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Happy Thanksgiving, the official feeding day!

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Thanksgiving is the best organized and socially integrated feeding event of the year. It is a day where you overeat and are in good company, because everybody else also does it. If you are a feedee, it is especially exciting, as today you can show everybody how you are overdoing it.

"OMG, I can't eat another thing, I am so full! But I have this compulsion to keep eating!" you say and people will cheer you on. They do it too, but for you it is of course different: You're supposed to fatten up, you have a pig inside you, part of you was born to get quite fat and you might be still fighting that destiny, but today is feeding time, is fattening time. Look at that table, look at that fat turkey, that is all there to fill, feed and fatten you up! For me as a feedee, it is hot to see that turkey, how it got fattened up and now it is going inside me and I will fatten up as ready and easily as the turkey did before me. Isn't it lovely to stuff yourself, to eat and eat and eat and watch how you get fuller and fuller? And you notice how the pressure inside your tummy is growing and how good that feels! And then your hunger is gone, but your greed to eat more is still there and you just keep going, making sure you keep overeating quite a lot.

And as a feeder, I would love to see a really fat woman at the table, ladling food on her plate and I know it is not her first trip there, she is quite full already. And I watch her belly carefully, a fat woman eating like that, a hanging belly, so much fat, massive heavy breasts that got fattened up with her and a wonderful large double chin? And she eating like there is no tomorrow? There might be system to this, she is maybe not accidentally so fat. And I wish there was a way to communicate, to let her know how I love to see her eat like this, that I love hanging bellies and that I love how hers hangs and that I would love to help her grow it, so it does not just hang over her crotch, but reaches down to her knees.
And I would just watch her, what she is loading on her plate and take the exact same thing again, on another plate and then sit right next to her, introduce myself, strike up a conversation and watch her eat. And then whisper in her ear "I love the way you are eating, my fatty! I know you need to fatten up, can I help you grow that pig gut of yours?" and with this have a hand under the table, slide it under her shirt and grab one of the fat folds and make her feel that I want to fatten her up, that I want to feel that fat fold hang down massively and grow a few more. And she maybe not saying much, but just starting to eat faster and soon I am feeding her, and bring her more and more food. And I watch her and feed her for hours, making sure her large belly gets really really full and her large stomach, that so much secret overeating has stretched and enlarged gets filled to the max and that she can show it off to a man, how much she can fit in there. A totally hot thing for her, showing off her capacity and overeating to a man that wants to feed and fatten her up, a guy that is, he just told her that in a low voice, really attracted to super obese waddling porkers, women that have a hard time walking, that are slowing down due to all that fat.
There are so many women out there that need fattening up, I wish I could meet one right next to me on the buffet and I could make that dream come true, for the both of us! Is she still resisting? She might, so I would love to take that resistance away and also tell her, while she is really full and feels the pressure in her fat ridden belly, that "I like to force feed women with the tube" and that I cannot wait to introduce her to it! She looks like she did not get this fat by accident, as fat as she is it is a natural and normal consequence to hook her up to the tube and pump up her large stomach with a 2 gallon bag that eventually is the goal for her stomach to be able to take that much in one feeding.
And while I slowly but consistently feed her, I together with her watch how huge her belly gets, how the fat lifts up, how the hanging and the fat folds adapts to her growing belly, how a super fat ridden jiggly lard gut like hers looks when it gets fully expanded and how we both know how it looks like a pig gut, that it shows that she actually does not have a choice, that she not just wants to be fattened up and grow, that she actually needs to be. And how she loves when I touch her fat gut, have my hand on it, watch how it lifts up and how she shows me her true self, the pig that is inside her and wants to get out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks that there is fat and that we need to gain and get larger and that we can help others fatten up.


Ich bin Rubens_Feeder und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken: (Tublr stirbt leider langsam vor sich hin, seit XXX gebannt wurde)


Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX.

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