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The Pill Featured

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The pill lay there on the tablet. She looked at it and felt getting wet. She knew what that meant, just the pill there was a statement.
So he finally had acquired it, it was not a dream, not some fantasy. Could it be? Could it really be true?

She was not a thin woman anymore, she could not even pass for plump, she felt the distinct bulk of a fat gut rest on her thighs, and push against the fabric of her pants. Her belly had just a little hint of hanging and she knew where it was going. Ever since he told her that he dreamed of her being fatter as a woman, she had gained. First to please him, then because she loved to snack and then later out of pure lust. It was like the new fat cells were making her more orgasmic, like it was natural for a woman to fatten in a relationship, getting cozy in the love and care and then ballooning up.

But she knew that now things were changing, she felt strange and highly excited. Her pulse was fast and pushed. She was breathing hard, felt her body react. It knew, it was genetic,

She felt what any fat woman felt, the pull of the fat, the giving in. But this time that little thing there on the tablet would change her life. It supposedly worked well on a merely plump woman, (they said that it reacted stronger the fatter you were) but on her? She could feel the funny butterfly feeling inside her belly.
How this was the answer to all the overeating and gaining she had ever done.
The prayers she had sent out when she got so horny and had an orgasm from being fattened and feeling her bulk increase, and the fat move into her and make her balloon up.
She was scared and excited at the same time. She still could not believe it yet, but what she felt in her belly told her that this was really the real deal.

He knew that he was into fat magic, but well, that is not real. Had he purposefully told her about it, repeating fantasies about it during sex or during feeding?

To prepare her?

What would happen to her when she took that pill? Would she dare?

With shock she realized that it was more on the lines of “would she dare to resist?”
Could she resist?

Was it true that with every pound of fat that you grew with, it made you love it more and made you more and more hungry for it still? That it seduced you, took you?

He took her hand and moved her close to the pill and she could smell it. It was like her nose had gotten super sensitive and her hand went to her belly as she moaned as she felt her insides move and pulse from the smell. It spoke to the fat woman inside her, the pure fat, that was more and more of her being. The jiggle, the laziness, her sexuality, the pleasure of eating and overeating, the spirit of overdoing anything for fun and gratification.
And she could feel how that little thing on the tablet tempted her, had a magic spell over her, would activate the pure fattening in her, and having a hanging belly to her knee would be only the first stage, one that she would remember of being thin and mobile still.

Why resist? she heard inside her. Give in to it. Say yes. Why delay? Why postpone?
This voice spoke in the silky voice of the fat. That she would from now on have dreams every night, where she took the pill, where she felt the anticipation of really doing it. Of him tying her down and making her eat it, which scared her, but in reality she wanted it so much.
And these dreams would slowly soften her up, as she gained more, as her belly became jigglier and sagged, as she lost more and more firmness and her will was more and more bent through the ecstatic sex that seemed to get better and better.

He massaged her belly and held her, lovingly. She could smell also that he was super excited,

and could feel his erection next to her.
“This will be to good for you honey! It is what we always wanted.”
And she knew that he was right, that he had always dreamed about it, but she when she ate, especially overate she had been working towards it, without knowing.

She felt his warm hands massage her fat and felt so cared for, so loved and it was this that had fattened her up most of all: To be loved for becoming larger as a woman, to expand and to be fed by your lover and thriving, filling up with love and fat.
It was the most primal thing ever since men brought food home from the hunt and the most successful had the luxury to fatten up their wives, to give them a life insurance for hard winters and sickness, to show off to other couples how well he cared for her, how well he fed her.

She could feel how excited he was and how he was eying her belly, the fat, the breasts, and how he wanted her to grow, to fatten.

And with shock she realized that she had just had a huge meal before. Well, actually 3.
The had eaten like pigs today and well, she suddenly realized that this was fitting now, a fitting sequence of events.
She had been fattened the whole day long, well the whole week long and he was not satisfied with her gaining speed.

And she loved to push herself to eat more, to stretch her stomach. She had hatted that bloating feeling at the beginning, now it made her so horny and hot.
He picked up the pill and held it closer to her and she felt how her belly reacted, how her stomach suddenly pumped up, got really large and hard, and she got hornier than she had ever been. She moaned loud, feeling like she had just been penetrated after hours of foreplay.
Her mouth opened automatically, her tongue licked for the pill, while it was resting on his hand a little way off. She felt how her body wanted to jump forward and gobble the pill out of his hand. And she knew that it would ignite her like a slow going off fat bomb. She could feel that it would wreak havoc inside her belly, working with all the fat that was inside her large gut, digested and part of the body. She would inflate like a air mattress. Inside her belly, she could feel the slow contractions that felt like she had a fat pump deep inside her colon. It felt so hot, so erotic, so purely what all fat and fattening was about.


He pulled the pill back and enjoyed how she could not resist and was trying to fight it.
He was so horny he had to control himself of not ejaculating yet.

He put the pill down and kissed her, feeling her heat, touching her hair lovingly while he did it, grabbing her belly, feeling her fat flab.

“Come, I have something that is going to make it a lot more fun” he stammered, unable to speak clearly, the tension of arousal tying his tongue.

They went downstairs to the kitchen and every step she was aware of how fat she had really gotten. She could feel her fat, how it was ready. How her belly had tasted blood and now wanted to go in for the kill in a manner of speaking.

He took out a large jug with olive oil and gave it to her.
“I would give you a glass, but why bother?” he said.
She knew exactly what he meant and automatically started drinking, before she could think. It was pure fat! It tasted terrible. But it was making her hornier, it was like filling a bomb with more dynamite, after you decided that you would blow it up anyway and wanted more bang.

She drank and drank, feeling the little space that had been emptied by her digestion in her stomach fill up. And then she was full and she knew she had to keep going, this was important. It was like being impregnated, to be filled up with something so potent...

She started to feel the funky feeling of having pure fat inside your stomach for the first time. She drank till she felt a considerable pressure inside her and then gasped when she felt the stomach ache coming on. It was a morbid and perverse feeling, her belly complaining about so much liquid fat inside it. And it was making her horny, as for a fat woman like her it was grotesque to top her off with so much fat after having just had a huge meal.

She felt his hand on her belly, felt his intention to have her fatten, to want to see it badly, that he was not satisfied about her current size.
But it felt so good, he was feeding her, fattening her up and it felt so right and then she remembered. Suddenly, and felt her whole belly jerk, a big contraction making it jiggle and wobble. It was like she had just been impregnated, like she had swallowed a bomb and just now realized that she was now rigged to blow up. To inflate like a balloon.

She gasped and got nervous and got weak knees, as he took her hand and kissed her.
“Come on, lets get you going!” and led her.

There was love in his words, care, lust, but also hurry, like he wanted to see it finally, what this little thing could do. Like he had dreamed of this moment many times. She felt like an object and enjoyed it, something was about to happen to her and although she was an intelligent woman, it fulfilled some basic purpose of her, that was ancient and natural, where her basic lust overruled all the smart and clever thinking she could ever do.

She wanted to resist, but just let him guide her.

He guided her down stairs, into the basement, where they had played games sometimes, where he had created almost a dungeon, and she immediately saw that he had changed the rooms. There was one that had white tiles, it looked sterile and cold, like a bathroom or a lab.
And she breathed hard when she saw the huge chair standing here, reinforced steel that could carry a whale, super wide, which made her feel tiny and on the arm rests cuffs to immobilize the wrists, and the she noticed with shock that at their smallest setting, they were larger than her arms and could accommodate an incredible obese person.

And then she saw the little table with the tablet on it and the pill, sitting there. Accusingly and dominating. She started breathing hard, thought that she could smell the taste of it even further away, like that she had been fertilized and prepared, made ready for it.

He guided her closer and she felt her pussy get wet, and got so horny. She saw the mirror in front of the chair, how wide it was, it covered almost the whole wall, being able to show a woman that was 8 times as wide as she was.

He went to close the door and locked it.
“We don’t want to be disturbed, when it is finally time for your big moment!” he said as he guided her closer. She knew why she was here, but could still not believe it.
She had a stomach ache from the fat and felt so impregnated with the impending larding that she felt very much like a victim, like she should have never ever drank this before.

That it would make her so fat, Oh My God! She moaned helpless as he moved her closer and touched and admired her fat rolls on her sides. The taste got stronger and stronger and she got horny like she had never been in her life.
He kissed her and held her hand, “honey, this is going to feel so great! And I always wanted you to fatten so much more and it has been too slow!” his voice sounded with disappointment, but the hint of that now things would improve.

“You have always hated me looking after the really obese porkers and feeling you were too tiny, I know honey!”

It touched her deep, ever since she had fattened, she had entered a new world. Where you were not too fat anymore, but too thin. Where your breasts were large, but where your men looked longingly at the mass in the blouse of a sagging porker,that had a hard time walking. Things that you could not call breasts anymore, but full fledged cow udders and having belly envy. And on one side being scared to get as fat as one of these waddlers, walking slow and having this huge belly sway from side to side, . But on the other side, why not? She was already growing, why not give in? And be as big as your man ever wants you? And get that sex that you knew the guys always got horny for when they saw such a huge sagging tub of lard.

And she felt the pill in front of her and it was ready for her. And she felt the feeling in her belly, the pull of the fat, her dripping cunt, that she was ready for it. She would never get more ready for it.

They were both inexperienced, especially him.
But he could see that she felt it already, her stomach was really inflated, it looked like it was there to meet it.

He picked up the pill and she smelled it. Her belly was visited by two strong contractions, he saw it, it looked like she had a large pump working her.

She felt settle, get ready and as the pill came closer, she wanted to back away, but her legs would not move, she had become too fat. Her legs were fat, her belly, her arm, fat everywhere. He kissed her deeply and massaged her fat belly with one hand, and then tried to calm her
“ssshhht, it is going to be ok, honey! You will be so sexy, I want you to become super fat! I will never look at another woman, they’ll be smaller than you!”


As he brought the pill closer to her mouth, she felt her stomach move. She breathed in with purpose, deep and regular now, knowing that she needed this, it was the fulfillment of all overeating, of all lusting for fat, of the ever increasing curve of her belly.
As it was under her nose, she felt a slow rhythmic pumping deep inside and a groaning coming out her belly and she saw him transfixed by her gut and she knew that her stomach was growing, the food and fat inside it expanding and pumping her up.
He could not look away, it looked so hot a fat woman like her going like this.
He could feel the potent stuff in his own belly fat, the little he had, but what she must have been feeling, with that much fat?

He touched her lip with it, and she moaned as her whole belly got pumped up with a powerful push.

He took it away and helped her undress.
“Lets get you ready!” he said, unable to talk more.

The undressed both, kind of like for a ceremony, an beautiful incredible moment between a about to to be extremely obese woman and her feeder.
He also was naked, so she could see how excited he was, a feedee had to always be able to see how her growing fat aroused her man.

In a way, he would her tiny F cup breasts, her only slightly hanging belly and her cute little double chin and her wide hips that could still fit into normal seats. And her weight, that maybe made a car move when she got in, but not made the springs bottom and the car lean to the right side when she did like soon.

With that he took the pill and brought it close to her, touched her lips with and and immediately, she felt a jolt shoot through her body, her lips, she felt he stomach jump with pressure, and inflating slowly. She held her belly and moaned as it inflated visibly, her moans filling the room. She could feel the power this little thing had over her body fat and how damning all the liquid fat was that she carried deep inside her.
Her tongue licked for the pill, automatic and she started to swallow over and over, trying to take it.
She realized that she had no control over her digestive tract anymore and was primed for this.

He put his hand over her pussy and felt her hot radiating hornyness down there and slid one finger inside her dripping wet crack and she gasped and moaned loudly, explosively. And then he took a little gun that looked like something you would use to spray paint with and touched the pill with the nozzle and shoved inside her mouth and then pushed the trigger, before she could react. There was a dull little bang as the mast pump-gun discharged inside her, some of the pressure billowing her cheeks, but most of it forcing down her gullet directly inside her stomach.
She had never seen the device, but it was an erotic way to pump the pill deep inside her. It was like being impregnated with a fat-seed.
She stood there and felt her insides well up, a river of fat opening up inside her stomach and pumping it up, a loud stretching noise came out of her, and her stomach ballooned up to all sides, fast. She could not contain it and panted, hard, moaned like crazy, her eyes seemed to pop out of her head when she felt all the fat inside her react to the pill and her blowing up like a bomb.
The ball that was rapidly growing inside her middle seemed to have a life of its own and she felt her belly sag as the pill worked and made her huge and wide inside, all firmness vanishing out of her skin and belly muscles, and it was filled as fast as it gave way. And then the taunt belly, once been so soft and now stretched to the limit suddenly got filled up with saggy softness as the fat came.
He could not believe his eyes, it was too hot to be true. His merely very plump honey got inflated and fattened to a degree....
He was there with her, held her hand, kissed her gently, told her that it was OK, that she should let it happen. It was such a special moment, for just the two of them, where she transformed into a very very fat woman.

He could not wait anymore, his dick was exploding hard and slid inside her and they started fucking and she grow and fattened. It was exactly what she needed, as fat and sex are directly connected.

He could see her belly settle down, the large ball of her inflating stomach still visible on top, but more and more fat creating a huge hanging gut. She reacted nice, the pill went off like a bomb with all the overeating that she had done.

Soon, her fat pushed me away and I have to slide inside her from behind. It was a nice problem to have really, and between her legs when she was bent over I could see her belly get fatter and fatter, descending.

alternate ending:

coming soon...   ask for it and it will be done ;-)



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