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My Biggest Teacher Featured

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The fattest woman I have ever fed? Let me tell you that story, it is worth telling and is something wonderful and indescribable sexy in my life.
She taught me so many things about my own passion as a feeder, her openness to grow and try extreme stuff shaped me and made me discover wonderful parts of my sexuality that I now live on a regular basis in my life.

Well, she reached over 780 pounds (353 kg) and ended up immobile. It was indescribable. I know that many women would not go that far and being immobile was special and there were many drawbacks for her. But in our case we were in a relationship together and I could take care of her and the way we both loved feeding just resulted in this.
She also did not want to get that big, she initially only wanted to be around 300 and I agreed when she wanted to lose weight, but when she did that, she got assaulted by the hottest fantasies and teased me by sending me pictures of very very fat women, which she knew i liked. And so we kept feeding and she gained in spurts, I can’t describe how that was. You have to experience it, I was horny most of the time and so was she, sex was directly connected to feeding and feeding her and overfeeding her, till she could not move any more was the hottest foreplay you can imagine, she was so dripping wet, unreal.
What made her become that large was also, that she had this tendency that I call being a pig feedee, of really being programmed to gain and have to gain and wish to gain. I think she found out when she read some of my stories where I talked about pig feedees.  The fat woman had warmed She had so many pig qualities and I love that in a woman, it is so sexy. I love when a woman tells me shyly that she really cannot stop eating and that I have to take care of her, and not put too much food in front of her. That she might virtually eat till she explodes and there is a tint of truth in it and me knowing that I have full control over her body, that I can make her gain and also carry the responsibility. But that I want her to gain and get so fat and she dreams of that too.

I loved to force feed her and you have no idea how that is. I remember showing her the feeding tube the first time and she shivered, was so nervous and wet from it. Being industrially fattened. We always had this crazy fantasy that I would take her to that fat factory, that hidden place where she would not leave anymore, because she would get too fat for fitting though doors and we always dreamed about it and the tube was kind of a real thing from that. I was amazed how huge her stomach got and how easily it yielded. It was a dream how she gained and that sometimes she could hardly breathe anymore and I had to support her, bring her to the bed and then slide inside her and bring her to an orgasms that brought the walls down screaming of lust.


I then initiated her as a pig feedee, a thing that I did the first time ever with her.

I came up with these 4 sexy steps that I now do with all pig feedees. They are required, and exceptions can be granted, but most of the time, a pig feedee will find them exciting.

1. The Measure

The first I did what I did was make her stand naked on the wall, take pictures front, side and back from her, measuring her with a tape, weighing her and writing everything down. I then explored her body, grabbed every fold and made a sexy journal about her current body and how it would likely develop in the future (belly will hang down till the floor, upper arms will get really large hanging sacks of lard). She later told me that this made her feel like a piece of meat, like I was only interested in her fat and that it felt like being an object. This made her horny, because there is this part where you are a pig feedee and all the feeder cares about (and all you do too) is how fast you can get fat. Total objectivisation.


2. The Vow
In order to vow that she was a pig feedee, I let her drink a glass of pure fat (depending on the feedee and how fat she is already it can be larger) and show this to me, as a dedication to get fat for me and not fool around and holding back.
The olive oil that I use is 100% pure fat and it is not the most pleasurable of experience, but very hot when you imagine how many calories she gets with just one glass.
It is like a dream, a wishful dream that one day fattener that she has to drink will actually be so high percentage in fat (raising it slowly and letting her adapt to digest more and more fat) that it is almost 100%
Depending on how submissive the feedee is, I then attach a collar to her neck and take her on a leash and guide her to me with it, and get on her knees and open my pants and take my large dick into her well lubricated mouth and give me a deep throat blow job. She was really eager, as she loved my specially large dick and knew how incredible thick it was.
It can be sexy to pull the leash to make the dick slide deeper down her throat and she described it to me that it was like I was not only going to fuck her in her pussy and fill her there, I was also going to penetrate and to fill her with food in her mouth and down her throat. And the gagging reflex and the feeling can be similar of when receiving a feeding tube. It was a little hard the first time and I loved the way my balls touched her lips and how my 7.8 inches cock vanished inside her throat, but it later became a very hot staple in feeding. She called it throat fucking and loved the crazy feeling of my penis head entering her gullet.

3. The Pants

The next thing we did was going to shop for pants. I took her to a big and tall store and said that we were looking for pants for her sister and that her sister was really really large. And the sales person came back with pants several times and I told her “naah, she is a lot larger than that!”
She was supposed to try them on since they were exactly the same height.  She got hot at the impulse that she discovered how fat I would want to make her, judging from the pants.
Which were, of course, for her and when we were home, she got to wear them and I whispered into her ear if she felt the sucking feeling, how the pants wanted her belly and her butt to fatten and how they longed for her to fill them out. I kneeled down in front of her, exposed her belly, patted it, slapped it to make it jiggle and grabbed a flab like checking out a piece of lard and told her in definite words that I would fatten her up till these pants started to get too small and were bursting at the seems. Then, I slid my hand between her legs and started pleasuring her, telling her that these pants would become a shrine to her becoming super fat and that every orgasm that she had would make her journey faster to filling them out.

We also bought a bathing suit for a super super fat woman and I loved how it was so totally loose and yearned to be filled out with lard, and looked like she was really anorexic, although she was already super fat.
As a gift she got ear clips and it was hot when she saw what shape they had. A whale was a symbol for both of us how large she should become.
It was very hot for us both to know what that meant and to kind of expose it to the world. She got compliments sometimes that these are cute ear clips, but I don’t think anybody ever suspected that she was on the way to become the animal that was on the piece of jewelry, of becoming proverbially fat like that.
And I guess some people must have noticed, maybe women that were very fat themselves and feedees deep down without knowing noticed how fat she was already and how her belly showed some signs of force feeding and being purposefully and deliberately fattened up by me.

4. The contract

And she had to sign a contract. In this document, I agreed to use any means to fatten her up to become a very very fat woman, I would worship her and never tire of feeding her, waking her up with food in the middle of the night, wash her if necessary, go shopping for her, so she could relax (and fatten) in the bed. I would sleep with her and satisfy her every time she properly ate (defined in that her belly had a considerable pressure inside it (for stretching her stomach) and that she had overeaten: definition = eating after she is not hungry anymore) A feeding session was always to be ended in one or several orgasms, as this boosted gaining even more.

Obligations for her:
She on the other side agreed to eat as much as I wanted, to eat anything I put in front of her, no matter how fattening it was. She also agreed that I could use any means to fatten her up, also fattening pills like lipase (which allows for much more fat digestion and really really does work!)
In a way it allowed me to take full control of her body and shape it as I saw fit
I could even tie her down and force feed her. All I needed was the consent of her body, agreeing to it. And that I got by feeling if her pussy got wet and the threat of being tied down and force fed. Even if she did not want it and refused, her pussy would betray her real motivations and lust towards it.

There was a clause that I had to be naked when feeding her, especially force feeding, so she could see my penis, rising and getting hard when she made me horny, so she could see what effect her fattening body had on her.

There was also some small print, which she was not allowed to read and which only I knew.

Pig Feeding

With her I discovered something that I hold very dear and love to do with pig feedees:

She was on all fours, wrists and ankles were shackled to the floor, I then rubbed her pussy form behind, telling her that I would now fatten her up like a pig. Touching her hanging gut and watching the curve of her gut from behind, telling her that I want it to touch the floor and start piling up. Then I told her what I would do, till she moaned hornily out of anticipation and I then did some teasing with my penis in her cunt, playing with my large penis head in her entrance. Then I did some half inserts (I love to tease a woman like this), and then went to fetch a large bowl full of some fattening substance, usually mashed potatoes with a super high fat content.


And a thick tube, through with she needed to suck the pulp inside her. I told her then to start drinking, sucking, wolfing it down. after a few gulps I then slammed into her wet dripping pussy, filling her fully. I then told her to drink and fatten!
That I wanted to fatten her up till she could not walk anymore. A little dirty talk and innocent insults are part of the thing, the hot kick is that I really mean some things.
“Eat! my fat piggy, eat. Stuff yourself and become the large fat pig that I want. Be the sow that I know you are”and all this while fucking her hard and her knowing that when she stops drinking, that I stop fucking. “eat, faster, EAT FAASTER!!!!! You have to hurry up, my porker, my fat sow, my tub of lard!”
and I made sure that she did not come before the bowl was empty and that she could not have an orgasm before. The only way she could have one without me letting her was from overeating.

The Device

And that was when I bought my first sausage stuffer. It was one of the sexiest things I ever did, the idea came to my one day out of nowhere, from the same place that helps me fatten women and makes feedees long to be fattened by me. The magic place where our sexuality comes from. I think I had to hide my erection when I saw that thing in the store the first time. Such an innocent device, but to me as a feeder such a turn on teasing a feedee with it. I saw before my mental eyes the sausage stuffer tube, that normally leads into sausage skins, leading into her mouth and her holding it willingly, and sometimes it directly going into a hole of a gag that she is wearing, unable to close her jaw anymore thanks to rubber jaw spreaders and me turning the crank, lovingly filling her like a sausage and putting this or that into the grinder and pumping it into her.

It is as close as you can come to operating a fat pump yourself.

And very sensual too, since I could show her what I put into the grinder, what was going to end up inside her. And sometimes for kicks she also readily and willingly took the thick tube of the stuffer directly into her mouth and greedily swallowed what I pumped into her.
And depending on how fast I was cranking this could become a challenge and I loved watching her, unable to talk,  but her face showing what she felt and feeling the thick pipe in her mouth.

One day maybe I should build a device that is basically a sausage stuffer with a huge funnel on top where you can put an immense amount of food that will then be taken into it automatically and make it run automatic and have the end piece where the ground up food comes out connected with a pressure switch and have it fitted with a mouth piece that has rubber wedges that wedge into the mouth up and down and open up the jaw the more they get inserted into the mouth and make the machine grind up the food faster and pump it out the more you push the mouth piece (and the tube) into the machine, so the feedee can control herself how fast the pumping should happen.

It was very hot I have noticed for her to have to hurry up swallowing, to be forced to wolf it down and otherwise have your cheeks billow out with food that is pumped inside the mouth faster than she could swallow it. It is very very hot and I have often found her pussy dripping wet from this and when starting to rub, she had the overloading experience of being stuffed, having to swallow, having a hard time to breath in between and being pleasured at the same time. When she came one time, right when she had this feeling in her stomach that it had never ever been that full, combined with my massaging her pussy and the pump still running, she came with a moaning powerful overwhelming orgasm. I had to help her lie down, it felt to me almost like the orgasm had blown her brains out ;-) and she then just lay in the bed and breathed hard and after some time, came again, just from imagining to go to the stuffer again and go again, but knowing that she could not and should not, lest her stomach would get too much pressure, and with that I really mean too much. And I found it super erotic that she just came, without touching, from having this huge pressure and feeling inside her gut. A real pig feedee can come from just being massively and wonderfully overfed and stuffed. It is the ultimate sign of being a pig: Not sexual stimulation makes you cum, but eating, stuffing and fat.

And she told me later that this orgasm with the stuffer had been something she had never experienced. And that it was different than coming together with me, that I did not play that big part of it, except turning the crank, but that it was more her with that tube going inside her mouth and the thing that brought her over the edge was the realization that that thing would have kept pumping food inside her (I saw her cheeks billow up with food and she then pulling out, as she came and spilling food everywhere, overflowing)

It got harder to have sex, as her size increased and it is such a damn hot problem to have. I am blessed in that I am very well endowed and I always thought that this was my gift and fits perfectly that I love very large women. You cannot believe how that was to see her belly hang more and more, first over her crotch, then over her thighs, then over her knees and then almost touching the floor. We got her supporting pants and I loved to open them and let her gut slosh out, and see that more and more fat was hanging everywhere. I am totally attracted to hanging bellies, I cannot describe this fascination!
And I knew that she wanted me to feed her into immobility, it was first a dream of us both, but she was always holding back and then, when I went back and told her that it was OK, she yearned for more. It was like the fat produced more fattening hormones that made her horny from fattening more. I guess some women are built and programmed to gain and become really huge. I remember, it was on vacation that after several days of feeding her (sometimes waking her up with sex or food or fattener or all three) that we had this moment, when she wanted to go to the bathroom and really could not get through the door anymore. I loved how she had a harder and harder time walking, And the moment... indescribable.


We had to stop then, because there was a strange problem of not being able to leave that hotel room, but we both knew what would be next and when I had her back home, I took one week off and went shopping and when I came home, she was waiting for me. We had sex and the anticipation was so hot and I told her that she needed to gain now, and that I wanted to see her balloon up like never before. We both got into a feeding trance, totally unreal... It felt like I was always inside her, feeling her and making her come, pushing her too another orgasm and another and another while feeding her.  And then, the moment came when she hard a hard time fitting through the door and then she could not fit through it anymore. I pulled her at her wrist, gently, but insistently and told her “my dear piggy, you are not finished yet, sit down and eat!”
and she had just eaten, and I knew that her belly was distended and the next day she would be able to fit again. So I fed her, with fattener, with the tube, pumped up her stomach while we had sex and she could not stop eating.
I have never seen something like this, it was like she had been made to gain.
And then she could not leave the room anymore and I had to build a portable toilet for her and entertain her and do a lot of things for her.
I installed a tube in her nose, leading directly to her huge fertile stomach and attached it to her nose ring. From then on, I could fill her with the little pump I used whenever I wanted, I did not need her permission and the tube stayed in all the time. I woke her up sometimes, she waking from a dream where she was in that fat factory, connected to this industrial pump and having this incredible horny feeling of her stomach getting full and the pressure rising inside her. And then realizing that I was there, kissing her and my hands eagerly pumping, while one hand massaged her growing belly over her inflating stomach. And waking up like this mixed dreams and reality wonderfully.

I would have loved to go out but she did not fit through the door anymore. I would have loved to hide the tube in her nose with an band aid and have this hidden from the world, that she was my lard tub, (tubby was too small a word to describe her huge size), my pig and was being force fed by me, having to grow when I wanted her to.
And unplugging the little stopper that was in the tube in her nose became a ritual for wonderfully sexual anticipation. He is going to plug me in now, she knew. And I loved that we could kiss as I pumped her up. And feel her tension, how it rose when the stomach pumped and pressed and pushed and she felt how it was expanding her larger. One time, her stomach grew so much that she could not breathe anymore and I had to giver her mouth to mouth. We stepped away a little from going that far, because I cared about her well being. But it was damn extreme and hot.
And one time I found a sexy way to put a 4 gallon tank on a cupboard and just use gravity to pump it into her. The cool thing was that it was constantly pressing and inflating her stomach, adjusting to her yielding stomach that got wider and wider and larger. And the pressure was never too much like that. She described it once as in that she felt like she was connected to a huge ball full with air and her stomach getting inflated to the max and she then trying to hold it together, but the pressure never subsiding and when her stomach lost firmness and gave in to the pressure and stretched, she always yielded a little more to the ball and got pumped up larger.
We had to stop that, because again she could not breathe anymore.

Please be careful of being inspired by this. My love had a stomach that was built for this, she was a true pig feedee in many respects and enjoyed this so much since she was prone to fat and the trappings of overfeeding. A stomach can actually rupture and explode from too much pressure. We tried all these things slowly to make her stomach adjust to them. Repeating these steps unprepared and with too much force can make a feedee really get hurt or even kill her.
She had a special stomach, I know that now, because also it did not shrink anymore even when we stopped the stuffing sessions. Normally, a stomach will shrink down again when it is not stretched by over-stuffing.
And to this day I think this is so sexy, I love women that have HUGE stomachs, or are made to get huge ones by being overfed. It is the essence of being a pig feedee and one of the most erotic things there are.

I remember her telling me when she was merely waddling that she had a very roomy stomach, that she could eat and eat and eat and eat and that it took hours to get her full. And I remember that I got an erection just from hearing that, such a sexy damn hot statement!

And you can imagine that the next step that we both were waiting for did not take long anymore. It started with her having a hard time getting up and panting like she was pregnant when she managed it, then you could tell she was getting too heavy and fat for standing and so she could not anymore and became immobile.  She gained mostly in the belly and breasts area, but of course being that large, it also went everywhere. I remember how her arms hung down, the large bags of fat, how she was super wide, she looked more like  a whale than a woman, so utterly sexy...

She had the damn largest breasts that I have ever seen in my life, hanging down to a degree you cannot even imagine it!  And reaching in past her huge pork belly and finding her clit with difficulty and rubbing her to make her come, indescribable.

And having this huge fat woman moan, as she felt her huge fat gut wobble with my movements.
Then, the only way that we could still could have sex was doggy style, and it took a lot of work just to turn her around.


It was very hot to feed her with the tube, because she could not run away anymore and she knew that too and it made us both so horny. And feeding her, with the tube or without was such a hot event, since she took so long to get full and her stomach had become huge, thanks to the constant over-stuffing. I think it could fit 2 gallons at one point, which is truly gigantic for a human stomach. I especially loved to stuff her fast, make her wolf down food or using a thick half an inch tube (12 mm) and see how her belly inflated with speed and gave her the most incredible feeding of being inflated like a balloon. It was very very perverse to fatten and stuff such a fat woman like her and her panting and shallow breathing after being full till the top and feeling like she would explode like a huge bomb totally made it for us both. I remember having the best sex of my life with her.

Let me tell you that it is amazing having the privilege to hold a butt that is several times your width, have a glimpse of her huge fat gut hanging down through the legs (when she was still smaller) play with breasts that are much larger than a cows udder ever gets, and see this belly of hers, this huge ocean of fat, how it wobbles and jiggles at every movement you do. It is as huge that it actually splits her legs hanging down, she looks like a fattened up mast-pig, so wonderfully morbidly obese and saggy in her fat. The belly itself speaks and says “i was fattened up, there is no way in hell I could have ever gotten that large naturally. I have a man that feeds and fattens me, wants me to be this large and the stretchmarks show how fast I am welling”She is like a country, as large, her pussy is an inviting cave rimmed with hanging fat on all sides, her sides hang, her legs have fat folds, her belly hangs down, her arms have this huge sacks of fat hung on them, it is just indescribable.

Sometimes I slept on her, listened to her stomach digest, sometimes I reached past her huge pig belly and found her pussy, now a secret hard reachable place and masturbated her after a huge meal into moaning and panting and not knowing where to put that much pleasure.
And then just leaving my hand there, feeling how fat she is, which you feel in the most extreme way around her belly.

Or realizing how her breasts had grown larger than her head, several times. And that is something so sexy. And I am strongly attracted to the things that another man might find grotesque. I love that a woman can get that large breasts, breasts that are larger than any other woman’s for maybe 200 miles (300 km) around.

Her gaining slowed down when she was immobile and that was also good, since I could tell that it was not useful to fatten her up much more. It became too extreme. She loved all the good sex and care taking, but also wanted to become more active, to walk again. And we both kinda knew that the immobility was an excursion into it, and not a thing that would stay forever. It kinda helps if you see it this way and enables couples to explore this where she does not want to give up mobility and your former life forever. But to try it out, how it is to be immobile. To have a phase in your life where your partner takes care of you, where you just need to do 4 things:
1. eat as much as possible.
2. fatten up
3. have sex, get rewarded for getting fatter
4. sleep

We both had always had crazy fantasies and one of them was, that I had a pill that was made for animal mast, for fattening up animals and when used on humans destroyed something in the brain and belly and irreparably made that person gain, unable to stop.
This is kind of a common fantasy, it removes all resort to resist gaining. And we always fantasized that if I had this pill, she would gladly swallow it for me and then when the weight started to mount and she could not even keep at the same level anymore and it was totally impossible to lose any feel her inability to resist. And being around 300 pounds (136 kg) at the time, come to me and submit herself to me, knowing that she would gain anyway, but instead of doing it accidentally, that she should have a feeder, that understands that she needs to grow now and speeds up the process, not just feeds her but force feeds her and pushes her hard to fatten up faster and faster.
So that her belly is finally coming down, her 2 double chins multiply and that she will get the large hanging sacks of lards on her upper arms that marks her as super fat.

And of course in that fantasy you give yourself up to the fat and you never ever stop gaining, even if she weights 2500 pounds (1.1 metric ton) and fills a whole room in the house.
But we had gone there and she had fattened up incredible, even without such a terminal pill, that was equivalent of a strange but sexy disease (to feeders and feedees) that made her fatten nonstop at an astounding rate.
And it was time to lose weight again and I was fine with that and supported her.
The first thing that happened was that we only used the the tube with water to stretch her stomach, or I pumped her up with vegetable pulp that was low caloric and it was still as hot to see her stomach inflate to its full huge size.

But her weight went down, as the body seemed to not want to be that extremely fat at all. And with the loss of fat came more sagging, and jiggling, as the skin tension decreased. And that was as damn sexy as the thing before, because now her fat jiggled like water and when she lost more she looked more and more like a deflated balloon and I always dreamed to give it the inflating and pumping it seemed to yearn for.

There were personal differences, that we have always had, when she was plump, really fat, really huge or just fat again. And that was what finally ended the relationship. We are still good friends, but decided not to have sex anymore, as it would lead to feeding again and she does not want to become immobile again and knows that she has this extreme streak.

You should see how wonderfully her skin hangs on her belly and arms, and how low her breasts hang, due to the overstretched skin. This might be grotesque to some, but for me it is so sexy to see that she once was super fat and now still jiggled with every move. I would love to see her fill out more again and maybe this will happen.


Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken: (Tublr stirbt leider langsam vor sich hin, seit XXX gebannt wurde)


Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.

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