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For Her

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 Male feedee story, where a guy gains for a female feeder.


1. Now:

I’m so hungry, I can’t stop eating. And I should, because soon I won’t be able to fit through the door anymore. She is helping them now and they are actively supporting her and I know I am gaining faster and faster. It is OK and wonderful, because I would do it again, I would do it for her. I love her and she loves me, that is why she keeps feeding me. I did not know, but we are exactly the same, we want the same thing, we love what my belly does. 

2. Then:

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

I was dating this woman and I loved that she was thin and beautiful. I did not think that our relationship did stand a chance, because I had gained in the last 3 years and was not thin anymore. Surely she was into thin attractive guys like she was.


3. Abduction:


He did not know how he had gotten there and she felt exactly the same.The were drowzy, like they had been drugged. Where had it happened? Was it something they had drunk? They both could not remember.


They explored the place they were in and found that it was a luxurious appartment in a high rise. You could see for miles and it was really beautiful, forests and rivers as far as the eye could see. But he immediately knew that they were miles from any city or town.


In the middle of nowhere!


They started discussing how they had gotten there and realized immediately that they both had amnesia and had no idea about even their own name.


Suddenly the doors opened and judging by the clothing, several chefs entered and were rolling several trays of wonderful smelling food in.


They tried to talk to the chefs, but they just smiled and unloaded the food.


They ignored all their attempts to talk to them.


“Please eat! This table is for you” they addressed her, “and this one is for you!” and that was directed at him.


They both were hungry and ate. She was amazed how great the food tasted, that it was exactly what she liked, all her favorite dishes.


She munched away and so did he

“wow, this is pretty fattening stuff!” she exclaimed.


The chefs had left and they enjoyed the food so much.

For him there was a ton of Italian food, wonderful tomato pasta and sandwiches with his favorite Salami.

Hers was more delicious cakes and Tiramisu, which she could absolutely not resist.


Soon they had eaten everything and the wall lit up. There was like an invisible display built in.


The letters were big and ominous: “Eat your food. Step on the plates for weighing, obey or be punished!”


They did so and she immediately regretted it, as it showed her weight on the screen. When she stepped off the platform ,she could feel a bolt of electricity shoot up from the floor, go through her vagina and into her belly. She got aroused, totally wet, but then it hurt pretty bad in her stomach. When she recovered from the shock, she noticed that her belly was much larger than before, it was like she had just been pumped up a bit, she was shocked and saw on the screen

“punishment dispersed, step on the platform!”

She did so and was shocked at how it felt in her belly, like this thing had seriously upset her digestion.


Soon, they both got tired, but the wall instructed them to go to the wall dispenser.

“Pick up medication!” it said in glaring letters.


When they had it in their hand, the wall read



They both did and he noticed that he had more pills than her, he had some of the yellow ones and a larger capsule with a transparent liquid.

She had taken hers already and he put his in his mouth.

Did he imagine it, or did he just see her belly get larger, and her breasts? Like they had both been pumped up. He must have been imagining it.

He looked at her as he swallowed the pills and washed them down with some water.


She held her belly and yes, it had gotten bigger and she noticed it, she looked shy in his direction to see if he had noticed it too.


He suddenly had the feeling, that these pills were very good for him, that it was so good for him that he had taken them. He suddenly felt his belly, how fat he had gotten already, that he had not been able to stop gaining the last 3 years and slowly had put on pound after pound.


Then suddenly, from deep inside him, he felt what a balloon must feel when it meets the nozzle of a gas cylinder, when it gets inflated. His belly moved and in one long push grew outward and got as big as it normally did when he had overeaten. He had never felt that before, but he would always remember it. This feeling of being inflated like a balloon.


She saw it too and his belly had gotten quite a lot bigger than hers, but then again, he was also fatter. She watched him and had he known how wet it made her in that moment, things might have been a lot easier and he would have struggled a lot less.


They both fell asleep, and when they woke up, the chefs were trooping in again.

And he felt that he was very hungry, as was she.


They ate and afterwards got very tired. It was like food coma, but she could not rest yet.

The wall instructed her to go outside and follow the arrows on the wall.


This place had what in the future would get known as OLED walls, where the walls were painted with a pigment that could light up in any color and this way, it could show images and the moving arrows that she was following now.


She moved down a corridor that had been inaccesible before. Suddenly, when the arrows stopped, she was confronted with a life size picture of a woman on the wall. She did not look that much different than her, but she noticed immediately the little belly bulge that she had. To her right, the same woman appeared, but this time the belly was quite a lot bigger, she had a little double chin. But the next one showed her even bigger, he face had gotten wider, her belly was filling out, widening and fattening and getting larger. Her breasts that were small and perky before also grew and filled with fat.


She could tell, that she did not know that she was being photographed, as in some pictures, she was naked or looked like she had just eaten and was digesting and feeling how she was gaining.




Then the next photo showed her changing, whatever happened to her, was happening faster. The only a few pictures before thin girl was becoming fat, her belly becoming wider, heavier and a deepening navel showing her belly fat is growing. Her face showed first signs of transformation from thin to becoming fat.

She saw it and could not look away and suddenly felt shockingly fat. She saw the next picture and, oh god, the woman was getting fat!

The gap between her legs closed when her thighs fattened, her butt had gotten quite a lot larger and the little fat belly had had turned into a large fat gut with a little hang.


Her belly was riddled with huge stretch marks.

Her breasts had grown immensely, they were surely 3 times as large as when she was thin and the size was making them hang. Her double chin and wider face showed what was happening below.

The next picture showed her even larger, from her face expression it looked like she was struggling to keep her weight, but was nevertheless gaining. She looked tired and lazy, like the gaining made her sleep a lot.

The next picture showed her not gaining that much, only her belly seemed to have become quite a lot larger and had a huge pumped up ball shape.


The next picture showed her again with not much weight gained. And she seemed to be more alert and awake again, although she was slipping into obesity big time.


The next picture shocked her and she took a step back. She could hardly recognize her anymore, it looked like she was another woman. Her belly was not just pumped up like before, it now carried a huge layer of fat that was thick and heavy and hung down halfway to her knees. The old stretch marks had not faded yet and were joined by larger bands of ruined skin firmness and it was clear that her belly hung so much because her tissue had gotten overwhelmed with fat and all of it overstretched.

Her face had gotten a lot wider, fatter and she had a huge double chin, fat hanging on her upper arms, a sign that she was getting massively obese and her breasts were hanging down to her navel, well, if her navel would have been still at that height that is.


Her face showed that she was tired and lazy and that the fat and fast weight gain had overwhelmed her. She held her belly with one hand and she immediately got shocked at the realisation: The fat porker got horny at it, aroused through the food that she must have stuffer her face with .


What was doing this to her? Who would…?

She suddenly remembered something and saw her own belly and cried out in dismay as she realized that she had gained some weight already and that her belly was larger, more pumped up than it had been.


Oh no, she was being fattened up!

And she was hungry! What had they given her?


When she looked at the wall right to her, she saw and even fatter woman. Whatever she had tried some photos back to resist, she was now growing at a even more rapid pace


She was shocked and wanted to look away, the woman was transforming into a huge obese cow of a porker.


She had never been aware that a woman could get this fat ever, it defied description and it was clear that she was being fattened up.

The fat porker was filling out all around now, her belly was large and hanging, her hips had grown out, her legs were getting riddled with fat folds, as were her sides.


She got triggered and shocked and started to walk backwards, she turned around, to not have to look at the fat woman anymore, but got greeted by two very large hanging balls, which looked vaguely like breasts and she saw the massive hanging belly and the huge hips… the udders she carried now must have been double the size as they were before. Her face had gotten fat and her huge double chin showed a fat pig of a woman, a woman that was being forcefully fattened up and had no longer control of her body. She turned, but again got an even fatter picture of her on the wall, it was following her and it shocked her what was happening to the fat woman, because she knew that somebody wanted to show her own future.

She turned again and this time she saw the huge porker starting to have trouble standing, the fat was overtaking her, the fat folds hung down low, her belly was already at her ankles.


She looked tired it was probably because she was growing so fast. What were they doing to her? OMG, where was she now? She had to get out of here!


My God had the fat one gotten wide! Her legs were an assortment of massive fat folds piled on top of eachother, one fat leg had the diameter that her whole torso had before, she looked like a whale, so fat had she become.


She got alarmed and turned away again and saw her again, on the wall she had turned to.


“Nonononononono!” she exclaimed. “Stop!”


And she got no word out when she saw the morbidly obese woman in front of her, how the fat had won, how they had won, how they had fattened her up so much that she had become wheel chair bound. Her belly was this large that it hung down to the floor, spread her legs wide. She saw with shock that there was a tube inside her mouth. It made total sense, they were force feeding her with a tube. Her face looked tired, but aroused. She held the tube in her mouth with… well, like her lips were cradling it lovingly, whatever had happened to her, it was clear that she had not resisted for a long time, but got used to it, even yearned to be fed like this, to be forced to gain. The growing fat had taken her over, it had the majority vote now.


She was so shocked that first she could not utter a word, she was so scared for her own body and keeping it together and in a manegeble size.


5. Shock


She was screaming and he heard it and ran to her. He got frozen in his tracks, when he saw the picture that she was faced. The woman was so fat, so large, it commanded attention and pause. He had not known that a woman could get this fat.


“They want to fatten me up!” she gasped, totally in tears. “I don’t want to become fat!” she exclaimed. “Please, we have to get out of here, they are going to turn me this fat, if we stay here!”


He calmed her down and held her hand, felt how he was attracted to her, that he felt magnetism


Who was she? he did not even remember who he was and maybe they were a couple, had been lovers, were married, had kids together. He knew that he needed to do an experiment with her, to see who she was to him.

“We will find a way to get out of here” he comforted her.


He was as shocked as her, he felt he had to protect her, to prevent her from being fattened up.


When they came back to the room, they looked for any way out, but they could not find any.

That gave her more panic, she knew the food would soon be brought in and she would get punished, if she refused to eat.


“Do you remember more about who you are or who I am?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Neither do I” he confirmed.


But he had just to try what his gut was telling him. He went closer to her and felt the magnetism, how he desired her, how he wanted to sleep with her, pleasure her, take away all the pain and frustration and make her happy.


He came really close to her face, their lips very close to eachother and she felt the anticipation. Was her going to kiss her? She suddenly realized that she liked him, liked him a lot and seemed to know him, he felt so familiar.


He then cupped her face and kissed her passionately.  As he did, he pulled her closer.

He felt her little belly on his, but also felt her lean curves,the small breasts, the thin elegant arms. He had to find a way to make sure she did not gain and restore the flat stomach she have had.


The kiss got deeper and deeper and the world faded away from them, he felt how her tongue was greedy and passionate, welcomed his and danced with it.


She pulled him closer and felt the bulge of his belly on hers. She was terrified about her belly having grown, but she had noticed that he was not quite thin anymore and that it spoke to her. She got horny and wet, he was probably her lover or husband that she had been in a years long relationship, her cooking for him and him gaining in the process, a metaphor for their relationship deepening.

When they parted, they were both intoxicated.


“Did you feel that?” he asked.


“Yes” she said, blushing.

“It seems that we know each other” he said.

“Yes, I know what you mean, I feel so comfortable with you.”

“We might be married or lovers” he said. “That kiss felt like I was coming home.”

She nodded, could not articulate it.


“I don’t even know what to call you. Till I know what your real name is, I will call you Alex, I love that name!” he said.


She looked at him and pursed her lips. “And you look like a….. hmm, a Dan.”


“Fair enough, Alex and Dan we are then.”

And soon, as feared, the chefs were back and brought tons of food. Was it their imagination or was there even more delicious food directly taken out of their favorite meal list in their brains?


How did they know?


Was Alex’s mind playing tricks on her or were they checking out her belly bulge?

“I must not gain, I can’t eat anything” she said, trying to involve them into a conversation. But they just smiled and left again.


“Eat and enjoy! Or be punished!” announced the wall.


“Nonononono!” she cried, “I can’t eat anything, I already gained from last time, I have to watch out. I’m not even hungry now!” she lied.

She was hungry, but more shocked.

He did not want to mention it, but he was very hungry, almost starving. And he did not know this and would have watched out and been weary of eating more, but he carried a lot more fat on his belly than she did and the pills specially formulated for him had taken advantage of it.


He wanted to eat the food so badly, he could smell it from across the room and it was part of a process that originated in the fat cells of his belly and soon would become very hard to stop.


The food aroused him even a little, so it was easy for him to say:

“I’ll eat yours for you, so you don’t get fat. We have to shrink your belly and bring it back to the shape it had!”


“No, you can’t , then you will get fat! I can’t allow you to do that!” she exclaimed, but she wished she had not said it. It was just that she had to say it, she couldn’t just be so egoistic. But part of her was glad he had volunteered, she was desperate and saw now other way.


“I’ll be fine, you know it is the only way. And besides, it won’t make me fatter, I think I read somewhere that if you are a little fat already, you don’t gain as easily.And then it doesn’t make such a big difference in me, unlike you I’m already a little chubby. I can easily lose it later” he said.


Alex was so relieved. “Oh, you are saving my life here, I can’t tell you how glad I am. And I’m sure it won’t make you gain a pound.”


He started eating and had to slow himself down, he did not want to let on how hungry he was.  When he had finished his, he was still hungry as before and inside his belly his stomach wanted filling. It had been filled to maximum the last times with the exact same portion, but the pressure of the overeating combined with the special pills and him being slighly fat had left his stomach larger than it had been and the natural contraction that happened with stomachs had been defeated by one of the pills.

And so he was ready to rise to the challenge, without knowing it. And he munched away, also put away everything that they had brought for her. In the end, there was some food left over, but he already felt a strong pushing and pressure inside his gut.


“Can you finish it?” she asked alarmed.

“I think so” he panted. He massaged his belly and felt so fat, overeating like this with a fat belly to start with. The pressure he was exposed by the overeating did a dangerous number on the large sack of his stomach and pushed it apart.


It was probably too much for him, it was for two people and his stomach was already huge, but she hoped that he could fit it in.  She did not want to get punished and the electroshock alone had made her belly bigger last time.


And then, he had feared it, she spoked the words. The words that in all logic, she had to say, but that he had wished she had never said.

“Maybe the pills will help….” she said innocently. Her pills, that pills that she was supposed to take.

They both knew, that they would check for them.


She brought them to him and he got a funny feeling in his belly.

He dreaded what these would do to him. But on the other side, maybe they did not do anything, as they had been formulated for her thinner leaner belly. He had to take them in any case and before he could think, he had washed them down with a glass of water.


Then…. nothing happened.


He waited, but more of nothing happened. So they did not do anything, he realized. If anything, the only thing that they might have done was make him feel more relaxed.

The pressure inside his belly had been eased and relaxed and he suddenly did not feel that full anymore. Which was good and made sense, as he was still hungry. He did not remember, if he had been a second ago, but all that really mattered was now.


These pills took away the bloated pumped up feeling he had felt before and he thought that they would work well as medication against indigestion. And before he had felt so full that part of him had told him to stop, that he already overstretched his stomach a little and that a large rstomach would make it that much harder to lose the weight, because it would drive him to eat more.

Now his belly felt OK and he could eat what he still needed to eat to protect her, to make sure they could not play their evil game with her.

She needed to be thin and lean… Did they have kids already? Maybe they were about ot have them and it was important that she stayed thin.

And him, it would not fatten him up. It was strange, but he knew this for a fact, the food would not be fattening for him and the pills would not work on him. Hers were for a woman, maybe his and hers neutralized themselves? He realized that the second pills had made him calmer, more relaxed, but kind of tired, he wanted to sleep and digest the food, relax and take it easy. And the certainty that it would be OK and that the pills would not harm him had gotten more certain somehow.

And then he was glad, as he started to eat, he was suddenly so hungry. He had not noticed that he had been so hungry, but it must have grown over the last hour or so. He was glad that he had her food to wolf down, he would have been seriously worried if he had not had anything to eat till tomorrow.


And he ate and then the wall flashed red.

“Please step on the scales, measuring in 1:00”




It was counting down.


They both panicked.

“Eat!” she said urgently. And she almost jumped on him, helping him eat, frantic and scared.

He had to eat all of it, that was imperative.

The clock was ticking and he ate like there was no tomorrow, wolfing it down wiht speed, the cakes, the ice cream and she helped him, fed him fast, stuffed him with a large spoon and urged him to swallow faster.And then she realized, that this made her wet and aroused.  What was going on? This was really strange. Was it because he did it for her, to protect her?

She just knew that it made her wet to watch him eat like this.


That was really strange, but she rationalized that it was probably a reaction to him protecting her.


He was like her knight in his shining armor.


He was aware that she was helping him eat and stuff himself like this and it did something very strange with him.

He was suddenly in a trance, he enjoyed the food with orgasmic enjoyment, everything tasted so wonderful and it was filling him, he felt this huge relieve that it was happening, that his stomach got filled and that she helped him made even more sense.

So much food so fast, it was almost overloading him. And it aroused him, he felt like such a pig eating so fast and that also made him hot. How crazy was this? He needed to hide the hard on from her, she would find that totally sick and it was easy that he was sitting at the table and that his fat belly was obscuring more and more of it.

And then he had eaten it all, there was a groan and a gurgling from his belly, but they had to run.


They scrambled to get to the platforms. Then they stood there as the countdown reached zero and she was already scared to feel the shock of the punishment. But none came.

The light went off and she went over to him, virtually jumped on him, cheering and being happy.

“You saved me!” she exclaimed and kissed him deeply. She felt his belly, how it touched hers and realized immediately that all this had taken a toll on him, his gut had been larger before, but now it was soft, spongy  and a lot larger. And he felt it too, feeling hers on his, how his had gotten softer and jigglier.


The kiss lasted a long time, the world around them vanished, there was just her and him.


She pulled him closer and it felt like his belly was slowly growing.

It made him hot. She soon felt his bulge and put her hand on it, then dropped to her knees, eagerly and looked up at him as she undid his pants.

“You risked your health and body for me, protecting me. This is the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me, I won’t forget this!”


And with this, her tongue searched for the head of his penis and soon danced around it.

She gave him a passionate blow job, but just before he came, she stopped and slid down her own pants, took off her panties and looked at him, seducingly.

She had made sure that he had taken off his shirt, so she could see his belly and she was pretty sure that it had gotten spongier, larger through all the food he had protected her from. It was a symbol, like a wound that a man had gotten trying to defend her in a fight.

She could not stop looking at it and it made her wet. It would grow a bit more, as he had to keep eating before they could escape from this place.


She suddenly got very aroused and wet, that must have been because his dick was hard and big and in a second, he would fuck her really well.


He saw her amazing body, how there was a space between her legs, just under her vagina and he could see that she was wet, her lips were clearly visible on her shaved pussy. He had always loved shaved pussies, because you could so easily see everything.


And he looked at her, saw her beautiful wide hips, the lean legs, the nice size breasts and her belly. It had taken a hit, it was not as firm and small anymore, but it seemed to be mostly bloating. It could not be that she had gained that much fat in this little time.


The only way they could have managed to make her put on fat so fast was with special pills reacted and amplified even the smallest fat content in her body and make food and fat eaten much more potent.


He had this wonderful feeling in his gut, he had never felt something like this. And he was hungry, very hungry, which was not possible, he had eaten so much just before.


He did the only thing that felt right, went to her and kissed her on her wonderful vagina and started licking it passionately. He felt so grateful to her, he did not know why. He could see how wet she was, she was virtually dripping. And he felt self conscious about being fat, surely a sexy woman like her would never want to sleep with a fatty like him?


But he felt so attracted to her and it felt so natural and in no time, his penis was sliding inside her pussy, the first push.


And soon they were fucking like they had always been doing it, it felt so natural to be inside her. He felt his belly bump into hers and he felt embarrassed, but she moaned loudly, so it was not all bad. He felt his belly wobble, it seemed to have lost a lot of firmness.


And it felt so good pushing his fat squishyness against her flattening belly. It felt like she was getting firm and he was getting soft.


She felt him jiggle and the fat soft mass of his belly on hers and it drove her crazy with lust.

And soon she came and while she orgasmed, she saw his belly and had an impression how it had gotten a lot bigger and it drove her nuts during the orgasm.


6. The next day


The next day when he woke up, he felt fat.

He had had a little belly before, but now he carried a distinctive little gut, fat and jiggly.

She also could not help but notice, how he had expanded. It must have been bloating and loss of firmness in his belly, and she must have imagined that he had gotten a wider face and a double chin, because nobody got fat this fast.


The thought of him fattening up was making her wet, she could not believe it really. What was going on? She could not show him, because it would freak him out and she needed him to eat. Eat to protect her, to make sure she did not end up like that other woman.


And when the food arrived this time, she had already sat him there, making sure they had enough time to eat, that it was not like last time.


And she told him that she had gotten rid of the pills, that she had disposed of them in the toilet.

“They are obviously very fattening and I want to protect you from them” she told him.


While what she had really done was to liquify them in warm water and mix it into the rich peanut butter avocado shake that they had brought.


She just couldn’t take any chance, if they found out, they surely would punish her. And she figured that the pills probably would help him eat, maybe made him even hungry.


Wow, was he hungry, he had just downed this avocado shake. He had been hungry before, but now he was basically starving.


He had been worried that his belly had gotten so big before, but now he knew he just had to eat, everything else was secondary.


And there was an unspoken thing between them, that she helped him eat, that she hurried him when he ate too slow.

She kept time to make sure he had eaten it all before the weigh in came around.


He experienced something really amazing, the food tasted better than ever before in his life, he felt his burning hunger and his belly seemed to glow, everything he ate seemed to grow the feeling and put him deeper into this amazing trance.

There was like an orgasmic feeling growing inside his belly, he felt it strongest in his belly fat, the fat seemed to enhance and boost it.


He wished to eat faster, but did not want to give away what he was feeling, it was too strange to admit it to her.


And he was also scared that eating faster, wolfing it all down would have made him come.

And that was a real possibility, as he got more and more aroused. He had never had a vagina, but his mouth, his tongue, his gullet and his stomach and colon seemed to be like one large huge vagina and all the food he sent down were like penetrations of an imaginary penis.

And then it hit him, he was in the process of being fattened up. It was exactly that, it was so true and exactly what was happening. It shocked him, but made him even hornier.

That was crazy, that couldn’t be! And now that she was flushing the pills down the toilet, the feeling of gaining must have been from the residue of the pills he last took. So it would all stop.

He would soon start losing weight gain, he knew she would help him with it, since she wanted him thin.

He would be able to lose the weight that he had put on the last years for good. He did not know why he had been steadily gaining, ever since he had put on a little weight, it seemed to always become more, like the existing fat made it harder for him to lose weight and felt like it made it easier to put it on.

He soon was finished with all the food, had actually fit it all in. She saw immediately that his belly had changed, that it had become jigglier, softer and had given in to the food. The pills probably did something to his insides, made them soft and pliable. She got the feeling that he was still hungry and would have loved to feed him more.


Where had that thought come from? She was surprised at herself.

He was still hungry. He had not eaten more food, that was as much as had made him pop last time almost, but something was happening to him.


She touched his belly and started massaging it. It felt so arousing , he had a hard time not moaning, not showing how aroused that made him and that he was still hungry and needed to be fed more.


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