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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 01:49

Introduction into the world of Feeding Featured

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An introduction for feedees and feeders that are new to all of this. I assembled what I found out during all these years exploring feederism. I remember a point when I knew pretty much nothing myself and wished I could have read a page like this here.


Okey, you just dropped in here and were wondering, "what is it all about?"

You can find this information on almost every feeder site. So this is just for the ones of you that are new to the wonderful world of becoming fatter:


What is a....


A man that helps a feedee to become fatter. That can be encouraging to eat, direct feeding or force feeding. The feeder feels pleasure, very often sexual when he sees the feedee eat and/or get fat/fatter.

A woman that enjoys to eat a lot and grow fat as a result. Some feedees feed themselves, others need the loving care of a feeder that helps them eat and some need the special kick to be treated as a feeding pig and being force fed like an animal.

Feeding pulp:
Liquid that is mostly made of fat. Is designed to fatten up the feedee with speed. Feedees that like feeding pulp usually prefer to fatten up considerably in short time or they do get excited at the prospect of having a high yield fat bomb in their gut that will in some days inflate their bellies. You could say it is sweet anticipation.

In this type the feeding happens slowly and lovingly. Very often this feeding can take hours. After the feedee is bursting full and can hardly move, the feeder is going to penetrate her, often giving her gut a little diving-into massage that packs the pounds on even easylier.

The feedee is "abducted" or seized, tied down and then force fed. Usually feeding pulp is used as material. The hot thing is that the feeder is the only one that can control how much the feedee has to eat and he can overfeed her deliberately (you know that you are full and then some). Feedees that like this style usually are prone to heavy feeding and hard handling and get excited at being forced to fatten up.


Here some reasons, why feeding is fun and cool:

  1. The feeder/feedee loves the perversion, to convert a thin trim lean ("attractive") body into a soft soggy wobbly fat mass. The adjective "spoiled" and decadent sounds sweet!
  2. Many people love fat, how it wobbles and jiggles. It has the taste of sex. Many of us might not admit it, but deep down we are all fatlovers.
  3. Some like extreme stuff: To guzzle like the Romans, to conduct a eat orgy, food overkill, get fat and blimpish.
  4. Feedees indicate to their friends that they would like to loose weight and that they cannot understand, why they gain. When they are alone at home then, they feed themselves silly and overeat even more. This crazy behavior can be extremely erotic, because secret. "God, I don't know what is happening to me. Since some weeks I am fattening up enormous!"
  5. The thrill of domination/submission (to control / to be controlled). The feedee is tied down like a prisoner and then forced to eat, shown how she gets fat by pictures. It's not the feedees intention to fatten up, but an erotic kick to be forced to do it.

The lust for feeding:

(In this example you see the classic roles feeder = male, feedee = female)


Loves feeding because...
  • Fascination for fat, softness, wobbling, jiggling and waddling.
  • Lust for helping a woman to gain and grow fatter.
  • Pleasure to see breasts grow and the gut fill out.
  • Lust for sex: With every thrust everything jiggles and wobbles, a big belly is the loveliest pillow of them all.
  • A real man need large breasts that also hang and have mass.
  • Lust for seeing yourself bloat up and your belly getting larger.
  • Nobody can overlook a fat body. It makes you powerful and unignorable.
  • A genetic proneness to get fat: A lot of women find out, that they will never be slim. They let themselves go, and in consequence, get enormously fat and attract through their proportions and girth a partner that appreciates it. For such a guzzlerette, it is the most divine pleasure to eat and be stuffed like a turkey.


And now that you have read all this, you had a flash of genius?

Are you excited after you read the above? Are you surprised that you got wet in between your legs? How do your panties look? Did you get hot for fat?

Then maybe YOU are a feedee or a feeder!!!

At this moment, you have discovered a new passion in you!
It happens to all of us hidden feeders /feedees.... The author of this text just discovered it in 1998 that he was in fact a feeder.

Don fight it, let it happen! It is a part of you and will give you immense pleasure once you let it be. It might change your life forever, but at least your free and not a slave to society anymore. You feel the lust to do it? Let yourself slip....

If you did indeed unveil a new facet of your big personality, I wish you well and a lot of fun with your new perspective and joy.

It's been an honor for me to show you this side of you.


I know only too well what you feel when I get a beautiful erection and hard breathing when I see another 2 pounds of fat on a very opulent gut of a very majestic soft lady..



What is more to say?

Get in contact with your peers. Look for a feeder/feedee. Take more. Grow on it or make somebody fill out off it. Push the cupsize through the alphabet. Or very short: GET FAT!!!



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Ich bin Rubens und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
Ich bin auf folgenden Netzwerken:




Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

I'm on the following networks (see above)


  • Comment Link mike Monday, 09 December 2013 20:38 posted by mike

    I am a gay male with a deep-seated need to become very fat. Having my stomach stuffed to the maximum is the hottest sensation I have ever felt and I overfeed myself often ( I didn't say force feed because I feel that it takes a second person to actually do the 'force' feeding). I would love to have a male feeder with your passion to whom I could be totally submissive. I think being completely submissive to a feeder driven by such a sensual desire, and maybe even compulsion, would arouse the most intense sensual feelings in me, too. I would love to give myself over completely to such a man and let him have complete control over my body and my feeding. Also, I find everything on your website inspiring. Thank you for the insight on so many aspects of this subject

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Tuesday, 12 March 2013 00:01 posted by Marzopolis

    I would second Suzanne's comment!

  • Comment Link Rubens_Feeder Monday, 11 March 2013 10:31 posted by Rubens_Feeder

    Many are brainwashed and manipulated by the media. They want to gain or feed somebody and see them fatten, but they are too often subjected to seeing thin women in TV shows and late night informercials, get the message: a belly must be flat, hard and firm, legs must be firm. You should love food, but not gain weight by it. Fat is evil ;-)
    Well, what I have found is the opposite: All women are creatures of fat, they have a tendency towards being fatties, it is their magic, why their bodies are so sexy, breasts are fat, a nice butt is fat. And then, automatically, even more so in a relationship or marriage a woman has a natural tendency to fatten and balloon up, gain steadily and get fatter and fatter. A man helping her with this, watching how her sex appeal grows, how her breasts grow from all the fat, how her belly gets larger and then starts hanging, how all the curves get larger and larger, this is total magic! It is important to not live in the "Matrix", to know what is real and what is not. To know that there is not just one beauty ideal, that the single "starved stick" beauty ideal is engineered by the media and cleverly brainwashed into the brains of all people. To know that it is all bullshit and not your own opinion, but something from outside. What YOU want, not what you want to impress your friends with, what you think they expect of you, to please the undifferentiated masses, strangers, instead of pleasing yourself of living your life the way you want it. A lot of feeders would have the chance to feed a woman and then get cold feet or cannot talk about it in person or on the phone. They cannot say "I want you to grow! Please gain, I will fatten you up, step by step!" which is such an important confession. I want to help people, feedees and feeders, male and female to get real and find their passion, to have the courage to live this! There are women out there that are lonely, they need a partner, but they need one that supports them in their gaining, loves that she will get fatter and fatter, dreams about fattening her up, watching how she becomes more and more majestic, larger and more woman all the time, how sex becomes hotter the larger she grows, how she jiggles more and more, arousing them both additionally.

    These feedees are waiting for you feeders, make it happen, feed them, fatten them up! They will grow in any case, but it is best they do it with somebody that can help them and that they are not alone when they get so horny and excited form growing this amazingly and feeling the fattening.

  • Comment Link Susanne Saturday, 09 March 2013 02:04 posted by Susanne

    You have explained it better than anyone I have seen. So many are misinformed and confused about feederism because it's a taboo. Hopefully your descriptions will enlighten and possible aid in self discovery.

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