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Envy for a boyfriend drives two thin girls to make sure he comes back running to them. Who after all wants to be together with a total lardo? ;-)

Written on 16.1.2006


My name is not important for the telling of this story. I was a bystander that witnessed these events with all the incredulity, especially what happened to Laura. Many insights have presented itself to me much later when I had the time to interview Brooke, Gina, Josh and Laura and the others. It is in this, that this story became worth telling.

I consider myself an FA, although I don't swing into the SSBBW area. Although I have the greatest respect for very large women, I settle for a more moderate body built. Honestly admitting, I feel intimidated when a belly hangs too low, when a woman grows into these huge proportions that make her enormously wide and grow her boobs into the regions where it leaves even the generous regions of human femaleness and where they reach the huge shape of cow like udders. This is what I am, this is what I like. If one should accuse me that I am not enough man to love such a woman, so be it.



Brooke and her sister read the package:


Spirox Forte, prescription medication

what is Spirox forte:

Spirox forte is a fat amplifier and is used to help anorexic individuals gain weight. Spirox forte has the double dosage per pill than normal Spirox.

When to take it:

When suffering from anorexia or other diseases which lead to underweight.


2 pills per day, maximum 3, if nothing else is indicated, after meals.

How to take it:

It is best to take Spirox forte after an abundant meal, as it will enhance digestion and amplifies the weight gain from fat content of ingested food. Do not use Spirox forte on a completely full stomach or after overeating, as it will distend fat molecules and lead to stomach stretching.

Existing body fat increases the effect of Spirox forte, proportionally to the body fat content. Fat found on the abdomen will amplify the drug strongest.

when not to take it:
Do not take when you suffer from obesity or are overweight. In case of overdose, induce vomiting immediately or evacuate stomach and colon contents by means of a laxative or pump.

Do not take if you are pregnant of in pubertal breast development.

Side effects:

Bloating, distention of intestinal tract, sexual arousal and strong hunger.




So it was really a medication that made you fat! Were they out of her mind to try to make her into a fat cow? To fatten her up like a pig? She would never be able to get a good boyfriend when she was fat.

Brooke's parents had decided that their daughter was too thin and anorexic. Secretly, trying to hide it with the clumsiness of a elephant they had tried to conceal it from the sisters. Mix it into her food, but Brooke was smarter than that. She had found the pills in the cabinet in the guest room and noted color of the pills, which soon there after appeared in some some foods that were ideal for hiding pills in.

First, they considered to just dump the pills that they had collected into the toilet, but then Gina collected them in a box. You never know, she said. Gina had a way to save things for later, because she knew that many a useless thing found a purpose later on. One day, with an sharp spark in her eye, she mentioned Marina. She was already a fat cow, let her have it. She was surely one of these fatties, that after 20 and some baby she started to swell up to some large lard tub. She had seen her aunt, wearing these stretch pants, wide clothing that still did not hide that billowing gut, he double chin that got saggier, the face that seemed to widen and these breasts that were not really breasts anymore. How could you call these lard sacks really that?

Why not speed it up for her, save her the waiting, suggested Gina. It was vicious and delicious. It was the ultimate way to finally get even with this bitch. Brooke loved the idea, what a delicious prank. How come she never had any ideas like this? Men were always eying Marina instead of her, just because the plump girl had larger breasts than her. Now they would see just how large guys liked them on her. She was sure that soon they would be too large for anyone's taste. Also, the pills would make her horny and who would want to sleep with such a larder, it occurred to her.

The were real nice to Marina from that day on, knowing that they would rain sweet vengeance on her. The chatted her up at the table during meals, Brooke distracting her while Gina put the pill in her Sandwich. They did this every day, giving her a dose of two pills. They found the convenient new habit of the school, to give he students vitamins free of charge. The students also could obtain another free dose for the evening meal and Brooke made sure she smuggled the pills in Marinas pills. First, there was no reaction to it, but as they went to the swimming pool one day, they realized that her slightly plump soft stomach had in fact appreciated. The giggled and loved it, since also her bosom had grown.

After 2 weeks her slightly plump stomach had grown into a visibly curved belly and she had grown wider. Her feminine tendencies took hold. Brook loved it to see her get fatter and was teasing her with delight.

Marina was very hurt by this, especially because he two had been so nice and warm newly. She noticed her belly getting rounder and her face get extra padding. But she was just so much more hungry these days and could not keep herself from eating.

Her pants became too tight and soon she had to buy bigger ones. Her boobs got a lot bigger and to the dismay of Brooke and Gina even the teachers started to stare at her bust from time to time, trying to hide it, but failing. After a month or so of slow steady gain, a change occurred:

Marina had trouble sleeping. This was mainly due to her constant horniness, which drove her crazy. She was doing herself all she could, but it did not stop . Dreams haunted her, but strange enough the were not about sex with a man, but eating. She did feel sexual pleasure, but somehow from eating and had an orgasm in her dream after she had eaten her full measure. In her free time she realized that she was just doing exactly that, eating more and more. With alarm she realized that she was becoming fatter with speed.

And the strangest things were happening with her belly: Whenever she sat down to eat, especially when she ate her larger meals at night, she had a strong bloating sensation after the meal. It felt like her stomach was inflated slightly. Her whole belly usually grew round and inflated from this. After eating lots of fatty stuff, which she seemed to crave especially, this was strongest and one time after overeating considerably, she felt the bloating start again like usual, but this time she felt a pushing in her stomach, a pressure grew, then she had the peculiar, but distinctive feeling that her stomach got pumped up by a large degree. She gasped and as it still went on, feeling alarmed as her belly grew visibly and the pressure still rose inside her, pushing her apart literally like a balloon. How crazy was that? Then it stopped, but left her panting and unable to move for a long time. The craziest thing was, that this had made her excited and wet. First she resisted the temptation to rub herself, but soon she could not resist anymore and had crazy orgasms, special ones that she had never felt before of the kind.

Every time she over ate, depending on the fat content of the food, her stomach content was expanded and the abuse of the pills enlarged her stomach, letting it take the swelling easier and easier. This translated into her tummy and soon the two sisters could notice how a large fat gut started to push out of her. Her breasts, pretty big already, got a little bit too much fat infusion and sagged dramatically. They became so very soft and due to their great size and enormously high fat content, the flattened totally on her chest. Her *low neckline*, before full and round with her already large boobs, now only showed the two descending lines of her hanging bosom. This looked grotesque for such a young girl, since more mature women had much more tendency to it.

The young woman had trouble getting a swimsuit that fit her. The middle piece was not the problem, since the material was stretchable, but her breasts had gotten too big and were pulling down the bikini top that she used before. The top was not really small to begin with, her breasts had developed nicely in puberty, but it was just unable to handle her new massive large bosom. She noticed every night how she got bigger and the one piece bathing suit that she wore now did nothing to hide them. With alarm she realized that especially her face was putting on a lot of weight and grow wider, making her look fatter than she really was. Her italian tendencies were also acting up as she gained weight and before she could deal with it, her whole body had become so fat that she was wobbling and jiggling all over the place. This happened especially in gym class and swimming, making her move more carefully.

Also, the students and teacher tended to stare at her boobs too much for her taste, like she was a circus attraction. It shocked her more how she was expanding and one evening she went to her mother and opened her bra, was in tears and let her breasts tumble down.

"Mum, this is not normal" she exclaimed with an disturbed air.

Her mother had noticed how her daughter had developed and had thought that is had been a natural process, but now realized that Marina had fattened considerable in a short time. Her boobs had also overgrown any normal size that a woman of her stature and age could have.

She pacified her, that they would see a doctor next thing in the morning.

And so they were sitting there the next day, Marina having to endure some tests that made her anxious. She had to stand on one of these scales that measured body fat content and to drink a lot of water till her stomach hurt while the doctor was listening to tummy with a stethoscope.

She almost did not want to hear any diagnosis. What if she had one of these rare deceases? But soon she realized that the doctor seemed perplexed and could not find a conclusive cause for her body change.

Then, not finding something rock solid, he talked to her mother, trying to be out of Marinas earshot. But she could hear them pretty good, having a good hearing and straining it:

The doctor was trying his best to sound harmless, but Marina could see his body language.

"Your daughter has an abnormal large stomach for her age. It might be the cause of her weight gain"

Marina got hot and cold when she hear this, it made her nervous and made butterflies bumble around in her tummy.

"We assume that it is being enlarged by something, judging by the stretch marks we found on her belly."

He mother was taken aback by this.

"Do you have any idea what is causing this?" he asked. Her mother shook her head and he turned and they went over closer to Marina.

The doctor put his hand on her stomach and felt her belly. Marina felt suddenly how much fat had accumulated on her stomach.

"Marina, do you have bloating at night, any strong pressing in your tummy?" he asked.

"No" lied Marina innocently, while feeling a wet flushing sensation between her legs. My, this was it, yes. This was what was making her stomach larger and larger.

"If we don't stop what is happening to your daughter, she is going to become increasingly fat and fatter!" he stated.

Marina did not know what, but she had gotten so hot and horny just in a few minutes that she was seriously afraid that she had to take off her slip for the doctor and expose the wet spot that was soaking through it right at the moment.

Of course she knew what was making her fatter, the crazy swelling of her stomach every night.Just the thought of it made her gasp and pant inwardly at the pleasure it unleashed on her.

She had become a large and pretty fat woman and no way to hide it as she walked to school that morning. She was taking care of not taking to hard steps, because it tended to send waves and jiggles through her fat body. All in the middle, bedded in a large drum of fat of her gut was her large and happy stomach. What a glee it was, the swelling that happened every evening!

She did not stay long, since it was not really there for the lessons. To the surprised and partly stunned class, she announced that she would leave the school.

It got out later, that her parents had made this move and decided to leave the town. There were rumors that it also had to do with her strange disease and consequent rapid accumulation of feminine lard. They would send her to a fat camp, to loose all this weight.

The two sisters were totally sweet, to her utter surprise that morning. They sounded like they would miss her, which she was sure that the exact opposite was true. When she walked out, they called after her.

"You forgot something!"

When she turned and waddled to them, Brooke could not stand to watch that her breasts had been turned into two gigantic grotesque balls of lard that seemed to pick up a movement and jiggle with it long after it stopped.

"Here is something we saved for you" and they held out both a hand full of pills.

"Oh, the vitamin pills. I forgot about these." she said absent minded. She had already had the strange tingling that they wanted to give her a gift. Well, she had been right, that would have been a real surprise. She had judged them correctly of not doing something like this.

What was it with these vitamins anyway? Was the principal obsessed with being healthy?

"Like I need vitamins" she exclaimed with a lopsided grin, moving slightly so that her belly shifted.

"It can never hurt to be healthy" said Gina, making a joke about exactly the same zeal with which the school board had pushed this project.

"And you are not done becoming a lard tub" Gina added silently to herself with a evil smirk on her face.


The months passed and the incident was fast forgotten, as new things arrived and fads came and left again.

As it was, the two sisters, having way too much stupid energy, more mischief was afoot.


The idea was too delicious to be true. It had been fun with Marina, but Laura was going to be incredible fun. Marina had been merely plump, but Laura was quite fat for her age. She had been plump in her early childhood, but her relaxed living style, no sports and such, her love for candy and chocolate and slow metabolism had transformed her into a porker in her teens even. Love and broken heartedness in her puberty had taken its toll and added to her already ample belly. She had become very 3 Dimensional, with a large distended gut that filled her large jeans, making it look more enormous than it really was and her bust was heavy and soft through the growth in fat it had received.


The first day when they gave her the pills, nothing special happened. She secretly consumed her butterfinger bars and had trouble sleeping, after eating so late. Three days later, after the evening meal, which had been quite large, she suddenly had a strange feeling inside her. A stomach ache, which was caused by some intestinal cramps, which passed soon enough.

She stood in front of the mirror, her deep blue eyes and her black short hair a amazing contrast. Had she been stayed thin, instead filling out with fat and femininity, she easily could have become a model.
Her full lips pursed under her small nose, seeing her rotund shape in the mirror. It looked huge, her belly, especially because it stood out so rigidly like an inflated ball was inside it. It over hanged her pubic area a great deal, which she had shaved for him. She looked highly pregnant, the only thing that gave away that she was just fat were the two folds that had formed on her belly, the top one almost hiding her navel. Josh had commented how sexy he found her belly button looked, the way only a big girl could have it. She slowly picked it up from him, the image he had from her. They were still learning, he was not that experienced himself and he had shown that he was eager to learn and had found, that a fat girl had attributes that a normal thin woman just lacked.
Her breasts needed more careful handing, due to their considerable size and her vagina and clitoris were a little hidden due to her large volume.

When she opened her bra and let her boobs free, she had the most curious of feelings: Had they grown? Was it her imagination or where her breasts hanging down slightly more than they had some days ago?
It occurred to her and had on uncountable occasions that what faced her in the mirror was not a girl, but a fully grown woman. What a strange feeling this was to have such a developed woman body and still feel kind of like a girl?
Josh also made her feel mature, he had made her feel in ways she had not known. He had touched her gently below her belly and his kissing and gentle touching of her breasts had aroused her strongly. She had been inspired to try it herself, to touch herself, to put her hands below her large hanging gut and rub, which made her fly and feel how great and strong her large body could feel.

The way her breasts hung down over her belly, the way she had these large areolas, she looked like a pregnant mother!

She was going to see him in two weeks on the weekend, and the days flowed past. But an uneasiness had gripped her, a strange feeling and a driving hunger that she had not known before. She had a hard time sleeping. Not the first time, sometimes Josh was in her dreams and what he did to her. What his magic hands and his delicious lips did to her and that animalistic thing in his pants which she started to appreciate like a mature woman. But now it was very strange, since she dreamed of eating. She have had these dreams in her childhood, part of what she had filled out so much, but this time they seemed to arouse her sexually. She realized that she was eating more each night, sitting down longer and as she saw the fat woman in the mirror, more and more fatty foods found it into her cravings.
In the night, her belly seemed to tingle, like her fat was excited to be alive.
Then, the next day while eating she got a strong pressing inside her belly which she had never felt before, it was a nervous feeling, like something was happening to her that she could not fathom. She had just taken her vitamins when she felt a movement in her large stomach. She stopped eating, and felt a gently pushing inside her, which she then realized what her stomach getting fuller. Her belly grew slightly, a clear sign of gas. The movement seemed to stroke something deep inside the fat girl and she realized how horny it had made her. She started rubbing herself and like in trance she went on and on, till she came in a breathtaking orgasm.

The next day when she stood up, she realized with sudden horror, that her belly, usually standing out quite a bit had all but inflated in size. The mirror showed it clearly.
She could not concentrate the whole day long, remembering the thing that had happened the evening before. And she had gained weight! She pushed it away immediately, because on one part, it shocked her: her belly had slid forward like a glacier, but on the other hand it aroused her strongly, strange enough.
She fantasized what she would eat the night and went shopping. She ended up cooking for herself, preparing much too much for herself to eat. A large load of Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and she loved the taste it got with lots of olive oil, so that the spaghetti literally swam in them. The food was orgasmic, she seemed to crave the taste and in the end she found the remaining sauce soo delicious that she realized that she was drinking it in big gulps. Olive oil was the green gold, a healthy and delicious natural fat.
Suddenly, she realized that she had eaten it all, was in the process of licking off the sauce in the pan.
She felt a strong tingling in her belly, her fat layer on her tummy seemed to feel very special tonight. Was she going to have another of these delicious orgasms? She was a little tired and lazy through all the food she had eaten, but also aroused. She fantasized of eating again that same amount of food, seeing how much her belly could take. The crazy thought sent ecstatic feelings through her, making her instantly wet. She prepared for bed, putting on her night gown, brushing her teeth and almost forgot, taking her vitamins. It took some routine to remember them, for they acted invisibly and you easily forgot to swallow them. While she was brushing her teeth, she could not resist to stroke her belly. Jason was right, she had a beautiful belly button and it had become deeper as she had filled out. She was wondering, if all large women had such a deep navel and an erotic image of Jason licking her deep inside her navel made her feel a rush of lust. She looked like a buddha it occurred to her, with this round inflated potbelly she had. Her hand wandered deeper down, reaching the hot cave of her vaginal lips and found them steaming and exiting to touch. Laura felt her stomach move and recognized the feeling from the evening before. She started rubbing herself, going through hot excitement. Inside her, unknown to her, the vitamin pills and some more aggressive compound found the mass of spaghetti and lots of olive oil. The fat girls stomach was full with the stuff, and Laura, although she did not know, had quite a large stomach to begin with. While she rubbed herself, she got hotter and hotter and did not notice what was happening with her. The pressure rose inside her large gut as the high caloric mass expanded slowly, expanding her stomach, pumping up her large digestive sack from the relaxed shape into tautness and then some.

There was a jerking motion inside her as the stomach was resisting being stretched, but then her constant overeating and her binges had accustomed it to growth. A strand of black hair fell in her face, her blue beautiful eyes wide with excitement and her lips slightly parted over her small double chin. The pushing grew inside the fat girls stomach and part of her not absorbed with lust and rubbing herself felt the incredible feeling of her stomach swelling insider her large belly. She stumbled back, came to sit on a cupboard she had in her bathroom and then time seemed to slow down. She started to rub herself faster, the lust and pleasure exploding in her cunt. The pill drove her, it happily found not a few ounces of fat on her gut like it was designed to amplify but 40 lbs of it.

She had been modified slowly over the days they had given her the powerful fat maker and now it was reacting strongly with her immense bulk.

She realized breathless that her immense belly was now growing too, her stomach pushing it apart. She was so lost in endless panting lust that only a small part of her realized that the masturbation was making her grow. It felt so good, she couldn't stop now.

When she actually came to the orgasm, at the same time, through the tension or relaxation of her abdominal muscles, her whole belly distended with one strong push that made her eyes large and her face in awe and absorbedness with the sensation. All her belly, with all its delicious and think layer of fat was tingling and feeling sweet luscious. She felt every inch that it was pushed apart, since it felt wonderful. she realized that she was shouting, what was moaning before, what had been driving her, pushed her larger.

When the first orgasm was through, another one came over her and another and another.

She was there, half sitting on the cupboard, her stomach and intestinal tract so large that it made it impossible for her to move and made her pant partly because of the excitement and partly because it pushed away her lungs. The orgasms did not seem to let her go again, she was transfixed by this picture of this black haired girl in he mirror, breasts hanging down left and right of her large distended gut and one hand tucked away under all the goodness rubbing herself. It made he so hot to see herself with this look in her blue eyes of exhausted lust and pleasure, her mouth parted and loud breathless moans escaping.

The rest of the evening was like in trance, after getting very tired and sleeping a little bit in this position, while letting her stomach unload some of the mass into her lower belly. When she finally woke up at 1 am in the morning, she felt how her lower belly was hugely distended. Her navel had grown by several magnitudes through the stretched fat that was on it. The two fold where no longer there, it was all a huge inflated lard ball.

She fell into bed, and woke up late the next morning. When she looked into the mirror, she noticed something odd and the it she saw that she had a slightly rounder face and her double chin had grown a little. When she looked down she suddenly found that she had in fact become fatter, her gut had grown quite strongly. Her ass had appreciated in volume and her breasts had increased a full cup size. The surrounding red corona of her nipples had also grown with her boobs, which made them look even larger. Her two belly folds had grown in thickness and in girth, with the largest diameter on her lower belly, giving her kind of a pear shape.

She came to school too late that morning and everybody was surprised to see her. They all noticed something, but most of them could not put a finger on it. Brooke and Gina saw it of course and love it.

"God, she is getting fatter. And how fast!!", exclaimed Gina.

Brooke saw it, and was glad that Laura was finally growing. She had a strong feeling about it, that the fat girl always seemed to get larger, she took nasty pride in it. Soon,they would be the again the favorite of all the guys around. Even this nut that Laura was together with, Josh of what he was called, would see soon that fat was incredibly ugly. She had the feeling that he never looked at her, like she did not exist. Soon, Josh would find out how much of a porker and lard tub Laura would become.

And Laura grew, fattened up, pushed by the two sisters and the medicine that was designed for thin girls that gained hardly. With Laura, her large body fat content and "fat fertile" metabolism, it was perverse.

Nobody knew what she was doing in the evenings, but every night she got taken and consumed by the same lust, her dreams becoming more and move vivid and ecstatic. After a few more days, her stomach had grown so large and fat that it was not standing out anymore, but slightly hanging. She widened considerably, started to wobble, walk slower and was more and more aware how she was becoming fat and fatter, her gut sucking up fat and her ass growing out behind her. It made her lazier and slower, slowing down her metabolism and fattening her up even more.

When Josh and Laura met again, it was in the city, in front of a restaurant. It looked like she was late, Josh thought. Well, he had been late occasionally, so he was no in the position to complain. And when he saw this immense fat woman walking down the street towards him, even waiting could be interesting. Watching people, seeing interesting things.Josh had recently realized that he adored the larger type of women more than he had thought. When the feeling of false esthetic fell away and got replaced by genuine preference, it occurred to him, that his upper limit for size had not been set and was still expanding, as this wide lady walking past him showed him so evidently. She was so large that she wobbled and moved like a large ball of lard, her belly hiding in while thin canvas pants that held it in a round shape that did not seem to optically help reduce the size. It was not so tight and looked like the offered room for expansion, but supported it slightly. It occurred to him with certainty that this was the stage this woman was in that with additional weight gain, her belly would start hanging down freely.

Her side silhouette was amazing, since she was not only very wide, but also her gut stood out in front, as her ass was very prominent in the rear. To his confusion, she did not walk past, but turned towards him, which made what passed for her breasts, two large heavy balls in her wide shirt move from side to side in a slow lazy motion. She smiled at him and came closer, showing off a familiarity with him that he could not grasp. Then it hit him, that this was his Laura. She had fattened up considerable since last seeing her, it occurred to him. She looked like another person completely: She was surely 1.5 times wider that she had been and she had never been merely plump. Her belly, always one of her prominent feature had filled out more, grown to her full wideness and a much thicker layer of fat was on it, which made it jiggle more. And her breasts, my how soft and large they were. She hid them more than show them off, which made the thing even more interesting. He was thunderstruck by so much woman and femininity. As she came close to him and they hugged, he felt her enormousness, the outrageous femininity and he found out there and then that her size was something that he had always craved for. He kissed her, seeing how her face had grown larger and the padding on it suited her well. He pulled her closer, having a great time reaching around her and feeling how much more Laura there was now and how soft and lovely yielding her fat was. He felt his on front submerge in the large lake of fat of her belly. Even her arms had grown quite soft and padded. The feeling of being surrounded by so much luscious women, was overwhelming. She was still a girl, but her body spoke volumes to him about motherhood, sensual pleasure, maturity and most of all, sex. He felt his penis stiffen in hot anticipation. They went inside and talked a long time, drinking coffee. While he talked, he could not put away the horniness that he had developed for this woman that sat in front of him. The words highly pregnant, fertile, luscious and seductive went through his mind. Was it in his imagination that her mouth looked different or the way she smiled, that all the eating, which she had no doubtlessly done had changed it, made it more probing and hungry, more curious and sexy? They were not talking about it at all, she did not even mention it once. That made him even hotter. Whatever had happened to her, it pulled him magnetically to her. It felt to him that she had aged at least 5 years, become much more mature and deeper, on the same token than her navel, he had a flash remembering it and wondering, like a huge bonus how much deeper it must have grown. Her padded face and her big arms had given her more softness and reduced the sharpness she had had. No, not sharpness she had lost. Suddenly he knew what it was, she looked much more relaxed and at ease. She had always been more or less anxious about her overweight, how she would appear to others. This was completely gone, she seemed to have gone through a transformation. She looked now as though she had accepted herself, maybe being really fat now made it easier to accept, since you were so much further away from being thin and therefore a few pounds more or less did not matter really.

He could not keep himself from straying from her face to carefully look at her bosom, taking it all in and drinking hungrily from it. It was amazing and at the same time frustrating how well her clothing hid them. Did she not wear a bra or were they really that liquid that he thought they were?

When she had to go to the toilette, he could freely look at her when she walked out. Amazing how she had become wide. Her feminine hips seemed to talk to him, invite him. Her enormous ass, two huge balls of lard wobbled seductively when she left the room. My God, seeing her pussy from behind, touching it gently and feeling how open and ready she was. Then hold her wide hips and enter her, pushing deep and pushing into that large ass, wow! And then the wobbling and moaning... He had to stop himself... He did not know exactly how she thought about it. His open enthusiasm and fascination, no, it was really an obsession he had for her at the moment, fueled by strong hormones and horniness.

When she came back, he though that she had already grown, but was sure that it was the torrent of his hormones in his veins that made him believe so. How many time had he seen women on a horny day of his, feeling that they were wider, more feminine and that their breasts were larger at it was all illusion?

They went home together and finally, on the doorstep, he looked in her innocent blue eyes and touched her belly and said "now I gotta see!" and pushed her gently but insistently inside. Inside, he went to open her pants, a thing that he had wanted to do all night long. She looked down seeing him undo her belt and just let it happen, enjoying the attention her larges part was causing. What greeted his eyes was the large marvelous belly of an obese girl, enormously filled out, luxuriously clad in a thick layer of fat. My, how much she had grown. His penis was almost exploding at the tension and arousement. He kissed it gently admiring her very special navel. She have had a pretty small one when she was still plump, but her strong growth had enlarged and stretched it to enormity. The outer perimeter was larger than a large plate and ran more and more deeper insider her belly fat, till it vanished into a vaginal looking middle point. The effect was to make her look even fatter, since it showed just how thick he gut fat layer was. He probed it with his finger and found it obscenely sexy and really seeming like a second vagina.

It was quite overwhelming, he had never seen such a large belly in his live and the sheer femininity of it was driving him nuts.How could you satisfy such an enormous women? So gigantically feminine?

Her skin was completely smooth and soft, her lower belly below her navel forming a large wad of fat that was perfectly rounded und undimpled. He did not know this for lack of experience with fat women, but Laura had absolutely not stretch marks and this was due to special skin, that had a special softness. It was very rare to not form stretch marks after such rapid filling out.

He lifted her shirt and saw her boobs, trapped in a large bra that was not that form stiff, since it probably would have made them appear much too big and made them stick out.As he pulled at her bra, he realized with hot excitement that her bosom had changed. It had softened with its size increase, sagged and lost firmness. A lot of fat had been pumped into them, evidently, making her seem to him like a highly pregnant mama, having quadruples and lactating already.

His beeper went off and it was the hospital. He had to go, they were short on personnel and he was on call. Man, this had to be tonight!

He apologized and told her that it was such a shame and that he was just getting started. She smiled with understanding and he noticed it had not all completely left her cold, as her breathing was faster and more pronounced. He kissed her, gently kissed one of her udders delicately and then left urgently. He wanted to see her the next day, but it was not possible, there was so much happening that kept him busy. The day after, she had not time and then finally, one day later they met. When he saw her, he had the strangest of feelings. This was not possible, was it? He hugged her and when their lips met to a hot and sensual kiss, it was her that pulled him inside her apartment. This time she started opening her belt and undid her pants, knowing very well the effect it had on him.

When he saw it and realized that it had not been an illusion, a rush of lust and excitement grabbed him and his penis swelled large in one exciting go. With her belly exposed and her bra partly visible he knew that the slightly larger face, the little more prominent double chin had not been an illusion. Her belly showed it without a doubt, SHE ACTUALLY HAD FATTENED UP. When he walked his fully erect penis showed big time and he was taken and transfixed as he said:

"You are getting fatter!" he said plainly, surprised that this aroused him.

"Yeah..." she replied shily, turning away her gaze, but a small smile playing on her lips and then "and you like it?" she said, looking for his reaction, but guessing it already.

"Yes, well..... very much really!" He came closer to her and realized with incredible fascination that her navel size, which had increased both in wideness and depth conclusively showed that her belly had by some measure. It seemed to droop more and more, hanging already more than slightly. She was overflowing with fat!

"I mean THIS, " and he touched her belly where her navel went in and traced it with a finger, feeling her incredible soft female fat " this is just crazy wonderful sexy hot..." he was at a loss of words.

And they did not need words anymore, she was his shrine and adoration, as he probed and caressed all her lovely large curves and kissed her everywhere. He rested long on her huge areolas, which covered more then have her total breasts and were bigger then tea saucers. He kissed them and sucked on them endlessly. He pulled her closer, locking into a long kiss from time to time. Then he needed to open his pants and she helped him, exposing his dick, which she had not seen for a while, but had dearly missed, besides the waves of masturbation and crazy pleasure that had entered her life. She had always fantasized to combine this with him. It should be even more mind blasting!

He took and and led her in front of him, feasting his eyes on her wobbling fat mass. He laid her down on the bed, and removed her pants. She was absolutely gorgeous! Her legs had appreciated in volume also and had lovely cellulite on it. He knew that everybody else hated it, but it was the softest fat a woman could have and therefore the most incredible to touch. For the first time they had been together, Laura's belly was a little obstacle and he had to move it up a little to reach her pussy. The expectation had made her wet too and he saw it soak through the panties. He removed them and found that they were getting too small for her fast. Immediately, he smelled her rich flavor, a woman in heat and followed the scent, reaching her vaginal lips. He dipped his nose in her luscious crevice and then pushed his whole face into it, kissing it lovingly. He inhaled deeply and felt his penis rise to even bigger hardness at the primal scent of a woman waiting to be slept with.

He started to lick her full vaginal entrance, dipping his tongue from time to time. She moaned at the pleasure this gave her. He did not know this and neither did she, too inexperienced they were, but his reaction to her smell in such a positive and riveting way was a sure sign of chemical and genetic compatibility that went further to become a very good match. This was not so often and more the opposite case actually. He went up to kiss her deeply and free her large breasts, which tumbled down in a most erotic weight that only a large girl could manage. As he kissed her, he felt her large waterbed like gut touch his own. From above, the funnel like shape seemed to yearn to be filled with some liquid that he could drink out of it.

He put on the condom, and got ready to enter her, his penis standing to attention for what seemed ages.

He first thought that it would be difficult. He had never slept with a woman of this proportions, her belly so large and overpowering and her legs so voluminous, but it was all very natural. He slipped between her immense thighs and his penis found her hot glowing cave of wonders. Immediately, they found a very soothing and exciting rhythm that made him feel that he was made for her and that she was made for him. Oh my, why had nobody ever told him that it was like this with a large girl? Her tummy moved like a waterbed and her large breasts jiggled erotically. He moved and every time pushed into her large belly like a pillow. She enveloped him totally and it was like she engulfed him as a whole feminine world. He felt like he never did anything more important than to make love to this woman and that he should go on forever.

The rest was lost in the hot wet tumble of passion and sex. He remembered shouting her name and her moaning loud and louder.

When they finally came, it was of an urgency and feeling they had never known before. He slept in her sweet embrace, feeling that his weight was not really bothering her.


He asked her what was happening to her that she gained weight and she said that she did not know, but that it was getting stronger in since 2 months or so. She felt a little shy of telling him that she did herself every day and came with this mind boggling orgasms. Although she was a little alarmed to be growing so fat, deep down she felt it deeply natural , even so as it was causing her so much pleasure. She did not want it to stop and rationalized it to herself and him:

"Maybe it is in my genes to grow. I suppose when I hit my defined weight, it will stop. Some women get fat when they are in their 30 or 40, for me it might be earlier."

She had tried diets in her earlier years and besides being a royal pain they had never worked.

He spend the days flying, were they in love? It sure felt like it

He took her out eating and he could not let his fingers off her while she was munching away. He did not dare to look at her belly as she was eating, but she seemed quite comfortable of eating so much in plain sight of other people. She asked him to get her another plate of pasta because it was so hard to get up according to her. He could not believe what he was doing, but she was hungry alright. He brought her exactly the way she wanted it, piled high and swimming in tomato sauce. The sauce was was somehow odd, something he could not put his finger on and when she ate, she loved it. It was so rich and felt so good. She had never eaten pasta that was that delicious and the stroke of genius had actually been that the cooks aide, a young apprentice had been clumsy enough to let the bottle of olive oil fall over on the shelf. It had not broken, thank God, but been pouring some time before he could lean over the fire and upright it. It had now given the sauce way too much oil and was sure that he would again get in trouble for this if the cook found out. He was not completely daft and found a way to mask it by adding some mild spices that soaked up the oil and stirring it for 5 minutes straight.


When they were home, she went to the bathroom to prepare herself for him. She knew what she wanted to do and every time she ate this much it was sure to happen. Tonight was a very special night. She brushed her teeth, and almost again forgot the vitamins and dressed in her nicely transparent teasing nightgown which showed her stomach so lovely. Her breasts were free and even larger. When she came out, she was already a little hot. He saw her, her pumped up gut was growing larger every time the saw themselves. Now she had even eaten and how much. My God, what a woman she was. He had a hard on just by seeing how much she had gained and how much larger her gut had become. It was hanging now more and more. He the newer larger shape of her breasts and it was incredible how his girlfriend was growing larger and become a gigantic lard tub. Laura looked at him unsteady, her heart accelerating, a strong lust radiating out from her large gut. She stood in front of him, realizing that it was starting and this time she had an audience. She started to breathe harder, the lust building up, she felt the movement in her stomach, remembering all the fatty food... She pushed her hand down between her large pumped up fat gut and touched herself. She started to moan lowly, her large stomach lurching and moving in a very big way. She masturbated right in front of him, enjoying the exhibitionism and looking so innocent with her short black strandy hair and her big blue eyes. She was not surprised as it came inside her, the fat mass of delicious food expanding with gaining speed.

With ease it grew inside her, her inside had gotten used to the treatment and continually appreciated in size over the last weeks and with more and more filling that it took to sate her, the swelling became stronger and longer.
As she was acting it out, she knew unconsciously that the fat in her food increased her pleasure. And so she craved for fatty foods and olive oil in special knowing how good it would feel later. After the initial swelling phase that just seemed to fill up her stomach completely, it became crowded. She felt the push of the pressure inside inside her and with a sudden moan it started. Oh, what was this, she thought desperately. There came the pushing phase. She moaned helpless as she felt this hot feeling grow inside her, the ultimate statement of what had happened to her over these weeks and months, the pressure that was driving her, fattening her up, literally inflating her body with blubber. It was like a living being and she let it happen eagerly.

She was desperate, rubbing herself, her large sagging fat gut wobbling and enveloping her arm as she reached down deep inside herself. He came to her and kissed her, but she was so absorbed in her lust that he wondered how she had gotten so hot. He had not noticed how her belly was stirring. Part of her noticed that it was massive expansion, it had never been that violent and powerful. Her shouts became louder, more desperate. It was like something was driving her, and he knew that she needed to come. She was rubbing herself very fast now, her large gut shaking, the desperate and powerful pleasure and lust that had taken her face, her beautiful blue eyes wide and her mouth slightly parted. The large mass of food was pumping up in her belly. So this was how it felt to grow, to fatten up literally, not gradually over days and weeks. The powerful flattener was working potently in the stomach of the obese woman, her fat amplifying and way too much olive oil had founds its way into her gut this evening. She let it happen and get enormous lust out of the fact, that even her enormous stomach, stretched by too many a treatment was now stretched even larger, swelling right under her navel.

As he got closer to her and hugged her, he had the strangest of feeling when he felt her belly grow. My God! He realized that the food was growing in her belly and pumped her up. Really!

She shouted literally, trying to channel the rampant lust she felt as she was pumped up by the fat expanding insider her belly. Soon she started to reach the stretching phase and her stomach seemed to be made out of rubber. With the pressure distending it, it was like the expansion and stretching of her already immense stomach fired extra lust through the nerve endings. She was so lust taken that he could not stop anymore. He dropped his clothing in a hurry and slipped between her legs, plugging her with his hard quivering rod. She was so totally dripping and open, although he had not expected anything less judging by her horniness. The rhythm was soothing, the in and out felt so right, the diving inside her large feminine gut generated sexy waves on it. Her breasts jiggled and moved with the thrusts, putting the word udder and cow inside his mind, in a very hot and positive context.

He saw her in front of her, and finally realized what was making her so fat. Her hand was planted on her belly, a little above where her navel was and under her hand, visible from outside and with incredible pressure was the large inflated sack of her stomach growing. Her eyes were wide, her mouth parted in moans and as she looked down in a mix of pleasure, surprise and shock, her eyes wide she watched and felt what perverse thing was happening to her.

When they came, time stood still and vanished for a long time. Even after it, her stomach kept on swelling for some time. She let it happen, welcomed it and felt how it had become a separate entity from her. When then came to, her stomach hurt a little and he did her a massage, instinctively which took the pain away.


The next days and weeks were a frenzy, they met almost every day and her hunger for food and sex was almost insatiable. His own sex drive had gone overdrive, Laura had roused something inside him that he had not known. He had not yet found out how large he preferred a woman, he had always thought that plump was what he liked, but then found out what fat meant. And thinking that too much is too much, he had found himself wronged by Laura's appeal when she had been fat. Now he did not know anymore what to think, he knew that Laura was getting fatter, expanding and becoming more woman almost by the day. And he found to his surprise that her sex appeal was growing with it.

Then went eating often and he noticed that eating had become a new religion for Laura and that it was causing her tremendous pleasure. He did not encourage her to eat, heck even if he had wanted, he could not have. She was guzzling by herself. The swelling was an evenly ritual, sometimes it happened later and sometimes it was early. One time he even had to open up her pants, otherwise she would have popped them.

Laura's sexual hunger grew with her body and many times in the night he woke up to her desperate little moans. It was amazing how that was, being woken up by sweet and urgent moaning to find this large immense soft woman next to him, roll over to her and find her huge lard bags of breasts and dive his face into them, sucking deep on the nipple, feeling her large areolas while his growing penis found its way under her huge swaying gut to find her sweet hot excited spot and shove inside. Laura was swaying more and more the fatter she got during sex and it was such a turn on. Many times he woke up in the morning, exhausted and still wrapped in sensual lust and sweet oblivion of all the ways they had made love last night and the shouts and the exciting sweat that had covered them. He found it more and more easy to sleep on her and using her breasts as pillows, waking up in the morning seeing the large disc of her breast areola in front of his face and lick it, picking up her strong sweet smell she had that excited him and made him fly.

The swelling that made her so excited in the evenings, the large binges that seemed to fuel it and the outrageous sex took its toll on her and she was fattening up by the day it seemed. Her once standing out belly started to sag down, so fat it had become. She got several double chins, fat hanging down on her growing arms.

They went shopping for new bras, but her breasts seemed to fill out endlessly, needing larger and larger brasserie to encompass them.

As Laura was getting fatter, steering into obeseness, she was walking slower, looking more and more like a lard tub.

Gina and Brook saw it and were amazed to the max.

"Wow, did you see how fat she is getting? I can't believe it! And we are doing it!"

"Yeah, we should warn next time a bitch tries to offend us that we will make her fat and ugly!" said Gina.

Brook hesitated. "She did not offend us..." she said.

"Well, who cares. One competitor less. Soon she won't be able to fit through doors anymore!"

Brook realized that soon that would really happen, the weight gain was very strong. Laura had been kind of a porker before, gaining weight easily. What they were doing was equal as abducting her and imprisoning her in a chocolate factory while it was closed down and letting her wander the factory floor for 4 months with all that chocolate around.

But something that was very unexpected happened: Josh was almost all the time around Laura, walking with her, sitting on a bench together. This pervert seemed to like her new shape. He often had his arm around her,sinking into her fat that was sprouting all around her. Lately, as she was growing, this became more and more difficult since there was so much to reach around.

It was absolutely gross! They noticed that he many times had a smile plastered on his face so wide that you thought his head would split into two. Laura's breasts were the thing that offended the sisters the most. The weight gain medicine had grown them to immense proportions. Udder like sacks of lard hung on barely to the huge bra and as gross as this was imaginable, without the bra they surely would tumble down. She looked like a cow, yeah, a fat cow! And Josh seemed to adore this, how sick was that?

Josh also did not pay attention to any other girl in the school, either they had become invisible to him since they were so thin or either because he just did not care for anybody else than Laura. They kissed many times in public, lately with her newest bulk expansion, he seemed to sink into her front.

Josh had realized something, which he thought was the reason for her strong pleasure, but wasn't sure. One evening, after a copious meal, he wanted to put it to the test. He had made her walk the stairs, being fat did not necessarily mean being unhealthy and he put her to it. It took her breath away and made her sink into the sofa.

"uhhhh, this is heavy!" she panted. "You don't know how this is to carry so much weight upstairs. Would you get me my vitamins?"

He fetched them for her and she could really use them now, being so out of breath. She was slightly sleepy from the food and vitamin C seemed to always push up the metabolism and make on self awake. Then he gave her a bottle of a quart of liquid, the main reason why he had pushed her to walk all the stairs in the first place.

"What is this?" she asked eagerly, always ready for a surprise and posing a valid question since the bottle was unmarked.

"Ahh!" he exclaimed expansively."It is the magic mix!"

This is an energy herb mix that is going to relieve your exhaustedness immediately." he went on. "After my own recipe."

"Really?" she said delighted and took it from him, starting to drink. "It's rich!" she exclaimed. "Creamy!" she added.

It was just a hunch he had, there seemed to be a pattern to her sexual outbursts of raw lust.

Maybe he had been wrong. She had finished it and seemed really refreshed by it. She burped.

"Excuse me!" she said, embarrassed. A low distinctive rumbling noise came out of her, sounding like the stomach being hungry.

"Well, it seems my stomach does not like it as much as I do!" she exclaimed. She sat there on the sofa, while he was feeding the fishes when the grumbling gradually became louder, it sounded like her digestive system complaining.

"Looks like you are right!" he said, looking down on the fishes as he fed them.

Laura's breathing was speeding up and something urgent rang in her voice when she said "Josh."

"Yeah, honey?" he said, almost finished with feeding the fishes. The grumbling noise changed and her breathing became harder and faster.

She moaned suddenly, likes something unexpected had arrived to her.

"Honey, is this giving you a stomach ache? Maybe I should not have mixed this together..." he began.

"Josh!!!" she exclaimed in a surprised and urgent voice, breathing hard.

He turned around and saw her. Laura's middle piece was swelling slowly, pushing against her jeans, straining them.

"What is this?" she gasped as she was flooded with lust, holding her belly.

He immediately realized that he had been right after all. He had thought that fat made her do the swelling and had mixed up a high fat mix, camouflaging the olive oil enough with milk and sugar to not be so obvious. The fat girl held her belly and knew that something was wrong. It was growing too fast, she felt her stomach being pushed apart by a very strong pressure. She panted helpless. "it...has...never....been...that...strong!"

He got closer to her, wondered if this was really the thing that aroused her so much. He held her hand and kissed her, feeling her hot breath escape in ecstatic pulses of passion. As he kissed her, he felt her restlessness, her mounting lust. Laura was really surprised, did not know what was going on inside her. All she knew was that her stomach was pumping up with high speed, she felt the mass inside it push it apart. The surprise showed in her face and was mixed with lust that was growing. Her eyes were wide and her mouth half open. What if the swelling would not stop anymore? What if she had pushed it too far this time?

"Don't worry" he said. "it will all be alright, trust me!"

He had paid attention, that she had not eaten that much, that most of her stomach was not really full and let the special drink room to expand.

And it did expand, more violently than he had anticipated. Her large fat ridden body was enhancing the effectiveness of the gain medicine. He did not intend to make her fatter with this drink, just to make her grow fast and to possibly give her a lot of pressure, which in turn would become pleasure for her. And that she had, she was breathless of pleasure and lust, gasping and panting. The swelling of her stomach was stimulating lots of nerves that were situated around her large digestive organ and her large girl tendencies, combined with the medication gave her a hell of a ride. From her urgent moans and panting, he knew that she was probably completely wet and in need of sweet lovemaking. He pants got really tight and started to hang on for dear life, the fabric groaning. When her stomach did still go on swell, they popped with a jerk and she felt it liberating to not be so constrained anymore. It gave her an additional kick, her pants had really burst open by her expansion.

My, the expansion did not stop. Laura's Belly grew still, the weight gain substance making her stomach content grow exponentially. What had Booke and Gina done to this fat woman? Giving her this medicine which it was never intended to be used. They did not know, neither did he or Laura, but the pills were the essence of weight gain, the very thing that a plump woman's body manufactured in minute quantities to make her accumulate fat and gain. It was the very old thing that made humankind survive. After a great summer and a bountiful fall, the primitive cavemen came home to their wives that were nursing the young, of which they had many because most of them would die of hard times. They brought with them the hunt, lots of meat and some of it pretty fat, the reserves for winter of another animal. Oh blessed fall, there was food for the winter! They let the rest of the family feast, while they went out again, collecting the rest. When they came back, the children were satisfied and the woman had eaten too. Now the sensual part for the women came. Their eager men, horny from hunting for weeks made love to them, while encouraging them to eat more.

They stayed home and day in and day out they spent the time at the sided of their love ones, urging them to eat more and more. The winter would be hard and only a fat woman could survive it healthily. It was the most romantic thing to be fed nonstop by a man, to be fattened up by him. As the feeding continued and she started to fill out, so did her stomach. The overeating made it grow in size, enabling her to eat more and put on more weight in shorter time. Food spoiled and had to be used. This forced consumption in urgency and an specially large fat animal pressured a woman to become very fat. From generation to generation, through some long ice age, the surviving mothers would inherit their genes their daughters. Survival favored easy weight gain and naturally large and stretchable stomach. Some girl with an admirable tendency and potency for fat grew large till immobility, giving birth to the children and feeding them with their rich milk. Fertility, weight gain and sexual pleasure while being fed became natural to these women. Like Laura, they had very sensitive nerves around their digestive tract, erogenous and aroused by swelling and filling of their belly. The medicine fully activated these dormant genes in women and even more so for a natural fatty.

He gingerly removed her torn pants and found her belly swelling slowly, widening her incredible sexy navel. Her gut had adapted to the daily expansion and grew without resistance.
Ohhhhhh, she moaned, feeling at the incredibility that was happening to her. His penis was hard and he looked at her through a haze of delicious lust and pleasure. Seeing her have so much fun had an erotizing and arousing effect on him.
As he lifted her large belly out of the way, he found her dripping glowing cunt, yearning for him.
He held it with his full hand, rubbing it gently and holding her there, a primary "me man, you woman" gesture that he liked. Laura's stomach had not been expecting it, there was now much more fat in her digestive tract than she had ever had before. So when her very large stomach was really full, she felt the rush of unknown excitement as the medication started to push against the limits of the obese woman. She felt the pressure rise inside her, swelling her stomach to complete tautness, making the expanding fat rise slightly up her gullet.
She moaned and gasped helplessly, the swelling feeling making her horny beyond believe, her stomach and belly sending out erotic lust of a magnitude that made her marvel and be transfixed with sexual pleasure.
She looked at him pleading, that he please take her now. She could not wait anymore.
And then, as he entered her, slipping between her large yielding soft legs, the relentless mass inside her, doubling and tripling in size, violating all the good advice of the drug given in the instructions, started to push against the established limits of her stomach.
She realized now, that although it was probably very bad for her stomach and her belly, much more her weight gain, the thing that made her enjoy most was the stretching of her stomach. Every time she had overeaten, going on after all her hunger had vanished, feeling the fullness inside her and ignoring it for another helping, this was what she had felt. It was the very essence of feeling like a fat sow, like an animal which only purpose was to gain weight and get obscenely fat.
She knew that she could not go on doing it, her stomach was getting too large and she already had a hard time breathing, but it was soo delicious to feel.
Her breathing was hard, her moans louder and more desperate. She was swelling, getting fatter, a merciless force pumping up her huge fat ridden belly. She looked down on herself, realized like in a dream how large and fat she had become in the last 3 months and realized at the madness of still growing larger, of having her stomach inflated. What was this? Wasn't she already large enough? She was getting obese, more than fat.Her belly was hanging down already, her breasts the size beyond anything that a normal woman had.
Why was this happening? And at the same time she enjoyed it, the outrage from herself fueling lust and pleasure. So let it happen then, a part of her said, bring it on. Let me get fat! I want to become t the fattest woman alive, and the image of her being immobile kicked her into a loud exclaiming moan. This was insanity this image arousing her, but this was what she wanted deep down inside her, feeling how she was growing.
The pressure rose more and more, her stomach resisting the expansion, but still it grew larger.

Their rhythm was slow and it was completely in par with her size, him dipping again and again in her large ocean like belly, which swayed spectacularly. He freed her breasts and when he saw how much larger her mamaries had again grown, he thanked God that he had been made a man and that he was in this woman's warm embrace.

Her belly was still growing, when he felt the large luscious beauty home in on the orgasm. The swelling was slower, as he touched her gut. Had he given her too much? He had not intended for her stomach got get overfilled, to get stretched or enlarged. He supposed that this was a very fattening process to have ones stomach capacity enlarged. He just wanted her to have fun, but realized that he could never do this again. It could surely be done a few times again, but her health was too important. She would be immobile before she was 20. That was a morbid crazy thought. It scared him a little.

But instead of letting her have fat, he just would focus on having sex with her, that would work a charm.

As she inched her way up the pleasure ladder, moaning rhythmically as he did her and her body was moving about like a large waterbed filled with delicious fat her stomach swelling came to an end. The lovemaking was enhancing the pleasure she felt while growing and it was all absolutely crazy, she could hardly grasp the lust and pleasure that took her body. Then she came and he saw her eyes, wide and it looked like she was vanishing into a world of lust and pleasure, of ectasy and joy. She was virtually screaming her pleasure out, her large fat body shaking.

When she came to again, she was so completely bloated, so completely full that she could not move an inch. Laura and Josh did not know it, but although Josh had wanted to avoid this, the fat mass that he had given her for her enjoyment had not only filled her belly, given her tremendous pleasure, but also overstretched the woman's stomach by at least 25%

All the pleasure came at a price for Laura and for her that meant a immensely fat growing gut.

The next day, when they both woke up from the pleasure ordeal, he immediately noticed something. Her face seemed to be with more padding and as soon as she was dressing he realized that he had seen correctly: Her large pants just wouldn't close anymore over her fat sagging gut.

"My God, Josh! I am getting so fat!" she exclaimed. He smiled at her, did not know what to say to that. He liked it immensely, but also could not admit it so openly, otherwise she would probably think that he was trying to make her fatter, which was insane and crazy. Her belly had grown much more than anything else and was putting on fat so fast that it even her elastic young skin now showed stretch marks. He caressed her navel and soon his hand found it's way under her large heavy gut and they kissed. They vanished again into the sleeping room and sweet noises of passion soon escaped from it.

They went shopping for pants after that. It was a pleasure to go with her and be amazed how large they had to be that she could fit into them again.

The sales person, a 30 something woman, had to go ask the supervisor for the bigger sizes, and when she brought them, Laura was a little uneasy about it.

"Well, let's hope we are not going to be back, when my tummy outgrows these too" she said smiling uneasy and covering it up with a too cheerful laugh.

The sales woman smiled too, not knowing what to say to something so strange. She surely thought it was a awkward joke, but Laura knew, as did he, that it was in fact no joke at all. Laura was getting fat and he knew that it was being very pleasurable for her.


When Brooke and Gina saw her at school, they could not believe their eyes.

"Gosh, look at that porker." Gina gasped.

"Yeah, can you believe it? I think her belly really hanging down, how gross!" said Brooke.

They liked what they saw immensely, actually the hated it with all they had, she was so fat, so disgusting unfeminine, she was a fat cow, a porker, her huge hanging breasts were not recognizable as such anymore.

The truth was, they felt so much better, having this fatty around, making them look almost anorexic and making sure all the men went running for the hills when this lardo came around, so that the finally noticed them. But they did not, for some reason. The main reason being, that Brooke had not really had any breasts growth in her puberty. She did not know why, although it would have been clear to any doctor or teacher that her breasts just did not have any material to fill up with. Although her belly was completely flat, she even had a sick pack, she looked bland and unattractive to most men. Didn't men want a woman to be as thin as possible, she wondered?

"Wow, let's double her dose" said Gina nastily. The older sister relished the thought.

"I want her gone from the school! She will either eat so much that she will pop or get stuck in the door with her whale gut."

When Brooke realized that her sister was serious, she imagined it and knew that they were going too far.

"No, com'on. She is fat enough, nobody will find her attractive

Gina waved at her, making a grimace. "You always were a bore" she said and left.

Brooke liked her sister, adored her actually, but sometimes she was too extreme, too radical. What if they would find out who did this to Laura?


When he met her again, he noticed that the last time she had not yet digested all the food, and the pants were already very very full.

Her belly stood out, but at this point he realized that the pants were really supporting them, holding them up.

That evening as he opened her pants for the most delicious past time in his life, he could not believe his eyes!

She had become so fat, her belly had grown so large that it was hanging down over her pubic area.

She smiled teasingly, as though she was not aware of her effect on him. "I'm a big girl now!" she purred, her eyes big with importance and weight.

Laura wanted to lift it up, when he put his hand over her large navel, that seemed to recede deeper and grow larger by the day and said:

"No no, let me." he responded lovely.

He kissed her deep, touched her always deepening fat.

And then he lifted up her belly the first time, and it felt amazing. He realized that it felt completely right, that he secretly always had wanted to do it, but never really knew.

He entered her on the spot, feeling her large gut touch his and her growing legs pose some obstacles. What a delicious difficulty this was, finding his way into the hold of her soft cellulite padded legs to make love to her. Laura was 4 times the woman than any girlfriend he had ever had. He knew that she was still a girl of 17 years, but she seemed to ripe and large, he would never have thought of her as anything as a woman.


He learned what lovemaking was really like, doing it with a very large woman was so rich and wonderful, everything in and on her seemed to move and reverberate with sex and lust. More and more her body moved like a waterbed, fat through and through and mirroring the sexuality and lust that was in water as the giver of all life and love.

The days flew by and the only thing that did not change was her gaining. He did not want her to gain, she was perfect. He was worried about her health, but every time he saw her, she had appreciated in girth, sweetness and sex appeal. The way her wide pants and top tried to hide even more than she had been before made his breath fail. The experience of diving into this soft voluptuous mass of her front, feeling her large immense tits touch him lazily made him grow a boner on the spot and he had to consumer her right then, any waiting a terrible pain.

He noticed how he got hornier and hotter as she grew. This had partly to do with his developing like for gigantic mamaries Who would have known this? He had always considered a D cup as big, but now life was teaching him about his true likes and seeing her undo her bra and letting these massive boobs get out of control and tumble down over the inflated lardshape of her belly, moving left and right away, he could not fail to notice the strong echo and desire this display evoked from him.

As especially for him, her udders grew most considerably.

When Brooke saw Laura at the school that morning, waddling, out of breath and smiling still, she knew that they had to stop. She had become a gigantic lard tub and she knew if the principal would find out their secret, she and her sister would be banned from school.

She convinced Gina to stop and her sister agreed, much to the surprise to Brooke. They realized that they were destroying the young woman's future, since she was about to become immobile and bed bound.

But Gina had her own reasons and frustrations: She have had a secret crush on Josh and now seeing him so endeared and in love with Laura had turned out to be the complete opposite of what they had tried to accomplish with the "vitamins".

Gina had always been sugar sweet to Josh, but poisonous to Laura. With a good common sense, and knowledge of Brook and her sisters ability to plot, Josh guessed that there was intrigue in the air.

He hid behind stairs that went down behind a wall when the sisters were getting current on the daily gossip.

What he heard made him almost fall down the stairs.

"Man, that Josh is such a looser. Adoring such a gross tubby like Laura-fat. " said Gina with disgust.

"Yeah, she must eat like a pig to get that big. Incredible that fattener! And hidden in the vitamins, who would have guessed. We should have given her a triple dose!" snickered Brook.

"Yeah, we should have!" giggled Gina.

His eyes went wide. They even mentioned which medication it had been and he procured the agent immediately:

What an abuse they had done with his girlfriend!

Who could believe it?

when not to take it:
Do not take when you suffer from obesity or are overweight. In case of overdose, induce vomiting immediately or evacuate stomach and colon contents by means of a laxative or pump.

He read with incredulity. No wonder she had gotten so fat.


On their anniversary, they spent the whole day together, went swimming together. Hell, how drop dead gorgeous she looked in that swimsuit that he had given her.

He thought of marrying her as he strolled through the park with his arm around her huge shape and sinking in all around in her sides.

He had it worked out, everything. She would loose weight again, being deprived of the pills. And that was good, since the weight would be too much for her body and health.

She would still be beautiful and loose the weight slowly and gradually. He loved her in her present form, but knew that life was not all lust and sex to do with.

But that evening, she would never forget, he would make sure of that.

One last time, he thought. One last time.

Time time was right he thought after returning home with her.

"You forgot your pills." he said and gave her the "vitamins".

She took them. Hell, they probably were the reason she had put on so much weight, they were so good for her body. She had changed into the bathing suit to try it out and it hugged her large figure like a glove. Where her large navel was, it was flattened , which showed how large her navel had created a funnel. She looked gorgeous in the suit, her belly hanging down unrestrained and her very large breasts hardly held by the lycra, but nicely contoured. He knew that they could never go swimming with this in public, it was much too revealing and made her look really as fat as she was.

Josh saw her hold the olive oil in one hand, wondering. He knew that she had swallowed the vitamins, and with it the pill. It was a large bottle, more than a quart.

She was perfect, he did not want her to grow anymore, it was not good for her health and neither for the optics. But one last time, he thought with pleasure. One last time he would let her feel it and he knew that he could never reveal the real truth to her. She could not control herself, it was like drugs, this swelling.

"You want me to cook for you?" she asked holding the bottle, with a whimsical face expression.

"Well, this is for you!" he said. "This is for tonight."

"What, do you want to fatten me up or what? I am large enough, believe me!"

"You don't understand" he said, relishing the moment.

He went to her and wrapped his hand around her large fat shape, having trouble reaching around. He kissed her gently, she held the bottle close to her tublike immense sagging belly and he found the irony intriguing that most of her fat body was probably olive oil.

He looked into her eyes and held her belly with one hand, feeling it sink into her fat. "This is what causes the swelling! High quality Greek olive oil with half a cup of fenugreek " he whispered in her ear.

Her eyes went wide, "Oh my God," she gasped. And knew it to be true.

"This fat swells inside you and I thought that you needed something special. "

Her breathing went hard, she looked at the bottle, remembered every single time her large stomach had grown, taking her breath away and bringing her into endless and inevitable pleasure and lust. Now she realized in one big gulp why she had grown so large.

The tension and anticipation was killing her. She had always have had it, the swelling came many nights, but now she knew.

He knew that this was a lot of fat and that she would gain still considerably from it, but it was the last time, he had committed himself to that.

"You... want me to drink this .... now?" she breathed the thing that was making her hot and excited.

"Why not? I want you to feel lots of lust and I brought this" and with this he pulled down the cloth from a dressing mirror.

"So you can watch.. It's an amazing sight, I tell you." he said. He was nervous. Choosing the amount of liquid had been one of the most exciting things he had ever done. Considering her size and her large stomach, this should swell with one hell of a go.

He put his hand on one of her imensive breasts and started to kiss her. He pulled down his pants and she saw that he did not have underwear on. His penis was half erected, and knowing that he was excited by the anticipation of this crazy event made her also hot. When they kissed, the bottle in her hand sank a little into her soft body fat. Then, her heart beating strong and exited, she uncapped the bottle. She licked it a little with her tongue and an hot tingling feeling filled her belly, her stomach moving uneasily. She felt the nervous excitement inside her large belly, so it really had been this that had made her swell so hard all these times, and pushed her into becoming such a fat woman.

Her large boobs, really two large sacks of fat, her wide ass and wobbling large gut, her jiggling double chin, all these things had come out of this?

Then she demonstratively took a gulp of the bottle, a mouthful and felt it run down deliciously her gullet. She had never drunk pure fat, so this was exciting, as much of the crazy feeling as of the anticipation. This time there was no uncertainty. She knew now and this time she was ready for the strange but exciting feeling.

A tingling sensation announced it and then something moved in her large stomach.

He knew now too well, that fat of such a concentrated nature, with the fattener pill dose she had and the high body fat content especially the one around her stomach would make the olive oil swell more than four or six times its original size. So the little mouthful was already swelling violently.

She gasped at the sensation, especially knowing that it was happening insider her large fat belly. He went to her, touched her belly lovingly and kissed her. When she looked again, she saw this huge fat woman in front of her in the mirror, her gut so large that it was hanging already. And she was doing it herself, the fattening.

As she felt her stomach move as it grew inside her, she took the bottle and started to drink.

After she was half through, it started inside her.

To be continued ;-)



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