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A guide to increase sexual Pleasure

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Some insights that came to me after having had fabulous sex and finding how it was done and how to increase the pleasure and fun between this amazing play that goes on between men and women.

As always, these are my own views. I don't hold them as absolute truth. I just have learned some things in my life so far, reached some insights that might help you, inspire you and come to peace with your body.

I am an unique individual and some of my views might not coincide with yours. Neither do they have to. Otherwise, we could not learn anything new at all, could we?
Well, read it and think about it. I hope you are not one of these people, as a quote says: "There are some people, if they don't know, you can't tell them." ;-)

I will also write in an open style, I will use the word fuck. No need to beat around the bush, we are all 18. Well, if your are not, you are not supposed to read this (or any other article on my website). This is for a mature grown up public here and not suited for minors! Trust me, there is a lot of confusing stuff and sex is not something you want to rush into to early in your life. It does not run away, believe me!

And now enjoy!!!

The beauty of life
Are you there?
Sitting on your chair, reading this. What are you wearing? Are you maybe naked? Well, many people do enjoy being naked in their own homes, why not? Feeling free, no heavy or constricting clothing to wear? No need to impress anybody with fancy garments and surfaces.

Did you touch yourself lately? No, not that way. But just touch and feel your skin, feel your body, how beautiful it is. You can be fat or thin, short or tall, but human bodies, as all living beings, are beautiful.
It think it is necessary to touch oneself from time to time, tell oneself that he/she is okay, beautiful and marvelous in design and function.
It does many things that our best machines are thousands of years inferior to: The body has self healing, provides its own powersouce and can escape mortality through procreation and most deliciously, sex.


Your body is your friend

Well, it is not easy to come to terms with one's appearance. It is a unchangeable truth. You might look into a mirror and know yourself, but many people get gripped by paranoia and denial when they see themselves recorded on video. It is strange to see this person on there move and talk in such a unfamiliar way. Well, that is who we are and recognizing it is the first step for acceptance.
Being beautiful or ugly, from what I have seen life seems to be fair: Even models or people with impeccable looks have to go through the phase of slowly accepting who they are and what they look like. Often it seems a little silly if a "Tom Cruise" finds his nose too long, or his shoulders too narrow or too wide. But even a model or superstar still is a person that sees itself everyday in the mirror and has a self image that is derived from what he/she thinks of him/herself and not public opinion. We all face our strongest critic, our sharpest commenter in our own self.
There is no way around it to accept yourself, unless you really got something to hate yourself for. If you are a murderer or in any other way harmed another person, well the guilt might be deserved. But otherwise, there is not so much crime to be yourself, just yourself. It is the realization that startles us, of who we really are. And yet, this is the most worthwhile but overlooked pursuit in this life.

How shakespeare said it so well:
This above all:
To thine own self be true,
for it must follow as dost the night the day,
that canst not then be false to any man.

Well, or woman. It is rather old and then man ruled supreme, women tended to the household, mostly.

Go to a mirror now and take a look at yourself. Do you like yourself?
If not, ask yourself why not. Aren't you a normal standard kind of guy/gal? What is your crime that you deserve such contempt of yourself? Well, maybe it is what others told you, some sadistic father / mother putting their insecurities on you?
Well, it is their opinion, does not have to be yours.

So, you stand there in front of the mirror. You probably know your face pretty well, but what about the rest of your body?
Try to be naked and look at yourself. You are absolutely unique, there is no other body that looks just like yourself.
Women that tend to have a tendency to gain weight do have it difficult in their teens.
Their body grows, they form a very pronounced belly, the breasts are much larger then the ones of their schoolmates. Maybe the even hang a little already, the hips are wide, the ass is enormous. Well, all things that the media tells us is not to be desired.
But on the contrary!
It is the very feminine nature. Curves, softness, lusciousness, womanly feminine. It is not from nothing that women tend to naturally have a higher fat content as men. They also benefit from it. While we men just form a belly, women get larger breasts, wider hips, a seductive large ass and a belly that seems to signal a fertileness that is quasi already highly pregnant. The breasts have a size that seem to contain already milk.

Now for a teen girl this can be disastrous. There is a lot too much woman in that mirror than she feels she is or wants to be.
Women today are tough and shown how to sublimate themselves, of being passive and looking innocent.


Be yourself, accept the way you are. Or even better, love it! Love the way you are, the specialties you have. Because this is what others will like you for too. Who wants to be like everybody else? Replaceable? Redundant?
A boyfriend that could just take the girl next door and get the same? Isn't this a dangerous tendency, to want to be so uniform?
When I see a girl with enormous large breasts, I think about the great privilege that her boyfriend is going to have kissing them, caressing them and sleeping with her.
It is a trademark that is only hers.

Interesting enough, the more a woman gains, the more she becomes unique. The special way a woman is built stands out more. This is to be liked.

I have never seen two fat women that look very much alike. There are infinite combinations between breasts that grow, bellies that go look pregnant and beyond and hips that grow wide and wider. When a woman gets large, one of these things tends to exaggerate and how sweetly exaggerate.


Energy flow

The sexual energy is the strongest one we have. If you look around, you will see that we are "soaked" in sexual content, in movies, in music and the internet makes more bucks on sex than on anything else.
Now with this comes a liability: It you don't use it, it will drive you nuts. If you use it too much, it will drain all other energy from you. Sexual energy is the strongest of them all, because the preservation of our race, in essence to make new life (i.e. babies) is a priority function of our body.
Now as this energy is so strong, there is a lot of misunderstanding about it abound, everybody tells you something else. The only thing that we can't seem to do is see it relaxed and without pressure or tension.
The catholic church tells you that you cannot have sex for anything else than procreate. Well, if that is true and ever time you sleep with somebody, you do it without protection, you would create about 1 kid every year or your life. Having multiple partner would make things worse, 52 kids in a year?
Now to suppress it, like the church advises, instead of using the pill or a condom seems a reasonable course of action. Well, till one has tried that. If you don't have sex, you will soon feel the energy bubble up inside you. Unspent and unused, it will try to earth itself. Too much energy can be as bad as too little, as it disturbs the balance. Soon, depending on your natural sexual drive, you will see the opposite sex appear much more attractive. You will have trouble sleeping, since this extra energy will conjure up dreams of copulation of incredible vividity. How to escape the temptation? But doing it.
Once you came, had your orgasm, your head is free again, you feel better and are fine.

Sexuality is an important and large part of ourselves. It drives us, it inspires us. Suppressing it or shunning it has historically created many problems and side effects:
A book recently published was written about different popes and their sexual escapades, leading to many a child, that was of course hidden. A pope cannot have a wife, everybody knows that.
Now the thing that I found most interesting about it was, that the popes that engaged in a lot of sex with women seemed to be peaceful and benignant, ruling with the compassion and forgiveness that the church preaches so often. On the other side were the ones that kept with their own code, shunning sexuality and condemning lust and pleasure as the work of satan, the temptation of the flesh as a sure ticket into hell.
These popes had a tendency to amass armies and rage war and destruction with it. It seems that their hate and aversion against their own natural sex drive created a self hate, a loathing that reflected outwards and amplified by their great power, created suffering and death in many others.

One thing that I learned is that you should not make yourself your own enemy by fighting yourself. It is the most horrendous fight you will ever have and there is no way you can win. Both parties will loose and be harmed terribly, in par with the theory that if two armies of equal strength fight, nobody will survive to claim victory and all that is left is destruction and misery.

To fight the sexual drive is sheer folly, considering the power and strength it has. I am not saying that one should let loose and fuck around freely. It should be used wise and with discretion. But channeling it purposefully is an absolute necessity for a healthy and happy life.

Don't fight it or it will fight you. And the only way to release temptation is by giving in.

Some women do have a strong sexual drive and may suffer from it, since it is considered "bad" if woman fucks around.

When Men do it, it is a virtue, when a woman does it, it is morally condemnable

It is interesting, isn't it? If a man sleeps around, bangs every woman he can get his hands on, he would be soon famed as a new casanova, while if a woman does the same, she is a slut, a whore, a prostitute.
If one thinks about this, it is just plain and simple bullshit and wrong. Why should women have less rights than men? They are of equal worth.

As an explanation, some 1000 years ago, the above had some biological justification:
A man can fertilize 100 women and still walk around freely and do another 200, the same behavior for a woman will lead to constant pregnancy. A woman is then stuck with the kid, and has to support it. This is hard without a man and soon, after 20 children or so, they will start starving and dying of malnutrition and misattention from the overworked and probably ill mother.
This is also why women are more picky and choosy when it comes to partner. While men will sleep with probably anything, women will have a more careful stance. The will end up with the damage if they choose poorly.
Also, women do play the role of "maintainer of the quality". imagine this, two parties that are horny all the time, fuck constantly and don't care about who they spend their sexual energy with, as long as they can have an orgasm.
The world would soon be overpopulated, too much copulation would take place and we would be like insects, having hundreds of offspring. Well, humankind has perfected quality instead of quantity. Our brain has grown compared to animals, we are largely defined through our mental faculties. But with this, it takes a long time to educated a child, you can't do this with a hundred. Less quantity is more useful for our civilization.

Now, in the age we live in, with birth control, these above reasons don't apply anymore. Not all sex is directly necessary for your survival.
So for this reason, it is a left over from ancient times. Times when patriarchy was the only system.
Today, a woman can do anything that a man can, have a job, learn anything that a man can. And therefore, a woman can also be as sexually promiscuous as any man.

I personally consider men that find this intimidating a relic of old times. A woman with a healthily sexual appetite is a marvelous thing, especially if she stops being confined by this old obsolete thinking and indulges in pleasure and lust. Many times a woman like this can also throw down the shackles of the contemporary fashion brain wash and get a health and relaxed self body image, eating freely, enjoying food and possibly grow fat from it.
Fat in the thighs and belly of a woman greatly enhances her sexual pleasure and any experienced man knows that a large fat luscious woman is much more exciting in bed than a thin quasi starved one, hard to touch and rigid in strong mating.

A man should not be scared of a woman that has more physical size then himself. Sex is not a competition, but a cooperation.
Only working together, a man and a woman can achieve delicious sex.


Do you masturbate? Rub yourself? Well, maybe you are doing it right now, maybe not. Sexual desires and fantasies are as large as the human creativity. Some of you might find this text arousing, sexually stimulating, while others are just reading it with a detached air.
If you don't regularly masturbate, I think you should try it. It is a marvelous way to discover your own body. Very likely, you don't know your body really. How does it react? Where do you like to be touched?
Masturbation is in essence like the single practicing of a instrument, gaining the proficiency before you can play it in a orchestra with others.
Sex can be complicated and the most complicating element is that there are two people interacting.
If you don't know what you like, how is your partner supposed to find out? He can feel what you feel. Empathy is fine, but very remote compared with your very own feelings and emotions in your head.

If you don't masturbate, because you think it to be wrong, to be forbidden and dirty, ask yourself why you think so. Is it that you were told by your parents? Did they have a depressing sex life themselves? So then, they had to impose it on your too, make sure that no improvement happens there.

Masturbation is harmless, you can get aids with it, no pregnancies are created. All you do it play with yourself, joyfully and teasing your body to fly and shout out in pleasure and ecstasy.

I guess for men, masturbation is a natural. This Penis, this large hanging thing drives a man most of his life, growing at will, inviting him and almost speaking to him about adventures and women that would "rock if they could be convinced to join him in his bed"
We are the pushers, and therefore our sex drive has some very active quality on it. There is nothing wrong with the more passive quality of the sex drive of a woman. They are two sides of the whole, neither one is superior. They are both necessary, as light needs shadow or black needs white, or up needs down to be defined and of relevance at all.

But most women seem to misunderstand this as "ok, I am passive, I receive. So I just wait here and you do all the work!"
We men most of the time try to figure out a woman, ideally searching out how she is, what makes her tick, how she likes to be touched and where.
The rhythm of intercourse, that sweet gliding in and out of a woman's vagina, can be crucial and is never the same between two women.
Does she like her clit touched or is she more vaginal deep penetration oriented? What does make her fly, nibbling and kissing her ears or touching her neck.
Some women have very large breasts, but don't feel so much there at all. The variety is startling and if the "owner" does not know how to operate the garage door, a visitor might have not have much of a prayer much less.

Perverse? I think not!

Rubbing yourself, masturbating It is also important for discovering your sexual likes. Remember, most of the sex is really happening in your head. You are test driving your fantasies, indulging them when your masturbate. This can be quite fantastic stuff, crazy unreal things, who cares. It is all air and smoke. Dream around and experiment, nobody will get harmed if you just fantasize about it in your head. But you will get to know yourself from this, see what arouses you and what not.

I for myself am aroused by the image of a fat woman growing fatter or the image of a woman eating large quantities, of her having a large voluminous stomach, very large hanging breasts and her teasing me with them.
This is my personal like, but to tell you the truth the above line did not reveal itself to me from one day to another. I discovered that I was sexually drawn to large and very large women, virtually feeling their delicious fat and softness radiating out to me and calling out to my body. I realized from the reaction of my body that I was not the type for blonde, slim, blue eyes like I initially thought.
Also, virgins don't hold the magic that it seems to hold for others. It can be magical to show a woman what sex is and pleasure, but many times it is difficult and takes patience and sensitivity.
Sex has to be learned too and it is not learned overnight. Many people don't feel so much in their first times, the expectation and their inexperience wreaking havoc. I remember my first times and well, a delicious quote I once heard:
"If I want to laugh, I think of my sex life. If I want to cry, I think of my sex life."

Once you accept though that sex can be an utter disaster, especially if you have a partner and one that you never had sex before, things lighten up and things are not as tense and terrible anymore. It is not a contest or a competition, unlike the media and world at large wants to make us believe it is.

Now, what is perverse? Perversion is the turning, the changing of something normal into something "crazy" or "special". In sex, this is a main fuel for pleasure. The hidden, the forbidden and unsaid it the thing that most people get their kick out. If one would believe the "free sex" warning prophets from the 1960'ies, right about now we should be regularly having public orgies of sex on the streets.
No, sex has stayed something private. It has matured and came out of oppression in a big way, but it is still very hidden, because that makes it interesting.

Now perverse is a very flexible term. One persons perversion is the other ones lust and pleasure. Perversion is also, depending on the user, used in a positive or negative way.
Many no doubt consider me perverse, liking very fat women, preferring breasts that hang down in sweet softness and bellies that hand down over the crotch and need to be lifted in order to be able to find a woman's vagina.
While this is still ok for some, when they hear that I purposefully want to help women to get fatter, to put on the pounds, they find that perverse. (negative)
Feeding is a very small niche, yes, that is so.

Now one has to be tolerant for other likes, because one cannot claim that his likes are less perverse than the ones of his fellow human being. In this context I define allowed and tolerable activities as follows:
1. Two consenting human beings do something that gives them both pleasure.
2. Nobody is harmed or violated.

The sexual likes and fantasies category is large, as large as human creativity and power to imagine.
Some people like latex, some like peeing on each other, enemas, submission/domination, dressing up in nurse and doctor uniforms, if it exists, somebody will get horny off it.



It it my understanding that proper and regular sex is absolutely necessary to obtain and maintain good health. Too little sex can lead to aggression, tension, frustration and lack of self esteem. Especially single women often say that they "did not have sex for the last 2 years". Masturbation can help, but often only meeting the opposite sex (or the same) can help really. The admiring look of a lover, relishing the body and curves is balm for the self esteem and self image.


Love, lovemaking and just simple sex

Now, somebody told us that sex and love belong together and are one and the same thing.
I beg to differ, but possibly because I am a man. It seems to me that men have a easier time separating the both, while women more often choose to connect the both. Maybe this is because, as mentioned before, sex has an emotional impact for them, leaving them with a baby to care for and having an emotional attachment to a partner then helps things greatly and improves life for the offspring.
But today a woman can engage in promiscuous sexual encounters, without having the danger of getting pregnant.

One thing I am not sure about is how the natural state in this is. I see two possibilities:
1. Women do not enjoy just sex without love and emotions. That does not change, even with age and experience.
2. Women are conditioned into the above and once they develop, have some experience how hot just "fucking around" can be, they enjoy it tremendously. It is a matter of discovering and development, although many never reach that level.

It is still today considered cheap if a woman reveals to a man that she is positively hot for him, is completely wet and wants to have sex with him right this moment. Inexperienced men often feel threatened and intimidated by such a statement, feeling the roles reversed. Isn't the man supposed to hunt the woman, no the other way around?
It is like suddenly the rabbit wielding the shotgun and meeting the hunter.

Well, I tell you, it is delicious, I wish more women would do this. Admit that they are hot and horny and need to get done right now. It can be such a hot experience.


The male penis is a marvelous sausage (excuse me the directness of this statement *grin*): It grows on command and usually even any other time. It is real easy to spot when a man gets excited when his wiener starts to rise.

To make it grow, usually a deep kiss or touching it with the gentle touch of a woman is enough to send it to the ready. Many women actually are amazed that we men only really feel anything on the very tip, the red thing.

When we slide in and out of the vagina, that is where we really feel. It might sound strange to a woman, that we hardly feel anything on the rest of the penis, but it is enough. The tip is very very sensible, that is also why it is protected by the skin that uncircumcised men have. Touching the fabric of underwear with it unprotected can be quite a painful experience. It is actually meant to be only in one place and that is the wonderful wet and hot environment of the vagina.



Okay the size. How many times do we hear that size really does matter? Well, some women might like it, prefer it even. But I tell you, the majority does not care that much about it, many times does not even recognize it as big. Hell, how can you if you never had much comparison? Most women (and men) don't have that many partners and the experience of a porn actor. I know this from first hand experience, since I always used to think my size quite average and thought that porn actors also had average size. Now go figure. I never took part in these penis size comparisons that boys tend to do. How should I have known? It is not like it is the size of a circus attraction ;-) and one day a little more experienced girl told me that it was quite large.

Anyway, as men, we can be incredible superficial. After all, why do women got all this incredible curved stuff and extras if not to be admired by some superficial idiot? As we are so superficial, we can be so infatuated with our penis, in a way that no woman can possibly ever understand.

When you have that joystick in your hand and it makes you feel like flying then I guess that makes the fascination. Usually, women do not share that fascination that much and also don't care much about the size.

I think that there is nothing more pathetic like a guy with a big dick that has no clue how to satisfy a woman and make her hot and thinks that just the size will do the trick. It is like a dumb guy having a large expensive car and not knowing what it can do or how women think about it and then expects her to get weak and fall down in awe.

It is a tool and I am absolutely sure that more men with average sizes satisfy women to the max than large dicked ones, since with a large dick it might go to your head and you might mess up big time.

It is a tool and a big tool can be nice, but nothing inspires more than seeing a skilled worker use the tool with enthusiasm and modesty.

There are women that get off the sheer size, but they are a small percentile.



Yes, as said before, you can tell if a man is aroused by the status of his penis. It will grow pretty fast, has a mind of its own and we learn to control it to some degree. Sitting at the pool, watching a fabulous woman walk past will not create an erection by itself, because the setting is not allowing it really. But thinking about having sex with this woman, opening up her bra and sucking on her areolas and touching her belly might do that.

The only time when an erection is not "real" is in the night or when the brain is close to sleeping mode. The penis then erects automatically, independent of sexual arousal. Pretty easy, right girls? Wanna tease the guy and see how it works? Kiss him and then touch the pants with your hands and you will see what that man thinks deep down about you! ;-)

Blow job

Considering that where we men feel is so concentrated on a small area, it also becomes clear why a blow job done by a woman is a marvelous thing. It is like a vagina that moves and morphs, the mouth of a woman being a sensual and sexy organ, seeing her innocent or not so innocent face look up when she moves around her tongue and plays lolly with it is more than many men can stand without breaking into a hot aroused sweat.


The vagina is the holy grail for a man. Since the early beginnings of humankind, men have marveled at the incredible warm and wet hole from where they came and in which putting ones penis was crowned with incredible pleasure and sexy wet warm feeling.
The wet hot, parted and open inviting vagina of a woman always told a man that he had done something right and that the woman would very much like to receive him for the oldest game there is.

How many times men tried to imitate it - you would not believe what a horny enough man will try with vegetables and fruits - but never reached, it is perfection in it self.
Somehow, I always interpret the wetness with the symbolism that water is life and without water, there can be no life.

Now ask any man and they will tell you that there is nothing like entering and feeling skin to skin the woman around you. Condoms are artificial and imagine eating a delicious diner with rubber gloves ;-) Nevertheless, it is a protection that we cannot live without anymore. In a promiscuous encounter, it will save your life and/or that of your partner.
Anybody having sex without a condom with a relative stranger (without an aids test) is very close to committing suicide and is demonstrating that, although possibly high in intelligence, he/she cannot control their sex drive and might very likely put it above his will to live.
It is a sad truth, but it looks like AIDS is one big test of our ability to raise our mental and intellectual power over the perpetual desire for mating. The ones that fail are eradicated from the evolutionary chain, so to speak, wiped out by natural selection.

Well, this is harshly said, but tell me: Why do people often lose (a normally healthy and intact) common sense when it comes to sex?


Chemical compatibility

As with a blow job for a man, a woman will also very much enjoy a blow job. It has to be done correctly and it can be dangerous, since you can get infected by AIDS doing it. Yes, ask any doctor. The risk is highly elevated, since you touch two areas that are normally high in HIV count and where it can easily enter.

Do make a AIDS test, many times it is free, so you know for sure and can have fun without worry. Why risk your life with it?

So, kissing and licking a woman on her pussy is delicious, both for the man and the woman. A word of caution though: It might be that the man will smell her and think that she "stinks" or at least does not smell arousing or attractive. This can be due to chemical incompatibility. It means that genetically you might not be a good match and if you would be, the smell also would be delicious or at least neutral. It has nothing to do with body hygiene, it is just two bodies and their chemistry that do not match ideally. I have notices that since no matter how good a woman was washed, some smelled "antipathic" and some smelled lovely. It all depends on the match. There is also no bullshit about race or something, race separation for example. Experience has told me that the "separation of bloodlines" like some nasty guys that ruled german and killed millions some half a century ago thought perfect, IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT and wrong. You might very likely be best compatible with a woman or man of other skin color because it is a especially healthy mix of genes.


It seems to me that a man will always tend to go to fast while a woman will always tend to be too slow. This is meant as an exaggeration and tendency.

A man will immediately see a woman as a sexual object that will make him hot. Many of the qualities that a men primarily likes when having sex he can see in a woman easily. Does she have large beautiful breasts that also look very natural and feminine? Are the plump in texture and not these pumped up balloons that the media industry thinks every man likes?

Does she have a large fat rimmed belly that promises fertility?

The gaze goes deeper and he finds her hips, either from the front or from the back.

A man will associate all this also with a yearning pussy that needs to be penetrated.

Most men I guess go too fast then. The penetrate too fast in the beginning, enter too fast. One has to let a woman ripen, make her get ready first and develop the genuine desire to be penetrated herself.

I for myself have never been so pussy oriented, but more tactile. When I see a woman with special large breasts (as I like it) I have the deep need to touch them, hold the in my hands and explore them, how are they shaped? How soft are they? How large are the nipples, how large are the red round circles around the nipples? Was this woman already pregnant (indicated by large round circles)?

How does she like her breasts touched? How does she react when they are kissed and sucked on?

Is there a more erotic place for her? Her neck, her ears, her back or a mix of them? From my experience, just because a woman has specially large breasts does not necessarily mean that she is most aroused on them.

Now if you have found her enjoyment center, she no doubt will be wet between her legs. This is the greatest compliment to a man for seeking out how she likes to be pleasured. From watching her vaginal lips, real good arousement can be also seen by virtually open vaginal lips and a vagina that is wide and yielding to penetration.

Now when you do penetrate for the first time, look her in the eye and enjoy the moment of first unity.

But take it easy, as a man you will tend to rush it and start sliding in and out of her vagina too fast. The result will be, that you come too fast and rob her of most of her pleasure.

Go slow, watch her face. You are now sleeping with her, the ancient and still powerful pleasure that has occupied and aroused humans as long as the exist. Kiss her deep, feel her femininity, as it wraps around your penis, feel how you are a man in the very primal sense.

Having sex is in many ways like dancing, you gotta find your rhythm and the one of your partner.As a man you got to step on the brake more than accelerate, let the lust come up slowly, and let it grow inevitably.

It can be most arousing to know what it coming, the same as before you even slip inside each other. A hot embrace, kisses everywhere cherishing her soft feminine skin, your hands sliding down to her vagina and playing with her outer lips, all this is pregnant with foreboding of the coming mating and sweet rubbing of your dick and her vagina.

It is like christmas to know what you are going to get, to open up the package. To open up her bra and find how her breasts are shaped, the way her belly button is shaped and how large her belly is. Beauty comes in many varieties and it is the uniqueness that makes it so interesting to discover. What is her vagina like, how does it look?

As a woman you should know how lovely it is and how sweetly direct when a woman lets her hand slide inside his pants to touch and explore his dick. Then open up his pants, watch if that does not give him an erection. It is sometimes used as a joke that a mans erogenous zone is really only the penis and a woman's is all over her body, but it is for the same reason that a man feels so strongly about and with his penis. Take it out and touch it a little, is is large, is it small? How is it shaped? Gently massage his balls with one of your hands. The balls are the most sensitive part of a mans body and we men are all very careful and anxious of being hurt there. So be gentle and see what this does.

One tip to all of you ladies: I noticed that many women do not know that the tip of the penis (the red thing) is very very sensible too. Different than the balls, which are sensible to rough and forceful pushing and touching. The tip is sensible, because it is meant to navigate into the vagina of a woman, which is a soft wet lubricated environment. It rubs there deliciously and there is very little friction really.

So touching it with a finger or the hand directly can feel uncomfortable, since the hand is covered with very small ridges that comprise the fingerprints and such. This is built to provide a good grip and not lubrication and slipperiness.

Even when having lubrication on your hands, it can still feel funny and too strong, massaging and rubbing it with it. That is why uncircumcised men have the fore skin to protect against abrasion. Putting the penis with the skin pulled back in the underwear for example is a very uncomfortable experience which most men will not enjoy. The fabric will rub and stimulate the extremely sensible skin and overdo it.

So a pleasurable thing is to rub the skin back and forth over the tip, but be careful to use some kind of lubricant, since the skin itself is also to rough. Many women do not know this and go on rubbing the skin back and forth, without anything inside to make it slide easily.

Saliva will do great for it, since it is a natural lubricant. Yes, and that is also why we enjoy blow jobs so much, since the mouth resembles the vagina in a big way.

But remember: Careful when doing it, you can actually catch aids from an infected person or give it to somebody. The chances are lower, but they are still elevated.

Many people do consider blow jobs, male or female, as totally harmless for transmitting AIDS, but this is not so. Oral fluid and vaginal fluid both have a highly elevated AIDS Virus count.

So, theoretically using Saliva is not save either, except if you ask the men to provide his own, which should not be a problem.



to be continued...



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Ich bin Rubens und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken:


Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

I'm on the following networks (see above)

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