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The Legend of the Mast-Liese

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This is an ancient German Folk legend about why certain women and men gain really easy and fast, often feel that they were born to get fat and well, be fattened up. It seems to be something in their genes that made them that way and they often look for their feeder. And when they find him/her, they start growing uncontrollably, getting fatter beyond their wildest dreams, reaching total bliss, and making their feeder so horny for it, a match made in heaven. This is an explanation why they are like this.

Thank you Elisabeth, I'm a feeder and might carry the same genes in me, I love to feed women that carry this gene you so nicely activated with your gigantic weight gain.
I am for you, all women that know this and will need to fatten, I love you tendency to overeat, yearning to be fattened like a pig, knowing that it is not a question of IF you will fatten, but WHEN. Lets not wait anymore, lets start the fattening! Thank you dear Mast-Liese for making fat and fattening such an important thing in many womens lifes. We are made for each other!

Rubens_Feeder, 29. January 2011

Chapter 1

It was in a little town in Germany, long in the past. There lived a very
wealthy man names Gruber. He had 2 daughters, Ina and Katja and was married to a beautiful woman called Elisabeth. She had even a little blue blood in heir veins, was educated and kind. Nothing hinted at her future destiny, to be the patron saint of all rapidly and uncontrollably gaining women. Little did she know that though the idiocy of her husband, she would become very infamous. That under her small and tight waist band the tiny little belly fat would worry her with its rapid multiplication that one day she will be afraid of doors, as she knows she is changing and gaining, but the door is not.

Gruber was a violent man, short tempered and nasty. He had spells of good moods that seemed like periods of sunshine in the perpetual cloudy and rainy weather of his emotional state. He was a proverbial asshole, but hard and successful in what he did commercially. He was the driving force behind the towns butchery industry. He owned several big butcheries in other towns and was a meat product tycoon.
And as often might makes right, he was admired and feared at the same time.

He had no vices except smoking cigars and was a man with a spartan lifestyle.
He hated and loathed much, but he did never hate a thing more than fat and anything soft. His wife had acquired a little belly giving birth to his children, she had tried hard to lose it again, but each of the girls had inflated her tummy a little, made her already ample breasts larger and hanging.
She was hardly fat by any measure, but Gruber thought she was a fat pig, disgusting and soon ceased to have sex with her. Their sex life before had not been a good one in any case. It had more of a utilitarian manner, where a man sleeps with a woman because he is supposed to, being married. And vice versa.

His mother had always told him, that women tended to get fat. And that fat was lazy. His mother had always been rake thin, you would have called her anorexic, if such a term had existed back then, which it did not.
She had never had a sex life on her own, hated lust and hated all the signs of it.
She had always told her son to watch out of for a woman’s tendency to expand, to fill out like a sack being filled by a hose with lard.

Big breasts, belly fat, that was how it started.

Gruber knew that Elisabeth was on the way there, he hated to see fat on his wife.
And when he was upset, which was all the time, he beat her.

It was in the winter that Ina got very sick. She had high fever which did not abate anymore. Very soon it was clear that she would not survive if nothing was done.

As often in these cases, the call went out to Esmeralda, the towns witch. She had been successful in treating illnesses in the past and lived away from the village. She was an outsider, living with the town in a symbiotic relationship. She provided services that were unique and the farmers provided her food.

Esmeralda took Ina to her cottage for 2 weeks. When she came back, her fever was gone and he face was flush with life again. But, she had gained weight.

Gruber saw this with shock. She had the same small belly that marked the onset of rampant obesity. Soon she would start gaining, fill out and become a fat cow, with large hanging udder breasts and be lazy and worthless. He always had these daydreams that haunted him, of seeing his wife fatten and get so disgustingly obese.

Esmeralda had tainted his precious daughter. Infected her with the pest of fat. He knew that it always started like this: Tim, one of his workers, he worked in the ice stalls down in storage, had married a beautiful thin wife, had found that she gained 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in the last 10 years and would of course keep gaining at that rate till she was a huge fat cow porker.

Gruber was so mad that he had to punish Esmeralda. Make sure she never did this again.


It was then that Gruber overreacted, as he often did. His anger was burning like dragons fire and he needed relieve.

So he ordered all citizen to refuse providing food for the witch.
Esmeralda was rake thin and had no stores of food. She knew that she was indispensable for the town people, she had formed kind of a arrogant attitude due to this. But now she was in deep trouble, she knew.

She asked many villagers, especially the ones she personally knew and considered friends, but they were terrified to help her. Many of them worked in the factories of Gruber and he had made it totally clear in a company memo, that anybody aiding her would get fired on the spot (along with anybody from his family working there too).
It was not known why Gruber was so upset with the witch, but nobody dared to ask.

Winter was coming fast and the only thing she could try was go hunt in the large forests around her house. The trees were dense and forest formed dark areas where it looked like a black hole, where nothing could escape. It was rumored that unnatural things happened in the forest and that people came back changed, afflicted from an illness or condition that made them unrecognizable and made them stay home, till they were never heard of again, except by the local grave digger.

It was also rumored that Esmeralda had a special “arrangement” with the forest, that she could roam it, but only at day and only when it was warm.

So she went out nevertheless, wielding her old shot gun, trying to catch game.
But to her dismay, she soon found her efforts futile:
It stank of bear pretty much everywhere. She did not know how, but it looked like Gruber had shot special arrows with the glands of bears, probably caught elsewhere and spread bear scent everywhere so that all animals fled in terror.

The forest was deserted and nothing to eat was to be found.

She hadn’t eaten for a day and as the frail old woman she was, she knew that this would not go well.
Yes, she was old, but she was also powerful. As her body had deteriorated, she had honed and sharpened her mind.

She was furious how Gruber could do this to her, after she had helped his daughter get well. The man just needed a lesson.

She first thought that she should conjure up a ailing sickness that should strike him down and make him suffer and dwindle into an old weak man.
But then she thought of something else. Instead of destroying the man, better shatter his life, like a precious vase smashing into a thousand pieces and let him watch, unable to mend it.

And one thing that Esmeralda had always had was an imagination of the most devious kind.

She did have one thing in common: Nobody loved her. All the power and respect she got was from people fearing her.


1. I curse you, damn it!

1.1. The end of the witch and the beginning of something large and soft.

So she knew she would perish. And knelt down and poured out the loathing she had gathered inside her for the world, cried bitterly and felt moments of pure hate shaking her body at the ungrateful world that was out there.

But she swore that the world would not forget her, that centuries later, her life and demise would reverberate in a rare and delicious curse that she would bestow on the bastard human race. It would be a delicous curse, not unpleasant and highly sexually charged, so to make sure offspring with the same cursed genes would be abound. And the cursed women or men would be seduced by the curse and giving in more and more to the hot sexual feelings it caused, getting enslaved even more by it.

She knew that she would spare Gruber, to let him suffer the worst and most awful faith: To see his world crumble and disintegrate in front of his eyes.

She knew where his weak point was, his dependency on his family, his daughters, his wife, from which he drew so much of the love. Like a vampire, that needs blood, which he does not have himself, Gruber generated no love inside him or others. He had to leech it from his family.

Esmeralda send out to collect clothing that had not been washed from Grubers Wife and his daughters, and was especially keen on underwear, like panties that had touched the skin of the women directly and had been activated through the bouts of horniness that women involuntarily go through.

She collected all that clothing together and put it in a magic circle, and spent several hours of focusing her powerful thoughts on it, thinking of Ina, Katja and Grubers wife.

Then she prepared a pig pen with 3 sows and started to feed them all the food she still had left. She knew that she would not be able to get through the winter on it anyway and would just die later on, in the coldest time of the season. Although it could have saved her, the large vats of pig lard that she had accumulated over the many years gave her a strong allergic reaction and diarrhea, and now was the perfect time to use them.

The pigs ate happily and it was only after a few hours of nonstop eating that they started to have trouble, looked ill and stuffed full.
She again focused her thoughts on them, projected the strong imagine on them that they are balloons, which are empty and deflated. And as every balloon dreams about, being plugged in by the nozzle and inflated, feeling how the pressure pushes you apart and being pumped up.

The pigs reacted to this and soon started eating more and their bellies groaned as they enjoyed being stretched.

She put the clothing that she had gathered on all three sows and started to chant and pray to the daemons of fat and gluttony.
She poured all her intensity into the pigs and three women that did not have an inkling of what would soon happen to them.


The first one that noticed it was Ina. In the same innocent way that a calf does not know that it will be slaughtered when it is born.

She was using the bathroom, sat on the toilet seat and got dizzy. Suddenly, she felt like she sat there for a purpose other than waste extraction and felt a feeling of being opened up to something, felt how her anus was exposed to the water below and how a nozzle would slide up and plug into her behind, and then feeling how her small plump gut inflated by it self.

She had the misfortune to have gained a little already when getting healed by the witch and the strong fattening impulse was magnified a thousand times in her belly fat.

She jumped off the toilet seat, but there was nothing there. But she wished there was, that she could sit down again and let it happen, to open herself up and feel how her belly was pumped up, how she was inflated.
It was then that she realized and wished more than anything, that she would become such a fat woman that her legs, no matter how strong, would not carry her anymore.

It was shocking and arousing at the very same time. Even so much shocking as she got so wet from it and started to pleasure herself, welcoming the thoughts.

She felt empty inside, needed to be filled, to be expanded and needed to swell.

She wandered around the house, it was late at night and everybody sleeping. She ended up down in the factory, which occupied the lower part of the house. It was dark, empty and all she could see was the dim lights of the large freezers and fridges.

She did not know what possessed her, but she realized that she was coughing hard, having wolfed so much down that she could not breathe anymore. Where was she? What had she been eating? She felt the binge come again, assail her like a fever, make her pussy glow and explode in sweet arousal, she pleasured herself, stuffed stuffed and coughed again, her stomach got heavy, full and she moaned, her primal sound filling the large room, like somebody being tortured sexually, having a feather drawn over her clit and teased, but never released sexually. The moan sounded driven, full of foreboding and surprised, “what the hell is happening to me? Oh God! Oh GOD!!”
She felt the deep desire to be pumped up, to be inflated, to feel a strong pressure push her apart, to just stand there and come apart, grow to all sides, fatten and become large and saggy with fat, impatient that it still took that long as seconds.
As she wolfed down the precooked meat, heavy with lard she felt the strong taste of it, and the revulsion of pure fat was gone.
She wretched after her stomach found the food to overwhelming, but her hand clamped over her mouth and did not let anything out.
It she did not remember having told her hand to do that, but it closed her. Then the hand went to her neck and pushed two fingers in two very special points and the next wretch happened, but she could not throw up.


Esmeralda knew exactly where these points where these nervous points where when she held the neck of the pig. The gullet was closed and the sow, although it needed to throw up badly could not.


Ina stood there and felt her stomach convulse, again and again, but nothing came out. The pressure jumped inside her thanks to the strong muscle contractions and she felt like it was bad for her stomach to pump so strong, to throw the food out, but having the force splashed back into itself. It was destroying firmness and stretching the stomach in a forced way.

As she stood there and felt her hand grip her neck, felt the force in her hand, and realized suddenly that her hand was not under her control, that she could not release it, even if she willed it, she heard thoughts repeat in her head.
The same thoughts that Esmeralda was projecting on the sow and the thought that made her grasp for control of her fingers and release the grip.
“You will not throw up, this food stays inside you, even if it will make you explode with force”

The thoughts repeated, chanted in her head and she noticed how full her belly was, moaned louder and louder, driven, even pained of being pushed so hard and then having a screaming orgasm, finally releasing the buildup, of realizing that all this made her so horny, and how she longed to be fattened up, how she was a pig, waiting for farmer to take her and fatten her up and never stop.
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