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Fattening me up in the night

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I often have the feeling that I was fattened up in my dreams when I wake up, I can never remember, but is is fattening me up more and more. And I have wondered if they take me away while making me sleep and then fatten me up and

then bring me back and maybe erase my memory.
And I can feel it, I need to gain, there is no choice, I will fatten up and gain and faster and faster. When I woke up I had this image of my belly, big and inflated and still pumping up larger, it was in white and black, my fat bellie's contents shown in a scanner, it showed the state of pumping, scanning how many gallons the stomach was now and how many gallons the intestines and you could see that the intestines were stretched and pumped up. I don't remember the numbers but they were growing, as was the whole belly, it was being inflated and was getting bigger and fatter also, the fat showing as fuzzy white in the scanner, and there was something attached ot my belly, from the outside, like a bag or something and I'm sure what was in there helped me pump up, made sure my fat was multiplying and fattening up more efficient. I could not remove it and it was bearing witness to my fattening up and driving the fattening process, I am a fat pig, I can't stop gaining.
They want to make an experiment with me, how fat can you make a human being? I'm so horny for that, it is in my genes

My belly in the dream on the scanner was huge and it was being pumped up even larger, it loked so hot, it looked like a huge D that was being inflated and D is the Initial for the name of my non-escapable fattening journey which I call Dani, or better Dani_immobile, I'm scared and horny at immobility at the same time.
But I need to get fattened up, I can't help it and I am being fattened up, I inflate more and more.

I love objectivisation and seing my gut inflate like a balloon is so hot.

It needs to go faster, we both know that, it is like you are hooking me up to a fattening pump. Please know that you are making my belly grow, I want to show you how it starts sagging and gets so huge.

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