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I'm a fatty, seduce me! Featured

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Often, when I dream I see all these thin, plump or fat women growing in front of my eyes. Then, in real life I meet women that contact me through my website, aflame by reading all the articles and stories. And it does not matter how fat she is already, she wants to gain, yearns for it.

She might still be resisting, scared to grow and expand. She might never have been very fat, but she knows that there is this obese woman inside her that wants to get out. NEEDS to get out. And she knows she wants to become fat, have her body filled with it, let it take over, have more fat mass than active mass, feeling the wobbling and jiggling. But it is all so new still. And I need to seduce her to the fat, show her how incredible is it to grow like this, to become a porker. And feel my special skill on her belly, how it suddenly starts fattening up. Some women, some feedees need that insatiable pig inside them unleashed, that they can eat and overeat freely and finally start gaining on purpose and fill their stomachs and gain, fill their bellies with all the amazing and delicious food they have been craving all their lifes..

And I take them out to eat, to an all you can eat. And she is shy still, holding back, not eating that much. But I know how she eats when she is alone, how it makes her hot and aroused. And I know by just looking at her face that she gets wet by me watching her eat and encouraging her, her knowing that I want her to get really super fat and her seeing how fat the women got that I fed, seeing pictures of large hanging bellies and massive large breasts. How I make a woman overflow with fat, how I love the curves and the growing fat, how I show my admiration so directly, how real I am as a human being. That I have a gift, a passion for making a woman gain weight and unleashing her. If you need to gain my fatty, you will find me and I will make sure you become the obese woman that you need to become.

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Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken: (Tublr stirbt leider langsam vor sich hin, seit XXX gebannt wurde)


Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.

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