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Helping a friend

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Wow, was this story fun to write, I got so aroused writing it, you can’t believe it, I hope it will excite you as much as it did me. All that creative sexual energy is in these lines.

If you are a female feeder or a male feedee, come dream with me in this epic story about two wishes coming true, for two different people.

There are people that hate to be fat, they don’t want to be fat, they are meant to be thin, it is a curse for them to constantly gain. And then there are people that share one thing with pigs: They were bread, even born to be made fat. They carry it in their DNA and it gives them incredible satisfaction and sexual pleasure to be fattened up. And often, they are scared to give themselves to fat fully, to let the fat dominate their life’s, on often they need a push  in the right direction. And Helping a friend is all about putting fat where it belongs, to take it from a man that is suffering from being fat and still gaining and put it to a guy that is naturally supposed to be very fat.


He realized that he was playing with the fire.

Eventually he would meet a woman that was also into fast weight gain and the extreme stuff he was always dreaming about.

He had chatted with some many fakes in the last year, but a few of them had actually been real. And every meeting had made him gain a little, but never the big push he had wished. But he had realized that gaining that fast was just not possible for him, or maybe nobody ever.

If only life was like his fantasies, where he gained 40 pounds in one big push and could not go back being thin or merely fat after wards.

So when he chatted with Andrea and she was delighted at his extreme fantasies, the talk about force feeding and tube feeding, he put it off as another fake. Maybe not even a woman.

He had experienced that so many times.

But then, hey, she sent a picture of herself. And he was floored, she looked amazing. She was thin, which was not so relevant, but she had a really beautiful face, and well, had said that she loved a lot of contrast between her and a guy that she is feeding. And that she likes fast weight gain and stretch marks, as well as showing off guys that were fattening up with her, that she liked the people thinking and wondering what was happening to him and that they would of course never guess, that she was the reason.

He met her and was amazed, wow, she was real and she was a ffa, it seemed too good to be true. She was also really smart and was a MD with the specialization Gastroenterology. A ffa and specialist when it came to digestion and the digestive system and belly. What a combination!

They went out eating and soon, she was feeding him. They chatted when they were not together and she always teased him about doing something more extreme. And he was immediately amazed and surprised that she was not put off by force feeding in general and tube feeding in specific. The next time they got together and fed, they had sex and he loved how she held his little fat gut and told him how fat she would want to make him, as she got hornier and hornier.

and a thing that was immediately apparent was that his weight was a problem in the relationship, a point of contention.

He had steadily gained through a condition that caused a person to gain unnaturally.

He was now at 360 pounds (163 kg) and him and Alyson were talking about having tried quite a few diets and that nothing was working.

What did not help was that Daniel was not that tall. At this weight, he looked more like a captive balloon, his belly was huge and hanging down a lot.

1. Daniel

The next time they met, they went on a double date with another couple. Alyson was thin like Andrea and according to her a long time friend, they went to high school together. Daniel was her fiance and he felt totally underweight compared to Daniel, his 270 pounds (122 kg) feeling thin and meager. He did admire Daniel for his bulk, but was worried, as it was displayed to him once again that seemingly not that many women were into fat guys.

After Andrea and him were alone again, she told him that she was worried:

“Alyson and Daniel want to get married, but I know Alyson, she is not going to marry him if he stays this large, or gains even more! I wish there was something I could do! I love how fat Daniel is, how great it looks on him, but I wish I could help him lose weight!”

They could not resist and feed again, she loved how his belly got fuller and fuller, like a pumped up balloon and the sex after wards was fantastic.

She chanted during sex, while touching his gut, right before they both came in a mind blowing orgasm, it sounded like Akkadian, a truly ancient language. He had just seen a documentary about it on TV, it was related to Sumerian. It felt like a prayer to his belly and he had this funny feeling in it, this tickling.

It intensified the orgasm to a degree he had never felt.

When he was back home and sleeping, he had strange but very hot dreams, he could not remember, but was sure that she was feeding him and that it had to do with the instant fattening and growing that he had fantasized for so long. It was a shame, but that would always stay a fantasy, that could never be real.

When they were on a chat again, she was real excited, as she had found some reference to some obscure diet that would help Daniel lose weight.

She reported that it worked 100% sure. Yeah, right, which diet does not, he joked to himself.

When she was feeding him again, she started chanting again in that language and he was amused and befuddled, but felt something in his belly.  It felt like something was opening up and he suddenly got very hungry and greedy for more fat on his belly. When they had sex after wards, she repeated it again, it left him in a really aroused state all day after that.

When they met them again, Andrea spent a lot of time with Alyson and he got to spend time with Daniel. They got to know each other better and he realized that he had a few things in common with Daniel. He was too embarrassed to talk about the weight issue, he was sure Daniel would not appreciate any compliments and that he was interested in gaining more weight and getting fatter.

But he started to like Daniel and hoped, that Alyson and him would get married after all, that maybe the doctors could do a lap band or something or do some liposuction.

Andrea came back and talked to him in private:

“They are really close to splitting up.” she said in not little distress.

“Maybe they should consider the lap band operation” he said, trying to be helpful.

“They already did!” she said in exasperation.

“Really, oh no!” he said. What now?

“There is another thing that might work” she said hesitantly.

She could see that she got his attention.

“We could do a transfer” she said.

“You could take some and be the receiver” she explained.

“What? Like in an operation?” he said.

“No, the procedure involves a transfer from a tortured giver to a willing recipient. You have to be willing, otherwise it will not work!”

There was a pause and he could not believe his ears.

“You wanted to gain I remember and we both were dreaming about some fast gain.”

He looked at her wide eyed.

“There might be a surge gain involved, where you take his weight pretty fast. Your belly would pump up literally as his shrinks.”

He could not believe what he had just heard, it was shocking and hot and crazy and made him horny and terrible and wonderful, all at the same time.

“It would be hot if you gained like 20 to 30 pounds like that” she said in a hot voice and he could tell that she was horny and wet.

And his own cock was standing to attention, he felt it in his belly, this was so hot.

He wanted to help him, maybe making Daniel lose like 20 pounds would save the marriage.

He could not think straight, he was like in a trance and so horny.

“Oh God, lets do it! I can’t wait to see you get fatter” she says “and I promised Alyson we will try it, even if he will shed only a little weight! I really don’t want them to break up!”

He wanted to try it, even if it was for nothing. This could not possibly work ever.

She called Alyson and Daniel into the room and after they had discussed, that they wanted to try it, she took his arm and led him into the next room.

“There is a ritual that I have to do to prepare you, this usually does not work the first time, so be patient”

Andrea made a phone call and then they traveled to an abandoned factory in the outskirts of the city. As they entered an old lab that smelled of animals, Andrea explained:

“This is an old lab that a friend lets me use. We will find all the stuff we need here.”

First she examined both him and Daniel, as well as herself. Blood pressure, weight, pulse and belly circumference, as well as body fat content.

He did not know this, but she had noticed that his pulse was already elevated, and his belly was visibly inflated, like his body knew what would happen soon.

Good, it looked like he was already connected to her in a way through the close contact they have had and, of course, the sex.

Alyson and Daniel went into another room and she told Daniel to apply a cream to his belly that would help for the procedure. Daniel would have asked Alyson to rub it on his belly, but he was embarrassed about it being so fat and hanging, so he did it himself.

Generally, their sex had suffered big time, as he knew that Alyson was disgusted by hanging jiggly belly fat that had grown considerably since they had gotten together.

In the other room, Andrea told him to follow her instructions exactly to the letter, even if they felt strange or weird.

She dropped her pants and took of her panties and then told him “eat me out!”

He was first surprised and smiled.

“OK, sure!” he agreed. It was not a request that you got every day and not just like that.

She reclined on the bed that was in the room and spread her leg, so he had access. He looked at her amazing hot pussy, how wonderful it looked and first kissed in admiration, then put his whole face between her legs and let his tongue dance more and more inside her.

“Make sure you swallow it, that is part of the ritual and very necessary!” she said.

Sure, that was no problem, he loved how she tasted, it was so hot to pleasure a woman like this.

And licking her and swallowing it in big gulps was like taking part of her inside him.

“I love how fat Daniel is, did you see how far down his belly hangs? I want you to become as fat as him too, preferably larger!” she gasped, and he could tell that it was very arousing for her, because she virtually flooded.

He licked her harder and ate her out, swallowing her wonderful juice by the mouthfuls.

She started chanting, in the same strange language as before and he felt something in his stomach, like a glowing and fullness.

She chanted louder and and to his zipper and pulled out his hard long dick and kissed the tip of it, which made it even harder, then she took it all the way inside her mouth, till her lips touched his balls, while she spread cream on his belly, making sure to not miss a spot.

She kept chanting and he could tell that she was aroused, he could feel it stronger than ever before.

She then told him to take off his pants. He thought they would have sex, but she stopped him, told him to just stand there and keep his legs spread a little.

She put saliva on her hand and touched his anus with her hand, which made him very nervous. There was something happening that he had to stop right now.

He felt fear flooding him, felt it in his belly, an alarm and upset.

“Now just breathe deeply, I’m your feeder, you can trust me 100%, you know that!” she said.

He did, he absolutely did.

“Close your eyes!” she said in a voice that was so easy to follow.

He did so and the next thing he heard was her chanting louder.

“Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply! Remember the fantasy I told you that you found so hot, that we could intubate you and then I would use a little compressor on you? To see how large your fat belly would get when it is fully enlarged? Concentrate on that now, remember that you had that dream about being a balloon, a really large large deflated one, like a weather balloon that longs to be inflated! A thing that will inflate to 12 feet in diameter. Imagine that is you, right now, about to be pumped up by me.”

He did and it was so hot to imagine that.

She kept chanting and then he felt her hands on his behind and then felt them spread his butt cheeks and feeling...feeling her lips on his anus, he was totally transfixed, couldn’t move.

And then felt her tongue and immediately felt that something was wrong. He felt his belly, how fat it had gotten, he felt all the fat and like a switch had just been flipped.

Like he had just stepped over a threshold, a point of no return.

She would make him fat, he could feel it. He felt it in every single fat cell in his belly. He had never felt as fat as he did right now, his belly felt huge and ready to gain, ready to fatten him relentlessly and turn him into an obscene obese fat pig for a porker of a man. He felt it and it turned him on so much, he could not stop it.

She had her hand on his belly and stood before him, but it still felt like she had her tongue pushed against his rear entrance and tickling it and getting ready to use the compressor on him and inflate his belly.

She chanted more, but now he could feel her chanting inside his belly, and in his double chin and everywhere where he had fat, it was crazy.

“Almost done” she said.

He wished that she would stop chanting, as a uncomfortable pressure and tension was growing in his belly.

Then she was finished and was ready to get the other couple into the room, they both dressed, as to not alarm the other two.

But before she called them in, she put her hand on his belly and whispered in his ear, so only he could hear it:

“Even if this is not going to work, let’s meet on Friday, for a very special weekend.  We will do a trade: We will see if your crazy fantasy with the tube and the compressor can become real. If I control the pressure properly, first fast and then slower and slower, filling your stomach and belly to the absolute maximum size, you get a feeling very much like a balloon would get being inflated.

But right after that, we will try out my fantasy too and without telling you in which dish, I’ll mix some very potent male pig fattening supplements into the food. It should be fairly safe, except for the fattening of course and some changes to the way your belly digests, but that is really very hot.

And then I want to see how you react to a specially strong dose of it, one that you would only give a very obese pig. What is it going to do with you? How fast will your fat grow? What kind of stretch marks will you get?

He was scared, he did not want her to do that yet, because it might be dangerous to receive anything not tested or approved for human use.

But what disturbed him even more was his deep reaction, part of him was getting deeply aroused at her words. That part wanted to try it, was ready and eager. That part also hated his reluctance and how he had fought gaining all these years, trying to keep control. That part wanted to seduce him, wished that he would just grow fat to such a degree, that there was no turning back anymore.

To be opened up about the morbid fattening, weight gain that could not be stopped anymore and instead of running away and fighting it, after 30 pounds of involuntary gaining, he would realize that he had become too fat to be able to lose weight anymore, but even worse, that he could not even maintain his weight, that his weight was steadily climbing.

And then after fighting it to no avail and several offers from her to feed him, which made him so hot, he would give in.

And she would tell him that he was lucky to have a woman like her, that had no upper limit, was into very obese porkers, a woman that knew his special needs very well and satisfied them.

And then he told her how he resisted and fought, hardly ate anything, but nevertheless got fatter and fatter. And she found that so hot, his futile struggle and during sex she told him what massive fat pig she would fatten him into.

“It is so much more fun if I feed you and I can reward you for fattening with the most wonderful sex!” she breathed.

“And since you are gaining in any case, why don’t we help it along and speed up your fattening process?”

That was all going through his head, he had to watch out, his resistance was slipping.

She saw his face expression.

“What heavy stuff are YOU thinking about?” she said with a smile.

“Oh, nothing, just other things” he lied. He could not show his internal conflict about this, he could not be open about this with her, at least not yet.


She brought Alyson and Daniel back into the room and guided Daniel in front of him, with a lot of space between him and Andrea then stepped between us.

He looked at Daniel and god was he fat, his pumped up belly had fattened up so much that it was all soft and jiggly and hanging.

He was a fattened up piggy, there was no other way to describe it, with his bloated face and large hanging man boobs and that pig gut.

Andrea reached out, while chanting and touched his belly, slid her hand under his shirt, so she could make contact.

There was a strange thing in the air, the time seemed to slow down, he looked at her and she was approaching him slowly, while having her hand on Daniels belly, and she looked at him, looked with intensity and looked at his belly, eager and wanting, licking her lips.

She came closer and closer and he got so nervous in his belly.

Then she reached it and touched it.

A thing exploded behind his eyes and he felt Daniel, his whole being, how fat he had become and how he had gradually gotten fatter, without being able to stop. It was terrifying for the man, he did not know what was wrong with him, how he could stop it, and he could tell that often Daniel felt that he was possessed.

He felt a swelling pressure inside his gut and his brain, very localized like something was growing.

He got a little headache and stomach ache, but for some reason it was also giving him a hard on. Two little glands were in the process of swelling large, being overstimulated and virtually pumped up from inside out. In some rare conditions, people were born without them, but they never did what they did in his case now.

He felt how Daniel was fattening up, even now, felt his hunger, his insatiable appetite for fatty stuff, cheese, bacon. What the hell was wrong with Daniel?

He felt the pressure getting worse, his headache became head splitting. And he could feel the pressure inside his belly, how the little gland, usually not larger than a walnut had been pumped up to tennis ball size and was growing larger.

He saw how Daniel had struggled, done diets to lose 2 pounds, fighting hard, while just gaining 5 more back easily,  just after the diet.

He realized how horny she was, it was directed at him, he was making her wet. And then he suddenly saw what was in her minds eye:

He saw a fat male pig in a pen, in what looked a lab and the poor animal had a thick tube lead inside its snout and the tube led to a big cylinder, full of a milky liquid, which he immediately knew was some kind of high caloric fattener.

And then he saw it, the sides of the animal were bulging out, both sides and the animals gut was lowering, with every push, where the liquid lowered in the large cylinder. She had an air compressor connected to the pump and while she increased the pressure, the liquid got pushed down the cylinder and into the stomach of the pig.

The pig made loud noises, it seemed to enjoy it,

it had been conditioned for it, and then it was a pig, it had been born to be fattened up. It felt so good in his belly and his head, even though it felt really sick and bad in a way.

He felt his own belly, he knew he had to fatten, that fighting it was pointless, that anybody fattening him up was doing him a favor.  That made the glands grow with a big push and strain under the pressure. He felt like his heady would explode and how the little gland in his belly had inflated to football size, what he saw, the temptation he was giving himself into was doing terrible stuff to these two organs, whatever they were.

He looked at how vivid the picture was and how he heard her moans, pleasuring herself as she watched the pig.  And he knew that this had actually happened, that she had experimented on the pigs like this.

The belly was giving into the pressure and let go, expanded, got larger and larger.

It made him horny watching it, he was transfixed by it.

Daniel, he felt and knew, would just fatten and get larger and larger, without being able to do anything about it. What a dreadful thing for him, but what a blissful thing for somebody that had that path already and where it just sped things up.

Then he saw the pig again, a day later, another day later, and the treatment was taking its toll on the animal, it was fattening up fast, the belly settling down more and more, getting fatter and fatter and he could see the animal fattening helplessly, getting fatter and fatter, day by day, week by week. And he knew and it hit him with such exciting and hot and shocking force that he would be next, that she would give him the exact same treatment, and he felt it in his fat belly, that it would work exactly as well as for the pig and that he would have so much fun expanding like this.

2. POP!

That was too much and the large inflated ball popped loudly in his gut, giving up to the inevitable thing that had been inflating it from within.

He did not have time to react when the second glad in his head exploded too, with a massive bang that felt like somebody had smacked his head.

He expected pain and bleeding, but was surprised when instead of stabbing pain, he got flooded with a feeling he had never known, so pleasurable and hot. He immediately felt the change, how he was changing, how massively hungry and horny he got at the same time. He felt like he would starve, like he needed to eat something urgently, something fat, something rich and lots of it.

It felt like something had opened up in him, like he had opened up, widened, like his capacity had increased several fold, it was a wonderful powerful feeling.

Like a restriction or limitation had been lifted. He was so hungry and he longed to be fed by her. Suddenly, all she had said about feeding him like a pig and experimenting on him with the growth hormones for pigs felt so right.

The pop had popped the restriction, the limit, the barrier.

She looked at him with her mouth open. She had felt the massive pop in his belly and then the second one in his head. She could not believe it, her face was a mask of disbelieve. No more regulator! And both of them!

“Already?” she gasped in utter surprise. “Wow, you are fast. “ she said in a voice tinted with oncoming wetness.

“I have to feed you soon then!” she said, out of breath and flushed. “We have to speed this up…”

she added, like she was not exactly sure how.

She started chanting again, this time louder. She massaged his belly. She was in a hurry to get this done and suddenly, there was gurgling and digestion sounds coming from the direction of Daniel and they came out of his belly. They grew louder and he watched Daniel, how he was embarrassed about it. But also felt something strange in his own belly, something dangerous.

Was Daniel hungry? Or what was happening to him? He felt something strong in his belly, he was holding it, sinking into the fat. He was licking his lips and his face showed that he was like in a trance...that he could feel something happening in his gut.

Then it hit him, Daniels belly was about to pump up, he was about to destabilize and grow quite a bit.

The way Daniel was fat, it looked like a natural and normal process to him.

And he realized that he wanted to watch, that he was eager to see it.

And he could sympathize with the guy, destabilization was probably a normal thing when so much of your body was composed of almost pure fat.

But Daniel suffered by it, he knew it, he did not want to gain, it was destroying his life.

He felt a funny thing inside his own belly and ever since the ritual started, his belly had started to bloat considerably.

Andrea seemed to glow and it made him so horny seeing her like this, it was like there was a glowing in her eyes, something supernatural and it made him nervous how she was looking at him. And her hand felt hotter and hotter on his belly.

He could see her crotch, that was totally utterly soaked.

She let go of Daniels belly and came to him instead, taking out a picture and showing it to him.

[[SHOW THE PICTURE OF  A REALLY SUPER FAT GUY! But where from? Do any of you guys know some of really super obese bed bound men? These pictures are so rare. Send me some if you know.]]

He gasped as he saw it, the guy was really super fat. He was in a special wheel chair that was wider, but his sides still sunk into it.

He was basically one big fat belly and and being taken over by it, it was riddled with stretch marks and it was sagging down, spreading his legs apart, the wide face and huge double chin made him look like a fattened up piggy.

He doubted that this fatty could still walk.

“I    WANT    YOU    LIKE    THIS!” she said that only he could hear it.  Her voice was not overly demanding or dramatic, it was not a wish she was voicing, but a statement, a fact. That she would patiently, but insistently drive him there.

He saw how fat the guy was and something changed in him, he could not wait to get this large.

To join the ranks of the morbidly obese.

Something groaned inside Daniel and he could feel it in his own belly, he could feel how hungry Daniel was, how he needed something really fattening, like bacon or really large cheese burgers, as many as could fit inside him, that she just fed him, till he felt he would explode.

She massaged his belly, still chanting. Andrea slid one hand down her pants and touched her totally dripping wet pussy, then put it through his open zipper and he thought that she wanted to touch his penis, but as she went deeper, it felt like she wanted to cup his balls. To his immense shock she went for his anus and put one wet finger on it.

That was very dangerous, he could feel it.

He could feel her chanting inside him, to the core, and her hand was so hot, it was unreal. A wonderful feeling was spreading through his lower abdomen.

There was a wonderful tickling all around his body.

Alyson was watching and was getting impatient, she saw what Andrea was doing with him and wanted to complain that this was a waste of time and getting gross at this point.

Her finger still touching his anus, she said, in a voice that he could feel in all his body:

“I want to grow you as large as that tubby, but preferably, larger! I want to play with your mobility,  it will make me so hot to see that you have trouble walking, that soon you can’t escape anymore!”

There was something unreal about her voice, he felt it in his belly.

He finger was tickling, was opening, was opening him up in a very strange way.

Her words made his belly bloat a lot, get really round and taut. He felt the strangest of feelings in his face and his double chin.

Alyson watched with horror and total disbelief as he looked a lot fatter. His double chin had just grown quite a bit and his face was wider too. When she looked down, what was in his face got confirmed further down: His belly was swelling very slowly and his face too. What the hell was wrong with him? With shock she could see how his shirt was bulging in two spots, where he already had carried small male breasts. Alyson could not believe this, this was the most repugnant thing she had ever seen, when she saw how his breasts were growing.

Andrea could also see it, but she loved it, it was magic, better than anything she had ever felt. Her hand was so hot, she could feel the energy flowing through her, how she was channeling.

And then Alyson saw something even crazier: Daniels face had gotten narrower, his double chin smaller.  And did she imagine it or had his shirt become looser? And his belt too?

When she looked from Daniel to him, she could see that while he was growing, Daniel seemed to shrink.

Which was of course totally impossible.

And Daniel could feel how impossible that was, he could feel his large male tits shrink, his huge belly too, it felt like he was being drained, like all the fat was just pouring out of him.

He saw it too, but was too preoccupied with the way he felt his belt tighten and the way it was sinking in his growing belly. So far his belly had been more like a ball, the fat had grown inside it, but it felt like the next stage was happening. He touched his belly and felt how it was getting spongy and fatty and the belt totally sank into it. He noticed how his belly and skin was not straining against it, but settled into it, like he was not only getting the fat from Daniel, but also the overstretched skin.

She moaned so loud, she got so hot watching him and feeling the energy run through her.

He could feel her arousal, how horny she was and that it was causing him to fill up.

That was the moment when she looked directly at him, smirked and said “Let’s go my porker!”

She shifted the hand that she had her finger on his anus and pushed the finger into it, which slid easily inside and put her whole hand on his anus.

Daniel gasped as his whole belly shrank in one big push and at the same time, the room was filled with his helpless moans, as with a sudden push, his whole gut fattened up a lot. He suddenly had the belly of an obese fat man and suddenly, with a loud slurping and rumbling sound coming out of his belly, his gut virtually inflated with fat. His belt sank into the fat and his pants were bulging out on the bottom, a fat ball curving out as they filled with the soft jiggly mass of his growing belly fat. The pants were filling fast, and got tight, while his face was contorted into a surprised wide eyes, mouth open mask of pleasure, his mind flooded by the intense feeling of getting fatter. This was how a balloon must feel when it is inflated.

The sides of the pants overflowed with fat and it his skin was riddled stretch marks, not new one, but the ones that Daniel had gotten, when he fattened. His skin and tissue were changing into the fat riddled state of somebody that has been fat for a long time.

Andrea saw with immense glee how his face grew apart, how his double chin virtually pumped up and his neck fat, front and back was growing and forming folds.

Andrea saw his two small male breasts fill and grow larger, settling down and making a visible imprint on his shirt.

She was pressing harder with her hand and the slurping and gaining noise in his belly got louder still and he gained still a little faster.  She loved how she was making him fatten up, how she drove him. She was imagining really super fat men and it helped the process along so well.

She could feel his legs fattening, left and right around her hand, how he got soft and jiggly all over, how fat folds were developing on them.  It was so hot what she was doing to him.

It was now visible, how fat Daniel really had been, how much fat he had carried around his midsection, neck, arms and legs, as it was now inflating him and making him fat in such a grotesque and fast way. His large belly grew as Daniel got smaller (he was merely very fat now) and pushed against the belt, which groaned and the large ball of inflated fat that was straining against the pants made them groan and come apart at the seams. The pants did not resist long, ripped at one seam and then exploded, the fat mass jiggling and wobbling and then shaping into the large hanging fat gut of a pig that came tumbling down and came to rest on his thighs, overhanging his crotch.

He felt so fat, how all the lard was enveloping him, his knees got weak and he knew that he was growing quite a lot heavier. He felt the jiggle, everywhere and saw Daniels large moobs shrinking, while he could feel his growing and straining against the now much too small shirt and it made him horny to feel how his nipples were growing and getting stretched.

The shirt ripped with a huge tearing noise, and everybody was confronted with his growing fat bulk, all these fat folds on the sides and on the back and with that huge hanging belly.

He felt like there was something pouring into him, like his belly was a sack that got filled with fat, so easily did it grow. He could feel how Daniel emptied, how all the fat was just dropping out of him and how he was the receiver for it. He held his swelling gut and just sank in, deeply, in the cellulite that grew on it.

His breasts were just growing larger than Andrea’s and she had dreamed about this moment, keeping him growing, so they would grow even larger.

The feeling of his breasts growing and immensive fat swelling drove him crazy with hornyness, gut was hanging down on his penis, which was so hot.

Alyson could not look at him, she was so disgusted at what she saw there, but she could not fail to love what was happening to Daniel: He started to look thinner and thinner. He was still fat, but this guy that she hardly knew seemed to be pumped full with the fat that she had been so worried about.

She could not understand how this could be, but it was somehow enough that it was.

Daniel had changed, it would have been wrong to call him anything else than fat, but his face was not the distended fat one of a very obese man, his breasts were no longer the size that beat the average woman’s. And most of all, his belly was no longer a huge grotesque large and wide sack of hanging fat. It was only hanging over his crotch slightly.

And he was still shrinking. Daniels belly made a slurping sound, as the fat was draining out of him, it sounded like something was deflating. It was a very similar sound that that his fattening belly made, except it was clear by the noise where the fat was going and how his fattening belly was filling with it.

It was the craziest thing anybody had ever seen, especially Alyson and Daniel.

And for Andrea… she had not been this horny and hot, since…since... well, never really.

She disconnected from him and stepped back to look at him, unable to speak or form words.

The swelling slowed down a little, but then she came over to him and grabbed his fat gut, lifted the immense fat bulk up and let it drop down. Waves of jiggle went through it and everything jiggled like an ocean of fat. Even his breasts picked up the jiggle and wobbled for a long time. Then she exploded in an earth shattering orgasm, which made him moan as loud as her, because he felt it in every fat cell in his body and by now, fat was the thing he was more composed of than anything else.

He could feel her lust and pleasure, and the orgasm made him inflate faster again. He looked like a fat pig as his fat gut grew wider and wider, while settling down on his thighs as a huge fat mass, his navel getting wider and deeper and the fat folds on his sides expanding.

His face was like in a trance, his eyes wide in surprise how his waistband grew rapidly, his mouth open, a loud gurgling sound coming from inside him, his tongue licking his lips, his hand holding his fattening gut, sinking in inches, in a helpless effort to keep it together. His arms were getting fat as well, there were large fat bags growing on his upper arms, the signs of a super fat. He moaned, as he fattened up like a feeding pig, his large hanging gut and him altogether more and more resembling the a sack filling up with liquid fat, that was certainly a true assessment what was happening to him.

Andrea was gasping from the orgasm and the wave was settling down and with the bulk of her arousal spent, he felt the strong surge of fat that had been pumping him up like a blimp slow down. He stumbled and had to sit down.

Andrea went over to Alyson and told her to go home, that she had to examine them both to make sure they were fine.

Alyson was flustered and shocked and pleased and horrified, all at the same time.

She wished she could unsee what she had just witnessed.

3. Examination

They were all three in the examination room next door. Andrea looked at them both, they both stood naked in front of her.

She had already measured the blood pressure and heart rate and they were all normal.

When she measured the circumference of them both, she would not have been less surprised.

This had really worked, and much better than she would have ever dreamed. She knew that she had channeled the whole thing, that she had projected that incredibly obese guy on him and that she wanted him to keep growing even fatter.

He had stopped growing some time ago, but had reached an incredible girth, more than Daniel had had before. But then he had been fat to start with.

Daniel was still fat, his belly still hanging slightly, but he was by no means very obese or morbidly obese, a stage that he was very close to.

Daniel was very happy about what had happened and was eager to leave, to go celebrate with Alyson. After he left, Andrea reviewed what she had gathered:

Daniel was down to an incredible 253 pounds (115 kg) and that is from the 360 pounds (163 kg) he had had before.

Her fatty on the other side had left the 270 pounds (122 kg) he had had and now weighed in at a staggering 374 pounds (170 kg).

And she could tell by the way he had gained so easily that his belly had already been primed for strong weight gain and fat.

He could not stay on his legs long, he was now lifting 106 pounds (48 kg) more weight than before the transformation. She got him a wheelchair, which made his belly rest on his thighs like some jiggling liquid bloated mass.

And the craziest thing was that he was really hungry, his stomach was empty and he felt the need for something really fat. And fattening, he felt the word reverberate in his head, scared of what had happened to him and what was happening to him.

And through the whole examination, he couldn’t fail to notice that she was not wearing any panties. And it drove him nuts, he wanted at her vagina, lick her, pleasure her, fuck her.

And she knew why she was walking around like this, that she needed to give him easy access to her pussy: She was dripping wet, his new fatter self drove her nuts with arousal. She had thought that getting him this fat would be years of work and now it happened so fast.  She was totally transfixed by his huge hanging belly. And the pig aspect, that she had always loved about him, that so far he had only shown when eating and when being fed, was now very visible. Nobody had a belly like this when just eating, this was a belly from a person that got fattened up.

He totally could not believe how he had fattened up, when he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw the pig that he knew had always been in him, the pig that to gain so badly, and would likely become dangerously fat, so fat in fact that his mobility would be endangered.

My God, had his face gotten wide and fat, his double chin was phenomenally large and the neck fat made him look so obese, like he had just inflated like a balloon filled with fat.

There was no end to exciting discoveries:

He had now huge breasts and his areolas were much more sensitive than they had been before.

It was now also hard to get to his dick, he needed a mirror and the hanging belly that was covering his crotch always reminded him how fat he had gotten. A thing that was hard to forget anyway, as he jiggled with every step, he waddled now like a fattened up porker. Oh, these hot terms: He had thought them before, but now they really did apply to him.

He had changed so much, he hardly recognized himself.

4. Feeding

But there was not time for him to discover his new body, because a thing was very urgent and that was food. She sensed that by now that he must be starving, his stomach not having realized how fat he had gotten or actually, just that.

She brought him a whole turkey and it smelled so good, he started eating it before it was even properly carved up. She watched him eat and was so happy. Soon she was feeding him and to make the turkey even more delicious, she had brought a large bowl of deliciously rich liquid butter, into which he could dip the morsels.

To drink, she had brought a quart of avocado peanut butter shake, which he could no stop drinking. There was something wonderful about fat, about being fattened up by her feeding. All the thoughts that it was actually dangerous to eat this fat, after just having inflated with fat like this, that it could have a destabilizing influence on his fat gut, that all these fat cells wanted filling did not cross his mind, the intense hunger drowned everything out.

And soon the whole turkey was eaten and he was as hungry as he had been before.

“I have no more food here for you” she said, getting up.

“We should go to a more cozy place, the feeding equipment I have here is not as much fun as eating” she said with a wink.

Soon they were in a restaurant and he noticed that everybody was very fat. There were special tables, and specially sturdy chairs, like it was made for that. Soon, they settled into a room in the back and were waited on by an incredibly fat woman chef.

The first course was a huge serving of garlic bread, it was basically a whole loaf which she fed into him with delight. It was like nothing he had ever eaten before, it was all so symphonic in taste, a true taste explosion in his taste buds. While he was eating, she carefully monitored his belly, was watching it carefully, as his stomach was filling.

But it did not, all that happened was that the whole upper part of his belly kept swelling larger and larger. The next course was a little pig, wonderfully roasted on a skewer. complete with a boatload of potato wedges and vegetables.

The pig was filled with crunchy bacon and ham strips that still carried the fat. It went down all so well, so so delicious and he could not believe all this was fitting inside him so easily. She was noticing that his belly was getting rounder, that the fat was rising and getting more taut.

And there was something different about the pig. Usually, pork was not this fat: It had a thick layer of fat all around. And it tasted so delicious. It did not escape his wit that this fat pig was about to make him an even fatter pig.

“This one is from a special farm, where they fatten them up for this restaurant. But the grow them in a way that they form more fat, and not just meat. It’s so hot to see you wolf it down and soon we will see it work on you and turn you into an even fatter pig!” she whispered in his ear.

He got aroused from being called a fat pig. Because now it had gotten real, he shifted position and felt the fat apron on his thighs, the breasts hanging, the fat folds in his sides and back and how how he was being transformed into a more and more grotesque fat pig.

A tub of lard, oh God he loved that term.

One feeder had called him that and back then, it had not been true, now when looking down, he got reminded that he had a hanging belly that was right now growing and expanding, albeit very slowly.

Then the pig was gone too and he felt the weight inside his stomach, but it was not yet getting full.  She looked at him and he could see that she was as horny that she could hardly speak.

“Oh God, you stomach has gotten large!” she gasped.

He was munching on a boat load of mashed potato, when she came with a glass of fattener over to him.

She could not make him drink that, it was just too much fat, he just had eaten a whole pig, albeit a small one. But it had been very fat and he had loved it at the moment, now he got some stomach distress in his belly. It was a mild belly ache, and not until later he would find out that these small pigs were fattened up with an insane amount of growth hormones that boosted fat cell formation, so he had no idea about the signs when it started working on the fat cells in his huge belly.

She came over with the drink and started to drink it herself, but then came to him and kissed him, while injecting the fattener into his mouth. This was such a romantic way of feeding, it felt so good to be fattened up by every kiss.

The fat woman came in, dressed in a chef attire that tried to hold all that hanging fat of her obese body together but failed utterly. She came with 5 other people, carrying lots of tomato pasta, two whole chicken, a plate with 6 double cheese burgers that were laden with bacon and cheese, a large pizza. She fed him and his belly rose, got fuller and fuller and he could not believe it, he was still hungry and there was still room. He had never eaten this much in his life, not even the turkey would have fit in his stomach before.

She got hornier and hornier watching him, how much capacity he had. She had never seen something like this….

She fed him with her hands, loved how fast everything vanished into him, how she played with his tongue and how he licked her hands greedily to give him more.

After another half an hour of feeding, he was so horny. She had fed him nonstop and telling him what a fat pig he had become and examining his belly fat, his neck fat, which she found especially erotic. He did not look like he had just inflated, but like somebody had diligently and with a lot of intention fattened him up to this size.

He had no idea what was happening, that right after being virtually inflated with lard, he was now being fed by her like there was no tomorrow. But it was driving him crazy with being horny and he wanted to fuck her so bad. She could feel that too and was so horny too, but needed to keep feeding him.

“Have you seen how Daniel has shrunk? Wow, and he looks like he has never been bigger in his life, no loose skin, no stretch marks, no obesity related changed in his body. And you…” she had a hard time saying it relaxed through the tension of her arousal “and you look like you were a fatty early on and then just gained and gained. Like the fat has step by step, slowly, but consistently taken over. You make me so hot with your fat!” she gasped. And it made him also so hot, all that jiggle, that fat gut, the wobble that went through him with every movement.

He could feel it, how he had inflated, had swollen up with fat, been fattened up like a pig, there was no other way to describe this. How he had become a tub of lard, virtually, as shown by the huge hanging and saggy soggy thick fat layer that was his belly.

“I need to fuck you!” he gasped. “Feed me, feed me like a fat pig!” came the confession out of him. She massaged her clit with one hand and moaned louder and then fed him with the hand that was soaking wet from her pussy and he licked it so greedily. Part of his gaining, part of him becoming fatter had always been to make her see it, to make her witness it, how he descended into becoming so incredibly fat that he could not walk anymore. And see that it made her horny, was so essential and important for him. And: Very very fattening! He knew it, yet he could not help it and neither wanted to. He was in good care, she knew what he needed and what had to happen with him.

“I don’t know if I can let you yet, maybe we should wait till your belly destabilizes again and you start growing again, I want to see it!”

He moaned at that, OMG, he remembered how the swelling had felt, the pure “getting fatter” and he knew that he was doing something wonderful for another human being, he was absorbing from Daniel what had been a curse to him, he enabled him to lead a normal life.

What that would mean for him he did not know yet, it maybe meant that he would give up more and more of his life to fat and fattening uncontrollably.

“But it is helping you my fatty, it speeds up what has to happen anyway, you know that, don’t you?” she said and he hit home so hard.

“You’re now getting too fat for most women, even if they are tolerant. And I want to keep fattening you till only the lovers or morbidly fat guys find you still attractive and normal women are shocked at your fatness”

That was so hot to hear her say that.  It was time to polarize, it was time he got as fat that only ffas that fattened guys up found him and made him grow more.

There was a loud groaning sound coming out of his belly and she licked her lips as she watched his gut.

“Come on! While you still can, before the fat will make you so fattened up that you can even reach inside anymore!”

She lifted up her skirt and lay on the table. He hardly needed an invitation, he was a fattened up hog, he moved a lot slower, his fat ridden front wobbling and jiggling with every movement. But he was horny and he wanted to fuck her, now and here.

Her lifted up his fat gut and positioned his penis on her dripping wet cunt and pushed. And he panted and breathed hard as he fucked her and felt how wet she was, and how her pussy was the reason he had ballooned up so much.

How it had fattened him up and how it would keep fattening him.

She felt his weight on her, how his huge fat belly was still hanging down and jiggling and wobbling like crazy. Oh God, was he a fat pig! He could feel it, he fucked slower, the fat was making him slow down and everything jiggled and wobbled.

And she felt his huge heavy gut on hers, how he was pinning her down, she felt his fat-vagina, that was growing all around his cock and swallowing it and it felt so hot when he pushed inside,  all that fat piling on her vagina, like a pillow made of fat.

And the fact that his dick had lost length to the fat, how he was getting tits like a fat woman, how his features were getting softer and more pliant and feminine, how his once firm arms and legs had grown fat and jiggly, all this showed how he was feminizing. How he was in the receiving role, how she fed him and he took and absorbed, how she impregnated him constantly, impregnated him with fat and he grew with it and he was wide open and absorbed everything she gave him. Like a balloon got “impregnated” by a compressor, it was a natural process.

“You fattened up sow! You obese pig! I fattened you up and I’m not finished with you!” she moaned. And his belly hung so much, wobbled so obscene and hot that her words hit home so much.

Years ago, something like this would have made him come, but surprisingly this time he still kept going, he just kept fucking her fast. Well, he would fuck slower and slower, the more she grew him and filled him like a large sack of fat.

Again, this was so hot, he could not believe that he had not already ejaculated. But it was something that the fat was doing, now that he was composed more of fat than of anything. He was not full yet and he needed to be. Even as dangerous it was for a fat porker like him to be fattened up and be so overfed with such a huge stomach… his belly fat could destabilize again, and with a loud moan he realized that it would, it was just a matter of time.

He remembered the feeling, that surprise, how the belly fat just multiplied, how his belly just inflated, so natural and easy, like it was a punishment and result from his endless and reckless overeating, like he was asking for it for a long time by overdoing it constantly.

Suddenly, he felt something in his belly fat, he felt all the fattening food move inside him, and he realized how dangerous it was to be fattened up like this, having gotten such a large stomach, after having such a powerful fattening episode. But he kept fucking, getting more and more aroused, there was not much he could do, his belly needed filling.

A loud groaning came out of his fat gut and his belly bloated a little in one big push which made him moan.

“Grow for me my fatty, oh please! Fatten up, now! I can’t wait!” she moaned feeling his fat bulk on her.

She felt how he was dominating her with his weight, if he would have pinned her down, she could not have gotten out from under him, but at the same time she was dominating him, fattening him up, making him more and more unable to move much.

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