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Chloe was scared. She had found a feeder and she had exactly found what she knew she had been looking for all along. She was scared for her belly, for her weight and freedom of movement and life choice. She was afraid of her own lust, her sexuality and what it would mean to her belly.

She had known for a while now, the tendency surfacing more and more, but it found her as a shock that the choice was coming up fast. And she did not have a choice really, it was all already done in a way.
She looked down on her, and noticed the stretch marks on her belly and got hot at it. It had happened so fast and she had not even met him yet. She felt her belly, how fat it had gotten, how soft and jiggly it was now.

The chats that they have had and the mails he sent her were all done to prepare her and she could feel how it was ripening inside her, how she got more and more comfortable with the idea, although it still scared her big time. It would mean that her whole life changed, but it had something so seductive for her, something to natural and part of her knew that she needed him, to take care of her, since he knew exactly what she needed, the way she was. 
And as he had told her "You want me to take care of you, trust me. Other men won't get what is going to happen with you, they won't support you and regularly fuck you when you get horny as hell from the growing fat. They won't push you like you need it and find it disgusting that you have truly amazing growth in front of you. They don't like pigs like I do, they are not your kind of men"
And she had no doubt that he was right. 
When had it started? She remembered the thoughts as long back as she could remember, but she had searched for a man that would take care of her, that knew what she needed and could satisfy her strange and unique needs. It had happened without her realizing, she had wished for him to enter her life, many orgasms had wished him to show up in her life. 
She had looked for him like a balloon is looking for the nozzle of the pressure cylinder, how a sausage skin looks for the sausage filler, and now that she had found him and he was ready for her, she could feel her future change. Chloe was a intelligent woman, with many plans for her life. She still wanted to do a masters in her field of social sciences, have a career, wanted to travel to India and Europe, to work there for the red cross. But she knew new, pretty sure that she was soon not be able to fit in a airplane seat anymore, and if the feeling she carried in her gut was right not even if she took 2 or 3 seats. She would settle down, embrace the fat that would come to her. 
She looked at her belly and knew that it was ready to take her over. That she would do one thing better than anything else before in her life: grow fat and fatter, and arouse others with the way she grew apart and was a sculpture of jiggling fat, basically a sack of fat that was filling.
She realized that she had a pump inside her belly, she could feel it, just waiting to inflate her with fat like a weather balloon, and enjoy it the same as the balloon that met the nozzle and now realized that this was where it needed to be, felt the stream of air come out of it and inflate and feel happy of being in the right place at the right time.

Pump, inside her, get pumped up with fat! She got so horny at these thoughts and also hungry, Oh My God, it was so hot, she wanted to drink fat right now, to start it off, to start her life as a fat sponge, sucking up fat and bloating up.

Chloe knew she was a pig, or at least as close as a human woman could come to one. Her feeder had explained it to her and he was so right. It had been shocking at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she knew that it was true.
He had told her that she was built, made to be fattened, born to gain weight and that she did it well. And that it would satisfy her more than anything she had ever done before in her life. And that it would give her more sexual pleasure than anything ever before and that she could not have sex anymore with anybody except a feeder that knew her condition and was so extreme that he loved and looked for this tendency too. Not because she must not, but because she would know that a man outside of this elected circle would not understand what she needed, did not tell her the right words while fucking her hard and deep, did not grab her belly flab greedily and show with with his words and actions that he wanted her to grow fat fast.

And that he would not stop, even when she became immobile. 
Immobility, how crazy was that! But it made her wet and so horny and it felt so dreamy and like pure destiny. She knew she would reach it and that he would keep feeding her, even after that. And it had been so shocking, so hot and even more shocking because it made her hot, that he had said that he would want her to become immobile, help her, force feed her and make sure that when she could still walk, when she could still "escape", that he would not let up and make sure she really got there.
She knew that she was secretly, subconsciously looking for a feeder that was like that, but had feared of finding somebody, because of what it would mean for her and her belly hanging well over her knees.

But he was there, he was ready. And she knew that she could just submit herself to him, say the magic words "I am a pig, take care of me!"
And from then on, it was all his thing, she was there to receive, and as submissive as she was, she would take and absorb everything he gave her. And since she was who she was, had a pig inside her, she would be a greedy sponge for fat.

She still felt like a thin woman, like she had been not long ago, but that would change soon. She knew time was gaining on her, literally. Every orgasm that she had was after overeating, she could not stop eating, also a thing that was defining her as a pig. 
She still had a slender waist and face, with just a little double chin, but could not wait to waste her body with fat, to pump it up, to spoil it with a massive influx of fat. To drive all firmness from her body, make her already large breasts hang and her still firm skin sprout cellulite everywhere, and to show in no uncertain terms that she was being fattened up and was a feeding pig.

That she needed to be fed, to be fattened and to be fucked! It made her horny to think these thoughts and she felt the pig inside her stir, started masturbating and wished he was there for her, taking away her virginity that she had with being force fed. She knew that every time she got horny at thoughts like that, it made her a little more subservient to the fat that would take her over.

So, how long did the have? She still felt a lot of fear and resistance, but knew that every pound of belly fat, every inch her breasts grew heavier and saggier, every inch that her upper arms started hanging, that sign of being super fat, having these huge hanging sacks of fat on the upper arms, the way her butt grew and she took more and more space sitting down, the softer she would get, the more it would soften her willpower.

Chloe knew that time was ticking away, that not much was left. That he was ordering the feeding braces for her mouth, was booking the vacation for two, that would span 2 weeks initially, but would probably be 3 weeks, depending on how her weight gain would go. And that was also something that she was worried about: She gained weight with speed, had pig like qualities when it came to putting on fat very fast. She had kept control over it, not explored what was inside her, not known. But that was gone now, 
He had told her stuff that had made her eat like crazy and she had even taken a swig from an oil bottle, a think of monstrosity that he had talked about, making her drink pure fat. It had of course been totally disgusting, but it had been so hot to take gulp after gulp after gulp and then felt the bloating that happened immediately in her belly. She had read that it made you throw up, but she just felt this funky feeling inside her gut and got really really horny, at which she came when she started to masturbate herself.

She woke up that night and was so horny, that she came right away, her belly an inflated huge ball. It did not take long for the fat bomb to go off inside her after that. She spend that night coming one time after another. And she did not get sick as maybe others did, it sucked up the fat like a sponge and it went directly to her waist, and she gained 4 pounds just from that incident. It was very very dangerous, as she could tell that she was built like a pig in many ways, and her fat digestion was something terrible to behold. She also could not forget that experience that night, how she lay in bed feeling her pumped up belly digest the fat and touching herself, coming over and over. And then the next day feel the jiggly fat settle on her belly...

She was very fat fertile, an expression that he had explained to her. She would not have a hard time gaining on her own, actually, she had keep away from any kind of fatty food. But having a extreme feeder force feed her?

That was crazy and she knew that she would not last long, she would virtually explode with fat. But the pig inside her wanted exactly that, to gain as fast as her belly wanted. He also wanted that so badly and she could not believe what she read in the chat. He could feel that he was in a hurry, he told her that he wanted her to get up to weight, to cross over the 300 pounds barrier, at which point she carried already that much fat in her body and her belly started to hang that she could not resist anymore and where it was much easier to feed her, as her already existing fat and jiggle pushed her to even gain more, where she could see that she was a fat gaining pig, where it was written all over her body. 
And it felt all so magical, it felt like he owned her already and she wanted him to. She knew that gaining for him was important, that she had to gain for somebody, that is was important to make him horny, to drive him nuts with her growing bulk and fat.

And the fast gaining, she knew that was the reason why she felt that she had a pump inside her belly, a fat pump and that she wanted him to switch it on. And it was hot that he was so confident that she would come to him, that he was already booking the feeding vacation with her, because she knew that she indeed did not have much choice in the matter. 
With every mail she felt that she became more his property, that he knew more about what she needed than her herself. 
And she knew deep inside her gut that he was in a hurry feeding her, getting her up to 300 and that she would totally give herself to him, that he could feed her and do with her whatever he wanted. 
That he might even paralyze her temporarily, with a thing that spread her jaw, kept her mouth open and that secreted a tranquilizer inside her that made her arms and legs first tired and then she could not move them at all anymore, and he explained her what he would do.

Kiss her gently, touch her hands as she gets more and more immobilized, undress her and see how she gets nervous and exited at losing control at the same time. Massaging her belly, touching her fat, examining her large breasts, opening up her legs, so that her pussy was fully exposed so he could grab it and tickle it any time he wanted.
And then feed her with a funnel, fill it with fattener and make her swallow, by whispering stuff in her ear and closing her nose so she had to swallow it or she could not breathe anymore.

It was crazy and insane in a way, how could you give yourself to a stranger
like this? But it felt so natural and when they talked on the phone, she could
first not believe if this was really the guy: he sounded calm, confident, warm
and they did not talk much about the feeding itself. He wanted to get to know
her and also let her get to now him. From what she could gather he was an
ordinary guy, besides being very intelligent and sensitive. She enjoyed the
conversations with him, especially knowing that he was sane, a thing you could
not say about many feeders. He seemed not to be obsessed with feeding and fat
and she could also tell that he indeed had experience, because you could tell
the way feeders acted when they were totally green behind the ears. The way it
was all fantastic and extreme and how they seemed to be done in no time,
disconnecting after they had an orgasm from just talking to a real woman, a
real feedee.

But then one evening, he got a little more direct and told her that all was
ready for her, that the vacation was booked, that she needed to come to him for
preparing her. That it was time for her to give herself to a feeder, to him.
And that she was probably nervous and scared in this change in her life, also
because she knew she could not resist anymore. 
And that it really was time for her, that she needed to leave her thin body
behind and turn into that huge fat sagging woman that she knew was waiting
inside her.
"Chloee, I know that you are very submissive! I will take good care of you, I
promise you that!" and she felt really at home with him.
Here was a guy that did not make her compliments on how thin she was, but knew
what she wanted and could not wait to make her balloon up with fat.
She had never felt so much magic with a man before, a man that she had not even
met before. She started to write him all her secrets about feeding, the special
things that a feeder needed to know, foods that she could not resist, how to
break down her resistance that would stop her from gaining. It was like a
confession and it felt so good.

And he knew it all already, it was like he could read her mind. She knew that
she was already gaining, overeating and dreamed of the tube and that she was
overstretching her stomach for him, so she would be ready for the tube soon.
She had the most incredible orgasms reading his mails and talking to him on the
phone, when he started to talk how he would fatten her up. Not during, but
right after getting off the phone, where she could not believe what was
happening to her. In a moment of total hornyness, she booked the ticket to him,
set the return date 4 months, which would be enough to make sure she became a
very fat woman. And she made sure that the ticket was non refundable, so she
had to go.

And she stayed horny all the time, so she was still scared, but knew that she
had to do this, it drove her, it felt like she belonged to him, like he owned
Then, she finally sat in the plane and had, as he had instructed her, taken
some of her jeans and pants, bras and had sent the rest of her clothing to
storage, or given it to goodwill. It was a hot task, because he had told her 
to do so, because he had told her and she knew also that when she came back,
she would never again be able to fit in them.

And the ones she had taken, he told her that he could not wait to see that she
could not fit in them anymore.

She was horny the whole trip, had to make her come when going to the bathroom
in the plane, it felt all so right and proper to let him fatten her up.
When she arrived, their eyes met for the first time and she was amazed how tall
he was, how large his hands and how warm his smile.

He loved how large her breasts where and they hugged, and she felt his hand
touch her belly fat and check it out. 
"You are coming along nicely, lets get you fattened up!" he said with delight. 
So it was all real, she could not believe it! 
He kissed her, deeply and she answered it, felt like they had been lovers for a
long time.

Then they drove home, they talked about all kinds of things, he asked her about
the impressions of the flight and the USA.

And he knew that she was probably dripping wet, having felt her feeders hand on
her growing belly.

"You must be hungry!" he exclaimed and it was not a question.
Soon, she was sitting in a buffet, an all you can eat restaurant and was
eating. They had a great conversation that had nothing to do with feeding, but
when he brought her food, asked her if she still wanted something, like a true
gentleman, he whispered things in her ears. "Show me how large your stomach is
already, my piggy! I'm in a hurry to get you fat!"

And she showed him, during hours she ate like she had never eaten before, and
she noticed how he checked out her belly all the time. Then, when she was as
full as she knew she would soon throw up and also had a hard time breathing, he
helped her up and guided her out. Did the other people know that she was being
fattened up? It was really hot to have this secret with him.
When she was in the car, he had to support her all the way, he lifted her shirt
and massaged it, telling her "oh my, how wonderful your belly is poking out
already, your stomach must be huge already! Perfect for being fattened up!"
and while they drove, he told her that she was fat pregnant now, that she
carried the fat inside her belly that would soon make her get really fat. And
that he could not wait to see her put on fat fast and change from being merely
plump into becoming really fat.
She noticed how he had an erection from that, how she turned him on.

When they arrived home, he told her that she would now become his feedee and
him her feeder and that she was probably very horny and tired, but that he
needed to measure and weigh her and make sure that her fattening started

The first thing he asked her was to undress herself for him, so he could
examine her fat. It all happened in a special room of his house, where there
was also an examination table, that was covered a red rubber sheet that was
cold. She had to sit on it for 10 minutes, while he went out and came back.

He then examined her belly and touched the little fat rolls, the belly fat and
massaged her belly that was really really pumped up. He measured her
everywhere, noted it down and examined her breasts. She could see that he liked
what he saw. "Oh, you have wonderful potential as a feeding pig, your breasts
will get absolutely huge and I love huge breasts!"
While he touched her, and grabbed the fat like she was about to be sent into
the fattening process and he was checking her out, he always tussled her hair,
held her hand, he calmed her down soothingly, "don't worry! I know you are
nervous and anxious, but you don't have to worry! You are safe with me,
everything that will happen will be very natural and pleasurable for you. I
will only make you become a really fat woman. It will be strange and new to you
to feel your belly growing, but I promise y will make sure you gain from now on
and fast too, so don't resist, it will happen anyway! I'm your dream feeder and
I know that you need to grow badly."

and he told her to open her legs wide and he looked at her pussy, how beautiful
it looked and how wide open her lips where, how horny she was and dripping wet. 
He used his large hand and held her pussy, it felt like he was possessing it,
and he held her belly with the other hand while he inserted a finger inside her
vagina and also touched her clit and she gasped and moaned suddenly, so horny,
so hot.

He looked deep into her beautiful eyes and she could see how nice his eyes
looked, the kinda green, kinda brown color if them and he kissed her deeply,
lovingly, whispered in her ear "don't worry, I will fuck you afterwards, I know
you need it badly girl! I know you have never been as horny as this, never had
so much anticipation and also feeling so full and bloated!"
and he kissed her again and this time she could tell how his tongue ventured
inside her mouth, gently but insistingly, a symbol of how his dick would do
that soon after with her pussy.

Then he made her stand and took pictures, from the front, from the side and
told her that she just needed to do some things for her, to make sure she
became his feedee. He gave her a glass full of some yellow transparent liquid. 
"Drink this for me, as a sign that you want to grow as fast as possible and it
will help you add a fat bomb to your already full stomach."
As she took the glass, he started to undress and got naked, as she put the glass
to her lips he said "this is pure fat, as a pig this will make you come apart
with fat in a few days like crazy!"
and she was already obediently drinking it. It tasted strange and disgusting,
but she kept going, greedily sucking it down. He watched her and she could see
how his penis got had from watching her. She later learned that feeder and
feedee had to be always naked during strong feeding sessions, so that the
feeder could have access to her vagina and know when her body got horny at
something and betrayed her real intentions and so she had no way to fake or
deny that something turned her on. And in his case, it gave her a possibility
to see when her fat or eating was turning him on and see that he was really
real, that he wanted her to get fat. And the larger her belly would get, the
larger her breasts would be, the more they would hang like udders, the more she
had a double chin, the more it would turn him on and want to have sex with her.
And as she found out, it also turned her on to know that her growing fat was
turning him on.

Then she had swallowed all the fat in the glass and it showed to him how
obedient and willing she was, which was so hot. She felt the fat work inside
her, she had never had that much fat inside her stomach, and she felt her
stomach inflate with it, if felt wonderful.
He kissed her and massaged her gut at the same time, "now it is inside you and
nothing can change your fattening anymore!" he said with wide eyes of being
horny and hot. 
She could see how large his dick was and it turned her on. She had never had
such a large dick before and was amazed especially how thick it was, it was
huge. But she knew that she would adapt to it, that her vagina would stretch
and it fitted somehow that she was going to become a really fat woman and have
such a large dick at her disposal.

And she started to realize what he knew already: women that were gaining and
already had large breasts needed large dicks, it was like the male equivalent
of a woman like her being well endowed inside her blouse and having a fat
fertile belly.

"You have to sign this, then we are done!" said he.
"You sign it be sitting on it, your pussy is going to leave a wet mark on the
paper in a special place, showing that you agree with this and need/want this.
Your body will tell the truth, even if you are not ready to admit it"

He told her what was in the agreement:
1. I, showing my wet pussy on this paper, agree to fatten up, gain weight as
fast as my body can possibly put on fat. I agree to eat anything and everything
that my feeder gives me to eat, no matter how fattening or what huge quantity.
I agree that from now on, my feeder controls what comes inside my belly and I
am never allowed to vomit or get rid of fattening food. I agree that it will
stay inside me, so that it can find its way into my fat folds. 
2. I am not allowed to eat less than what my stomach can hold, but moreover am
obligated, to overeat, even if I am not hungry anymore till my stomach contains
considerable pressure and is enlarged and stretched through this. This is
independent of how large my stomach is at that point. 
3. My feeder can and must use any and all tools to make me gain, not limited to
funnels, cuffs, weight gain pills, hunger enhancers, withholding sex for not
gaining or not eating enough, force feeding tubes and pumps.
4. My rights and privileges are that my feeder will help me gain and be there
for me, assisting my fattening up, even when I am tired and so stuffed that I
am unable to move, he will pop fattening stuff in my mouth or hook me up to the
tube. He will service me, fuck me when I am wet and a bloated up sack of fat,
on the bed, unable to move. he will make sure that I get the sex I require to
gain faster. Through his like in very fat women, he will be in a hurry to make
me one. He is also familiar with creating sagging bellies and making women
gain and he will use this skill to my full benefit.

The below additions to this agreement are not available to the feedee until she
has reached the weight of 145 kg, at which point she will gain easier and
keeping her weight or losing fat will become hard to impossible. 
The last small print, she can only read when she has already reached 160 kg
and/or her belly has reached her knees and is hanging over them when standing,
whichever happens first.

She got so horny, she started moaning and sat on the agreement, leaving a
totally wet imprint on it. He smiled and got a hard on just from watching her.
he touched her pussy and massaged it, loving how dripping wet she was. 
he was leading her to the bed, opened her legs and massaged her belly that was
standing out and grabbing her fat, while making her horny by rubbing her clit.

"And now relax and focus on getting fatter!" he said and she was his, he could
fatten her up as much as he liked, it was wonderful. He cold not wait to
transform her little girly breasts that were only a D or E cup into large
hanging sacks of fat. And see her get a real fat belly while her face changes
with the fat.
She saw his penis, how hard it was, how large it was and he lifted her legs up,
and got into position, put the large head of his penis between her pussy lips
and then slowly pushed inside. She gasped, it was so hot, she had never been
fucked while being so full of fattening stuff, but she had always dreamed
about. No more being ashamed or hiding her gut, or holding back to tell a man
actually that she wished to become a fat sow, that he should help her get
there. This guy wanted it and would help her, well, push her to go there...

And then she felt his large dick, sliding inside her, fucking her and he loved
how that felt, he always liked young pussies, so capable of great sex, always
hungry and horny, but often so inexperienced, needing a master like him showing
them what hot sex was, being fucked from all different sides, for hours and
hours, having orgasm after orgasm. He had naturally amazing sexual energy, he
could touch a woman and make her wet just from that, and she could feel that
and after this foreplay, him grabbing her belly fat and massaging her belly,
while telling her what a fat sow he would feed her into, she came very fast and
had the first fattening orgasm ever with a feeder.


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