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Saturday, 31 October 2009 17:42

Feeling like a Piggy? Featured

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Did you ever wonder how a piggy must feel? The endless eating, the pigging out (pun intended), the overeating? Well, there might be a piggy in all of us.

Warning, this text is about extreme feeding. It is direct and does not mince words. 

It might offend you and feel crude and grotesque. If it does, just leave. This is not for you then.
But it might also introduce you to a special way of feeding, one that is just for you.

This is a special chance, there are not many feeders out there like me, as extreme as this.

To open up a very hot part of you, to discover something you have always carried inside you, but never dared to face.
(I am meeting more and more feedees these days that have this special need and way of feeding and they always draw so much lust and fun out of it, discovering it is like coming home)

This is why I write this article and I will start with some terms, that might make you feel uneasy, because they touch something inside you. You might find that you are getting hot and aroused and be startled why that is:

Pig feeding, extreme fattening, being held in a pig pen and getting fed like a porker, overeating, fear of bursting, feeling fat pregnant, destined to get very very fat, very very fast.

Let me be blunt: You might a a feedee that is very much a pig. You feel the need to get fattened hard, to be transformed into a huge obese wobbling jiggling sack of fat. As unusual as it might sound, some feedees are just built like pigs, they literally got pig guts, a pig stomach and a important part of their lives is to get fat, very fat.

If you are like this, these lines will wake up ancient things, things that have fattened you up slowly. You might be plump or already big, but this way of feeding you have never experienced. And it is magic, you feel the pull of the fat. I might be revealing something very hot to you right now, you might be sitting there and feel your flabby belly and realize, that you need to get fat, badly!
That you need a feeder to put you in a pig pen, and munch away, eating and overeating the most fattening of foods.

1. You gain very easily, the thought of getting force fed is just unreal hot.
2. You enjoy the feel of being extremely full, you get very very hot at the feeling of fear of bursting. You are just so overstuffed like a pig.
3. You have dreams of getting so fat, that you wobble and feel and look like a huge ball of lard.

You might have found out already, that there is no escape. That so far you have accidentally gained, but that it is your destiny to get fed on purpose, by a feeder that gets hot at it. That you cannot run away from your destiny to become a porker, that sooner or later you will turn your self over to a feeder like me and tell him that you yearn to be fed and fattened up like a pig.

I have done it and I tell you, it was the most amazing sexy thing I ever did.
I am totally addicted to feedees that are like that, because I also am. I mean, read my stories, it is all in there.
Pig feedees that are like this have special needs. It is not enough that they are just fed and fattened up, they really need somebody that takes care of their special pig attributes and likes.
Feedees often mention that they are turned on by getting fed like this later in the feeding, because they feel that it is crazy or strange.

I mean imagine being a female feedee, you have just gained 30 lbs through normal feeding and you are having dreams of getting fattened up real strong and fast. Of drinking pure fat! That you feel these pig impulses, that you want to grow for a feeder, that he takes you in his care and projects all his extreme feeding fantasies on you and you balloon up from them.
You want to say things like "I have grown so fat, but this is nothing yet. Fatten me up real now, make me eat grotesque amounts of fat and order me to do a feeding week or two in which the only goal for me is to get much fatter than now!"
And he gets so horny at that, admitting that he is dreaming to feed you just like this.
And once you know that he also gets a kick out of it, you might feel the impending fattening in form of dreams.

These can be being strapped to a hospital bed and feeling a tube run into your mouth and then growing larger and fatter.
This can be that you dream about being so fat that you can hardly walk, that a feeder still is not satisfied and wants to feed you till you are immobile or get stuck in the door trying to escape.
The fear about the craziness scares you, but on the other side it also gets you so wet and excited.

But even though it feels alien and strange that these pig impulses and emotions surface in you, it is a very exciting time in your life:
-You feel a nice and hot new feeling in your belly, that it wants to grow. Well, actually needs to grow. You might be plump or already big, but feel that you need to be fattened, that you need to grow, that it is your destiny.
-You start having flashbacks (of the future's history so to say) of how fat you are going to get. You know that you need to become totally obese, like a real pig, a porker.
-The thought that you are already so fat, but that pig feeding is something that gets stronger the fatter you are drives you bonkers with lust and so does it your feeder. Force feeding a already so fat feedee like you, what a perverse hot idea!
-You start pushing yourself hard, you are impatient to grow and get so fat! You want to seek out a feeder and get into his care, spend 1 or 2 weeks dedicated on fattening you up.

If all this made you excited or outright wet, I know how you feel. I feel it too, it is the hottest way of feeding that I know. This urge to get fattened like a pig in a feedee appeals to the core of my feeding passion.
It is the essence of fat and fattening: you need to get fat, very fat, and as fast as possible!

There are moments, when a feedee and a feeder engage in this type of feeding when everything else vanishes.
There is just the feeder, the feedee and the fattening. The feedee becomes a total object and gets reduced to a pig that has to gain and get fat, an animal that was bread, that lives to get fatter.

It is like a feeding frenzy, a crazy excitement. The feedee seeing her feeder's hot look in the face seeing her fatten and both of them getting so horny and wet at the mutual sharing of it all.
All the stages are extremely hot:

The welcoming of the pig: She presenting her belly for inspection. It is such a hot moment, where she exposes her gut, be it small or big and letting him feel and inspect it. It is like a admittance of "this is what defines me more than anything". Then the measuring, the declaration by the feeder that he is going to make her so fat, the vow of the feedee to work hard and gain strong.
Then the first feeding, maybe with tons of fat. There is a feeding and fat lust in the air. Some feedees prove their loyalty to their feeder by drinking pure fat, as disgusting and gross that might be. There is hardly anything that says as clearly "I am a pig, made to be fattened up. Here, I will speed up the process by drinking this!"
There is a lot of sex, usually to reward the feedee for gaining and always on a full stomach. Feeding is pure foreplay, extreme feeding even stronger and feedees and feeders have better hotter sex than they ever could without fattening.
Then, when the fat starts to grow, the stretch marks appear, there is first unbelievable sex and feeding and the mutual realization that this is not a game, that the fat is real and that she is changing, fattening and becoming more and more like a pig.
The fat makes it so much realer and the feedee enjoys the feeders greedy stares on her belly.
There is a lot of dirty talk during sex, the feeder can be totally open about his pig fantasies, tell her what he will do with her, how much he will fatten her up, that she is still not fat enough.

You need an extreme feeder to take care of a feedee that has such pig aspirations. She has special needs that need to be filled.

So, now how is that exactly? The feeding, pig style?

I am also still learning but I can impart what I have tried and what is a total turn on:

The feedee gets on her hands and knees, wearing special panties, preferably stretchable material that has a slit for rear access.
Depending on the treatment, she gets tied down, her arms and legs immobilized. She can then imagine being in a pig pen, metal bars holding her expanding and fattening rear. I then give her a large bowl of fattening mush, mashed potatoes and lots of olive oil mixed into it will do. Make sure the mush is very liquid. The feedee gets a thick tube, transparent is preferable and can then start sucking the food through the tube, so she does not have to use the hands. She is encouraged to hurry up and swallow fast, so she can feel the rush of being force fed.
A mirror alongside her can make her totally wet, seeing how she is a pig now, eating and fattening as she has always imagined it.

Recording it on video is also hot, so she can then, when she is digesting, watch it again and again and see how much fat is working inside her and will swell up her gut with fat in a few days.

At my discretion or latest when her stomach starts filling up and she start to feel a pressure, I enter her from behind, the only true way to have sex with a porker or pig feedee. It is also hot to show her how hard your member is just by watching her eat and guzzle.
Doing her from behind and hearing her moans, mixed with the feeding sounds and the swallowing is so hot.
She is encouraged to wildly overeat, pigs naturally enjoy stretching their stomachs and she will develop so that she won't be able to stop anymore eating. I will have to take away the bowl, otherwise she cannot stop herself. A pig feedee revels in the extreme overdoing of the feeding, gets extremely wet and horny at the fear of bursting that she feels when her belly is totally full.

In later stages, she will even have an orgasm from overeating: Getting fattened up and overeating is directly connected with sex and sexual pleasure for a pig. A feedee so inclined will realize that she is made to get fat, that no matter how large she is now, that her belly is designed and she pre-destined to become a very very fat woman.

In the process of getting fattened in this position on the floor, her belly will get lower and lower as it fills out and fattens. She gets wider and wider and me as a feeder I always imagine how her belly grows so large that it actually touches the floor and how she gets too fat for normal sex and that the only sex possible is this doggy style.
I also tell her this, which makes her even hornier.

If you are not inclined like this, you will not understand. It is not rational. You are either made to be fattened in this fashion or you are not. But if you are, there is nothing like it, nothing that will make you have orgasms of a magnitude you have not experienced ever before.
I have fed several feedees this way, discovering their true nature and just realizing and talking about it, that she is indeed a mast pig, prone to be force fed made her wet (to her surprise) and gave me a hard on (realizing that THEY like it too). It is rare, but especially because of this, chances are you have denied these extreme fantasies, and/or never shared them with another human soul. Just knowing that your partner knows about your special like (or need), this sharing of something so perverse and hot enables you to have sex with pleasure that you have never experienced before in your life. I totally enjoy that I can make a woman like this dripping wet by just whispering some of this in her ear, it is wonderful!!!

While walking around in between feedings, you will realize that you are getting fatter and fatter, slow and slower, prone to fat. Fat is taking you over, it is seducing you, the more you grow with it. After all, more and more of your body is pure fat.

There are many fun variations to the pig feeding:
-Only do her from behind, when she is eating. When she stops, you stop. That is very exciting. Encourage her to eat, eat, eat, eat, even if it is revolting, because it is high fat content. A pig has no choice, it must eat!
-Preparing her with a rubber block in her mouth that is secured, so she cannot close her mouth. The feeling of having the gullet and stomach open and exposed towards fattening and fat ready to be pumped into it is extremely hot.
-Force feeding with a hose directly into the stomach is a little tricky to set up but so hot when it is finally ready.
(allow lots of time and do it slowly. A stomach can stretch, but only if it is prepared for it. Too much pressure and to fast is very very dangerous and cause the stomach to rupture, which means certain death, so be very very careful!!! A feeder is totally responsible for all his actions after he has inserted the tube and needs to be very careful. Just because you might have tied her down, does not mean you can do anything you want with her. There is a bond of trust between the two, you only do what you know she wants (this is also the only true path to total lust and passion in sex). You have to know when to stop.)
That said, a stomach of a real pig feedee can grow to huge dimensions and make her belly stick out incredible. Slowly feeding her till her navel pops inside out like a pregnant woman is so hot and many feedees orgasm when that happens (or even before).

The state of having trouble breathing will add to the excitement. The stomach has gotten so large, that it is pushing away the lungs, the panting often described as her being "fat pregnant".

In all these extreme things, a feeder needs to closely watch his feedee. You have to know what she feels and when trying extreme stuff, take it slow and experiment. Some extreme stuff does not translate well into reality or not at all and is only hot in the fantasy realm, realize this and expect it.

If you are a feedee, please make sure you only do this with a sane feeder and allow enough time to get to know him. The force feeding part puts you under his full control and you need to know that he will only do things to you that you agree with and that he and you know the limits and approach things slowly and carefully.

This said, you might have just discovered something really hot. It has occurred recently only that I discovered that I like this and been able to write it down like this.
It is the purest and extremes fattening and getting big that you can imagine, the pure fattening!

Now if you are excited, as a feeder (man) (sorry, I use here the traditional role set, forgive me!), you might have a hard on. Shucks, well, it happens and it is a very honest opinion of your body that says "Man, I LIKE THIS!!!"
You might want to talk with a feedee that you know already about this, show her this page and see if she gets hot too.

If you are a feedee (woman), try the panty test: Slide your index finger inside your panties and test scientifically if reading this has made you wet. If yes, BINGO!
Go find a feeder that will explore this side with you, tease the one you got already, by telling him about it, or if you are scared that he might think you are bonkers by confessing this, show him this page, *accidentally* ;-) and see how he reacts (hard on?)
Especially unexperienced feeders (aren't we all?) will have a hard time coming out with something so harsh and extreme in fear of scaring a precious (because so rare a breed) feedee away. By confessing to him that you like this, you will create a huge sexual explosion for both of you, very similar to the one experience where my first feedee girlfriend, after just gaining some weight, confessed to me that she read my stories and that I should take her now and please please make her fat, so very fat! Please right now!

I could hardly breathe!!! It is the hottest thing that any woman has ever said to me.

And do contact me, I will help you explore this!! I know exactly what is going on in your head. I have the same thoughts and fantasies! You are not like other feedees, like I am not like other feeders.

But one last word: You might become fat, so very very fat. But as you might feel already after reading this and getting so hot: This is just so very natural for you, that you should not just let it happen, but actively seek it and enjoy it!
After all, you will grow very fat one way or another, why not gain and get fattened by somebody on purpose? Get force fed, tied down and enjoy the feeling of getting fattened like a pig.


copyright Rubens_Feeder 2009



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  • Comment Link Marzopolis Wednesday, 08 May 2013 18:41 posted by Marzopolis

    As is the case with most of my postings, this is certain to spark controversy and rebuttal. Nevertheless, it is drawn from actual experience and as such, I want to share it with the obesity loving and encouraging community.

    I observe many feedees desiring to attain obesity to the level of immobility, but absolue immobility is not a good physiological choice- the human body always needs to work its muscle groups in some manner no matter what the size, particularly at extreme weights were massive fat deposits are to be supported and circulation is needed. Often times one sees actual photos and videos of people in the 800-1,000 lb range with large areas of blackened skin- the skin is dead or dying due to lack of massage and circulation and might have been avoided if even a small amount of muscular flexing and massage was done. Just assisting the bed-bound in lifting or attempting to lify their legs on a daily basis is beneficial and massage (full body) at least once a week is mandatory.

    The other issue is the physiological and genetic fact that not every one desiring to weigh that much can safely achieve those weights. For example, I can put on as little as 25 lbs. and my blood pressure goes up. So besides the emotional need to be very fat, one requires the family history or at least the genetic history and physiology to achieve high weights, not to mention the bed and other furniture modifications and a dedicated feeder/fattener/care provider/lover emotionally stable and mature enough not to “cut and run” when things get challenging; those things being either physical challenges or interaction with friends, family, social workers or medical professionals. And there must be sufficient income for not only an increasingly stretched stomach and growing appetite, but for housing and structural modifications needed to adequately provide for the lifestyle. A working knowledge of medicine, both conventional and naturopathic is likewise desirable.

    It’s a lot of work, but I feel well worth it when two soul mates with the same erotic/romantic goals are bonded together.

    I would imagine that from the feedee/gainers point of view, few could understand that being totally or partially bed bound is a turn-on. Living in a world of constant eating and enjoying the sensual delights of tastes and textures and more-than-being-full as one is kept at an arousal state near the point of orgasm is a dream come true for many feedees, seemingly an impossible dream but none the less an attainable one. It more than compensates for any physical traveling or activity that so-called average people do.

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Sunday, 17 March 2013 21:22 posted by Marzopolis

    A couple more observations:
    Firstly "doggie" style isn't the only way of entering a hugely obese woman!. Turn her over on her side, with hher stomach flowing towards the side of the bed, have someone help lift her upper leg with you on a short step stool which straddles her calf andthe top of the stool is padded by a pillow. This will allow the man to straddle her thigh on the bed and enter her sideways. Or, install a garage door style opener cable hoist on the ceiling with a foot/leg sling and use it to raise her leg just enough. Of course, there are always her rolls and folds instead.....
    I myself have never relly been into vaginal sex, for at the size woman I like, it is just about impossible to enter her there,"doggie" style or not. besides, when was the last time you knew a woman of 800 lbs. ++++ able to even turn over in bed and climb upon her knees?

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Tuesday, 12 March 2013 00:00 posted by Marzopolis

    I once met a woman who thought she was alone in weight-gain fantasies. I warned her that I was the kind of man who was never satisfied with how fat she became, always wanting her to grow. She responded hat she always loved the idea of weighing 1,000 lbs. and being tied to a bed and force fed beyond being simply full; the more she ate, the hungrier she became and growing past 1,000 lbs. made her so hot. At that point, both of us realized that there were indeed companions for our desires who were the complimentary partners- that this passion could spiral insanely out of control and that possibility itself wa beyond any sexual excitemnt our "average" friends could ever know.

    I think Markus has done an excellent job in describing the entire process with incredible accuracy!

  • Comment Link Rubens_Feeder Sunday, 10 March 2013 11:00 posted by Rubens_Feeder

    Susanne, that is such a hot confession from somebody as wonderfully fat as you. I have discovered the tendency by some women to just want to grow fat, to need to fatten, of feeling like a pig and being programmed to gain and being fattened up, that it is an existential need. For me it is the sexiest thing there is, a woman constantly overeating, her roomy stomach alwasy growing roomier, her appetite growing and being unable to stop eating, getting hot at feeling the waist band grow and the belly hang more and more. I hope you can experience this soon, you probably feel that large fat belly of yours want to make you even fatter, larger, jigglier. The need to be really fattened up strong and fast, of being in the care of an experienced feeder, that knows that you need to be pushed to gain, that you need to fatten at a faster clip. And force feeding such a sexy fatty as you, it is a super sexy proposal. Has anybody used the feeding tube already on you? Do you gain easily? Did you before have fantasies about the tube and pig that wants to gain, well, needs to gain so badly? How it is your destiny calling?
    Your belly needs to hang more, it is not far enough down already. Do you feel the urgency of letting fully go, of spending a few weeks just focused being fattening up, feeling hot and aroused at your diminishing mobility and you becoming slower and waddlier every day?

  • Comment Link Susanne Saturday, 09 March 2013 03:30 posted by Susanne

    Wow!!! Reading this article felt like you had read my deepest desires. You actually understand the desires and needs of a feedee. I have yet to experience this kind of feeding but I'm hopeful to find some one to experience it with. The more I feel my tummy stretch the hungrier I feel and the more insatiable I feel the more I'm turned on. It's a wonderfully endless cycle!

  • Comment Link Marzopolis Thursday, 14 February 2013 00:27 posted by Marzopolis

    The desire for a woman to become hugely obese I feel is deeply woven into her genes- and a combination of both genetic and spiritual dynamics. Not everyone was blessed with the structure to support extreme weight- but those who are, should separate themselves from the continual pro-thin brainwashing this society profers and realize that their own deepest desires are as intimate a part of them as is their race or eye color. If it were merely a freak of nature, why then are there partners who cannot find emotional/sexual satisfaction unless their significant others grow obese beyond description? They are like two parts of the same reality!

    And I don't believe it is encouraging gluttony- which is defined as eating when one is not hungry or for no purpose. To eat to gain weight, or when one is still hungry no matter how much they eat is not gluttony- it is called "having a good appetite". All through history the lack appetite is equated with illness and death. Of course, for myself, a woman who actually becomes hungrier the more she eats is a major sexual arousal, as are red stretch marks from rapid and extreme weight gain. I truly believe that a woman cannot become too fat, and even at 700, 800, 1,000 lbs. there is room for even greater weight gain. There is so much to love! So the first step is to free oneself from social conventions created by a for-profit diet and weight-loss industry. Then let one's feelings guide them and give them space to grow.

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