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Milky Udders 1

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 It is incredible how amazing breasts can be. Check out these massive jugs, totally wonderful!

maxi milk pump 01

Don't you agree that these are totally amazing udder breasts? I'm totally fascinated by them. And look at her little cute fat belly, that thing is just waiting to grow along with her breasts.

maxi milk pump 02

I am really amazed how women can have such large udder sized cans. Do I like this so much because I am hung and because both are expressions of fertility?

 maxi milk pump 03

What a total tease to lift the t-shirt like this. And the best news is that they are full of milk, for somebody like me that loves to milk women something so sexy. That's why I got such large hands and a preference for such large hangers, exactly because these hands are made for milking them and me drinking from them, the height of sexy sensuality.


 maxi milk pump 04

Without words. I just can't find words to describe, how exciting these udders look.


maxi milk pump 07

Aren't milking pumps that are made for women breasts something so hot and amazing? I'm always delighted when I walk past these articles in a store and know what they are for. But these large heavy udders should be hooked up to a real cow milking pump and I wonder how they would rise to the occasion, and being treated like a cow udder would boost milk production massively. Totally sexy that there are women that develop such beautiful sexy hanging jugs! It is a wonder of nature!


maxi milk pump 09

Wow, wie diese Dinge sich festsaugen. Es gibt wohl nur noch eine Sache, die geiler ist als so ne Frau fetter zu mästen oder zu schwängern und das ist...

Wow, look at how these things attach themselves to her nipples, how hot is that! Now there is just one thing that is hotter than to fatten up a woman and/or to impregnate her and that is...

maxi milk pump 10 see how her breasts are getting larger and heavier and are waiting for the able hands of a man (or a woman, don't want to discriminate anyone) that milks her regularly, drinks from them or pumps them empty.


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