation, that tried to stop her thoughts of making
herself expand, expand and explode like a bomb. He came in the room again,
the heavy hose in his hands, pulling it. She heard the machine slinger. He
climbed under the chair and that was it, she thought, she was on again. He
found the opening in the chair and pushed aside her lyrca. He patted a
plump tight and then shoved. She felt it push against her anus and it was
looked solid, the self preservation keeping it. Then, slowly, it opened all
the way and she felt the hose come inside her again. This time she enjoyed
the pulling of the mechanism enourmously as it lodged itself unremovably in
her behind. Now the fat was coming and she felt the perverse and yet sexy
feeling of fat welling up in her lower colon. Her lower belly was big,
expanded and she knew that it was gladly taking in even more fat. As he
recovered from the floor and was watching his pumpee, he saw that his dream
was in the making. With a perverse deep growing sound her lower gut filled.
It lost it's flat broad shape and changed into a taunt ball. The grid
expanded. Then, her belly started really pumping up. She panted as her
entire lower gut started to blow up into a bigger and bigger ball. She felt
it, pulsating inside her and expanding her. It forced higher and higher.
She felt her gut grow, coming apart inside. Liter for liter, gallon for
gallon she was pumped up. She emmited loud stretching sound as her already
very wide intestines swole in diameter. When he stoped the machine, she
came to herself again. Her belly was soo big that she could not see past it
anymore. It was a big fat ball and hanging down increadible. She felt it
past her knees. As he approached her and touched her inflated expanse, she
felt the fat factory inside her start. She felt just a little glimpse of
what it really felt, when you got fatter. The welling feeling in her

The melon grower

She woke up and groaned. She moved a little bit and it was almost
impossible. Everything in her seemed heavy and flattened to the floor. She
still felt the chair, but somehow it was around her now, containing her ass.
Tamara knew that some parts of her were flowing out of the chairs holes.
When she looked at the mirror she saw herself. She saw her own eyes widen,
slowly, more and more the black in the middle got bigger. Now she had beaten Lauren.

Her entire body had bloomed up. Her hips had expanded enourmously and were now past the
armrests of the chair, so that there were sinking in her aboundant fat
flesh. And Jesus, her belly had become big! She had always wanted to have
something that you could call belly at all, besides the flat thing that
nobody saw, but this..... She felt a little disbelieve, that this mirror
view of this very very fat woman was her. But when she moved a little to
the side and she saw her barrel flow, it was her alright!
As her glance went up, she found the reason for the
plump feeling and yes. Her breasts! They had grown too. She now had the lovelies breasts possible!
She beamed as she realized that she had now the biggest breasts anywoman
could every have. Tripple D or H? The slim girls with the silicone
implantate? No, she was bigger! They rested on her big belly and had the
full size of watermelons. The grid was now heavily distored and stretched,
her bra having a hard time not tearing. Her bosom swayed, incredible heavy,
made of the softest fat possible. They wobbled dangerously, straining the bra,
teasing the mind with what would happen if the supports tore.  She wondered what would happen if
she wanted to be free without it. Her breasts were a dish to look at! But
now she was fat, incredible fat. She could hardly move her body and
heavy flowing folds of lard ushered her into immobility.
She touched her gut and sank in. Her fat
had the softness of a pudding and her belly was composed of a enourmously
thick fat layer. Tamara felt fat, so fat. And she felt the
morbide sensation in her anus. She knew that the machine was next door and
she felt the strong desire to be pumped up again. Tamara felt completely
prone to the fatpump and her gut wanted to grow.
The first thing Daniel did when he saw her was weighting her. It was
astounding the devices he had in this cellar. What did his father use them
for? The dial slowly rose to 525lbs. So, she was more than five times the
weight than before. And something strange was happening while he wheeled
her around. She had a funny feeling in her large breasts. And she could
have bet that the grid had been less distored just hours before when she
saw herself in the mirror. Then she saw it on the girth of her belly and
the feeling she had in it: Slow bloating! She was still fattening up.
There was fatmass in her insides that was traveling into her bossom. Then, the big moment came
and Daniel wanted to enjoy his new Tamara. Pump gut, wideass, bloatboobs,
piperear, sagbottom. He dug into her soggy abdomen
and explored her fat. Higher and higher he let her lard move, till her
reached his big girls bossom. It defined breasts new, she could have
competed easily with a fully blown milkcow. Her bossom was in the category
udder now. He gave it a nudge and they jingled in a
decadent way. These were not silicon, not firm but bloated and overstuffed
with the prominence of fat. When he slid the supports of her shoulders, there
was almost a faint sensation of respect of her immense womanhood.
Tamaras enourmous bossom came down their enourmous mass settled down on her
very fat belly, wobbling majestetic. He got hard as he saw how her breasts had grown.
The aereolaes were immense, almost reaching the size of CDs. Her breasts hung
heavely to the side, not being able to stow all the mass. As he took her
then, pushed between her plump tights and fucked her, she knew that she had
not done the wrong thing. She was fat and almost immobile, plumped and
pumped, and a fatshaking orgasm was claiming her. As it went though her
fat in waves her brain almost burned out. Her body volume had almost
quadrupled, but her brain still had the same size. And she got an enourmous
lower abdomen now. Daniel had found his
dream. The only problem was, that her guts were still sucking fat. He had
to keep her hard to not going to the pump again. Well, one morning it was
too late anyway, because he saw her, stuck in the door. She could not get
through it anymore. Then, after straining her for a month, seeing the
desire in her eyes every day more, he had to do it again. Although she was nicely
fattened and her breasts had the enourmous size that no woman he had ever seen have
had, she had to be pumped up again. He was more than happy with her size
and he wondered how she could possibly fatten more than that. He decided
for something special. He went out to eat with her and made sure that she
ingested a lot of fatty meats. When she got full, he went home with her.
After fucking her, she felt asleep. He tied her up while she was sleeping and when she
awoke, she could not move an inch. Her arms were tied down and a large
funnel was in her mouth.  Her stomach was not yet finished with the last dinner and felt
loaded and heavy. She felt that she needed a break, to digest the large
dinner that she have had yesterday. Then she felt the funnel move in her
gullet and the crude garden-hose attached to it just went right to the
entrance of her stomach. She winced, feeling so exposed. He started
dropping things into the funnel. Then he took a blender right in front of
her and started blending rich foods. She felt her large stomach work on her
last fill while he put sausages, cakes and other fat stuff in it. He
started to pour the stuff inside her and with every refill she got fuller.
She felt a alarming pressing inside her stomach. It was completely full
now. Tamara saw that he meant business and was stuffing her serious, but as
she saw that he had taken fat-ilizer, she suddenly felt that it was going
too far. Fat-ilizer was used in professional fattening of cows and pigs and
doubled or trippled calories in food. She saw how he mixed it with liquid
fat and felt the taunt sensation of her full-to-the-last stomach. She
wasn't able to hold what he was preparing now. As he was finished, he
removed the funnel. Before she could say anything, he pushed another hose
down her gullet, attached to it was a strange device. He filled it with the
newly made liquide and pushed down the piston. She felt the pressure inside
her rise and knew suddenly that he was trying to press this liquide in her
already loaded stomach. As Tamara did not yield to another quart, he pushed
more down and her eyes went wide as her enourmous stomach started to
audibly groan. She had the strangest of feelings and felt like it was going
to burst any minute. Then, with a strange gurgling sound, it grew and
slowly grew larger, to accomodate for the extra mass. She felt the
enourmous size of her stomach, she panted as it was pushing away other organs.
Then, when he was done, he let her. Tamara stood there, panted and the
fat-ilizer evenly mixed with her load. Then, after a small significant
pause, if happened and his dream came true. Tamara first felt nothing, as
he already saw it. The dosage of the fat-ilizer was ment for about 10 cows
and was now working inside her. She had a sagging feeling, somewhat
different than before. She saw his widened eyes, his penis rising to
attention and then she realized and felt it that her belly was growing. But
this time it was fattening up for really. She felt how the fatlayer all
over her grew, visibly and audibly. That's how it felt to grow fat, she
thought as she felt the rich sensation in her breasts as they slowly grew
and stretched.

The scale showed 845lbs. Tamara had fattened immensely, the potent
fattening agent working efficiently. It was a
challenge to dive through her fat just to penetrate her, but her belly size
and breasts made this worthwile. It was hard to describe their size.
Needlessly to say, she was immobile. Sometimes, when she lay there, between
orgasm and feeding, she remembered what it was like when she was a slim
girl. But then, when her fat began to wobble, moved through the electric
thrill of an orgasm mounting, she never ever dreamed of being able to go
Daniel did not have to prevent her from using the pump since she couldn't
go into the room with the machine anyway. She did not fit though the door
anymore. Tamara was very restricted now in her movements. Especially her
hips and her breasts had enourmous proportions. She started to appear in
the net, first just as an activist, then with pictures. She showed on it
that she liked the way her body had developed. She motivated people to do
the same. Soon she started to get
feedback. A lot of men and women, telling her how disgusting she was. A lot
of men that wanted to see more. How typical, Tamara thought. And some girls.
Writing her out of various reasons. Some of them even without having seen
pictures of her. As similar their motivation to contact Tamara were, so
individual were their agendas. So was Amy. Amy had lost her first boyfriend
with 18. He had left her for her breastsize. With 14 Amy, a very tall skinny
girl had already very
developed breasts, by her 17th year she had the most enourmous boobs. They
were so feminine that they frightened her not so experienced boyfriend. Of
course, as with teenagers, she took it completely wrong. She started to
diet extremely, getting annorexic. That was, when she saw Tamaras homepage.
She started writing her and got to know from her stuffed girlfriend that
men love ample breasts. She had adopted Tamara as some
kind of a role model and wanted to be like her. So after 3 months of almost
eating nothing at all she started to continously eat, from one day to
another. On the second day, Amy very nearly bursted, having ingested so
much food in her starving stomach. And as she was gaining rapidly, Amy
realized, that Tamara was right. Men looked at her, with desire.
Amys bossom was growing with extreme
speed, sometimes when she lay in bed she felt it grow. And the boys in
school were starting to look at her with more and more widened eyes.
When she came to a halt, Tamara stopping her, she sported HH cup
breasts. But they were already so big, that she had not got together with
an ordinary man. He was very set in what he wanted. When Amy
discovered him to be a feeder, he was already stuffing her at the size of gaining 5
lbs a day and her udder rapidly grew past QQ Cup size. She did not hear
from Amy anymore and was somewhat anxious that her boyfriend had went too
far. She knew the problem all to well herself. She started to loose her body. It became more
and more a fat blob. She decided to go on a diet on her next birthday,
slimming down to a healthier weight, trying not to listen to the Fat,
wispering in her mind. She enjoyed Daniel sleeping on her belly after they
had fun. Her front was so huge and fat that she hardly felt him being
there. It was her birthday. That was when Daniel surprised her with
something she would have never suspected. She went swimming that day, like
usual. It was the only way she could move around freely on her own anymore.
Something was odd.  The water felt strange and after she
moved some more through it, she saw her boyfriend at the pool. Daniel stood
there and watched her bloated form intentively. Now she realized that she
was swimming in liquid fat. Immediately, she felt the welling in her large
inside. Daniel started to come into the pool as everything happened so fast.
She heard the deep gurgling sound out of her barell gut. Then, when he
reached the enourmous form of his fattened lady, Tamara was already
slurping down the fat in big gulps. He ejoyed seeing her enourmously.
Daniel approached her from behind and tried to reach around her, but as so
often these days, failed. As she stuffed herself with lard, he slided her
bathing suit aside and played with her asshole. He knew why he had take the
little handpump that he was wielding now. He shoved it slowly in her rear
and started to operate the handle. Everytime he was drawing, he filled the
pump with liquid and then injected the thing in her ass.

The rest, you can imagine for yourself. When she was satisfied, she had half the pool
inside her and while she was floating in the rich liquid, she felt it

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