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From Pork belly with love!

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Female feeder, male feedee.

She had him and he was glad it finally happened.
"Gain for me!" she said in a horny voice. "Put on fat, on that fat gut! Show me how you can balloon, how fast do you gain piggy?"

Like before she took a piece of bacon and put her hand with it into her sexy panties, and dipped the bacon into

her dripping wet pussy and made sure her excitement was all over the strip of crunchy pork lard.
She moved it to his mouth and let him smell it, he loved her exciting scent, and then shoved it into his mouth
"Your fattening up makes me very horny and wet, please swallow and eat, I want more. Take this hot excitment of mine into your belly and please know that your gaining makes me wild and horny, please keep fattening up, FASTER! My hot excitement for you gaining will make you put on more fat and easier."
He guzzled it down, swallowed and licked hier fingers obediently, she took another piece and dipped it, put it into his mouth, and another and another.

Fattening kisses

She kissed her fatty and before doing it, took a large mouth full of heavy cream and kissed him, playing with his tongue, she then pushed against his with hers in a way that he knew was called "the kiss to the soon obese", pushing the fattening cream in his mouth and feeling his fat pad, checking out how it had already fattened up for her.

She lay down on the bed, belly up and took of her panties, he was on all fours, like a good pig and went to her pussy to eat her out. All feeders knew, after fattening up their male feedees, after being chock full of pork fat, ready to inflate the fat porker of a guy, they did cunnilingus like masters, it was the ultimate and most loving thank you for fattening them up. For pushing him, keep fattening them and making sure their gut kept pumping up with lard and hanging down more and more.

And so it was that he started to kiss her inner thighs, saying "thank you that you like fat pigs!" and he moved up, she saw how his gut was hanging more, her getting horny from it, he then kissed her external lips. "Thank you for fattening me like one!" and he played his tongue over them.
"I'm highly pregnant with fat, I can feel it push in my guts." he dipped his tongue in her hot quivering crevice and she moaned to it. She took some of the fat pork belly strips, thick fat things, from the plate next to her and shoved them into her pussy for him to find. He ate her out, swallowed them greedily and she kept putting more and more. Her ate her out and swallows greedily, making her pant more and more, playing with her clit and dipping his tongue deep into her pussy, he starts panting and gasping, as his gut is growing and inflating from it all.It was super hot, she got more and more aroused and moaned and it was making him fatter, the slower she came, the fatter it made him. His tongue touched the pork fat and very hot for him to realize that he was not different than this fat hog. It was poetic justice, these pigs had fattened up for him, their bellies had put on fat. Now it was his turn to eat this fat and put it on, have his own former firm gut swell with lard. "Maybe I won't get stretch marks, but stretch bands when this pumps into me!"
It was very hot, swallowing this, the closer she got to orgasm, the hotter she tasted. He knew and hoped that her excitement, loaded with wishes and dreams of him, gaining 400 lbs (181 kg) more fat, her wishes to see him balloon and fatten quickly, all this was in her exciting juice and was now working on the pork fat in his stomach. The first thing it did was bloat his stomach huge, pump it up like it was hooked up to a compressorpump.

Then she came, hard and his gut looked like he would explode. The sex with her fattened him up like crazy, it was going so fast that he already had new stretch marks , this time on his fat pad, a thing that she was bent on fattening up.
She had never felt something so hot as when they fucked and he pushed inside her and she then suddenly felt his fat pad push against her pussy and she could feel, without using her hands, how he was fattening up for her, because of her.

She came again after they fucked and pretty quickly, together with him. The rule was that sex would only ever happen when his gut was inflated to the max and he had fear of exploding his gut.

The fattening up made him horny, his gain made her wet and excited and when she saw his new fat, his stretch marks, she just fed and stuffed him right there and then, because he was already fattening up, the time was right to push it a little further.And she was curious what it would do to his fattening gut if she pushed him even harder, overfeeding him.

She was obsessed with his growing balloon bellly and her hands were constantly on it, it was exactly what his gut needed.

And that was why his belly was fattening in the first place. When hugging him, she always checked his tits, his belly fat, the fat ring on his sides and the pinching the fat pad to check for more fat. He held her closer, making sure she could sink into his pumped up fat gut, he was turning into becoming and more fat furniture for him.


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Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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