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Forced to eat, Pushed into Lust

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Do you remember my dear?

When you first saw me?
How did I look to you? As you expected?

You hid you secret deep inside you, but I knew.

Only too open did you reveal it to me one hot night at the keyboard.
"How can this be that I am that way? It cannot be, so much lust from that.


I gotta tell him now, what can I do? I am a slave to Lust, always was, always will be!"

So you wrote me then. And I understood.

Because I feel the Lust also.

How can it be, you and me...

Do you know it now? You are wearing tight jeans, what is going to happen to them?

We act like we are just friends, and do not know...

the deepest sexiest and Lust laden secret we share.


I invite you to eat,
lots of delicious food.
The people here think that you must be too plump to eat that much.
Well, eating too much is not your sin...
If they only knew...

Then we go home, together.
You, laden like a heavy ship...

Full and bloated on the stomach.

And we talk...
many interesting thing.

We are both intelligent people, but hide so much what we openly feel.

There is just that thought in both our minds


Then, finally I hold you on the wrist, harder than you thought and
I look your eyes

and see the hot heat of anticipation....

Yes, we go now... How long did you year for it?

You see that I do too, I want it!

I pull you closer to me, posses you

You are mine!

I lead you into the kitchen, where the is a special comfortable chair...

very sturdy and wide

I make you sit there, with a definite hold on your wrist, that I just release again...

You see a little tube on the table, transparent

As I see you watching it, I take it and smile

"Oh, that thing is from my brother. He breeds cattle."

How so, you think?

"One of his animals did eat something poisonous and he had to evacuate the stomach with it."

I take the tube and give it to you.

You hold it in your hand, your delicate hands, feel the diameter of it

You feel my big hand on your side, removing your shirt, reaching from behind on your belly.

The other one grabs your wrist with determination and puts it down on the armrest. Suddenly, a clamp snaps and holds it there.

You move the other hand, but I got it already. You drop the tube...

With speed I move it to the other armrest and snap, you are gettin immobile...

"Oh my god, what is happening..." do you exclaim, feeling a brush of hotness in your lap.

I fondle your nice belly and pick up the tube...

"What is he going to do", it is racing through your brain and your lusty hotness between your legs

betrays your own innocence.

"You of course, are not a cattle. You are a devine creature, my lady!" you hear me wisper.

And then....

It is just you and me but sexy is sexy, horny is hot... as you hear...

"You also will benefit from this hose."

You feel the hot waves of lust and hornyness, how they go over you as I prepare you.

I tie your legs too, kiss your mouth sensually, before I insert the rubber-triangles inside your mouth

And you know that your mouth is wide open now, no chance of closing, as you try hard.

I reach inside your jeans and feel the nice fabric of your tanga, wet through and through.

Oh baby, trust me, I am as excited as you are

I lift your shirt, enjoy that you cannot do a thing being so tied down

Nice, you plump little belly!

I place a mirror in front of you so you can see what is happening and then,

I take the tube,

play around with it a little on your belly, you feel the hose touching your front

Then I put one end of the tube inside your mouth and try to find where it goes down inside you

Your breath goes in rags, hot and delirious...

How I would like to hold your pussy now, how wet and hot it is... but not yet

Oh my god, raced through your hot mind, he is about to put that thing inside me...

I wisper in your ear:

"now it's time to plug you baby!"

And with a jerk you feel the tube going inside you

In the mirror in front of you,

you can see a plumper with wetnet shining through her jeans

and inches of tube that are slowly disappearing inside her

the man standing next to her, helping it go down inside her seems to soon ruin his tight pants

You can't believe what is happening to you

This is really real, not one of your hot dreams in the night.

No, now you really feel your arms, how they are kept immobile,

your jaw held open by soft, but insistent rubber pads

The hose that leads inside you, directly in your stomach

making you helpless

helpless to gain and get fat as much as I feel like.

What am I going to put inside your stomach?

Hmm, let's see....

I remember as we ate together

You told me, that you must not get fat

That you like to keep your slim body that way it is.

Well girl, let's see what we can do.


You see me use a blender, doing the mix right in front of your eyes

A galon of milk, some digestive liquids that will speed up your absorbtion

some lettuce, since we don't want you to gain too much

lot's of sugar, you are sweet girl

and some butter, for the flavour

As you sit there, you see your plump tummy reflected in the mirror

You worry, you have really become quite a plumper and a rush of wetness and hotness filling your boiling parts

With delight, you see me unpack large cubes of butter

Must be like 5 pounds of butter

You see me mixing it all together

"He can't be serious" you think.

But you see me heating it up, making it smooth and creamy

Then I pour it into a pouch, that I hang high on a pole, you notice the quart marks on it

and there is a little faucet also

Unbelievable, you see me connect the tube going into you to the faucet

I smile sweetly as pat your belly,

are you read for the biggest adventure, the hottest thing you ever felt?

While opening your bra, I wisper in your ear

"I'm a taurus. I have a deep love for cows. You are not yet one, but I'll make sure you get there, grow an udder and ..." with that you see me open the faucet

"fatten you till you are a delicious fat cow!"

You feel the strangest of feelings, which in turn is immediately growing into an enourmous lust

you moan as it has begun, your fattening process.

you feel how your stomach is swelling inside you

"ahhh" you moan as your belly is growing outward

With speed you get full

Fuller than you have ever been in your life.

You feel the gravity pump the liquid inside you and your stomach

feels like it's getting taunter and taunter

"Oh my oh my, your belly is growing huge!" you hear me say.

You watch the woman in the mirror and yes, her gut is inflating like a balloon.

Oh, god, what fattening stuff is already inside you. The pouch is almost empty and

as I push the bag a little, to help gravity inflate you, your belly grows out another leap.

You hold your breath as your stomach is full to bursting point,

I touch your taunt belly,

you realize that you got 5 solid pounds of butter in your belly

more fattening that anything that you have ever eaten.

You feel like you are drifting, you are soo tired.

You fall asleep as your digestion is starting to fatten you.

I let you rest for 3 hours, when you wake up again to the lusty feeling, like hot fever

you are getting filled again

Your lower belly is completely pushing your jeans and I open them

You got to have room to grow, girl!

You will not be able to close these pants every again, my dear feedee...

This time, when you grow, I kiss and hold your breats, massage your belly so you can expand freely

You had such a tight stomach and you easily hold the fattening liquid.

While you start to fill up again, you see my excitement get free.

It's long and thick and while I force another quart in your groaning stomach

I penetrate you sweetly and you can't believe the pleasure that takes you

You have always wanted this, never knew it was real

All these repeating dreams at night, where these impossible thing were happening

here you were, panting, moaning and growing

you knew that I would make you fat

That you would have orgasms of magnitude never seen, and with each one you would grow fatter

swelling into the cow that I covet so much...

Do you regrett giving in to your lust?


Rubens Feeder, 12.3.2002

This poem is dedicated to my friend P. and the way she made me discover how it is to feed with the tube. Amazing, how you woke up in the night, all hot and sexed up, standing in front of the bathroom mirror and feeling the need to be taken and get a tube inside you.

There are not so many like you, but there are men and women that like to embrace the hose!

Tell me about it. Are you wet now? Excited? Do you feel the deep desire to once be force-fed like a pig?


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