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Me fattening up like a pig

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I'm turning into a pig, I'm a fat factory and you are taking me to bathe in liquid fat.
What happens is unavoidable, I get fatter and fatter and can't stop.

I'm getting more and more impulses to fatten up like a pig, I need you to fatten me up like a fattening hog, I can't stop and should start ballooning up with it. I imagine we are at a fat factory and

there is a trough full of pork lard, liquid and you use a funnel on me and pour that stuff inside me, it gurgles and I get so horny from it, it is fattening me up like crazy. I crave it and I need it, it helps me pump up, gain and lose control over my gaining. I have a little pork fat already in my gut, please fill it, help me go all the way so I can turn into a real fast fattening pig, I will balloon up so fast, it will be amazing. There might be a pool full of pork fat and you would lead me inside. I imagine you telling me to let go, to oink, to just relax and let it hapen, give in and that if I don't fight it anymore, I will feel it gush inside me from behind and you see my gut inflating from it, it just sucks it inside and pumps me up with it, it would be a dangerous thing to be in there, because my gut would inflate huge and when I come out it would be a huge wobbling pumped up mass and I would be already in distress,m because I would hold my gut before you and my gut would fatten, fast, quick, pump up with pushes of a fat pump that is in my gut. And my gut sagging more with every pump, my moobs growing huge, my double chin fattening, my fat pad pumping up, it would be so exciting and I would love you to watch me go like this. And soon you would guide me into the liquid fat again and it would start sucking it in again and my gut inflating and getting pumped up full and then the fat pumping starting and my gut getting even fatter and fatter and hanging down. And I would love so much to fatten for you, happy that it is happening, that you are pushing me to gain more. after my fat gut hangs down lower, you would lead me in again and i would resist, try not to let in the fat and you would massage my fat gut, tell me that it is ok and just to let it happen, that it speeds up things and then I would oink and it would open and you could watch my fat gut grow quickly, so much fat would get in that my gut would get stretch marks and get absolutely huge and lift up, but then the fattening comes again, the hot pumping and me inflating with fat for you. Thank you for supporting me, it igoes into me and speeds up my fattening, and it needs to go faster, we both know that, it is like you are hooking me up to a fattening pump. Please know that you are making my belly grow, I want to show you h ow it starts sagging and gets so huge.

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