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Huge Funnel for Fat Apron

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I want to talk to feeders that want to make my fat apron grow and swell, give me a hanging belly, that is so hot. Look at this video,

time index: 7:55

Look at the current apron that I have, it needs to grow a log bigger.

Funnel feed me, I will swallow so greedily, make me fat, pump me up, I'm about to blow up really fast, I will gain a lot of fat in a very short amount of time.
Do you like size contrast, how huge I'm getting compared to you? How it makes me gain even more, because if you are thin or lean or not super fat, then I'm the one fattening and gaining.
The pump you have, it is a miracle, I can see it in front of my eyes, it is a hose that is connected to a reservoir of fat, 1000 liters, that goes into a half dome, like a ball cut in half and that is the pump, it makes me fatter just talking about it, it is so hot for me, it is basically a big ball that gets filled by the reservoir and then can be squeezed to pump the contents in the the hose that finaly leads into me. And you then pump it, first with the foot, but then you see how huge this thing is and that it is actually a sit pump. And sitting on it you inflate and pump me up like a balloon, it is a lot of pressure and ideal to get the firmness pumped out of me fat lard ass. Please inflate me with fat, make me grow fatter and fatter from you pumping me up and I get absolutely gigantic and fat. But sit on it careful so I get used to the pressure, your full weight might overstretch me too much and cause rapid almost explosive fattening up.

I hope I make you excited, very excited sexually, for me fattening up, because that is what is needed. Being connected to gaining and your excitement will mean that it always fattens me up, I have to gain when you get horny. I want to balloon up from it, I need to.
Do you want to use a really huge funnel? So I start sucking it down fast and inflating from it?

With every gulp, the level lowers and my navel is growing, spreading and getting deeper as my gut is inflating and pumping up.
With a funnel, that is called pumpswallowing, that inflates and blows up the stomach sack.

I'm excited if you fatten me up and my apron grows and sags, I'm getting a big hanging gut. Make it grow bigger, fatten me up, I want it to hang lower and lower, till it goes over my knees.

Something I urgently need as a really fat pig in the making is a fat surge, where you can watch and see how my belly gets fatter, how my double chin pumps up and my face gets fatter and I turn into more and more of a fattening hog.

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Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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