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You have to stop resisting the fat!

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If you are reading this and feel how your belly fat is growing, against your will so to speak, and you are feeding yourself, it is working. I'm seducing you to become fatter, the words you read on this site, my thoughts are unleashing you, make sure that the part of you that knows you have to gain is fattening you up secretly.

Isn't this exciting?Feeling how your resistance is melting like butter in a supernova? How you know that more belly fat is going to make you even fatter faster? How you love to be fat? How it is making you wet and horny to gain? I write all these lines here to help you gain, to make you gain if you need to. And many feedees do need to fatten, it is not that much of a choice, but an internal compulsion, a lust, a passion, a thing of destiny. That's what it feels so good. And yourself as your own feeder can be sneaky, fattening you up when you don't notice it, telling you in sweet words, "yes yes, we are on a diet, we are watching the weight now", but in reality it is a super fattening diet, planed overeating and yes, you are watching your weight.... going up.
And realizing that the fat growing turns you on is the most condemning and fattening realizations of them all.
And I'm helping that part in you, I want you to gain, I fatten up women, that is what I do, I have a talent for it, I'm unleashing you, I'm freeing you to become what you know you have to become: very very fat. I love to seduce you to the fat, as I know it is not something external that I am giving you, it is just waking up something inside you, that you have had all the time, something that will make you so beautiful. Yes, you will become more and more beautiful the fatter your grow, that is the magic you have. And also more and more attractive, sexy and hot, many men and women will feel that, even if they are not into feeding. I wish I was there right now and could examine your fat belly and see how it feels, how fat you have gotten already and give you encouragement, that you know you have to keep growing and that you should eat consciously, to gain, to fatten. Don't hold back, what is the point? You are going to get fatter anyway, why slow it down? Why fight something that you cannot fight, because it is what you actually want? And maybe you have crossed the piggy/pig line: That is the point where you go from being a piggy (just fat) to becoming a pig (very fat) and your weight gain and your hanging belly, that you are being fattened up is apparent to everybody around you and you realize that you are now too fat to stop, that there is no point anymore in trying to lose weight, you are too fat already for that and nobody could misunderstand your large hanging belly for anything else than a pig that needs to be fattened up systematically.
And you know you won't have long till you will grow a lot faster than before, intentionally. Where you go seek out a feeder or actively become your own fattener and force yourself to overeat each time. Where it is a hot agreement that you enter into with your feeder or with yourself that YOU MUST GROW, no matter what and that this time you will do it on purpose, intentionally and enjoy it!
Don't be accidentally fat, be it on purpose, with love and lust and joy. Feel how you are growing and help it along! Make sure you find a feeder that understands your needs, are you maybe extreme? Do you fantasize about immobility? Of being too fat to get up and be able to walk? That might be on the horizon for you, don't fight it, think about it, play with it in your thoughts, if you are bound to become that large, it will happen anyway and it will feel natural, wonderful and be alright. And then you want to find a feeder that force feeds and has immobility as a goal for you.

I'm certain that there is a feeder for every feedee out there.
That there is a feeder than likes a special way a feedee wants/needs to grow and vice versa.
So if all this has made you wet, you might want to get a lot of your favorite food, very very fattening, start eating and stuffing and read this again. This time you will massively overeat and enjoy every bit of it, and put that hand on your belly and feel how you are being fattened up, feel how fat your gut is already and keep eating. I wish it was my hand that was there and in a way it is. Eat my dear feedee, eat and stuff yourself! Gain my dear feedee, gain! Get as fat as you know you need to be.

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Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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