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Fat Magic

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 Incredible things are happening to Joycelin the black girl from a lineage of big women and she finds out how real magic really is when it starts to work inside gut, a swelling experience and an educating lesson to her new boyfriend.

There are such things that just don't happen. If you swallow a special pill, you won't just start to get fat. It won't grow so fast that your pants will pop open and your belly will puff up like a cake in real-time. This is fat magic and this story is about it.

She could not believe that this was happening really. How could it? She had been a plump woman yesterday night and now she was already pretty fat to look at, Joycelin realized. There were no witches, she knew that. But the woman she had met in the toilet last night at the restaurant had said that she was just that. She had called her by her name and was absolutely sure, that she did not know her and had never met her before. Yet, she seemed to know a lot about her, her life and intimate details that she had never told anybody.
"You're about to grow fat, Joycelin!" she had told her at which she had smiled. Joycelin had never been thin, if she had, she would not have fit in her family. Her mother and grandmother had all been large lasses, black beauties with bodies that had been pushed from a strong feminineness to an overbearing exquisite overhanging femininity that seemed be the trademark of many black women these days.
The strange thin woman wearing black leather pants and a tight buttoned up top had looked her up and down and suddenly touched her belly. She wanted to protest. What was this intrusion into her private space? Was this a aggresive lesbian? But she felt something settle inside her, she became calm and relaxed, her protest pacified. With strange curiousity she watched as the woman pulled up her shirt out of her pants a little to touch her where her navel was. She had cold hands and the "witch" closed her eyes, seemed to concentrate and then she felt something move inside her. A feeling she had never had before. The woman moved her hand away and touched Joycelin's large ebony lips lips with 2 fingers, smiling benevolently, like touching a precious gift. Then she left.
Joycelin stood there, rooted, just having had the strangest experience in all her life. How wierd some people were!



She went back inside and sat down opposite her date for tonight. The guy was white and she had been dating white guys these months, just to find out if they would ring her bell. Before she had never noticed them much, but since many black men now were dating white women, why not the reverse?
It looked like he did not approve of her plumpness. He kept telling her that he prefered thin girls and that he would know a diet that would work 100%.
This was not going to work, she knew that she could probably loose some pounds, but she would never be one of these thin fatless women. She was one of the women for which plumpness was kind of built in, the pearshape even showing in her thinnest of forms.
Her hunger was strong this night and she resigned, letting herself go, since it was lost with this guy anyway.

After she was finished, a waitress brought a huge desert for her. Puzzled, she replied that she had not ordered it. Such a huge desert after such a copious meal? Who had such crazy ideas?
The waitress left and she looked past her and saw the woman she had met in the toilet some time before. She almost did not recognize her: She wore a waitress dress and was cleaning the counter. Their eyes locked for a brief moment and suddenly, her pants got tight. A very strange feeling made her touch her chin and found quite a defined double chin there. Then she became aware that her belly was growing. It strained her tight jeans for some time, till they popped open. Oh my god, she was getting fatter! She gave a cry of alarm. What had this woman put in her food? She went out from the table and fell over as she was dizzy. Some waitresses came to her aid and all of them, very large one gasped and could not believe their eyes. Joycelin was fattening up all around and the noise of her straining bra filled the room shortly, before it broke and her breasts were growing with speed.
Below, her belly got softer and saggier, she had now a accute feeling of filling out. It was alarming to grow apart like this, but on the other side it was quite rich to feel. All the people standing around her wanted to help, but were just watching her in disbelieve, not knowing what to do. Everybody was completely sure that this was impossible, but had to trust their eyesNobody had ever seen this before and everybody was quite sure that this was impossible.

Only now she noticed her date, watching her with the mouth open and wide eyes that denoted surprise. She saw the shock, but something else was in written in his face.
Her breasts had become very large indeed and the two fat extrasize jugs started to stretch her shirt. They started to hang down in a way that he had never seen breasts do. Without thinking, he took her and left the restaurant. When he arrived home, he picked up the phone and started to call a doctor.
She moaned and held her belly as it swole. He could not complete the call and just stared at her. Her very large breasts started to tear apart the t-shirt and he had never in his life seen breasts of this caliber.


The large knockers that swayed out after her shirt broke first scared him, but then arousal came. What could you do with these types of huge breasts? Each one of her jugs were more than two hands could hold, majestic and admirable, of a primal and strong femininity that he did not know existed. It challenged the man in him and he felt that it would be
a happy task to find out how to handle these beauties.

He suddenly realized that black women stood for sexyness and feminity in a way he had never known. It was like uncovering something that seemed new to him, but that he had known deep inside all his life. She gasped as her belly sprouted fat and a large gut grew under her t-shirt. Then they finally ripped her shirt and two immensive sacks of lard came tumbling down and flattened against her chest. He instintively had to touch them, he had never known that a woman could have that large breasts and to his suprise it was an strong turn on. He had a complete errection and he felt that he was helping her when he open up his pants and showed her all his goodness. He was white and his penis seemed even whiter and his pale body was an interesting contrast to her rich dark skin. He sliped between her large legs and heard her moaning in exctasy at the fattening that was happening to her. She looked stunning, her outrageous dizzing curves showing a pure and strong femininity that dated back hundreds of years and explained why in some Places in Africa women got fattened up in special fattening houses to be arrousing and presentable to their future husbands. He found her amazingly wet, and she seemed to welcome him warmly. As he drove his white cock into her black growing marvelous mass, he felt her grow under him. They moved in breathtaking trusts, her breasts jiggling like to huge jugs of yoghurt, he dove into her tender belly and started to moan of pleasure he had not known before. Was this what sex with a fat woman was like? What a blast...
His former girlfriends had all been thin, some of them slightly plump and sex with them looked now like teenagers looking back at eating ice cream and thinking that was an orgasm when they discovered the real meaning of it.


He came soon thereafter, unable to controll his rampaging lust, she arroused him so strongly. It was rare for Joycelin, but she came early, at the same time as him. She felt like her mind left her body and she was wrapped into bliss. She was vaguely aware how her belly swole apart half an inch in one push as she felt so glorious and rich. Her fat was moving and jiggling that seemed to make her extra hot.


They lay there a long time, feeling that time had stopped. He used one of her breasts as a pillow and kept waking up from time to time to kiss them sweetly, bury his face in them and toy with them, unable to completely digest the unknown new pleasure he had found. When she woke up the day after, he was gone.
When she went to the mirror, she was both shocked and amazed. She remembered once seeing a very old sculpture of a woman, in the stone age, when women were still fattened up by their husbands in summer so they became pretty fat and could give birth in the winter when food was scarce. She realized that she looked similar, a large inflated belly and over it, her huge breasts dominating the picture.


He rang her up soon after and they went out. He was a little uneasy with her new girth, she had become very large and there seemed to be a strong body presence with it.
He more and more liked what he had seen yesterday evening and imagining that he could be with her tonight almost knocked him out. She wore a huge T-Shirt and her large breasts moved in a way that made him uneasy, intimidating him a little.

He had hot visions of her large areolas, that spread over half her breast-space, which were a feature he did not know he liked so much. When they finally came home, he could not contain himself anymore and undressed her hurriedly. She seemed to share his sentiment.

"I am sooo horny today" she purred. "I don't know what is going on with me"

When he had her undressed, he stared at her belly. It had such a peculiar form.
She noticed his look.
"It looks funny, doesn't it?" she voiced his thought.
It looked collapsed where her bellybutton was and all around it was ballooned up. The thought struck him that it was probably shaped like this because she had fattened up so fast.

"It is beautiful!" he breathed, voicing his first thought.

She went to the bathroom to get ready, while he lay there on the bed, enjoying the view of her large body wobbling and swaying out of the room.
Suddenly, she felt a rush of air behind her and deep inside her large gut something moved. It was not directly a swelling, but she felt that she was somehow connected to the place that had made her grow before and that something had control of her insides. She felt a exciting tickling inside her stomach. Suddenly, somebody touched her from behind and she jumped.

It was the woman she had seen before in the restaurant. Joycelin was in shock. How had she come inside?
"Who are you, how did you get inside here?" she exclaimed.

"I just wanted to check if you are filling out alright." the woman said.
"I am the reason why you are getting so fat!" she said flatly.

"What?" said Joycelin in disbelieve. She wanted to open the door to call in her boyfriend, but could not open it. It was completely unmovable, she could not even turn the handle one bit.
She started to panic.

"Calm down!" said the woman. "You must not move so fast and nervous, it isn't proper for a large woman like you."

She wanted to put her hand on Joycelin front, but she jumped back, and pushed over a glass in the frenzy. Strange enough, the glass did not fall down, but did not move at all.
"Time is not moving!" the woman exclaimed and put her hand on Joycelin's belly. The reaction was hot and excited, her stomach jumped and moved, tingling with excitement. It felt like it was moving around uneasily, like it knew the hand that was so close to it. It behaved like dog moving around shy at the arrival of a good friend and the anticipation of about to be stroked. Joycelin looked at her and saw a light in her eyes, her mouth silently moving as she was saying something. She felt the words more than she heard them. She seemed to be concentrating and then Joycelin's belly jumped, she felt her stomach move and felt how it filled. Her belly front grew with her stomach, she had the most peculiar feeling of fast growth, it was like being a balloon and being blown up. When her stomach reached its full size inside her, she felt a gentle pressure pushing it apart.

The woman smiled and saw Joycelin alarmed face expression.


"Oh, nothing to worry about. I was just checking how much you have grown."

The woman touched her large hanging breasts.

"nice ones you have developed! Just like your mother." she let one of the breasts slip out of her hands to saw it jiggle down.

"But you are not yet done growing."

"Who are you and why are you doing this to me?" Joycelin asked.

"I am a fat witch, I make sure women get up to weight."

"You must be joking" Joycelin said.

Joycelin felt her breasts grow a little.

"Do I look like I am?" said the witch.

"No!" said Joycelin fast, realizing how much control this woman seemed to have over her body.

"I have been serving your family for some millenia and I can assure you that there was not a thin woman ever in your family tree."

"Now I decided that I would be doing you a favour of making you so large so early. Usually young girls suffer from this, but why postpone?"

"I'll start dieting. " Joycelin said defiantly. "I won't gain another pound!"

"Oh, try that. But it won't work. You are destined to be fat and you got the largest most beautiful boobs around.You maybe don't know this, but you black women
are much closer to the original woman: Breasts are shrinking in the average woman and no white woman can ever have such large luxurious breasts as you. You are still very close to the
original design for females."

"Besides.." she added. "You will grow everytime you have sexual pleasure. Do try to loose weight, see if it works!"

With this the woman disappeared in a flash of light that made Joycelin blink.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts were incredible gorgeous, it hit her like a 40 ton truck. And the way they were hanging.... she got hot at the thought and moaned softly. At that, she realized that her belly was growing fatter.

He had never seen such magnificient large breasts in his life, and it occured to him that he had completely missed the special beauty and volumptousness only black women had. Joycelin liked to pose for him and tease him with her overbearingly sexy body.



She gasped and moaned loudly. Suddenly, he had entered the bathroom and looked at her. He had heard her and got arroused at her sight.

She felt that her inside was pushed apart, it was the most curious but sensual feeling of growing. Then suddenly she saw the woman standing some way off, in deep concentration which seemed to have this fattening effect on her.

She wanted to stop her from doing it, but then realized how good it felt and how horny it made her. It felt so right to just grow. Immediately, like magic, the fat that pushed apart her stomach started to settle on her everywhere. She felt how her breasts grew even more, sagging down to her belly button. His eyes were wide and incredible with admiration. When they started to penetrate, she felt that she was letting go and the increased lust and hornyness made her come apart faster. She moaned and gasped, thrilled of getting fat.

"Just let it happen" a voice wispered in her mind.


She got fatter and when she finally came, the frenzy of the orgasm made her belly swell apart in one big strong push.

Her stomach had grown so much from whatever was fattening her inside, she had trouble breathing deep.


She had gotten herself something new to wear, a combination that could expand a little, all stretch fabric.

"I'm hungry" she said. "Let's go eat somewhere."

When he realized that she had chosen an all you can eat buffet, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"But you should not eat too much. You will grow very fat!"

"Oh, come on! What the heck. If I need to grow, I will grow. Today I need to eat till I am feeling completely full. If I will fatten more, I will just let it happen. There is not point in fighting my nature!"

If the witch would push her larger, make her become fatter, it was probably as is should be.

And for the first time in her life, she really let herself go, ate all that she desired and felt her tummy swell from the feast. It was quite amazing, how much she needed to become full. And when she walked home with him, she was panting, her large stomach filling out most of her inside, forming a large inflated taut ball that pushed her two large breasts apart. She felt completely stuffed and full, full of glorious food.


When they arrived home, her helped her undress and let her sink on the bed. It was like they both knew it would happen. It started with an unknown rush of exitement that seemed to start in her navel and spread through her whole body. He started to kiss her immensive feminine boobs, the word udder came to his mind and like never before it felt just right and made him excited. He wanted a real woman, one that stood for something.


She did not know if it was the swelling that made her so hot or if the hotness made her swell, but she could not stop herself to moan as it came over her and the delicious food inside her made her belly expand in waves.

They were united in most exquisite lust and pleasure, he penetrating her, feeling her belly wobble like a waterbed and holding and kissing her very large breasts. She felt his movements and enjoyed him deep inside her, making her hotter and hotter, while something her belly pressed and was inflating her gut.This time she let herself enjoy it fully, having no fear of becoming fatter.

When they had both come, in a mindblowing, breathtaking, sweat driving orgasm, he lay on her. He loved to be on her, she was soo soft and so large. Nothing had normal size on her, everything was extra sized.

In the days that came, her growth slowed down and she settled into a very fat shape, that made him jump into wild admiration everytime they met and just the sight of her very large breasts that filled her custom made bra like jiggly sacks of water made him have an errection. Nothing had ever had such a profound impact on him and he gradually realized that this was exactly what he was looking for but never realized it really.

He loved the fact that he was together with the girl with the largest breasts around and that no other man had the privelege to hold and caress such largeness.


He found ways to make her pose and the picture showed her in all her glory.

She loved to tease him with her huge breasts, making him want to drop the camera and feel them in his hands.
"You never knew such boobs could exist, did you?" she teased.
In truth, he fomerly had no idea that a woman could develop such amazing mammaries.



She was surfing the web when she stumbled over this text:

3. Like other Egyptians the Jews believed in fat women, the more fat, the
more double, triple and quadruple chins, the more attractive, imposing and
healthy the woman was considered to be. Therefore to fatten a woman to
make her more healthy and attractive, they would administer an enema with
the plant 'shich ' which only grows in Egypt to his knowledge. [According
to an Israeli botanist specializing in medicinal plants, Crispin Nissim,
'shich' plant also grows in the Negev desert near certain springs, but the
nature of its active ingredient has not been ascertained.

She realizes that she was once the ideal of a nation and noticed that many black female friends that she had tended to be fat and wear it especially well.




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