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Feeder and Feedee meeting in Pleasanton last Sunday 24th June 2012

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I like that the meeting organized through Fantasy Feeder still happened last Sunday and that I could get to know some of you people in person.

We strolled around at the Fair in Pleasanton and chatted more or less openly about feeding and fattening. Being surrounded by so much fattening food was... inspiring. I always like to hear from people that read my stories and follow them here on the page. I was again aware of the fact that many people might be reading silently, without reaching out for contact or encouragement and that is totally OK with me. I know that everybody probably sees feeding a little different and uses my stories for other things. That is why I write them, my main goal is to help feedees gain and fatten them up by inspiration and in person, whenever that is possible. For me it is a passion to write about it, but I want there to be more community, because in the end, we are all in this together. We can support each other and also witness how feedees are getting fatter and fatter, and when somebody finally starts gaining. There is often resistance to it, I know about that myself, I am currently struggling to not gain ;-) *grin*, but love the feeling that I am still plumping up and that my belly is growing and fattening, without me being able to do anything about it. I don't want to do this alone, I need a female feeder to help me, it is boring to gain alone and then be stuck with lots and lots of wonderful fat, a huge jiggling belly and... well, nobody to share this with. As a feedee, I need to have my feeders hands on my gut, jiggling it and checking it out, wanting it to grow even larger, much larger! I know that some of you feedees feel this also. Others are content to gain online only, to feed themselves or take encouragement from the online community alone.

But trust me, it is so incredible sexy if you do this in real life! With a real person. And that is why I want to have a community, people that know each other, meet frequently and give each other support in being feeders and feedees and how wonderful is that if you can say "wow, did you see Allison, how she ballooned up? Is that her new bf/feeder? Well, whoever he is, he is fattening her up!" and you love to see her, knowing that she will gain a lot more. We all dream of gaining and fattening, to cause it in others or to gain ourselves. I can't wait to meet lots more people and get to know you personally, not just limited to feeding and fattening. And as always, I love to hear from you and get feedback, what my stories and articles cause in you and others. Feeding is a passion for me, it makes me feel so amazing like nothing else and I want to share that feeling.

Walking around at the fair grounds, I notice how my feet hurt and how I got out of breath easily and it is something very exciting to notice when you gain and get fatter. I have a job in an office and my former feeder that is responsible for some of the fat that I now enjoy every day told me once that this was great, that I could just gain freely then, that I could do my job as a systems engineer, even being extremely fat. And well, what hot words! I know that meeting the right feeder that is into really fat men, it will be quick and fattening for me, soon I won't be able to run anymore and stairs will become a big obstacle and my belly will start to settle down, the little tub of fat first turning into a lake of fat and then an ocean of hanging lard, on its certain way down to my knees. And I'm hetero, but find it inspiring and hot to hear about other male feedees that are about to gain or currently fattening, in the clutches of some hot evil and totally extreme female feeder ;-)

And it was interesting to learn how many of you have fantasies of becoming immobile and I have them too. I look at really super fat women, that are already wheelchair bound totally different now, as I know that the same destiny might await me and although it is still a little scary, I notice that I fantasize about it more and more. And seems that feeding women has rubbed off on me and I noticed that I love the exact same stuff that I want a female feedee to have, extremely fast weight gain, force feeding, immobility, to happen to me exactly the same. 

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Hi, I'm Rubens_Feeder and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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