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Fatpump: The Belly

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Scientist and his assistant gets the highly effective pig fattening drug that he himself developed and his thin lab assistant finally gets "into shape" My first story ever, ancient, old and maybe a little unsophisticated.

Charles worked for Exacorp for 3 years and as lab supervisor he was quite successful. With his height 6', and his slender figure he looked kind of anorexic. He had invented the fat drug some time ago. It compelled an organism's digestive system to grow huge. The body then assimilated food at incredible rate, hence growing fat. He developed the drug over the years and as he finally tested it on pigs, he was awarded the Thostan-Research-Award. After he got the award he strived to improve and concentrate the drug.

One evening he was working in the lab, doing the paperwork. It was fairly boring. The office-nerds wanted all the reports filled out. The board wanted to know, after all, what he was doing with all the funding. His mind wandered and he took a picture out of his drawer. It showed his fiancé Jessica, sparsely clad in lingerie. It was signed, �Love, Jessica.� It was a gift from her for his 30th birthday. She knew that he appreciated the true beauty of a female body.

He looked at her. She was a magnificent woman. And she knew how to tease him: Her D-cup bosom was in a net-like bra, which was all too transparent and showed her large nipples. Although she was starting to show layers of fat on her stomach, she was wearing a fitting which enhanced her plump belly even more. She did this naturally, still thinking that she was thin. She smiled the seductive smile of a woman sure of the effect of her body on male hormones. With just a hint of transparency her G-string showed her shaved pussy. She was a dream to be with, resourceful and never too shy to try something crazy.

Charles heard a noise and stowed the picture in the drawer as he realized that he was not alone. A woman stood at the door. She was tall and extremely thin, she wore a labcoat, but he had never seen her before. He looked at her and he noticed that she had no breasts whatsoever. A-cup it must be, he thought. She was all bones and skin. She was smiling and coming towards him, yet there was something serious about her body language.

"You must be the so famous Dr. Charles Goldblum!" she exclaimed. "I'm Helga Baloni, Nutritionist."

They shook hands.

He switched gears and said, "Well if you have any questions, there will be a press conference next week."

She smiled sweet, went over to the door and locked it. He looked puzzled, but as she pulled out a gun, his puzzlement disappeared, replaced by concern. She went over to one bottle of a substance and took it. She looked at it curiously.

"I'm not interested in your press conference, no, I'm going to tell you a little story of what happened to my little sister."

"She was at the home of her boyfriend. They watched a movie and ate popcorn. She got thirsty and went to the fridge to drink something. There was a coke bottle, a quart or so. She drank it. But it was not coke that my sister was drinking, instead she was filling her stomach with something else!"

Charles swallowed when he remembered that he wanted to make a new experiment, yet he didn't have any other container. Now he remembered that he forgot to take it with him.

"My sister didn't suspect anything," she went on, "but it was refreshing anyway, so she emptied the entire bottle. This night after she kissed her boyfriend goodnight she felt different. She went to bed and had a funny feeling in her tummy, a sensation of softness, and she felt stuffed, even though she hadn't eaten dinner. Although she was small at the top with only A-cups , she had been always kind of plump around her tummy region. She had always been the kind of girl that had a promising large lower belly, fertile and ready to get pregnant, but lacked the breasts size to attract most men. She always looked kind of semi-pregnant and size of her lower abdomen looked as though it wanted to grow. Her upper belly was unusually large now. She couldn't remember, with what it must be filled. It was slightly swelled, and spongy to touch.

She was so hot and she couldn't sleep. She was haunted by strange dreams. She saw a basin with this milky liquid over and over again. She went to take a bath, since she knew that she would lie awake for a long time. She saw in the mirror, that her lower belly protruded out. It was very soft as if filled with some kind of liquid. She felt pressure building up and had the sudden impulse to go to the toilet. As she sat down the pressure had increased enormously and she tried to open her ass, as always when she felt like this. But somehow this pressure was much more violent than ever before. She'd never been worried at the intensity, but now she felt like she was about to burst.

Funny, she lost control over the muscle that opened her ass. She heard a gurgling coming out of her stomach. In a frantic effort, she tried to open it by inserting a finger, but it was tight shut. Instead the pressure rose even more in her gut and sitting there, horror gripped her. She felt like bursting any minute. Then, something in her ruptured with a dull bang in her insides. It pumped in her belly. She realized that her belly was swelling."

Charles knew exactly what he was about to hear. After all he designed the drug. He knew the cycle and had seen it on pigs.

"The liquid you gave to your pigs was now in her belly and started to change Kellie�s insides. But she soon would find, it wasn't that she became fat, no, the liquid was just enlarging her intestines, to hold more," Helga went on.

"Then, as her belly stopped swelling, she felt an incredible itch on her small nipples. It was an erotic feeling. She started to massage them and felt a warmth spread in all her belly. Then, her breasts swelled a little bit and gave her small bra a hard time. Out of nowhere, she felt that an orgasm was mounting. First she felt it from deep inside her belly and then it spread everywhere. She became so wet and as the orgasm went over her, she was unable to think, she just came and came. Then, after the first one was over, she wanted to move, but again she saw the basin full of that milky stuff, this time she felt that the liquid had a magnetic effect on her. Then she felt a second orgasm coming. She realized that the first one had enlarged her breast from A to C- cup, ruining her bra completely.

As she looked down, her belly had bloated up. She now sported a small potbelly. She felt the horror of what was happening to her, but then the next orgasm came on her. While she was trapped in pleasure, she felt her belly grow bigger. She felt her gut blow up like a balloon. Now that she was orgasming she saw that there was a enormous girl in the basin, her back to her with a extremely large lower gut and ass, perverse gurgling coming out of her. Her breasts were so big that she saw them hanging to the side like big bags filled with fat. Here enormous breasts were swinging just so slightly as she saw the girl was in progress of being fattened. The level of the basin slowly lowered. She now knew that it was pure fat. The girl turned around slowly and she looked into her own eyes. She realized with perverse shock that this was herself, with a body so fattened up that she started to become more broad and and thick than she actually had height. This girl fattening up was just leaving supersize and going beyond. She saw the apple-shaped body and as she looked at this girl�s belly, her own gut gurgled and itched. She felt a dangerous load in her belly as she was confronted with this picture: She was fat to monstrous proportions, her breasts had reached x-cup size and were hanging down over her belly in big fat bags. Her gut was the biggest she ever saw. It was potshaped all right, but it now was the size of a large drum. She looked at her own belly-button, well, deep down it was. The belly was so fat that the navel had receded deep in. And it was herself, she knew it. 500 times more fat than she was. Her hips were extremely wide and the fat was hanging down on her in big rolls, with a body-fat index of 99%.

As she saw this before her eye, the next orgasm came over her. This time she could feel her belly bloat hard and gurgle while she came. Orgasm after orgasm made her immobile and blew her up, between the waves she was barely able to compose herself. After the 8th orgasm she was so exhausted that she fell asleep. She had dreams which she was in a sausage factory, strapped to moving molds for sausages and she was constantly filled with fatty meat, which just worked like they were stuffing sausages. She couldn�t do anything against it, and was pumped more and more. When she woke up, she heard a strange noise. She thought about her strange dream, tried to get up, but could hardly move. Now she realized, that it was her gut that made them. Her belly had blown up to magnificent potbelly of the size of an overblown basketball. Her body, hips and thighs were soft and wobbly with fat. She felt so heavy! As she saw herself in the mirror, she froze with horror: She was getting fat and fast too. Her belly was blowing up from the potent fluid in her gut, not destined to be used on a woman, but even more efficiently doing the job. And the worst part of it was that she felt hunger growing in her. She wanted to get out, to go to a doctor, to go to a hospital, but she suddenly started to get very hungry. She tried to ignore it with all her force. She was about to leave the house to find a doctor, when her hunger became so strong that she started to smell the bacon in the fridge in the kitchen. She stumbled into the kitchen and stood before the freezer, she smelled this incredible strong smell of all the bacon, lard and hamburgers she bought for the party next week. Her stomach started to growl and yearn for the rich food.

She took all the hamburgers, enough for 10 people and put them into the microwave. When they were done, she guzzled them down, gorging one by one, feeling so good for eating. Then, as she was finished, instead of feeling full, her hunger suddenly grew so strong that she had the feeling, that she would starve on the spot. It compelled her to eat more. Her sense told her that she already ate more than ever before, and that she would rupture her stomach, but her feeling told her that she was starving. She started to empty the entire fridge. Slowly with extreme pleasure she ate the food she bought for weeks, getting hot at the extreme fatty foods as it slipped down her gullet. Yes, it made her horny by the thought of her stomach filled with rich fat. Then, she had eaten the entire contend of the fridge.

When I visited her, she didn't answer the door, but since I had a key, I found her then. She laid in front of the fridge, her T-shirt torn, exposing her gigantic belly and her monstrous breasts, which were inflated by all the orgasms to F-cup size. Her stomach was showing stretchmarks and the strange noises coming from it told me that something strange was happening to her. She was in a state where her digestive system was using up all her energy, so she wasn't very conscious. I had to do some errands, so I told her to stay put and calm down while I was away. Again, a monstrous appetite made her eat more and more, pumping up her stomach to monstrous dimensions. When I came back I saw at least 5 empty oil-bottles. She drank em all, pure fat. Now, that I saw her I gasped in horror. Her belly was incredible inflated and her breasts were pumped up too, her skin had stretched and expanded to accommodate the newly acquired body lard. Her soft spheres had the size of volleyballs. They hung down over her belly, soft and pendulous. I tried to get her to a doctor, but when we tried to leave, her belly was so big! She didn't fit through the doorframe anymore.

Her belly produced strange noises and I was afraid that Kellie's belly was going to blow. I took her in my arm, as good as I could, and she must have been full up to her gullet since she gurgled and blubbered all the time. She was stuffed with fat, her big round belly was pumped full of it. I told her that everything will be all right. I for myself was horrified what was going to happen to her because all the fat still filling her stomach and intestines would pump her up to monstrous dimensions.

Then, suddenly she gasped, "I'm..." she could bring out, wanted to say more, but only gurgling came out of her throat.

A strange stretching sound came out of her gut. I couldn't believe my eyes, but Kellie's belly started to bloat up right in front of my eyes. Slowly, but unstoppable her gut grew, I could hear large amounts of fat move and slosh in her intestines. It sounded like a large drainage pipe being flooded.

She inflated right in front of me. She was unable to do anything, she just stood there and grew fat and fatter. I held her belly, in a way I thought that I could push it all in again, but then I only sank into it as she fattened up. Sloshing and splashing came out of her. She was letting it happening, passive and in the strangest of feeling, since she moaned constantly, gurgled and her eyes were wide. Terrified I left to get a doctor and when I came back with him, it was already too late: There was a trail of milky fat leading to the bathroom. There was where we found her. She must have ingested all that fat, stretching her belly and stomach to the extreme limit and when she was ready to explode, her stomach wanted to eject the overload of the potent fat and she went to the bathtub to throw up, but then, with force and perverse speed, her digestive system bloated up so fast that it virtually exploded and her gut inflated so fast that intense feeling of pumping and getting fat so fast paralyzed her. She knew that she was blowing up like a balloon, perversely she also knew that she would burst soon. She felt her belly grow with incredible speed, her inner workings yielding readily, becoming loose and wide under the strong pressure: She groaned as she fell into the tub, head first and while her intestines surged and her potbelly grew quickly into a monstrosity, she felt that she was about to explode. When her breasts started to fill up with fat and expand, the sensation of her nipples stretching made her go unconscious of lust. When we found her, she was head down in the tub, suffocated of her own fat, her gigantic belly filled half the bathroom."

Charles rubbed his head nervously.

"She had 1 quart of fat inflator and she had already tendency to plumpness. You know, the fat the body possesses already when in contact with the drug doubles or triples the reaction. She would have filled out to four times the size she had wouldn't she have died."

"Your drug fattened up my sister and she died of it."

Helga stood there as though she waited for a response. "I saw her get fat in front of my own eyes."

She was almost histerical. It was clear that this woman saw something that didn't contribute to her sanity. Charles tried to be cool. After all, this woman had to be reasonable. He tried to explain it in scientific terms. After all, Helga would be understand, she was a professional herself.

"She must have had extreme pleasure. We found out that if the body fattens up so fast the individual experiences extreme pleasure by doing so!", he said, trying to offering some consolation.

She laughed, out of nowhere. Then she stopped and something snapped inside her. He could see it that she was quite unstable and her mood changed instantly.

"You know," she said after seeming to have reached a conclusion, "I saw her blow up in front of me! I saw it once and I think I'd be willing to see it again."

She eyed the bottle interestingly. She smiled and approached him with the bottle.

"I'm gonna see it with you!!" she decided. "Imagine what this stuff would do to you", she said with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist trying to prove his formula works.

Charles became uneasy, she must be joking, he thought. "It's never been tested on a male before" he smiled uneasy. "You see, there�s a difference between males and females."

He knew that she had the gun and the bottle, both made him very uneasy. She shook her head. It looked as she didn't know what to do.

"Hmm...", she muttered.

She walked away and Charles relaxed, sure that she dropped the idea. She went to the cupboard and took a new glass labeled fat inflator 160% and put it in front of Charles.

"You're going to try this one! This one is even stronger and even if your belly is not so fertile, it should still blow you up like hell" She smiled charmingly. "I can't wait to see you bloat!", she whispered into his ear. His eyes grew wide.

Drink the fat drug, him? He felt his stomach lurch. She smiled eager at him. It was the extra potent solution, obviously, she had no idea how strong this stuff was. He had to avoid drinking this stuff at all costs.

"Drink!" she commanded.

He refused and wanted to leave the room. "I can't drink this liquid! Maybe I'll explode, we never tried it on a man!"

She pointed the gun at his groin.

"I don't know what this stuff will do with your belly, but this gun will do more harm, I promise!" she switched the safety off on the gun and got ready on the trigger. "Drink it! Don't make me shoot your balls! Better fat than impotent!"

Charles took the glass hesitantly and drank a little bit. It tasted strange as it ran down his gullet. He drank slowly, feeling the liquid pour into him.

"All of it!" she insisted.

The liquid sloshed down his gullet. He had the strangest sensation. When the liquid touched his gullet walls and met his stomach, he felt it turn soft. He felt it reach his stomach and felt as though it was made out of stretch-fabric.

"Do you already feel something?" she asked curiously.

He shook his head. He didn't want to give her any pointers. In reality, he had a very vague feeling that the pig drug changed him inside. Strange images and thoughts floated through his mind. She didn't look satisfied. All business she took the next glass.

Again, she put it in front of him. "Another dose for you, then!" she leered.

Disbelieve was in his eyes: "You just gave me a full concentrated dose. This would have been for 3 pigs. You can't think of giving me more"

She gave him a interested look "Oh, you didn't feel anything yet. I guess this is too weak a mixture! Besides, I want you to feel what my sister felt!"

He realized, that the substance did something strange with his insides. He had a strong feeling of softness in his guts. And he felt filled and stuffed. His hand went to his flat belly and a faint gurgling came out of his insides. He felt his insides move.

"Comon, pump it down! The more you drink the better it gets! You need as much as my sister had"

He felt his inside wobble. She reached for the glass and put it to his lips.

"Open your mouth wide now!"

He refused.

"If you don't open your mouth, I'm going to pump it up your ass with a hose!"

He did it and she tipped the glass, filling him with the inflator substance. He felt it pour down his throat, slowly filling his stomach with the potent pig drug.

She smiled satisfied. "You're going to be famous, being the first to prove that this drug really does work for anorexic humans. You're going to be the living proof. No more starving people in Africa. Drink faster, there's more for you!"

She tilted the glass and drained it into him. He almost choked as the rest of the bottle quickly sloshed down his gullet and he felt his stomach grow. She touched her own flat abdomen and massaged it in a mock motion.

"Do you already feel it? Blowing up your belly?"

He felt a warmth spread in his gut and with horror he realized, that it had started. He saw a strange image in front of him. There was a basin full of white liquid, slimy. It was so tempting!

He knew what it meant, but he couldn't resist. He was going into the basin. He felt the warmth of the milky liquid. A monstrous gurgling noise came out of his gullet.

She smiled happily and put her ear onto his stomach. "Yes, I hear that the pumping and plumping is ahead!"

Again she came with a glass and he stared at her. "This is to make sure, that you get your fun!"

He felt two glasses of potent fat inflator surge in his stomach, not sure how much this would inflate him and she wanted to give him more.

"Please", he begged her.

She kissed him on his stomach. "Well, you�re not full yet. You need this, you're so thin!"

He drank and felt the substance run down his gullet, meeting his stomach, expand it. He felt being fattened and impregnated by this woman. He started to feel a little full. As his face twisted as his stomach was stretched larger and larger.

"Ah, filled up, are we?"

She opened another cupboard and took a half liter bottle from the shelf, showing super fat concentrate, inflation 467%. She removed the lid. His mouth dropped open. His eyes went wide.

"No, not this one! This is the concentrate to mix up the normal substances!"

She looked at him and measured his stomach with a glance. "Let's see if we can load your stomach enough to hold some more. I'm curious what it will do when it�s in your belly!"

She smiled with anticipation. He refused and closed his mouth tight.

"Please, not this one too. Leave me like that, I'm still going to blow up to the fattest human alive."

"Anyway," she asked conversationally, "who inflated the pigs with the liquid?"

"My lab assistant Mirjam did, why?", he answered.

"Mirjam" she called. "Please come over, we need you!"

His lab assistant from next lab came through the door. She was puzzled since she didn't recognize the voice calling her. Helga was sizing her up. She was thin with jeans under her labcoat, which showed her medium-size pelvis. She had blonde hair and thin lips, she had always been kinda shy. Her breasts were tiny. Helga was looking at Mirjam as though she was a specimen. Mirijam saw Charles and the empty bottles in front of him and froze.

"We just made the first test of your fat inflator liquid on a human subject", Helga answered her unasked question.

She smiled charmingly. Mirjam swallowed dry. Helga went over to Mirjam, pulled her shirt out of her pants and exposed her belly. As Helen expected it was flat and fatless. She touched the stomach of the slim girl with her hand and probed every inch of the fatless gut.

"That's something every nutritionist likes to see! A flat completely fatless belly!"

Obviously, Mirjam was watching her diet very carefully. She was puzzled.

"If you don't drink this one, I make her drink it and then you'll see what this flat nice belly inflates into."

Mirjam's eyes went wide. She was horrified, either for Charles belly or for her own. He started drinking it. It was strange, it tasted extremely rich, filling his whole body with a feeling of ecstasy. As it sloshed down his throat he had a flashback of fucking Jessica.

His girlfriend was 32 years old and the years started to show on her. She was heavier and more padding all around. She had the developed D-cup breasts of a ripe woman, with just the right amount of fat on her belly to indicate that she was inevitably starting to plump up. After all she was in the age in which all women were prone to weight gain and in which they stayed home and ate junk food instead of going out to dance. In which they realize, that eating and then getting laid was much more fun that exercising and running around. He was riding Jessica, her large breasts moving to his trusts, her nipples hard, with big aerolas. While connected with her with a kiss he felt her wetness, her willingness dripping from her lap. He was so used to this and he felt her vagina, her wet crevice and being in it was so comfortable. With slow thrusts he shoved her, feeling the warm slime of her elastic cunt rub his penis. Louder and louder grew her moans, in ecstasy being fucked by her boyfriend, slowly shoved and taken. He was happy that she was putting on some weight, after all he enjoyed see her breasts grow as she gained weight and body girth. Although she was trying hard to not gain, it amused him to see that no matter what she did, no matter what diet she tried, her belly was becoming softer and more voluminous every month.

"Ah, by the way, I left a bottle of the 350% formula at your girlfriend�s fridge. I had a little chat with her this morning and she thinks it's a new diet mix. Half a liter." Helga laughed. "I left her a few gallons of oil."

She made a motion of a growing belly on her stomach, happily smiling. He wanted to stop drinking the liquid, but found that he couldn't. He went on pouring the heavy liquid into his stomach. This stuff was so extremely strong, that his hand just froze and he didn't even swallow as it poured down his gullet. He felt a hot feeling lurch his cock as he imagined Jessica drinking, pumping fat into her intestines, laying on her back, while her belly happily inflating into monstrous dimensions. He saw her large ripe breasts swing to the thrust he fucked her. She moaned as his thick rod pushed her cunt wide. He saw how she rolled her eyes. Man, he was getting hot too. Suddenly, her eyes went wide, she looked at him.

She gasped! "Oh my God, what's happening to me?"

Now he saw it: Her belly started to swell, slow but steady the fat layer on it grew. He looked at her, and he was in heat as he saw her fatten up. Her big bosom also slowly swelled bigger, hanging more and more. Her newly gained fat wobbled sexy as he fucked her faster. She started to moan very loud, she was enjoying it tremendously, growing fatter. Suddenly, the growth of her fat jumped and her belly blew up with such speed, that he felt it envelop him. In front of him was his girlfriend, now composed of more fat than anything else. He started to fuck her at incredible speed.

"....large You know," he heard Helga say, "even when she was thin she had a very nice gut, by now, she must be bloating to about half a ton!"

He choked on the fluid, when he wanted to breathe and wanted to say something, but instead the super potent fluid reached his stomach and started to work. A perverse gurgling sound reverberated from his stomach as the strong liquid that was never meant to go into a living being turned his belly into a fat processing plant. It thundered in his guts. He felt his stomach bloat rapidly, changed through the fluid, groan from the sudden pressure. He gasped. He had the feeling of being a balloon being blown up. He touched his lower abdomen and it was pumping in it, his intestines yielding and expanded.

His belly felt so good and warm, as though his guts were waiting for this all the time. Although he couldn't see anything from outside, he knew that his stomach was being pumped up. His belly expanded, he got fatter. The button on his trousers popped as his lower belly filled out his pants and pushed and flew halfway across the room. His pants fell down. He felt his colon stretch and grow. He felt inches of new colon form in his lower belly and felt that he got bid down there.

Mirjam looked at his now exposed belly, which blew up like a balloon.

"We never tried this one!", she stuttered.

Charles licked his lips uncontrollably as his digestive system took him over.

"I think you can hold another one!", the thin woman exclaimed happily.

Quick she went to the rack and took the final bottle from it. She came towards Charles and saw his eyes widen even more. His mouth was open and ready. His intestines made strange gurgling noises as the inflator liquid changed him inside. He was eager now to expand and bloat, his belly filled with so much of the pig drug that it was just in the beginning of bloating up his belly.

She removed the lid and started to drain the potent stuff into his mouth. She smiled as she saw that he was yielding. It got really stuffed. He had the sensation of bursting in a second as his lower belly was getting fuller and fuller. Then with a groan, his stomach expanded readily and his upper belly expanded outward as the fluid filled him everywhere. He felt how he got wide inside. His belly took in this fluid only too glad, since it was specially designed to nourish intestinal growth and expansion. His intestines in his lower belly became longer and wider, as he was rigged for fat inflation. Mirjam was standing there, unable to move, her flat innocent belly still exposed. She was absolutely paralyzed. She knew the fat inflator very well, but she never even thought about a human getting the stuff down the throat. The Helga looked satisfied.

"Now, let's go see the pigs!"

She led Charles to the end of the lab. Strange enough she seemed to know where everything was. While he walked, he realized the mass his belly had. He felt it bulge from all the liquid inside. He felt incredible loaded as he walked. They went over to the pig stalls. Helga stopped at one of the inflation-stations, designed to fatten a pig. In the stalls a few pigs were eating. One of them was so fat that it was unable to move. It must have weighted about a ton.

"Look at these pigs here! Fat and happy!", she exclaimed.

She turned to Charles, seeing that he felt time working against him in his guts.

"How does it feel? Is it painful or pleasurable, having one�s guts full of a substance designed to fatten and plump you up?"

She saw the hose on the floor and smiled knowingly. Hanging on the wall was a strange kind of gun, connected to the hose. The crude black hose went to a machine with two large transparent pistons filled with some milky substance and a 50 gallon tank. She took a gun of a rack, and balanced it in her hands.

"This is it, eh?" Helga looked over to Mirjam. "How do you do it, do you put it into the mouth?"

"No, the animal could refuse. We do it from behind, there's much less resistance and the pigs can hold much more when not taking the detour over the stomach....." Mirjam answered automatically like at a press conference but stopped as she realized who she was talking to.

She saw the look with which Helga was eyeing her. Helga nodded.

"I see", she concluded, "As I read in your nice paper that you published, the pigs first are treated with the fat drug and then, when they are ready, when their intestines are wide and expanded, their stomachs expandable to huge size, you inject them with fat. Their bodies, prepared, suck it up and plump up in record time."

Charles groaned as he heard all this. She pulled the trigger and a thick blast of milky fat came out of it. She came to him and put her hand on his belly.

"You're getting big down here!" she exclaimed with delight. "I love the way your belly looks now! From the way your gut looks, your intestines must be soft and expandable as hell!"

She was looking at his abdomen with a approving smile and patted his gut. It moved from the touch, splashing. Yes he had a nice potbelly already.

"You know," she went on, "I was always attracted to men with large pot-bellies, can't help it. Probably because my father had one!"

He felt so bloated and expanded. He was filled to the gullet with his own fat drug. He realized that he was starting to get hungry. He was so relaxed, with horror he felt that his resistance was getting weaker and his hunger got stronger. He was getting soft, literally.

"You're a very intelligent man, Mr Goldblum! I hope you were so intelligent to make it feel good. And you know why? Because I'm going to inject you right now!"

She started to pull down his slip.

"No!" he exclaimed. "I won't! We never did this with a human! The intestines will burst", but wasn't convinced himself of what he was saying.

After all it worked with the pigs. His guts weren't that different from that of a pig. It would probably react stronger. He felt a dangerous jump in pressure in his gut. It must have been the fat of the bacon he ate in the morning doubling and tripling in size in his guts under the influence of the drug.

"This pressure!", he groaned.

She smiled sweet. He felt that he was not so terrified of it than he admitted. A strange and tempting mindset came into his head as his hunger increased. She went over to Mirjam and started touching her flat abdomen. Yes, thought Helga, Mirjam worked hard to stay so thin. Too bad for her that she had pumped up pigs. She had lost her innocence! Helga unbuttoned Mirjam�s jeans, Mirijam stunned and gaping. As her trousers were on the ground, the thin woman was at her back, pulling down her slip just a little bit, exposing her lean ass.

Mirjam, her mouth open turned her head to see what was happening to her. Helga inspected her anus. Mirjam was frozen, the unthinkable thought of being pumped like a pig blocked her body from moving. She was about to shove Mirjam the gun into her ass as Charles called

"No, I'll take it!"

Helga was clearly disappointed. "Too bad, I just wondered how fast she would bloat up."

Charles looked at the thin belly of Mirjam and got hot by the idea of seeing the girl plumping up. He started to yearn for something to eat. She came over to him again. Gamely she waved the gun in front of him.

"Are you ready?", she asked.

Horror flowed through him and terrible lust for fat. He had designed the liquid to make the pigs yield and eager to be pumped with fat. Now he knew that the drug was affecting his brain too. He saw it now. His belly in the basin, monstrous and emitting perverse pumping noises. She wielded the gun. She would really pump him the liquid into his ass. He saw the gun and he felt some kind of familiarity with it.

He felt the pressure inside his gut. He felt trapped, completely bloated to bursting point and there was a woman before him, ready to pump him even more. As he looked at the gun he had a strange sensation. In front of his mind�s eye he saw the back of a pillar. He was in the room with the basin, hiding behind the pillar. He heard a noise, which he instinctually knew. He had never heard it before, but somehow the fat drug had changed his brain and what he heard was a ancient call, like the call of hunger.

It was monstrous gurgling and sloshing of large amounts of liquids. It was the sound produced by large quantities of liquid fat moving through tubing and hoses, through intestines. It was also the sound of liquid fat transforming into solid one, forming around belly, ass and everywhere where fat settles. It was laced with the sound tissue produces as it is stretched. Louder and louder grew the distinctive sound of a belly growing fat. It was the same sound Helga�s sister heard after she had stuffed herself to the gullet and her belly then started to swell. It was a perverse sound, splashing as fat pressed into every part of the belly of the victim. It was the call of fat! He heard low moaning. He heard the sound of stretching skin and intestines. He was startled as he recognized his own voice. The pumping was rhythmic and ultimate, not inclined to stop. He felt the gun in his ass and turned around. Helga had inserted it into his anus. She wanted to stress him a little bit. Suddenly, he felt himself yield. He wanted to walk away, but he could not move a muscle. He saw in his mind, that a big part of him wanted to get fat, and this part was growing. He was confused by this thought. Of course he knew only too well that it was one of the side affects of the liquid. But now it became so erotic to him that he would grow fat. When he felt the gun in his ass his body knew that the fat would come. It automatically killed all his defenses. He felt his ass widen, welcoming the hose.

He expected to feel the burst any second now, but nothing came. He looked over to Mirjam. She looked stunned and unable to say anything. Helga pulled the trigger, and then it came...

He felt the liquid flow into him from behind. He heard the sound of the pump working. A mild pressure was building up in his lower belly, slowly swelling, filling him and impregnating him with pure fat. He opened his mouth halfway as he had the sensation of being filled from behind. It was a funny feeling, sensing his intestines get full from the pumping from behind. Now his colon was full and started to stretch and groan. His lower belly started to swell out like a balloon. He felt the pressure jump, make him afraid that his intestines may burst. He was so surprised at the feeling of his lower belly bloating up. It felt so hot growing large in the gut. The pressure increased even more.

"Stop it, I'm going to burst!"

The pump stopped and she smiled at him. She pulled the gun out and patted his plump lower belly.

"Dear, that was only one dose! You're just so tight and flat down there, give it some time. This was for one pig. You're going to take another filling", she insisted.

Mirjam came over and stood there, shaking.

"Please stop, he just received the load of a grown pig, his belly will explode from more!"

The blonde pointed to Charles with the gun "He's designed that fucking drug, now he's going to feel how that blows in your guts, like the poor pigs you inflated!"

She went to his ass and plugged him again. She pulled the trigger, and the pump started to work again, he saw the large pistons moving. He was being pumped again. Another dose pressed into him from behind. Slowly, the pressure increased more. More fat was trying to fill his already stuffed guts and he felt, that he would burst any minute. At the point when he felt his intestines were full and started to groan, he closed his eyes and expected his belly to explode, his intestines groaned, they slowly blew up and expanded. They expanded to incredible size. He realized that his lower abdominal wall grew outward.

His lower belly started to form into a very large potbelly. Now he really felt what it was like to get inflated. He slowly filled out and when his belly had the size of a gymnastic ball, the pump seized again and she removed the gun and stood before him. His intestinal tract was expanded out of proportion. Strange gurgling and splashing came out of it. He stared down and his lower abdomen had been transformed into a big round balloon that stood out. He felt so bloated and inflated, his entire lower abdomen was a soft juicy mass. She was really satisfied as she touched his belly and sank in with her hand.

"Okey, now I'll really pump you up!".

She was all business and pulled the trigger even before she plunged the gun in his ass. As the third dose started to bloat his intestines to the extreme, the fat was filling him up higher and higher. His figure started to become pear-shaped, as the maximum pressure in his lower intestines expanded his belly and guts and surged upwards. His intestines yielded more and more to the enormous pressure of the big fat pump and bloated out of shape. More and more portions of his belly swelled outward and became spongy and wobbly. He was now filled with more fat that with any other substance. His hand went to his belly and he realized that his belly started to form a thick fat layer. His hand started to sink in as the layer grew thicker on his gut. He felt his abdomen expand gigantically and he held it with his hands. He felt how his belly swelled and bloated out of proportion. He licked his lips uncontrollable as he felt the fat reach his stomach from below. He could feel it start to fill his huge stomach. His stomach must have been triple the size it originally was, he felt it and it took quite some time to fill up. Now his upper belly was distended, filled up with fat. As she kept on pumping and his lower belly lost all shape and started to hang down, he felt the fat creep up his gullet. He enjoyed it terribly, being blown and inflated, his guts expanding. He felt the gun in his ass, the stream of fat coming up his ass. His flat belly was not anymore, it was replaced by a huge bulging sphere, bloated and filled with intestines, bloated to hose size, full of pure fat which would soon inflate him even more when his body sucked it up and pump it into his belly, ass and thighs.

In this moment, the fat pump stopped and the dose was finished. He reached to his stomach and massaged it. He pushed in and felt how his intestines moved apart, so soft and expandable. He wanted more, this was just the beginning. But his captor removed the gun and went quickly to Mirjam.

The captor leered at her.

"You must keep a strict diet, otherwise you wouldn�t have this fatless body, eh?" She smiled at her.

Charles looked at Mirjam and yes, she was extraordinary good in shape for a woman of her age. Her belly was firm and flat, although it was a little bit expanded on her lower side. Although she tried hard, her 28 years showed, as lower intestines were distended and yielding to all the tons of food that had passed through her in years. She obviously tried hard to not gain any weight, not eating to much fatty foods.

"You know," said Helga to Mirjam, "I'm a nutrition specialist and when I look at your belly I see the fat-fertile lower gut of a very big woman. You must eat very little, avoid all fat foods, otherwise, with this belly, you would gain and plump up like hell. You would virtually fill out in weeks and become a fat bitch."

Mirjam was unable to comment. She just stared at Charles, was transfixed by his huge belly. Somehow she reacted to this. She just stood there, immobile. She looked completely innocent, with her girlie waistline and the small hands. She had a very long belly button, the one only possible when the stomach was completely fatless and stretched up. And yes, Helga was right: Her lower belly was a little distended and somewhat promising in it's appearance. He saw the thin woman inspect her flat belly.

"You know, the days of hungering and dieting are over. In the future you'll live in abundance! I know that your stomach is waiting for this"

His slim lab assistant was unable to move, as the lady waved the gun in front of her. Something in Mirjam paralyzed her. Her thin lips were parted and she licked them. Her eyes were widened by the sight of Charles. She saw his ballooning gut and his enormous cock. She was becoming wet and she wanted to be penetrated by this thick rod. Her long blonde hair fell on her shoulders and her tiny breasts rose and lowered by her hard breathing. Charles looked at her and told her to leave, but she just stood there. She was motionless, as the blonde lady pulled her slip down over her broad pelvis. Her lower body was naked now and Charles recognized the space between her legs in which he loved to slip in between in his fantasies. Her completely fatless stomach and the dark triangle of pubic hair seemed so erotic now. He wanted to much to sleep with her, penetrate her and ride her girlie body. This girl�s slim belly was there, yielding. Charles saw how innocent her flat abdomen looked.

Helga took her time and slowly shoved the crude hose into Mirjam�s rear entry. Mirjam couldn't move, she just saw his cock, his bloated belly, felt the gun in her ass and became so wet. Her vaginal juices started to flow like never before and all her lower abdominal region became alive with electrifying sensations. Her eyes became wide. She felt the gun clearly in her anus and her logic mind told her to walk away, but her gut had waited for this all the time. Also, she felt a tickling sensation in her bosom. The sensation of being plugged to a fat-tank made her breasts react. She felt that they were very sensitive now. Her genetic program stopped her from walking away.

The gun felt like a penis in her ass. She had never been penetrated from the very rear, but she always have had fantasies of men giving her an ass-fuck.

Helga stepped to her side. "Did the coke you drank half a hour ago have some strange taste?" she whispered in her ear.

Mirjam remembered the coke and froze as it hit her. As Helga pulled the trigger, it was all too late.... First there was nothing happening. Only sound of the fatpump working, the hose gurgling and pumping filled the room. Charles saw the transparent pistons move and shove fat. Then, Mirjam's eyes went wide, she felt the fat pushing in her lower colon. She stared at nothing, she was in strange sensation as she was inflated. He mouth dropped open as she felt the fat enter her lower belly. She had inflated many pigs with the gun before and now the hose was in her own ass, fattening up her belly for a change.

The fat was filling her small lower colon fast. This strange noise emanated from her gut. It sounded like something was She opened her mouth and let out a loud groan as her lower belly started to swell. She felt the fatpump pump her up with no mercy of stopping. Now she had this horny feeling in her gut, which she now could remember she have had dreams about. She usually woke up and remembered the dream only for a second or so. The belly full of this slimy mass, soft and expandable. She had dreams in which she blew up like a balloon and flew away and she had other in which she bloated up and expanded that she became heavy and so large that anyone entering the room would only see her belly and belly-button when he would open the door.

She couldn't believe what was happening to her. It hadn't been a dream then! Her hand went to her flat belly, which came out, bottom first. It looked so erotic seeing the slim girl's lower belly swell. Her lower belly started to inflate to balloon size as her big colon got blown up by the pump. Her intestines, used to small amounts of fiber and vegetable diet, were now stuffed with large masses of fat, therefore under her hands, her flat belly swelled with speed under the pressure of the pump. She now sensed the liquid in her belly, the rich feeling of pure fat in her colon. It was erotising, like her breasts were made out of fat. The fat pressed upward inside her belly, finding its way, filling and expanding her everywhere. She felt her lower abdomen become larger and larger, the skin stretching. She felt it with perverse pleasure as her gut came out, pushing against her strong belly muscles. They yielded as her guts grew and needed more space. Her trained slim body began to fill with fat, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Her woman intestines and stomach were only happy to hold all the fat, which would soon plump her body up to a large woman. Her intestines bloated up, expanded to hold all the wonderful rich fat that would soon enhance her breasts and add lard padding on the slim girls tights and hips.

Charles could not believe his eyes as he saw Mirjam, the slim girl from lab next door fatten and her belly swell like a pudding. Mirjam heard the sound of the fat pumping her. She saw the machine's piston work and shove fat into her and the strange sound of her belly plumping up made her feel ecstasy. Her belly made the same noises as the pig's before, and her breathing became hard and deep, as she realized that she was soon going to look more than a pig than a woman. She heard deep gurgling coming from her gullet, from deep inside her, mixed with the pumping and sloshing of the fat running through the hose attached to her. It was all pumping into her and filling up her belly. She was in the strangest of sensations as her body became more and more plump. She gasped and moaned deep as she felt her intestines bloat and the fat push them to the limit. She groaned lustily as her guts were expanded to huge size by the hose in her ass. There was fat dripping from her anus, she had opened her anus to let the pressure escape, which was pointless, as the machine was pumping her at an accelerated rate now, adjusting to the lowered resistance her intestines were giving the machine. Her body became soft, her guts yielding and her inner workings wide, adapting to the pressure of the fat with which she was being inflated. Her colon began to sag and become large and distended. Her belly started to look very bloated, as all firmness ceased from her and her digestive system was pushed to the limit and widened.

Helga enjoyed pumping her up and enjoyed seeing the slim body get fat. She pushed the gun even more into Mirjam�s ass. Mirjam felt that she was being pumped up like to pigs before her. She was a woman and no pig, but to the pump it was all the same. She had an ass and a belly and that was all the crude machine cared. Although the fat pump had been designed for animals, her huge potbelly now showed that slim girls were pumped quite efficiently, too.

There was something growing under her labcoat. Some soft mass swelled and stretched her coat on her breast. Now the silhouette of two spheres lifted the labcoat. Infused by all the fat, she was growing a king size bosom: soft pendulous spheres, with large nipples. Huge and monstrous bulges were stretching the labcoat. First one then two buttons popped and her labcoat gave way. Her expanding breasts came out of the labcoat. She was growing a incredible plump udder. Her bra snapped, killed by the enormous size she had now. She had never had the problem, that men were only attracted by her breasts-size, but now that her bosom went past F-cup size, she saw Charles gaze on her inflating Tits. She saw the look in his eyes, sheer lust caused by her majestic udder.

As her breasts filled with fat, her entire body started to assimilate the fat from her colon. So this was how it felt to get fat, she thought. Underneath, her belly started to display a soft layer of fat, slowly growing, her navel receding deeper and deeper as her body was finally assimilating all the fat. Her body had only just begun to use a small portion of the huge mass of fat in her bloated belly. She still had the hose in her ass and was stuffed silly from behind. She felt becoming soft and plump. It was a strange feeling: Till now, even that her belly was bloated with fat, she still considered herself as thin, saw a way back, maybe through expelling all the fat. But now that she looked down and saw her belly fatten, her skin stretch as fat flowed under it, her belly wobbled and rolls of fat appeared on her sides, she knew that she was a fat lady now and that she would never again be thin. As her body filled out more and more she still got larger everywhere.

Charles could not believe what he saw. She looked so huge now. A ripe woman, luscious fat enhancing every curve on her body. She realized that she was growing a double chin.

The rhythm of the fatpump was comforting and hypnotizing somehow. She felt it in her guts, the pumping waves, ebbing and growing, expanding her belly more and more, making the fat wobble happily on her stomach. She moaned from pleasure, it felt so good becoming fat. She saw the fat pump labor, stuffing her. As she could watch the pistons pump, she felt her guts being bloating apart more and more. She realized how good her already pot shaped belly felt. It had a thick fat layer on top and she felt like she would only eat and grow fat for the next years. She enjoyed feeling the fatlayer on her gut become thicker and thicker. She was happy to know that she would still got fatter and that Helga was pumping her with the fat pump. She felt the gun in her ass, the hose had inflated her so much, that her lower colon had the size of a small drainage pipe.

She realized that she was so wet now, so wet that she was dripping. Her hips started to become wide as a soft layer of fat grew on her sides. Charles saw the space between her legs shrink, till her tights touched each other. She felt her body slip away, get fatter and fatter, her belly growing out of her, a gigantic balloon blowing up. The gigantic fat layer wobbled rhythmically on her belly as she was inflated in waves. The slurping of her fat filled the room. She felt the hose in her ass and she got wild by the thought that she was already so fat that it was almost impossible to get any fatter. Yet still pure fat was pumped into her. Now Mirjam was already so fat, that her belly started to hang down, her inner workings so bloated that they lost all shape and her ass was so wide that she wouldn't fit through the door anymore.

She looked like she was well over 450 pounds now and she had the most enormous belly that any woman ever had. Charles looked it with sheer horror and lust. She was so incredible fat and the huge fat layer on her gigantic gut wobbled and moved so erotic, that he felt the urge to plunge into her lard. A loud gurgling was emanation out of her gut and was becoming louder and louder. Charles heard it and felt it in his gut, too. He closed his eyes, but he could not close his ears. He couldn't help it, but his body was reacting to this sound.

He groaned. The pressure jumped suddenly. He was full of fat and he felt his colon expand out of shape from the over bloating by the fat. He felt the urge to open his ass and vent the pressure. But Mirjam, her belly still plumping up, stumbled to him, her hole dripping. She was acting instinctively, yearning to be filled from the front as well. She walked into him and he felt like a mountain of fat running into him. She was soft like a pillow, the biggest pillow he'd ever been on. His cock got hard like steel by this view and feeling and his rod slipped into her dripping hole.

Automatically, the wet sensation of her cunt on his penis filled his entire lower body. His ass went shut, the overpressure unable to escape. He tried hard to open it, but there was too much tension from her hot wet dripping cunt he was in. He felt trapped and doomed, his only valve of relief closed till his orgasm. His belly started to swell fast. Now he knew that he was going to blow, but before that he was going to make Mirjam blow too. He went out and in, quickly fucking her. She started groaning, her huge abdomen blowing up while she was being fucked silly. Her fat moved back and forth like hell. He pushed into her and pulled out, pushing into her fat every time and making her gut gurgle. He knew that she was full of fat and he wouldn�t recognize her anymore, when she was finished assimilating all of it.

She licked her lips, while the sound of fat gurgling came up her gullet. The gun was still in her ass, and the blonde lady didn't seem to be inclined of letting go till Mirjam�s belly either burst or pumped up to monstrous dimensions. Mirjam felt that she was being pumped with fat faster that her body could stow it away and it started to fill her stomach, which was already expanded. It was filling fast. She gasped when she felt the fat come up her gullet. She couldn't stop moaning stronger and stronger, a hot and ticklish feeling started to grow in her loin while he was fucking her with his thick rod. Helga withdrew the gun from Mirjam and eagerly watched them fuck. He felt the pressure increase in his guts, jump to bursting point.

Helga put away the gun, not inclined to pump them anymore, but it was not necessary anymore: Mirjam�s body was so stuffed with fat already, that she blew up like a balloon by herself. He saw her body fatten extreme everywhere. He could barely penetrate her, her belly was so large already, and he felt the softness as the fat wobbled and flowed. Helga turned to leave, satisfied with these two. She gave them their own medicine and it looked like they enjoyed it. She locked the door as she left, she wanted that they could pump up undisturbed. She knew that she would soon read about this in the papers. About the biggest man and the, Jesus, fattest woman ever. She had given Mirjam so much fat that she was bound to weight about 2 tons. By the speed her belly had already grown, she estimated that at the end her gut would fill half the room. In any case they both wouldn't be able to leave the room anymore.

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