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As  I sit here, I’m growing. It is very slow, but I am expanding. My large belly shows how I have been driven to overeat the last days and weeks.

I have been eating more than ever before in my life and in regular intervals, I felt compelled to drink fattener, often 50% pure fat, to feed and boost the fattening that is already happening.

And crazy enough, eating such fattening diet, I have gotten hungrier. And getting into real feeding frenzies, where I was stuffing myself and I would love to show my feeder, let her watch, how helpless I have to eat. How it is driving me, how there is a big fat man inside me trying to get out.

I must be a total tease right now to any woman that loves to fatten up a man: My belly is in an intermediate state, going from thin to fat, it is giving me incredible dreams and wishes to be fattened up, to be turned into a fat porker.

It is seed fat, with lots of empty new fat cells that need filling and making my belly balloon up.


I have become so ripe for fattening up, now that I am growing, it needs to be sped up. I want to feel the fat growing, I want to feel how I’m getting fatter and there is a pig inside me that needs unleashing, it is time to let it free and make me really fat. I can already feel it now when I drink fattener, after a huge meal and where I could hear my feeder telling me “come on, drink some fat for me my fat porker, you know you need to grow, 300 is waiting, I can’t wait to get you there. Your belly is too firm, you are not by far fat enough, drink this, pump this down into your stomach, making your meal into a gigantic fat bomb.”

And how we both get so horny at the thought of giving a fatty like me, that is already susceptible to put on a lot of weight something so fattening.


Unlike years ago, where I was fighting it, I have given in: I want to grow, I want to fatten and need a feeder. I need her help to grow faster, I want to see her get horny at my growing fat, both of us knowing that she is doing that, she is causing me to expand. That she is turning myself into a fat man.

And see the contrast growing, how she is staying thin, while my belly is in movement, how it is growing in girth, fatness, jiggle and is just waiting to hang down and get fat folds.


Anticipation is something so wonderful, I feel how this has to happen with me, how I long for it, how I need this on such a basic level and how I’m fattening right now. And since I cannot and should not stop it, why not speed it up? Why not fatten me up with purpose?


It is so interesting to be a very intelligent human being, being able to reason and think about anything, knowing a lot about the world and feeling this intellectual power, but then also feeling this basic need to fatten. I used to be scared of the idea of being a pig, but now I have realized that part of me is very much like a pig:

I was born to gain weight, to balloon up, to expand and overeat, become fatter and fatter, and enjoy it so much. And like a pig, it gives me pleasure, the fattening turns me on and I want to also grow for my feeder, giving her joy and jiggle for her, fattening for her and I know that seeing how I would turn on a woman by my overeating and fattening, I would have a hard time stopping it. It would make me even more hungry.


And it is really hot to feel all this and be eager for it to happen, to have no fear anymore, no holding back, but just longing and a deep seated need to be expanded, to be grown and fattened up.

To be unleashed. To feel that pig take over and soon also look like a fattened up pig. I would love if she would call me that, when I reached 300 pounds and the stretch marks and the hanging fat shows that I did not get so fat accidentally, but a female feeder is outright fattening me up. And with so much fat, with looking like a fat pig and her getting so horny at how I grew so far, there is no stopping. If I’m already this fat, it only makes sense to keep going and this time, pull out the stops even more.

When my stomach has gotten large and stretched through constant overfeeding. It takes longer and longer for me to get full, my belly gets larger and larger after eat meal and the larger stomach leads to faster and faster weight gain.

And there is something coming, that will be perfect for me. Something that I dream about already now, to first be funnel fed, but not long after that, shove a feeding tube down my gullet, directly into my stomach and then see how the large sack of my stomach gets virtually inflated when the fattening liquid starts pouring into it. And feel that wonderful feeling, as I get full inside, fast. And how the exciting moment comes, when I start getting full, but it just keeps going, her lifting up the bag with the fattener liquid and watching carefully how my belly is expanding and how hot that looks with how fat it has gotten already, how hot it looks to see me as a fat guy, with wider face, big double chin, fat folds everywhere and there is a thick tube sticking inside my mouth, running deep inside me and fattening up this fat pig even more, forcing me to gain. I would love a impatient female feeder that is greedy for new fat and is curious how fast I can gain if properly motivated.

And it will be a very hot moment for her and me, her either using a bag that she squeezes sometimes or a little hand pump, that she operates in front of me, having control of my belly and my fattening curve. Or a foot pump? Being pumped up like a ball or balloon?


I would year to pleasure her while she does that, while she helps me to gain, while she fulfill my deepest wish to become a 500 pounds tub of lard. Feeling how wet she gets from this, pleasuring her with my hand, worshiping her beautiful pussy or eating her out, letting my tongue dance over her clitoris.


And bringing her to an orgasm, while my fattening belly is making me so horny, how I eventually get a fat orgasm just from feeling how fat I have gotten and how massively pumped up my belly is and feeling that fear that I will pop any second.


I can’t wait, I’m fat fertile, I’m ready and waiting, 500 pounds sound so exciting, please help me get rid of this of small fat belly and replace it with a huge fat jiggling gut.


I feel this needs to happen now. Feed me, stuff me, fill me, fatten me up and please do it now!


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