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My Dream Fatty and Pig Feedee Woman!

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This is a feedee story for a female pig feedee, the most extreme of the feedees.

You are probably sitting there, with your little fat belly, longing to gain. You have just gotten a little taste of how hot fattening up can be. Do you also feel like a piggy? That you need to gain?

You are just starting to get fat and we both know that you want a lot more, that you need a lot more. I dream of feeding you, of fattening you up, A LOT.

I want to spend a lot of time with you and well, not mince words, that you need to gain, that I want you to fatten up for me, to become

more and more woman. I will get horny at how your belly gets fatter, I like really really large fat bellies. And your butt, already fat, is growing fatter, and fatter. I dream about something very hot, that when you sit down, your ass swells to the side, with all the fat it is putting on and you get wider and wider. And that your legs get huge, jiggly, laden with lard and your breasts, *gasp*
How can I put this? They are already amazing, they have gotten huge already, they are some kind of amazing jewels, so huge and large and wonderful, but we both know that they will grow even larger and we both can't wait to see how they hang. Hang!
I love when everything hangs on you, when your gut hangs, your fat folds, your arms...I want to reward you with the hottest sex you can imagine, making you jiggle more and more, getting so horny at that huge fat belly that you have. How you are hanging more and more. Hanging just means that you become super fat and super hot.

I will cook for you, sometimes I will just put a lot of butter or fat in the food, without telling you, because I want you to grow faster. I have a thing for rapid weight gain, I would love to see you expand, to put on fat, to grow fatter every day, I want to see how you get stretch marks on your belly and other body parts, how you swell and get so soft. I want to make you very obese, I want you to jiggle and wobble for me, give you a hanging belly from all the feeding, I would love to have to lift it up and these huge breasts, I would love to gasp as how beautiful your two heavy bags are, your saggers, your udders. How they move and go buy new bras with you, because the old ones can't hold your growing breasts anymore.

And I want to show you how hot it is to mix feeding with sex. I know you have some hot thoughts about being fed and fattened up like a pig, of needing to grow. I would feed you for hours, steadily making your belly larger and larger and larger.

You love to be my fat pig, to turn me on with your spreading fat. It is something incredible in our relationship that you grow fatter and fatter, I love how your face gets softer and your double chin large, how it shows that you are giving in to the fattening, to the pig, I want to inflate you, I loe super fat, I want you to have trouble walking and I want to take full control of your gaining, decide when you balloon and have a fattening spurt. You will fatten up more and more through the relationship, you go through different fattening stages, it is easy to see how long our relationship has been in pictures, it shows by the fattening degree, how much you have already turned into a gigantic fat porker. I want the hot burden to have to lift up your huge fat hanging gut, my sexy. To be able to fuck you and when fuvking you, I make you jiggle in the most hot and obscene way, you look like a fattened up pig. I have a huge cock and was made to fuck a really super fat woman, so I'm just growing you to what I really really love and your jiggling fat, just by every movement will make me hard and slide inside you a fuck you, we will be connected all the time, we will have dreams where I dream of fucking you and my cock gets hard and I slide inside you and we fuck while sleeping.

And I will impregnate my sexy, when you have grown enough and are becoming a beautiful soft mommy, with huge hanging breasts and a huge hanging belly and wide fat lard ridden hips and that you want pleasure most of all, overeating constantly. I will get your pregnant super fast, and then I will be preparing you as the baby grows inside your fat belly, make your vagina really big with fisting, gentle but insistent, giving you orgasms like that and getting your huge breasts ready for lactation, because that is to hot, I want to drink for you. I want to milk you, I want you to be my fat cow and I want to drink my coffee with your very special milk, so I can always taste you.

Your breasts grow immensely through the sex, the feeding and milking with a pump, that I sometimes just hook up to you in the middle of the night, make you moan and then start fucking you to it, taking you doggy style while grabbing your huge belly from behind and making it jiggle and wobble, you are so hot and beautifully huge. I want to have a challenge to be able to reach around you, that you are so amazingly fat.

And then before you give birth, I will fist you more, make your pussy stretched and wide and ready and you so horny for being fucked by a very large cock, I love to stretch you, but still fuck gently. And then, I will be there with you when you give birth, I milk and kiss you over and over. I will probably induce labor during sex, because that can be so hot for sexual birthing. When I will kiss your vagina lips and play with them, massage them and get you ready for our daughter or son and I will do the delivery, with the supervision of a doctor and the head of the baby will start stretching your vagina and making you orgasm several times when you are being opened up like that.

We would be so happy together and you as mommy would get fatter after the birth, as it is normal, but I might want to impregnate you right away again, I love you being pregnant and your belly growing from the baby too.

You become more and more submissive from fattening up and I will feed you with a funnel and let you drink fattener, so you gain faster.

You might not be able to escape immobility at that point and even now, if you have gained already, you might feel it calling for you already and that you hope I will get you and keep fattening you, making sure you gain rapidly, so you are primed for it, used to it and heavily fat addicted. Especially because before sex I always feed you to the brim, stuff you till you feel you are going to explode. So that sex and fucking you is always connected with you fattening up for me, me force feeding you. I'm a little extreme, but I would love to see how fast you fatten up with using a feeding tube on you my fatty.

You are probably already in a hurry to get up to fattening weight, others might think you are fat, but you and I know, you are actually thin compared to what I will fatten you up to.

Sometimes, you will not grow fast enough and you will not be able to get sex, because you need to first put on fat for me, that turns me on most. And as a good fatty feedee, you want to thank me for fattening you up and want to blow me passionately, suck my huge cock. And I would let you, but I would do something really fattening for you my fatty. I will wrap my cock in thick strips of pork belly, which are good for your sagging gut my fat pig, and that you need to eat and swallow and I can just decide how many you have to swallow, which is really hot.

And I will also use whipped spray cream, put that on my cock and let you lick it off, making you swallow and get fatter and fatter. I want to get horny when I see how your belly inflates, I want to get horny with you, get excited with you and completely speechless of how fast you fatten up, that the fatter you get, the faster you can gain my fat porker. Oh I would just love to see how your fat apron will be shaped, how much does it hang, how is your belly shaped?
How is that when you notice, a day later, that you have gotten fatter again, that the fat is visibly growing on you. Oohhh, and I see you with a huge inflated face, how you look like a fattened up pig, no longer piggy, but full blown fat sow and how you get that immobility inflated face, that shows that immobility is coming. That would turns me on so much and how you get more and more submissive, that you beg me to fatten you up, faster, harder!


How we take another step and we see what your belly wants and I tease you with a bottle of olive oil, mixed with pork lard, because feeding you with pork fat from pigs that got industrially fattened up is the right thing for you and makes you gain easier.

And then, I take you to a very hot excursion. You are already wobbling and jiggling when you walk and when we arrive on friday evening, in the pig fattening farm, you are already wet of what I want to tell you with this. Your pussy is now rimmed with tons of fat, it has become deep in the lard and I love to grab your pussy and make it jiggle. Slap your fat. We follow the tour and on the way there, when the group is distracted by watching some pigs getting fattened up on display, I would push you to the side and say loud "oh, I have to go outside to take a call!" and we would sneak into a side door.
And then, we would wait for everybody to leave, till we are alone there, and baby, this is going to be a very hot night for you and me, especially for you. You will get scared about your mobility fading, as when you are fattened up and full, you already have trouble walking.

And, should we go to the lab and find out the medicine cabinet where all the fattening boosters are for the pigs, all the nasty stuff that helps pigs that gain too slow, to speed it up? Should I show you what they got and what I take? Give you some there already my fatty? Take it into my mouth and then kissing you with it and shoving it into your mouth to swallow? Then rub your neck downwards to make you swallow and grab one of your huge fat folds on your gut and tell you "get fatter for me, come on, faster! You are growing too slow my fat porker!"
And you swallow them, can't stop.

Or should I go pick them up myself and give you a surprise by how much urgent hunger for pure fat you would get? I would love to make you chug pure liquid fat my fatty, I would love to slap your fat gut while you drink, and how it blows you up. And I'm still milking you, we just keep your supply going, you get so horny from feeling the pumps attach to your nipples, the fatter you get, having these huge massive hanging tits, you would soon carry 1 liter in each tit, a huge amount of milk and the milk would be super fattening for me and it would make me gain and fatten from it.

Just sneekily mix the fattener into your slop and not tell you how much I have given you my fatty?

And then imagine how I would feed you, how that weekend would go, how I would fatten you up next to real pigs, how you would be on all fours and eating and stuffing yourself to gain and me rewarding you for expanding and fattening up.

I love how you are gaining, sexy! I love how heavy you are getting, how huge, and how fat, how massive.

I love how I can move your fat, jiggle and and wobble your fat folds and get horny at how long they need till all the lard comes to a stand still again.

And you balloon and fatten, I can't believe my eyes, how hot that looks. You love how I call you a fat pig and when you see yourself in the mirror you see it too.That weekend in the pig fattening farm makes you inflate quite a bit, the fat hangs more, you now have a hanging belly that goes down to your knees.

And I love supporting you when you walk, grab your fat folds like only a feeder can, checking out how your fat is growing. And kissing you, worshipping you, massaging and caressing your huge fat belly, all the fat that grew around your pussy, when I fuck you now, I can feel how you are gaining just by feeling of how much fat I'm pushing into and against and how it is ballooning up.

And my fatty is gaining quickly, I love how you fill up with fat. I love grabbing your double chin and tell you how sexy you are gaining and fattening up. And how you struggle with your fat, walking. I love to having to lift up your colossal porker hanging gut and slide inside you, pounding your pussy and your lard in a hot slow rhythm. And you need the fat, you are getting more and more fat addicted and when I don't feed you till you think you are goingto explode, your huge fat belly inflating to a huge pumped up ball, you start panting and moaning and begging me to fatten you up "ohhh, please, fatten me up like a pig!"

Comment from Rubens_Feeder writing this: Is this making you wet and horny? Contact me, I probably need to fatten you up my piggy! Don't wait, let's start turning you into a very obese woman!


And then there was the amazing gift for you. I did not feed you for a whole day to prime you for fattening up, you were so hungry and horny to be fed and then I showed you this huge fat pig, called Hogzilla. I was fattening the pig up in front of you and stuffing it, force feeding it with a tube, pumping up the belly with it and you were getting hornier and hornier all the time.
Then kissed you passionately, you could not believe how fat this pig was, it was not able to walk anymore, the belly was so huge that it was lifting it up.

She is a gift for you!

It was like a hot secret, that I whispered in your ear:
"I'm fattening her up for you! All that fat, I will make sure it goes inside you! ALL OF IT! The fat will end up in a chest freezer so that we have plenty of time to pump you up and that you gain from each and every pound of the pork lard.
And the fat pig is gaining for you, It is sacrificing itself for your weight gain, making sure you fatten up, a lot. This pig knows, it is assuring that it is not a question of IF you become immobile, but when.
And you know, you have to gain, you must. Force feeding will help speed it up. You have to honor Hogzillas sacrifice and absorb every last pound of her!

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