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Best Breasts

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This page pays tribute to very large breasts. If you consider D cup as big and cannot fit a royal G or J cup inside your brain, turn around and don't look. You won't find this attractive!

Having said that, I don't know about you, but I like real breasts. Melonsized, juicy, hanging, swaying lovely mamas that only big girls can develop. Feeding is known to increase the cupsize immensely and that is just another goodies that comes with feeding and fattening.

All of these ladies below probably already had large breasts when they started gaining, but look what all the delicious food had inflated them into.


  And here you see a little more of that. And what a pair of nice size, real breasts, that invite to write poems and dream about. You and me, we'll both marvel how it looked when she let go afterwards.




Okey, another number one. Did you guess in what?

Yes, you got it right: This is my booby queen NUMBER ONE.

I am dying for such lovely hangers and these just want to make me kneel down and pray out of sheer admiration.

What enormous cupsize this is, we can only speculate. Surely it's not a DD ;-) Well, I can tell you from experience: They are hard to find on this planet.



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Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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