They want to change the world and make feedism mainstream, they just need somebody that can serve as symbol, a steadily growing center of attention that showed why more human beings are made like pigs and are best fattend up to huge dimensions.
When he looked for a feeder, he wanted to find a feeder that had no upper limit and wanted to feed a man to immobility and beyond, but he then found more than he bargained for.

Sunday, 09 May 2021 11:45

Big fat massive surprise

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This is for female feeders and male feedees.

Look at these before and after pictures of me. If you look at my belly how it has ballooned up, you might see what is waiting in it. Your senses as a female feeder might tell you that this is all seed fat, that so far this was all pre-fattening, that the main course fattening is still to come. And I need a passionate female feeder for it, I'm currently growing and fattening, but it is going too slow. This tiny little fat belly longs for growing huge, for rapid and strong fattening, for being unleashed.
And maybe I should be honest and direct, for the right feeder that is also extreme

Sunday, 25 April 2021 13:07

Audio Story: The Fat King

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This is a story that I just made up on the fly, in podcast format.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link below this:
Audiostory: The Fat King

Sunday, 28 March 2021 11:47

Are we all being fattened up like pigs?

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This is really exciting to hear, I'm sure it is true and probably the reason why my fattening is speeding up and why I long to be fattened up by a feeder, well even more to be pushed and urged to put on fat, to be force-fed.

I noticed that I crave more and more for fat pork belly because I have sinned before, overstuffed myself with bacon and fat pork belly and I carry that fat on my own gut now and it is inflating me, preparing me to fatten up like a pig, making it hot and attractive. It is very exciting and hot, I wish a female feeder would push me to gain. I'm already fattening up faster and faster, I need to really swell fast with lard.

A female feeder that is horny for me being so insatiable and

Thursday, 25 March 2021 11:36

Thin female feedee turning fat

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If you are a thin woman and you want to gain, if you have dreams about becoming really obese and fat, if you want to expand and balloon with lard, but you can't seem to gain a point, I might be able to help you.

I love fattening up thin women, I love to see the transition, see the fat growing. Many feeder want their feedees

Sunday, 07 February 2021 12:03

My Dream Fatty and Pig Feedee Woman!

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This is a feedee story for a female pig feedee, the most extreme of the feedees.

You are probably sitting there, with your little fat belly, longing to gain. You have just gotten a little taste of how hot fattening up can be. Do you also feel like a piggy? That you need to gain?

You are just starting to get fat and we both know that you want a lot more, that you need a lot more. I dream of feeding you, of fattening you up, A LOT.

I want to spend a lot of time with you and well, not mince words, that you need to gain, that I want you to fatten up for me, to become

Wednesday, 03 June 2020 14:48

The Fat Bomb Fattening Method

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This is a guaranteed recipe for fattening, even for people who are not getting very fat. This special fattening is responsible for the last 10 kg I gained (as of September 2019). This kind of weight gain is not suitable for everyone, because it does not include pleasure of eating. It is more about putting on fat than anything else.

This type of fattening is used in all fattening houses, fat factories and human fattening laboratories, where it is about getting fat as fast as possible. It refines every meal, no matter how lean, into a heavy fat bomb. It is cheap and

Thursday, 03 September 2020 11:00

From Pork belly with love!

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Female feeder, male feedee.

She had him and he was glad it finally happened.
"Gain for me!" she said in a horny voice. "Put on fat, on that fat gut! Show me how you can balloon, how fast do you gain piggy?"

Like before she took a piece of bacon and put her hand with it into her sexy panties, and dipped the bacon into

Another installment of my podcast about me being a feedee and gaining.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link below this:
My diary as a male feedee: 31. December 2019

Another installment of my podcast about me being a feedee and gaining.

The podcast is available in mp3.

Download link below this:
My diary as a male feedee: 23. December 2019

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