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I'm fattening up!

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Yes I am and it is a wonderful feeling. Years ago a woman started feeding me, she told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted me to grow and become a lot fatter.

It was the beginning of something so wonderful. Now I'm closing in on 300 pounds and I know it is just the first step in becoming a lot fatter. I'm now drawn to women that love really super fat men, it is a hot confession that a woman loves guys that are 500 to 600 or more pounds and ever since I heard that from quite a lot of different women, I noticed that I want to get this fat, there is a deep love in me for gaining and the fat, how jiggly it is, how soft and how amazing a huge belly looks.
And a woman holding my belly fat, grabbing it, squeezing it during sex is the biggest turn on I can imagine. And dirty talk, where she tells me that I am fat and that she wants to make me a lot fatter, that I need to grow, that I need to balloon up with fat and that she wants to give me a huge hanging belly.

That I am a pig that needs to be fattened up so badly. And yes, that is exactly what I feel.

I now know that I will also be a role model for other men (and women) that want to gain, but are scared of what people think or other reasons. I will lead the way, I will show you how a guy is fattened up, what that looks like and how I can't stop it any more and neither should I. And how it speeds up my gain when a woman fattens me up, cooks for me and enjoys my fat pumped up belly. And I wonder how fat I am going to get, and I have a feeling that I might become extremely obese, maybe even flirting with immobilty and I will be the first talking about it, not being a victim, but having chosen to become this fat purposefully and needing help being fattened up more. And I know I will be able to say, then as I say it now "I love being fat!"

Live your dream, get fat!

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