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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 00:00

Confession by an evil Female Feeder

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What follows is a confession by an evil female feeder:

Let me tell you first up that I am not an ethical feeder. I love fat men and will do anything to make them fatter. I will lie to them if it helps me get them fatter, manipulate them or whatever it takes. It is not that I am ruthless, I just do what others dream about, I don't sweet talk it.

Some men or women might hate me for it, as I often don't ask for permission, I just do it. And I'm good looking, sexy, thin, lean and well, mean? I keep fit and no pound of fat will touch me, my belly is tight and flat, with a six pack and my legs are hard and trained, I run several miles per day, while my feedees cannot move much and have been massively overfed. I love the contrast when a guy gets wasted with fat and gets soft and softer, while I stay hard and thin, it is hot. And this turns them on too, because I know the secret to true fattening: you gotta waste them with fat, make sure that they are marked as feeding stock, leaving no doubt that they are getting fattened up and also leaving unremovable marks on them. I know not all men like this and neither do I care to please them, but many appreciate it when they start closing in on immobilty. 

Or when they run away and then come back again anyway, addicted to what I do to them, because they know they don't have a choice. Not anymore. They have gotten too fat already.

And I am good to my feedees, I reward each man for growing for me with the very best. I have a technique where I hold a dick of a guy during sex, I train my vaginal muscles every day and that method makes them feel so much more and come a lot stronger. I am also extremely good with my tongue and love to milk a penis, they are allowed to come inside my mouth and it is really useful to reward them for eating and gaining. But only for these two things will they get sex, only when they have overeaten massively and can hardly move anymore or when they visually are putting on fat, then they get rewarded. 

And it helps to make the men gain even more, since most men get tired after ejaculation, which helps fatten them up.

Some guys get really hungry and open for stuffing and overfeeding when they are really horny, so I keep them that way, not letting them come, but knowing how to drive them nuts with lust.


It always depends on the guy, some guys are tough and need a hard hand, I like resistance, it makes the triumph much sweeter once they start to soften up and get soggy in the midsection and grow moobs, and look more like a woman than a man. They are giving in to the fat, getting pliant and willing to please me. 

Then there are the sweet guys, they are usually more scared and I have to keep them from knowing my true self. So I hold back in the beginning, when they ask me how large I want to get them, I tell them that I'm aiming for 300. And when they ask "what about 400 pounds?", I tell them "oh no, that is too big, I don't like that, 320 is my limit."

And with that lie I soften them up, make sure they lower their guard and feeding them up to 300 pounds, their fat cells are open and used to multiply and they used to the routine of fucking for feeding.

It also helps for some to tell them that I don't sleep with men that are lighter than 290 pounds, that drives them.

And of course, the very submissive ones, often total pig feedees, built to gain in the most obscene manner and speed, they cannot help but gain as fat as their feeder wants them and they cannot stop fattening when they see that they make a sexy woman like me wet with it. 

And then they just keep gaining, 310, 340, 380 and when I tell them then, that I actually have no upper limit but am into 600 pounds bed bound super belly lard tubs, it is way too late and they cannot resist gaining even more. 

Seeing them waddle and lifting their belly after making them overeat and then telling them, while I suck their dick "that I can't wait them to settle down, that I'm impatient to get them immobile" is usually greeted by an instant ejaculation, which shows me how the guy is wired and if he had that fantasy before and is noticing how his fear is turning into lust as his hanging belly and double chin get huge and saggy.

One thing that I love to do is brand my feedees, to make them permanently marked by them gaining weight and showing to other feeders and the world, that they need to get fattened up. One way to do this is to make them grow really fast and make them really huge. Fast weight gain destroys the firmness of the tissue, makes a belly hang a lot faster. With some much fat going into the tissue, skin gets overstretched, muscle tone is lost to fat and the body is totally taken over by fat. 400 to 500 pounds will do the trick. After that, it does not matter what the feedee does, even if they later on "run away" or find a way to lose the weight again, their skin was overstretched so much that now they got a hanging belly at any weight and hanging tits also. A belly can then look like a deflated balloon and any feeder will recognize this as "I have been once very very fat, I need to gain again to that size"

I love to take guys like that that might have lost weight due to societies pressures or fear of getting such a fat porker, and forcing them up to their old weight. They need to be this fat. I know that there are fat pigs out there that just need to gain and need my help. And when you gain weight, especially fast, your existing fat cells first fill up, but then also new fat cells get created and these new fat cells just shrink, but never go away again, which is really exciting: 

Once you were 500 pounds, you got the fat cells for that weight and even when you lose weight, these cells will just shrink, and since there are so many more now, and they want to be at least half full, it will be really hard to lose weight and even more so they will make you gain much more easy.

In a way the body got used to be a fattened up pig and wants to return there.  And they will always find back to me and I can then force them to get large all over again. I really don't care what you think of me, I do what I do, I do this for my own pleasure and because I know that there are men (and women) that are programmed to gain. They are good at it and something deep inside them wants to find out how fat they can become and so do I. I help them do what they are otherwise so afraid of. 

To be continued...

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  • Comment Link Julian Friday, 17 January 2014 15:06 posted by Julian

    Sounds like my kind of woman.

  • Comment Link Gene Thursday, 22 August 2013 02:39 posted by Gene

    I am conflicted reading this. First, I am horrified reading the author's attitude toward men. Then, I find myself wanting to connect with this woman, throwing away everything in life, allowing her to fatten me fast and to massive proportions. I'll be in my bunk. And I will be back to follow the next chapter.

  • Comment Link daeor  naiht Wednesday, 01 May 2013 05:22 posted by daeor naiht

    It is so seductively smoothly foreplay for a denied aspect of a woman who feels she is fat even when she weighs 130 pounds when she is ten years old. Why does my body feel so good? What are these sensations? Why do I want to be a female goddess sculpture of Venus de Willendorf and still run a marathon and dress in a long svelte black dress with pearls and diamonds in my other dream. I can be all things so why not be the pig of my dreams....

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