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Sharon, Ali and Jes Featured

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Whenever I meet you three, I get a hard on in my pants right away, i just love the way sexual energy flows between us, how I glue you together, how I brought you together and introduced you to the joy of feeding and fattening. And when I look at you, I see 3 gorgeous women, gifted with such a hot sexuality and such hot bodies. Sharon, my fatty, you were the first, and now you are the fattest of us all, you're closing in on 400 pounds and you tease Ali and Jes of what I can do, how fatten a woman up, they saw the pictures of you when you were just around 230 and we had so much great sex, every time I fattened you up, I fucked you after wards, with that pumped up belly of yours. And we all love how easy you gain my fatty, that we all know that you are a real pig, that you are growing even faster now that we all are fattening you up.
And I always suspected that you were bi and loved to explore it with you and the wonderful foursome we have now together.

Jes, you are the thinnest yet and I remember how your eyes popped out when I showed you pictures of Sharon, how much I had fattened her up and you knowing that I wanted to do the same with you. I remember how much hotter you got when you started correspond with Sharon and how you wanted to meet her, but were shy.
Jes, I love your huge vagina, how you were made for big heavy cocks like me, and how you gasp when I push inside you, how you love to be filled, fitting your size like a glove. And you know, I have always been very hot about your huge knockers, these massive J cups that you carry. And you are only 260 pounds, how huge will they get when I fatten you up to 400? 500? It defies description. Women get very very large heavy udders when they are fattened up, it is one of the most magical things.
I was starting to fatten Jes up, but she was getting more and more concrete and told me in moments of extreme heat that she wanted to grow fatter than Sharon, that I should use my whole magic. She was kinda shy to meet the fat Sharon, so I arranged Sharon to be at a all you an eat buffet that I was going with Jes. Jes was totally surprised, but loved to meet the fat Sharon and immediately was impressed and excited of seeing the fat woman and even more that I had step by step made her this fat, that she was a feedee of mine and that she would be next. That evening, I fed Jes normally, pushed her to eat more and as always feeling her resistance, but pushed Sharon beyond all limits. I showed Jes what we usually did, first watching her overeat for me and then pushing her to overeat massively, till her huge fat belly was a pumped up balloon. And Sharon, as fat as she had grown, or maybe just because of that, was really comfortable and really really horny being fattened up, the woman had a huge stomach, I wondered how she had not been massively obese when I met her, and had an incredible capacity.
I called her a few times a fat pig, right in front of Jes, made to be fattened up, and I could see that Jes was also eating more and getting horny at what I did with the fat porker and how she was taking it. I noticed how Sharon kept looking at the gigantic breasts of Jes, these massive J cup sized udders that she had and that she was sometimes bothered of how huge and cumbersome they were.

Jes could not believe how much I fed Sharon, how much she could fit inside her belly, but realized, that I used a little feeding pump and a tube on her regularly. She had always been scared of that, but knew that I wanted to feed her like that too. The plumper woman with the gigantic heavy breasts got extremely aroused, I could see it in her eyes. And she had also eaten quite a big over her hunger, in her case her belly got pumped up and like a big ball of inflated fat. Together with her huge breasts she always looked like highly pregnant with twins or triplets. Our both focus was more and more on Sharon, that was getting quieter and quieter, was quietly moaning so that only us two could hear it. I knew she had a total wet spot between her legs, needed to be fucked so badly after being fattened up like this. We assisted Sharon to get up and guided her outside, she could hardly walk and Jes could not believe how large the fat woman’s belly had become. I had told her that Sharon, climbing over 300 pounds and ever since I started tube feeding her had accepted that she was not just a fattening pig, but a fattening sow.
Knowing all that was very hot for Jes and also for Sharon and me, Sharon showing that fat fattening pig side to Jes when being fed by me.
When we were in the car, we were all very horny, Sharon was the center of our attention. She was panting nervously. When we arrived home, I asked Sharon immediately "Can I show her your belly, my hot porker?"
She just nodded, she wanted Jes to see. She was attracted to the massively large breasted plumper and had seen how Jes had watched her eat and being fed by me.
I exposed her large belly and Jes'es eyes seemed to pop out. I grabbed it, grabbed her fat folds and Sharon let it happen, got aroused by it, me defacto owning her gut, having her made to get it, making her grow. My pants were off and my large cock was visible, how it stood to attention, I had slept with both women many times and was very comfortable with them seeing my arousal.
"I love how her belly has started to hang so much, she looks now like a fat pig, just waiting to get fattened up more. And look how it hangs!" I grabbed her gut and lifted it, "I love to have to lift a fat porkers hanging belly and knowing I made her that way!"
It was hot how her gut that normally almost reached her knees now hung less, having been pumped up with all the food
Jes could asked Sharon if she could touch it and Sharon just nodded, too horny for much thought.

Jes touched Sharon's fat gingerly, was amazed how jiggly her gut had become. How fat and I whispered inside her ear, while I grabbed Jes'es huge inflated gut, that was more like a pumped up ball, that I wanted her to grow fatter than Sharon, that I was in a hurry to get her fattened up.
Jes was just playing with Sharon's sagging breasts, that were like hanging bags that reached down almost to her navel and were the typical breasts of a fat woman that had had pretty small breasts, that then got pumped up with lots of fat when she gained. Jes just could not believe how fat Sharon had gotten, the hanging fat on her upper arms, her huge double chin and her huge pumped up hanging gut, she looked like a pig that was being fattened up and it turned her on so much.

"I gotta show you this woman’s fantastic udders!" I exclaimed as I started to undo Jeses bra and lifted her shirt up. The fat Sharon looked at her and licked her lips, "God are you huge! And so sexy!", while the fat woman grabbed her huge J cup and felt them.
Jes got really horny from this, she had never gotten so much attention from a woman and a man at the same time. Sharon had probably never felt such huge breasts in her life and was totally transfixed how a woman could have such huge knockers. Sharon put her lips to Jes'es huge areolas and licked them, making Jes moan. Both fatties were so hot and wet I could smell it. My hand meanwhile was on Sharon's fat pumped up gut, how it was on her thighs. And then I pushed her back, her massive fat gut flopping around, it looked so hot, how fat she was and how huge and pumped up her belly was.
"And now Jes, you have to excuse me, but Sharon is highly fat pregnant, she is going to get fatter quite a bit from our feeding excursion today. And my fat pig needs rewarding for growing so nicely for me!"
And with this I opened the huge fat legs of my porker and exposed her fat pussy, so that Jes could see it too. My huge cock had been standing for a while and i had been hot to show both women, because they both knew how it felt inside. II grabbed Sharon's bells fat, in a way the my fat sow only knew too well and told her "I love how you are getting slower, how you are having trouble walking fast, how your fat gut is settling down, how your hanging gut makes you look like a pig that isfattenedd up. Open up, my tub of lard, I am going to fuck you now!" and with this I shoved my very thick cock inside the fat woman’s dripping wet pussy and I gasped, as did Sharon. She got so hot by the stuff I had told her just now. Soon, Sharon wobbling and jiggling with every time I pushed inside her. I had to hold up her sagging gut, which was so hot. Jes watched us and could not believe what she saw, it was driving her crazy with hornyness, me fucking and satisfying the fat woman, after having fattened her up. I kissed Sharon deep, felt the huge fat blob of her belly on mine, the way she looked like a fat pig, her massive double chin, that I pinched in a way that only a Feeder can, made Sharon moan louder. She had a really hot pussy, not as roomy as Jes, but rimmed with so much fat as she had gotten fatter and fatter, it looked like the cunt of fat sow, you could not see anything due to all the fat. I knew that I was fattening her up, driving her and she knew it too.
While I was fucking, I grabbed Jes by one large nipple and pulled her close to me, then I kissed her and told her to take off her panties. OMG, was she wet, I positioned her next to me, so that I could dip my face into her amazing pussy and start licking her, while I fucked that huge fat porker of Sharon. Then Jes was side by side with Sharon and loved to touch the much fatter woman’s belly with her own. She kissed with Sharon right away, while Sharon was making the plumpers J cup breasts move lazily from side to side, moving like water, the way really really huge breasts move when a woman was on her back. Jes moaned as she felt me licking her and making her even hotter, I knew exactly how to combine dipping my tongue deep inside her cunt and at the same time teasing her clit with it, she soon came, as this all had been so much foreplay and that she had never been so horny in her life for so long and now was kissing with a woman and being licked by the man that was fattening her up. She virtually screamed as she orgasmed, her pumped up belly helping with the pressure. I loved her voice, the way it sounded a little innocent, although she could be the hottest and horniest woman and was easy going and easy to get into her pussy with a dick.

I was fucking Sharon hard now, I knew she liked my style of fucking, the way that I pounded a pussy when it was dripping wet, hot and wide open. A feedee like her and Jes were submissive and I loved to flip up her fat legs, hold them up and then penetrate deep with my thick fat sucker, sliding all the way out and then opening her vagina lips with my large penis head and pushing it all the way inside, till she could feel my heavy balls on her lips and then grabbing her shoulder and holding her there when did the deep push, so it went maximally deep. Jes loved to be fucked like this, Sharon too and I had not met a woman so far that did not enjoy that, feeling so feminine and submissive when she was fucked by a tall dominant man, with a specially large and very thick dick that did know exactly what he was doing.

Sharon had gotten so hot feeling and hearing Jes come while she was kissing her and I was slam fucking her now, going a way out of her pussy and then slamming my dick all the way to the maximum in and making her fat gut and her formless hanging breasts flop, jiggle and move like an ocean of fat. She jiggled more and more, the fatter she got and it was so hot. She moaned louder and louder, panting and her hot guttural noise filling the room. You could hear that a woman got her brains fucked out and could not believe what was happening to her. I placed my hand on her belly, let it sink into her massive lard, but right where I knew her pumped up overstretched massively inflated pig stomach was under and pushed gently. Her moaning changed, it became more urgent. I pushed a little more, harder and Sharon's eyes seemed to pop out of her heady, as I increased the pressure with my whole hand, the massively fat woman started to moan with quality that made us both, me and Jes watch her and get so hot, she looked like a fat pig, like something was taking her.
"OMG OMG OMG OMG", she gasped, faster and faster "I'm going to pop!"

I knew that her stomach had always been a lot larger than "normal" women's, and it had always readily grown to her overeating, something the fat woman had done sometimes, gained heavily through it and tried to avoid it most of the time. But having a pig inside her and the corresponding stomach stretchability, meeting me had destroyed all her resistance, it was a match made in heaven and very very fattening for the porker: A fast gaining feedee that had held herself back to stay in any mobile form, but the more she recognized who and what she was, that she needed to be fattened up, that she was a fattening pig, that she was good at gaining weight and that it made her hornier than anything on the planet.... She knew that her clock of being mobile was ticking...

She was getting off the pressure so much that she came, loud screaming and panting.

I then switched over to Jes and started fucking her, her pussy beautifully huge and wide, like made for a big cock like mine and probably also the reason why she carried such huge massive tits, maybe my large cock was seeking out these large massive mammaries, because women that were saddled with such udder sized breasts carried a massive large pussy that had a hard time getting filled by a average sized dick.

to be continued...


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    This is something that I would personally never share publically- but that's what I get being into monagamous relationships, i.e., marriage. the true, intense chemistry between the feeder(fattener)/feedee(gainer) is intensified when it becomes something special and private that only the two share. The feedback spiral that forms grows in intensity as her weight and appetite does, and both are deeply, emotionally committed to each other and no one else. Isn't that true love?

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