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The Extreme

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Summary: This is a story for female feeders or male feedees. It is about two (extreme) people meeting and both wanting the exact same thing.

She did not know how to tell him, they had not been dating that long, but she had to do it, she knew.

He was just too thin for her, she had a thing for 500 or 600 pound guys and he just clocked in at 250 and she missed a lot of jiggle and fat.

She did not want to be superficial and too focused on the body, but she had sworn that this time she would get a partner that would be what she wanted, not some settling for something mediocre.

When she told him after dinner, he was really destroyed, frustrated and sad, because he had wanted his next relationship to be with a female feeder.

He immediately asked her for reasons and first she was not forthcoming with it, but then blurted it out that he was too thin for her. When he said that he could grow, that he would work hard for it, it was just not enough.

She was ashamed about her likes, she had never told anybody about it and was scared that somebody might reject her.
"I'm sorry, I don't want to wait 5 years till you are the size that I prefer!" she said. She felt scared to give him the real reason, she did not want to be labeled a weirdo or something.
"But I will grow, we can speed it up!" he cried out.
"You know, THAT is not going to work for me! You are just doing this for me, you are adapting to what I want. How do I know this is what you really want yourself? I need to be sure that this is not just for me and about me." she answered.
"OK" he said, "so let's try this last ditch effort: write down all the things that you want in our relationship, how you like feeding and you don't let me see it. I will do the same and then nobody of us can cheat and pretend that he likes something that the other person said."
"fair enough, this should be interesting" she agreed.
So they wrote and each one too a while to write it down. Then she gave him her paper and she received his.
They read, and read and read...

He was reading about what she wanted:
"I want a boyfriend that is at least 500 pounds, if not yet, he has to be willing to let me feed him at the speed I want. This will be sometimes slower, sometimes faster, he would have to agree that I decide the method and that we will try out new ways to make him gain. I have two parts in me, a cuddly nice one, and a hard demanding one. The second part will get impatient and will want to find new ways to make him gain faster. I want him to be helpless at times, unable to stop eating and overeating, and feeling my power I have over him, that I'm fattening him up.
I don't want any upper limit, I want him to grow as fat as I want it. I never want to feel strange or crazy because I'm a little more extreme. I'm into BDSM and don't appologize for it, I'm not weird or abnormal, but just adventurous and kinky. After he settles into a normal gaining rhythm, and he gained already quite a bit, I want to start force feeding him, and make that a regular routine and make him grow faster with that. I want to make him addicted to fat and gaining and seeing how he has less and less resistance to it. I want to experiment with fattener that are currently being used for stock animals and carefully explore, if there are some that work safely with human males too an I'm sure there are some. I know this might sound crazy, but that is what I want and I'm not settling for anything else. Since the relationship is over, it is only authentic to say."
He got wide eyes as he read it and blushed.

She started a little later reading, but he could see that what he had written also had an profound impact on her.
"I have a very strong urge to grow fatter, I need to be in a relationship where my partner is making me continously fatter, step by step, and keeps pushing my limit, so that I fatten always faster. I need a partner that is into really obese guys, 600 to 700 or maybe more, who knows. I don't want to be scared that I will get too fat.
As a feedee and fat man I have some special needs, that might seem a little crazy and extreme, but I need this, I can't help it. As I grow fatter, I will feel more and more urge to get even fatter and also to try out more extreme and krass techniques. I would love to have a feeder that is both nice and lovely, but also hard, demanding and unforgiving and is impatient for me to become a fat porker for her.After getting around 300 pounds, I will need to get started on the force feeding track, first with the funnel, but then with a tube that goes directly into the stomach.
The stomach overstretched already through all the over eating, the feeding tube keeps furthering this."
She could not believe what she was reading there, her eyes were wipe and seemed to pop out of her head. She grabbed him and they left the restaurant, she put him in her car and drove to her place, parked the car in front and kept reading the text.

He did not know how to react to that, was she enraged or shocked at what he had written?

She read on:
"There is a process happening with me, where I'm continuously gaining and won't ever be able to lose weight again, no matter how much I try.  It is a confession that I might share some genes and needs and wants with feeding pigs, like hogs that are fattened up as thier life's meanings, I feel similar in that I think that I need to gain and sometimes gain fast. And that my partner recognizes that I can't stop, but have to keep going, keep gaining, even if this means that it will drive me into extreme obesity. Or more precise, that is exactly the purpose of it. I'm an intelligent guy, with many interests, but this is something that I cannot stop, or should not stop. And I need a partner to help me make sure I can't stop.
In my future, to be fullfilling my life's purpose, gaining is a must and an unconditional. Weight gain will be a certainty. Mobility is not.
I need a woman to support me in this, it will happen in any case. So why not step on the gas and speed it up?
In order to gain efficiently and not have a choice anymore, get seduced by the fat, get so large that the fat is self growing, my feeder might do a real life study, financed by the annorexic foundation, to find a sure fire way to make people gain weight. And in this study on me, she could secretly use, well I should say SHOULD SECRETLY USE, because this will help me grow easier, animal growth hormones and fat metabolism boosters. Many will not work or have side effects, but some of them might work surprisingly well. This might seem crazy, too extreme and dangerous, but I have these special needs and I'm not ashamed of it, I stand by it. These things will help me balloon up with fat, like I should. "

We looked at eachother, thunderstruck.
Then we kissed immediately, passionately, and both could feel how horny and hot the other person was. She grabbed my gut and probed how fat my belly was already.

Then, she drove to a restaurant and we did not talk about it anymore the whole evening, but each person was thinking about the letter, and rereading it from time to time, with disbelieve.
So he was that special somebody to become massively obese for his woman.
And so she was that hot woman that he had dreamed about for so long.
And her cooking would fatten him up.

And then suddenly it made all sense. He had felt this moment for a long time, as he gradually got fatter, he knew that he would end up, well, needed to end up in a partnership where him gaining, growing fatter, producing more and more fat was a clear goal of the relationship, she cooked and fed, he ate and put on fat.

And as in the next days, he started to gain, when the massive overfeeding and luxurious feeding for 3 people slid forward his belly in a dazzling display of stretch marks and new fat, he finally realized what these dreams that he had been having so many nights meant. The being force fed, the being made to gain, the most wonderful thing in the world. And how he could not stop looking at really fat men, especially the ones that had a hard time walking, had bellies that hung down further than their knees. It all felt so divine, so precious and desirable, to become obese like a pig, it felt so right and so full of his purpose.
He could feel that gigantic huge fat gut that he was supposed to get, and where she would help him so much. He could feel it in his little fat belly that he carried. It was like he was pregnant, in expectation, except....
that there was no end date, there was no limit how large his fat gut would get, how large his moobs would expand, how large the fat folds would get on his sides.
And the self feeding, the growing had just been there to prepare him for this, to give him seed fat and also to seduce a female feeder, making her see how he gained, showing that he was real, he was a real feedee, he did not just talk about getting a lot fatter, like so many did.

And how totally exciting it was for him to feel her lust for fat in his gut, how it impregnated it, pushed it forward, made it sag. He wanted nothing more desperate, there was no other burning desire in him so strong.

And she was impatient, she wanted him very obese, like the pictures of the fat guys that she was always looking at in the internet.
So it was very hot when she told him that she wanted to find ways to make him gain faster.

He felt how he drove him, how the meals became larger and larger, how he had to finish them before he could leave, and how impatient she was, how she measured his gut, weighed him to see if what she was doing had the expected effect.
First it was hard to adapt to all that amount he had to eat, she cooked for 4 people and he had to eat it all, she patiently sat there and fed him, even if he had to wait because his belly was so full, but did not let him leave till he had eaten it all. And his gut adapted, his stomach stretched and he had a strong fattening spurt, where he gained quite a bit in a short amount of time. The sex was spectacular, especially as it was always a reward for feeding him, for him eating everything she gave him. And his belly was often so pumped up and hug and sagging and fat at the same time, she held it during sex, knew that she was making it grow, felt the weight on hers and got so horny from it. He was expanding and swelling up with fat, she could not get enough of it.

And neither could he, as his gut fattened and expanded, he got so hungry, often having like hunger attacks, not long after being fattened up like crazy.
In these moments, he felt he needed to gain so urgently and he begged her to feed him, ideally force feeding him with the feeding tube.
And she did and wow, they had the most magical moments, where she just did what she always wanted to do and he just received and grew and fattened and she was sculpting him like a statue.

And during love making, she confessed to him that she had been experimenting on him, that since he had gotten so hungry and that, eventhough his belly was starting to hang and settle and now almost touched his knees, that she had been giving him fattening hormones that were formulated for fattening hogs, but she had found also worked on him really well. And that he has been gaining faster ever since and, that she had just ramped up the dose, that she had given him more than ever before.
And he felt it and was so hungry, needed to gain so badly, so urgently.
"Oh feed me, please feed me. Get the tube, plug me in and do it right now!" he moaned.
And she did, it was so easy and felt so natural, pumping up her boyfriend, inflating his belly, making it larger and larger.

To be continued, if there is reader interest in it...
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