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Friday, 22 March 2013 11:54

Kristina Milan, what udders!

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I find really super large breasts totally amazing, here a little gallery for your enjoyment!

Wow, what kind of sexy udders are these! I've always been attracted to very large breasts, the largest there are and I never get tired how amazing mother nature makes women have these huge balloons. Just look at how these hang, the beautiful shape, like large bags and how they must move.




Large breasts do hang and wow, how sexy is that? Kristina is so cute on these pictures. Look at how massive these are, I think in some pictures they are even full of milk, that is so sexy!




I totally die for areolas of these large sizes, it might be because it makes breasts of this size look so majestic or because the areolas are proportional to the huge size of the breasts. Or, because most women get larger ones after they were pregnant and start lactating. Hers look totaly amazing! And look at that sexy fat belly there, looks like she gained a bit and her breasts gained with her.


For me as a feeder, that just screams for more, like that fatty wants to gain more and needs to be fattened up. Its also really cute how she is getting a double chin, totally hot and well, then her breasts! I just love totally super large humongously heavy udders on a woman! I'm one of the guys these women get such large hangers, I think they are the sexiest most beautiful breasts in the world, it is totally super sexy that women get these large dimensions!


 Kristina Milan xl 02

Look at these areolas above, she got those when she started lactating, doesn't that look incredible sexy? These are like super breasts, beyond what we can imagine.

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