Wednesday, 12 September 2012 07:07

You have to stop resisting the fat!

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If you are reading this and feel how your belly fat is growing, against your will so to speak, and you are feeding yourself, it is working. I'm seducing you to become fatter, the words you read on this site, my thoughts are unleashing you, make sure that the part of you that knows you have to gain is fattening you up secretly.

Here some advanced techniques for feeding with the tube. I have not posted about this for a while, but there are audio blogs in the audio recordings that talk about it. 

Are any of you fine feeders and/or feedees going to the Bash in Vegas ? If yes, you have the chance to meet me in person there. I can only warmly recommend the bash, it is the most fabulous event if you like large and fat and you will see the largest fattest women in the world there, in an environment that is wonderfully accepting, even of extremely large women. If you have immobility fantasies yourself, you can see how that is.

You will see a wonderful sexy assortment of immobile or nearly immobile ladies on scooters.

Hopefully we get a little group going, and this is the chance to take your feedee / feeder being out into the real life. It will be amazing to meet people that are into federism, that know how amazing it is to want somebody to fatten up or grow themselves. Nobody is going to notice you gaining and overeating, the environment is perfect, there are so many fat people that you will feel "thin" ;-)
Also, Vegas has many many amazing buffets, of high quality, but all you can eat or better "all you must eat", because such a place will make sure that you will overeat, push your capacity and don't stop till you are really really full.

Hope to see you there!

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I like that the meeting organized through Fantasy Feeder still happened last Sunday and that I could get to know some of you people in person.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 08:09

I'm dreaming of You

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I have this dream over and over, sometimes I wake up and just remember seeing this woman. She is pretty fat, maybe around 350 to 400 pounds, just sits there and then pumps up like a fat balloon.

Monday, 18 June 2012 17:13

The Essence of Gaining

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Afraid? Still fighting the gaining? But you know you need to gain? Know that it is not really a choice for you? I will help you and make you gain at least 100 pounds, not stopping till your have gotten that much fatter, that your belly is a lot larger.

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 02:51

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

This will be an amazing year, I know it already. It will see this site finally completed and many of you will get larger and larger, which is wonderful and sexy. Many will finally give in to the fat and let themselves go and start fattening up, getting so horny and excited, discovering a whole new world of sexual pleasure. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012 09:23

Dear Diary!

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Dear diary, let me tell you what exciting happened today. I have made an agreement with the man that is going to make me immobile. I have told him all my weak spots, all the things that a feeder needs to know about a feedee and I have set the wheels in motion.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 00:13

Contacting me

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If you want to contact me, you have quite a lot of different possibilities. I try to use all communication means to their full potential. I love talking with people and hearing about their feeding experiences and pride myself about being quite a good communicator, keeping in contact with people over years and years.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 21:41


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Chloe was scared. She had found a feeder and she had exactly found what she knew she had been looking for all along. She was scared for her belly, for her weight and freedom of movement and life choice. She was afraid of her own lust, her sexuality and what it would mean to her belly.

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