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Stuffed by Mary

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A casual encounter with a fat woman makes Jeff realize that he has much unfulfilled potential.


One more story for you female feeders and male gainers out there.

Jeff was having dinner with some of his best friends. It was the usual subjects and food was not much entertainment neither. He tried not to eat too much, only too well aware that he had gained a few pounds and that a layer of fat had taken hold of his flat belly. He was tall and extremely thin, 32 years old and a teacher. He did not understand how he gained this weight, he lived like always, did exercise.

He wanted to put his mind away from such thoughts but his friends were like always. Tom was just making a monolog about how his department was restructured. Hey, wasn't that happening all the time? Who cared about that?

The rest of his friends, Jane, Bob and Seth were all entranced by the speaking. What a life, he thought, getting attention out of something like that.

Thank god there were other people around, people that he had NOT known for 20 years already. Who was that woman in this outrageous flowery gown on the other side of the table?

He could pull out Bob to innocently ask him who this was.

"Oh that, that is Mary Sneider. She is an "acquaintance" of Jane. She should really loose some weight"

There was disgust in his voice. Well, that was Bob. Tolerant like your average assault gun.

Well, he was right.She was big, but Jeff had only begun to know that he had something for large girls. He found thin ones dull. His evening looked like it did have a point after all, if it was only to chat a little with this nice woman.

He managed to get introduced to her and was seated next to her. Nobody else seemed to be interested in her, although she looked lively and exuberant. She was munching away from a plate in front of her, a filled plate. Did she arrive later and start dinner only some time ago? Every body else had already finished. What an outrage to be so fat and to eat so much. He found out that she was 30 years old, a nurse and that she detested sports.

Jeff also went to take another plate and when he was about to finish his second plate, he realized that his was fuller than he would have liked. No wonder he got fat. It was his newly appetite it seemed. In this time, Mary had finished 4 plates and was still going. There seemed to grow something there under her wide flowery dress that was kind of old fashioned. Her belly seemed to grow as she was eating under this large udder, which size could not have been called breasts anymore.

"Don't you get full?" he inquired.

"Well, you would be surprised how roomy I am inside. Want to challenge me?"

"No way, I am full already. Couldn't possible win..."

"Oh please try, I am kind of full already. And I'll bet that you can fit another 2 plates inside you."

It was incredible but she was right. He was finishing the second plate as his friends were about to leave. He decided to stay and try another plate.

Mary was carefully watching him.

He was breathing heavy as he tried to finish the last plate. He saw that she liked his effort and smiled appreciate.

"Are you full yet?" he asked between gasps.

She shook her head, but looked interested to him, touching his belly. "But you look like you are. Feels to me like you are pretty tight down there, you need to do this more often"

He moved the last fork into his mouth and swallowed, hoping that he would not come apart at the last bite like in "the meaning of life" by Monty Python.

Mary could not take her eyes off him anymore and her smile seemed to soon split her head in two.

"Wow can you eat! I never saw a man eat like this in my life!"

"I don't do this usually" he gasped.

"I bet, you probably have your stomach pushed up to a size it has never been before"

Her directness touched him and he felt a funny tingling sensation in his belly.

The place was closing so he invited her to a drink in a place not far away. He could hardly walk with so much inside himself. But he knew why he was all doing this. There was definitely a lot moving under her large gown and had decided that he needed to dig his hands into all this sweetness and her breast size was also what he secretly always had wanted to feel his face on.

When they sat in the bar, she ordered 2 quarts of milk, which made the bartender surprised. Nobody had ever ordered THAT.

Jeff was also curious and Mary just said that she did not want to be bugged by her monster hunger that always bothered her when she was not full.

He watched her gulp it down in mere seconds, she looked like she drank 2 gallons every day and had practice. He was watching her dress slowly raise where her mid belly was, as the quarts filled her out. There was a lot of fat to watch there too and out of curiosity he asked her how she got that big. He immediately regretted asking her but then saw that she did not see any insult in it.

As she told him she was a normal plump girl in high school when a nasty, but very popular blond cheerleader by the name of Shelly decided that Mary was a pig the way she looked and made fun of her everywhere she went. She was outright hostile to Mary and told her stuff like "why don't you go and get yourself fatten up so we can eat you for thanksgiving?" or "How about finding a farmer boyfriend that will groom you as one of his pigs?"

Mary did not understand why Shelly was so hostile towards her but realized soon enough that it was something some serious than just intolerance. It had to to something with Shelly's hate for fat and her own thin (and very beautiful) body.

This fat phobia made Mary find herself in a nasty surprise one day when after gym Shelly waited behind the door of the changing room and pushed Mary inside again, locking the door.

"What are you going to do to me?" Mary asked, sure that spanking or some other body abuse was on the way.

"Well, what can anybody do with you?" snorted Shelly and tied Mary to a bench, immobilizing her arms.

"I think your parents made a big mistake in not letting you go too much. You are obviously destined to become one of these obese chicks."

And with this she did something incredible. Mary remembered it like in trance, not believing what was done to her. Shelly was preparing, connecting a smaller tube to the hose that was used to flush down the shower floor and started to shove down the small tube inside Mary's gawping mouth, right down into her stomach.

Before she could bring out a word, Shelly had turned on the water and she felt her inside fill with water.

When Mary's face showed that she was starting to get full, Shelly asked in the most derisive of voices:

"Are you full yet?"

"Yes!" gasped Mary feeling how she was pumped up.

"Well..." said Shelly.

Mary did not understand but she was sure that she would burst any minute from this treatment. As plump Mary reached her ultimate limit, Shelly did not let her go and with an unreal feeling Mary felt that she was violated in a very special way. He stomach was being stretched, inch by inch, quart by quart. As she felt her firm belly inflate impossibly, she started to feel an ebbing, an lust that started to come and go as she knew she was bloated up.It mixed with the terror she had felt earlier and seemed to grow the larger she got.

She heard herself moaning at the treatment. A deep throated moan like she had never produced.

"Are you full yet?" asked Shelly derisively.

"Yes! Please!" begged Mary feeling her middle come apart.

"Well..." she said again vaguely.

"Well what?" shouted Mary feeling herself being pumped up like a soccer ball.

"I think you are not full yet, not there at all..."

"Help! You have to... UUUUUUHHHH......." moaned Mary with an intensity that made Shelly take a step back.

Mary's stomach had reached the size of several quarts, coming from a size of a little more than one quart and she started to moan in a loud and lusty way that Mary herself couldn't find where it came from.

She just realized that something was growing stronger and stronger, till....

"I felt my self widen inside, my stomach growing and growing. I prayed that I would not burst, wished that I was made out of rubber and would expand. When I moaned one more time, louder and heavier than ever before, Shelly backed away with a strange expression on her face... She opened the door and left, waking backwards. The water was still running and I was tied up solid. I was trapped, growing till I would..........

I woke up and was alone, did not remember when I passed out or by what. My pants were soaked and my belly hurt. I had an enormous distended gut from the ordeal before. The next day when I went to school, Shelly did not make any comments about it. It seemed like she wanted to avoid me. What had happened?

From that day on I gained pound by pounds, my stomach growling made me sick if it was not filled to it's huge fill size"

Mary did not ever see Shelly again, she moved away with her parents, but what Shelly had done to her stayed with Mary. She was very roomy in her tummy and her stomach just did not shrink anymore. She had a hard fight to fill herself everyday, refusing to do it, but then yielding to the empty feeling that needed that she was full. The people at school treated her nasty, not helping her keep slim. Her comrades regularly gave her their surplus sandwiches and candy bars to make her fill up. She was also eating the sandwiches of all the cheerleaders that just did not eat anything. She was like the right place to give these terrible "fattening" thing that mother packed up for you to put you in misery and out of the "in range" of men. Nobody seemed to notice how Mary fattened up, since everybody seemed to think "better her than me".

Well, this story explained clearly why she was that big. If he could only have her breasts without all that fabric over them.

The conversation was nice and he was delighted when she invited him to her place for a last drink before they would end the night.

He was sitting in a comfortable sofa and watching the pictures on the walls showing her coworkers at the hospital.

She was in the kitchen and called "do you like a coffee?"

He answered her not taking his eyes of the wall. The pictures documented her growth nicely, going from plumper to XL to XXL, her hips taking more and more space, her bosom taking all the stages from heavy to large, to wide load hanging till the voluminous udders that she packed now.

"Coffee is out." she said in a neutral voice, coming from the door.

He wanted to reply as something caught the peripheral vision of his eye. He turned and there she was standing in the door, with her most immense boobs yielding to gravity and hanging down till far over her belly. She had these wide nipple circles that seemed to have the size of coffee cup saucers. She dangled the large bra in one hand and held the doorframe with the other.


She came to him and showed him the most remarkable display of hang udders that move to every step that a woman could show.He touched her large brasserie and loved the jiggly consistency.

"I had to relieve you, you looked like you were falling into them in the restaurant!" Mary said.

He pulled down her elastic pants and revealed an unparalleled female gut of fantastic dimension. This woman could eat and fit a ton inside, that was sure. He could not discern where her belly fat ended and her stomach started, but he was sure that she was very well endowed in manners of size of her digestive organ.

Mary saw his focus and smiled proudly.

"I know what you are wondering, I can actually fit a whole 2 gallons inside me and still have room for a 2 quarts of desert."

Wow, what a woman was that? He took off his pants and she helped him take down the boxer shorts.

She was not so sure of it but it seemed to her that his limp dick had about the size of other men's full erections. He was heavily hanged. Mary helped him out of his t-shirt and noticed his stuffed gut.

He held it with his large hand and groaned.

"Gosh, I have a pressure down there. It feels like they are moving stuff around and there is not enough space for anything."

She licked her lips and then said conversationally:

"That's okay, that's just widening your intestines a little. Must be tight these suckers."

Mary started to touch his belly, feeling the thin layer of fat that had developed. Immediately he apologized and immediately knew that he shouldn't have. Mary smiled and nodded that it was okay, no need to apologize. If he could have guessed what she saw in him, he would not have acted the way he did.

She held his belly and said with a knowing impression on her face: "I think it would be good if you started eating right now!"

"What right now? I am full from bottom till the top."

She was smiling seductively."Don't you ever had a dream of eating and eating and eating and not stopping anymore?"

Yes he had, he admitted to himself. He just nodded, could not phrase it out.

"Okay, then please follow me to my kitchen. I think we will fit another 3 plates in you."

As she saw that he followed her she thought the moment right. As he passed into the kitchen she said, like saying it to somebody else nearby:

"Look Jeff, I would like to fatten you up. I think you need to grow" she blurted out.

He could not say a word, but the storm of sudden excitement showed as his penis stood to attention and his eyes widened in the revelation of something that he had deep inside always yearned for.

She was surprised, did it really happen? She went to his ear and whispered: "I fed my last boyfriend like a pig and he developed an immense hanging gut!"

Jeff gasped at the insinuation. His breathing went hard. She seemed like she had reached a decision.

Mary took put her large arm around his small waist and guided him abruptly out of the kitchen. Oh my god, she thought. Could it be true?

She went down to the basement with him, her large belly jiggling as she went down the stairs.

When they arrived in a small room she suddenly took his arms and put them behind him. She made him sit down on a chair and tied him there.

She opened a cupboard and took out a long transparent tube.

"As I can see you are perfect for me, so even better than before, I am now going to force feed you with this tube."


She saw his erection and he moaned softly out of sheer pleasure of expectation.

Mary inserted the tube inside his stomach and he felt so hot like never before in his life. He felt helpless and at the same time destined for something that he always had wanted, but had never admitted to himself. Destined for something big that would be right in front of him and full to excess.

She went over to him, put her lips on his large penis and held his quivering balls.

"I tell you right now that I will pump up your stomach considerably and when you next time leave this room, your going to be nice and fat and prepared for rapid weight gain."

She connected the transparent hose to a little submersible pump that was sitting in a little tank of milky liquid. First he only felt a funny feeling inside him, then it was a sublime feeling of filling out as his already full stomach got the treatment. He was lost in delicious pleasure sucking on his balls and playing deep-throat with his stick as he felt his insides grow.
He was getting really really full and his belly started to curve out. Then he felt the incredible hot feeling of being force fed and he looked down at his filled up gut, feeling like a complete stuffing pig and enjoying the horror and the fascination at both.

He arrived at the point where his stomach was full and being gently pushed apart. He found the pressure extremely arousing and when it rose slightly, he noticed with Mary's hand on his belly that his stomach was still growing larger. He felt extreme lust, which made him pant quite hard and moan louder, it was, a part unoccupied with growing lust, the very feeling of getting fatter in the essence. Mary in the meanwhile enjoyed his strong excitement and sucked his penis deep inside her mouth, till she touched his balls with her lips. When his moaning became real desperate, she sped up the process. He came in Mary's mouth, violent and pleasurable contractions pumping cum in an orgasm of the type he had not known.

In the days that followed, they used this type of force feeding from time to time, just to relive the feeling when the stomach got gently pushed apart. It felt like being a balloon being inflated, he confessed to her. Although this had a special appeal, the mostly spent time eating together.

This was also the most fattening activities for him, since he had to compete against a very fat woman with a stomach many times the size of his. She encouraged him to try to beat her and this activity enlarged his stomach grow considerably, making it more and more difficult to get satisfied with food.

She gained some weight, adding to her considerable girth, while he felt himself fatten strongly in her company.

With a fascination he did not know he had he watched how fat was sprouting on his gut.

Many times after eating at a restaurant, they went home and exposed his belly and measured it. Then she kissed it passionately and touched it everywhere. He noticed that she realized every every change and expansion on it.


The fact that she was feeding him was half hidden, half shown in their relationship. This made him especially hot, since she half acted as though he was growing by himself. One time when they were together with some friends, they were taking about weight loss and Mary was saying to a thin acquaintance of hers that it was much too late for her, that scientifically once a woman was as fat as her, there was no stopping anymore. That a woman just got fatter and fatter, till she could not walk anymore. The girl was appalled by this, her face expression showed that she had known that fatness was something that wasn't contagious and now she was just wondering if that was really true.

"But Jeff here is getting fat at an alarming rate" said Mary flatly, putting Jeff on the spot and making him both uneasy and extremely aroused by it.

"I'll have to take him to a fitness center and stop him from eating any sweets!"

Oh my, he thought. And this woman was fattening him up. And how she was doing it.

Right that evening she gave him special pralines to eat and incredible sweet and rich. After he had devoured some 15 of them, he felt a funny feeling spread in his gut.

She opened his pants and took out his penis, while she massaged his gut, whispering in his ear:"I made them myself, they're almost pure fat with sugar and chocolate."

As this sunk in, his penis rose in excitement, right into her waiting mouth. She made him eat more of them, simply by stopping suck his dick into her mouth when he stopped chewing.

She made him eat an enormous amount of them, licking him gently from time to time to prolong it. When he finally came, it was because of his realization that she had made him eat more than 2 pounds of them and the strong fattening effect it would have on him.

Three days later, when leaving the bed, he reached the point where his large pants would not close anymore over the bloated fat ridden shape of his belly.


The Buffet

She met him in the all you can eat buffet and he saw why Mary had chosen it. She knew one of the Cooks there, a very large blonde woman with a bloated up belly that looked like a weather balloon under her apron.

His still thin body was distorted by his bulging out lower belly that were filling his jeans into a nice round ball under the belt line. It was the food from yesterday that had made it's way into his lower colon, crowding it with a never before volume.

Mary found this very exciting and also made no secret out of it why. He looked like a thin person that had seriously and prolonged overeaten in a extreme way and bloated up by it. The large pumped up ball in his jeans classified him clearly as a feedee.

"It shows me that you are starting to get big down there. You'll fatten up nicely when your body is switching into fattening mode"

She patted his distended lower gut.

"A nice bloated up lower gut is a nice sign of a feedee! Let's start the guzzling!"

They were feeding eachother, first he was bringing her plate after plate, the rule being that the eater had to eat everything that was fetched in 5 minute in the next following half an hour.

Jeff was bringing Mary 7 plates full with the most delicious stuff there was. It was very nice seeing her stuff herself silly with it.

She found it funny though, as she obediently fed herself silly. He noticed that her belly started to grow out in all directions, it swelled an immense amount. And as she had finished with ease, he realized that she had found it funny how little he had brought her.

When it was her turn, she surprised him by bringing him 5 plates of food that had a special metal rim around them, making them 5 inches high. He felt the erotic tingle of being fed by her and the amazement of all this rich food that he was supposed to eat. He hurried up eating, since the penalty for not finishing was to have to eat double the amount in 1 hour again.

He had problems eating that fast and Mary was helping him, feeding him with an extra large spoon and giving him a belly massage sometimes to increase his size.

It was an enormous sum of food and he also noticed that the cook and Mary had conspired against him, specially preparing extremely buttery food for his fattening. The cook had come out of the kitchen to take a look at the guest and when he saw Jeff, he looked at Mary and winked. Jeff felt on the spot for everybody, his belly showing him off as a feedee. As it went, he felt the food that was stuffing him taunt and harder push into his lower gut, where he was already enormous distended. Halfway through the dinner, his pants gave way and his pant button popped and flew across half the room.

Jeff as well his Feeder knew that this was the first milestone on the way of Jeff's fatty belly.

Right at that moment, the large cook entered the room again and saw the button on the floor. He picked it up with effort, himself equipped with a large drum belly and went to them.

"Is this yours?" he asked with delight.

The question was unnecessary, too clear was the whole situation. The cook deposed another meal on the table, a dish that was especially buttered and fattened up for the stuffing of the man feedee.

The following eating was a blur. Jeff could not remember eating as much as this ever and it was only with the insistent pressure of Mary that he kept on going. Every time he felt completely full, Mary pushed another spoon in his mouth.

She massages his aching gut and it seemed to free up room for more.

"Eat up, we don't want to insult anybody with half empty plates!" A few times his belly ached and after telling Mary, the medicine for that just seemed more food.

Jeff felt that he was really overdoing it and as he was pushed by Mary far beyond anything that was too much, he felt that his stomach was transforming in order not to burst and was stretched enormous. When Mary finally decided that is was time to leave, he could hardly walk and his belly had become a pumped up balloon, sticking out from below all the way up, some stretch marks showing the way.

His breathing was difficult, because his stomach had such enormous proportions.

The cook smiled satisfied as she saw him walk out.

"I hope that food was nice! I can't wait to see you when you come in next time."

Jeff knew that she meant that all this fattening food would transform him into a porker and that she would see much more fat on his belly than ever before next time. But it was alright, because he was a porker and needed to eat and he knew that he wanted to grow for Mary and the cook and all of them.

While they were driving home, Jeff had pain in his lower belly and Mary immediately checked his distended gut with her hand, pushed there, felt here.

She breathed heavily as she found a conclusion. She drove faster and when they arrived at home, she guided him right into the kitchen.

"What?" he breathed. "I can't eat more now. I am going to pop like a balloon"

"The pain you feel is produced by all the food pushing down into your colon, which is too small. It is now important that you eat as much as you can as fast as you can..."

She let him rest for 3 hours in which he slept and had the most erotic dreams. She woke him up and led him into the kitchen. She noticed that his belly has expanded right under his belly button, had even grown more and looked like an distended lard ball.

Jeff gulped and looked at her large fridge.It looked like it could ruin his belly for good.

"You got the chance now to get large with style" She opened her pants.

"Start eating now and don't stop till you know for sure that one more bite will make you pop like a bomb!"
She came very close to his ear and whispered, as it would have been a secret:

"That in the process will over bloat your gut such that you will gain 3 pounds a day and become immobile before you can notice it!"

Jeff knew that all good sense and this slight pain in his lower abdomen indicated him to go sleep. That is was enough, that even eating one more plate now would...

He felt the impossibility of what she was proposing. But then he was already into it and that was fattening stuff in this fridge. He was sure that she had prepared it especially for a feedee like him, trying to make a new world record in fattening a man up. He felt the dangerous warning of his gut, but then he was already halfway through a pound of bacon.

He ate like there was not tomorrow, deliberately ignoring the good sense that told him to stop. Mary was measuring his girth every time he thought that he inflated his tortured taunt gut another few inches.He knew that he was way over the limit and that he might never be the same again, but did have rampant fantasies of eating like a pig and not stopping anymore and Mary was giving him the input. What would happen to him should he not stop eating?

He ate faster and faster, ignoring the growling noise that came from his stomach. 
Mary enjoyed enormously to see him eat like this, knowing that she was fattening him.
He ate himself silly, feeling that he was enormously overeating.

Then, as he swallowed one more time, during his trancelike binge, how much he was panting, being so short of breath made him feel inflated, pregnant with food and fattening stuff. His gut was growling, and he was moaning in a low volume. This was so exiting, he could not believe that he did not know this, that he was a porker, destined to eat and gain. He realized how much fat he had eaten and how much it would make him into a larder soon and this made him even more exited. His erection got all hard and full and she was finally taking his cock and giving him a deep throat treatment that made him moan louder and louder. She touched his gut and massaged it and he felt so much pleasure through it, how was it possible that his gut was such an erogenous zone for him?

When he came, it was the most powerful and delicious orgasm he had ever felt.

From that on, Mary knew exactly how to bring him to one of them orgasms and every time she did it came at a cost, since she made sure that he only could enjoy after he was completely full and with alarm and excitement at the same time he realized that her feeding regimen was stretching his stomach so he needed more and more to get full.



Mary was introducing him to some of her friends,  all very overweight, but he had never met a person like Susanne. Mary had been going to high school together with her, and Susanne had already been big then. Now that Jeff met her, she was a most immense woman. They had gone out together, to the movies. She was trying to hide her fat body as good as she could, but he couldn't stop but notice that she had trouble walking.

She waddled enormously. He had a distinctive feeling, that what she hid under her large clothing was much bigger than he thought. After a nice evening of entertainment and both a little drunk, he asked her if he could take a coffee at her place to sober up. Instead of the coffee, he had went to her and said:

"There is one thing that I can't wait to see now anymore" and delicately removed her large sweater. He realized now how large her belly was, what a fat ridden sagging gut she had, with an enormously deep navel. Susanne had a drum like mid piece, it looked like a large balloon had lodged itself inside her. She looked like the woman that had just had two kids and put on the pounds. Like she had done some half hearted diets and that had made her even fatter through the jo-jo effect. Now she had started to be so fat, that weight gain did not show so easily anymore. She had become wide and her huge gut was so large that it hung almost down to her knees. They kissed and she let herself go, presenting herself to him as a sensual gal with an abundant capacity for lust and pleasure like her large belly promised. When the time came, he had difficulties to penetrate her, since there was a lot of fat in the way, but that made the whole thing just much more interesting. After he laid her down on the bed and had lifted her large belly out of the way, he found a large elongated vagina and felt her large wobbling soft legs around him. It was like having sex with a mountain and her belly was swaying like tub filled with fat and it aroused him tremendously. She was so incredible feminine, unmovable but so ready to receive lust and pleasure.

He let her keep her bra on, since the rest of her aroused him just so much that he was sure that he was unable to deal with what he find if he opened these large carriers.

She started to moan, more and more urgently and it looked like the moving and jiggling fat was adding to her pleasure.She even came before him, shouting and repeating "oh my god, oh my god"

Just before he was already ready to come, sweating and panting, she urged him: "Please don't come! Please don't. " He was surprised and felt like his train could not be stopped anymore. She grabbed him with her powerful legs and said:

"You gotta drink this. Mary told me, she will get angry at me if she finds out that I didn't make you drink it. "

He was relieved to find out what had made her so anxious of him coming. She reached over and gave him a pitcher of about a quart of some liquid. He started drinking it,penetrating her again. It tasted rich and a little like strawberry. It run down his gullet easily and half through the pitcher, he felt his stomach react. An excited feeling grew inside him, it felt like his stomach was relaxing and settling down, easing apart and becoming more roomy. When he was 3 quarters through it, the sensation became stronger and he had the acute breezy feeling that his stomach was being softened up and enlarged quite a bit by the liquid. She watched him eagerly as he penetrated her, and paid attention to the drinking, which seemed to make her hot. He was drinking faster, since he had to breathe again and needed to finish it. Just as the last bits were gobbled up by him, she said in a innocent voice:

"This is a specially strong fattener that will have an incredible effect on you!" she said.

And as he heard it, the last bits running down his gullet, he realized that this was exactly what it was and what he was feeling inside his belly. It was rigging him for strong weight gain, it was pushing over the edge. With this incredibility, to fatten him even stronger as big as he was already, he came. It was the most amazing orgasm he had ever had, he did not know where to put his hands or eyes, it was so overwhelming. And in all this he realized that he would fatten up considerably, in the next days and weeks and that Mary would make him absolutely enormous. Susanne looked curiously at his belly, like expecting it to move or grow his very instant.

He sank on Susanne's considerable bulk, right next to one of her large boobs, his lips just gently touching one of her large nipples, which circumfence seemed to cover half of her H cupish size.


When he woke up, he realized that he was eating and that somebody was spoon feeding himself. He realized suddenly, that the dream that he had had about eating delicious stuff and just going on forever had in reality been real. How long had she been feeding him?

She did it with care and devotion, but with insistence and a large spoon.

He felt his stomach heavy, like she had fed him already a considerable amount. She looked at him and smiled happily, touching his softening large fat ridden gut.

"You need some meat on your bones!" she said with zeal.

He wanted to stop her feeding him, but it was so comfortable and nice to just go on eating. He found it incredible hot to be fed by such a large fat woman.

While she fed him, she told him about her last boyfriend, how he had been a farmer and an absolute genius. She told him that he had worked on his own farm and tried to find new ways to get his cows fattened up faster. He had improved the normal formula, added exactly the right amount of fat and vitamins that were necessary. It had been a hilarious joke for her to taste the food, before the cows got it. He had made a jest that it would not work on her at all, but that a rich and attractive flavor was important. She had gone along with it, but had realized that the food, although delicious, made her tired and that she slept a great deal. Then there was a rush of a new formula and given her fat fertile predisposition, she started to fatten up fast, getting fatter by the day, her belly starting to sag and hang deeper and deeper over her crotch.

She had left him then.

"He just used me to test this food for his cows."

He realized that she very much looked like a fat cow, with her immense breasts that came very much into the category of udders.

"I gain weight very easy, and this guy would have just used me till I would have been immobile!"

He noticed that the stretch marks on her belly and hips showed, that she had gained with enormous speed. He wondered if she did not realize that he had deliberately fattened her up and joyously use her tendency to be fat fertile.

She was feeding him still and he was not even full, when he realized that his buttoned shirt started to get tight. He was also wearing pants, with a belt and was aware that the belt cut into his soft belly mass in mid piece.

She continued feeding him, till he had the acute feeling that his belly was growing slowly.

"Oh my" she said with an exclamation, "you have become very roomy!"

"Time to fill you up properly."

As she went on feeding him, his belly right under his navel started to become still rounder. It was pushing against the buttons of his shirt, straining them. He had never eaten that much in his life, but incredible enough still did not feel full. He felt how his lower belly started to poke out too, a round fat blob starting to fill his pants.

She had to stop, he thought. He was till not full and all this stuff would make him so incredibly fat....

He just had to swallow and go on, it was so easy. He realized how large his stomach had gotten by his panting, since it started to rival his lungs in location.

He wondered what Mary had given him, that had made his stomach so large and yielding, a perfect feedees stomach he realized. Would it shrink back to its original size or would he have to eat so much every time to get full?

And how fat this tendency would make him! It caused both shock and excitement in him.Part of him just wanted to go on eating, till he could not fit through the door anymore, the other one wanted her to stop. Wanted to first digest the food and see how much fat it would put on him.

But there was not stopping her, it felt just so rich and good to just swallow and eat the great tasting mashed potatoes. He felt his pants get tight, the belt trying to hold his gut in, while it was swelling below and above. One button popped and landed on the floor, while his belly and fat came jiggling out of the crack of liberated clothing space.

He was like in trance as he went on eating. He got hot at the feeling of being fattened to an extent that his shirt was rupturing. He felt the food make him lazy and tired, yet his dick swelled to the excitement. Was this woman going to feed him till his was her size?

The thought of such an overflowing gut struck him and made his pants groan, she was watching them intently, enjoying it.

"Looks like you will need new pants!" she giggled.

Another 10 minutes of constant feeding killed the rest of the shirt, his upper belly a large inflated balloon.

"My my, your stomach must be double as big as before!" she said admiringly.

"Now let's top you off with some sweet stuff!"

The lard tub of a woman took another pot and started to feed him with it. It was a greasy liquid, not unlike sauce and it tasted of olive oil and tomato.

Then, he started to get full. His inflated belly looked huge and below, his belt was hanging on to dear life and giving stretching sounds.

He started to pant as he started to feel full, his stomach having an incredible weight. With one large pop, the belt went and he suddenly felt how large his gut had already gotten. When he was completely full, felt a strong pushing feeling inside his gut, she gave him the a glass to drink. He was completely pumped up and she opened up his pants, which came forward in a liberating movement, sagging down slightly. There was his dick, ready and yearning. She took it and started to give him a blow job that started to drive him crazy. She stopped and looked up and said:

"go on, drink it, or I stop too!"

When he saw her sucking his dick, going in and out all the way till she reached his balls with her lips he started drinking.

"This is pure fat, to start your fattening process off with some speed!"

It ran down his gullet and the thought of what she had just said kicked in and he came in his most fattening orgasm ever.


When he saw Marry again, she was so thrilled of how fat he had grown, how large the mingling with Susanne had made him. She had known all along that fat with such a amazing fat woman had a tendency to rub off on a man, the large waterbed like lard tub belly of such a gal jiggling against his gut just did a trick on it.

To be continued....


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