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This poem is dedicated to all you immobile beauties, you super fat women that have been taken over by fat so much that you cannot get up anymore. Or the ones that are longng to be fed there, that a feeder like me brings them there. You inspire me, you arouse me, you make me fly.

You know that it would not take that long after you met me, you were growing too fast, too easy

You knew that both of us were fantasizing about immobility, too much and it made us too horny

And the way you were ballooning up was giving me impulses, more more, I want you fatter! Grow for me, fatten for me! Faster!

It was the dangerous and consequencial thing that we both were flirting with, playing with the fire. You were getting too fat too fast.

But it made me so horny and you too, you could see that I got hard seeing you wolf food down like this.

Seeing how your belly is getting fuller and fuller, stuffing you, feeling the pressure inside and telling me, horny and hot, 

"Stop, you gotta stop, I feel I am going to explode if you go on, this is not a joke!"

and how how this made us both.

And the way that you so amazingly responded to force feeding, how you took the tube so eagerly and how it made you grow even faster.

And how you struggled to keep walking and I struggled to weigh you down and how I told you

"I can't wait o make you immobile, that you cannot walk anymore!"

And now you are, a sculpture of fat, something to admire and worship. 


I kneel down and place my hand on your huge fat gut, how it jiggles like an ocean of fat. 

Has your hanging gut already grown down to spread your legs appart? I hope so, I love having to lift it up to see your pussy.

Which I probably can't anyway, since your legs have gotten so huge too, fat and saggy, fat and fold ridden, what a pleasure!


And how your breasts have grown, too sexy to describe, how  they hang down, got super fat and soft. And how not far from them your upper arms,

once showing little cute hanging fat flab, have transformed to our both delight, have developed in to large hanging sacks of lard,

showing to anybody laying eyes on you without a doubt that you have grown super fat


I get horny just looking at you, forgive me.

But you are so incredible sexy and beautiful, 

I want to kiss you right now, holding your huge belly with one hand

and then have the wonderful obstacle of helping you, out of breath, to get into a position,

where I can still enter you and make love to you, and settle into a wonderful and sensual rhythm

and make your fat, your overflowing body jiggle to it, like it is meant to.


And we both know why you were so hot of getting immobile and me being impatient to bring you there:

Now you cannot get away anymore,

now I can feed you anyway I want and you will gain even faster

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Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken: (Tublr stirbt leider langsam vor sich hin, seit XXX gebannt wurde)


Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.

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