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The hot and arousing feeding tube

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Why some Feedees get the kick out of being force-fed with a tube in the stomach.

How can it be that women (and men) find pleasure by having food directly pumped into their stomachs, instead of enjoying eating it as a gourmet? Does it seem so "unerotic" to you being force-fed in this manner?

All right, I know that it is not everybody's thing. I guess there are three types of feeders and feedees:

Number 1: Does not like it at all, to have a tube inserted inside its stomach and being filled by a feeder.

Number 2: I just touched a deep fantasy of yours. You are thinking of it how it would be to feel a tube inside your stomach, how your stomach starts to fill out and how your "eating muscle" gets pumped up to the limit and feel bursting full. Especially in this moment you are very excited and aroused, your eyes are wide, your panties are wet or you got a nice erection. You have just discovered something very intimate, something that has been sleeping inside you for years.

Number 3: You have slowly worked your way towards being "attached to the tube". You may be skinny or large, but you know that you want to try that out sooner or later. If you do it yourself or find a feeder that shares the experience with you does not matter. You know that you want it. Maybe it does help to have a large stomach to start with, that yearns to be filled "the right way".

Now, why do we find it so hot to use a tube for feeding?

I will tell you a little story that explains, how it feels and why a tube is necessary.

In this fictional Story I am the feeder and Eli will be the Feedee. Eli is a beautiful fat woman and I got to know her by e-mail. After an exchange of our fantasies we met in person and that was when we lived out our dreams.

At meeting, we first did not talk about it, but enjoyed the hidden "I know what makes you tick". We go eat and after a small snack, that leaves good room in her, we leave for home. "Accidentally" she mentions that she has been gaining weight quite heavily in the last months and that she has a roomy, "can-you-believe-it" 3 quart stomach that makes her eat endlessly. Exactly what I needed to know. Even without openly talking about it, she told me where her well-being limit lies. It feels like Christmas when I prepare the surprise for her while she waits for me next door. 
As soon as I am ready, we sit down in the living room and while having tea and coffee, we touch the subject of her weight. She confesses, that she intends to loose weight, because she says that she is much to overweight. What a game! But I enjoy that, makes it much more interesting. After all these e-mails we exchanges, I do know her likes pretty well. I ask her to show me her her belly and she openly does it, allowing me to see that she really is way to fat.

I shake my head as I feel her half an inch thick layer of fat on her gut. Suddenly I tell her, that she suffers from anorexia and that I have been hired by her physician to fatten her up.

Eli swallows empty and replies shocked that she is not at all slim and that she does not want to gain any weight in any way. There must be a mix-up in patient-data she concludes.

I tell her that there is no mix-up and that she does need to gain a lot of weight with her measly 90 lbs.
Do her ears deceive her? Unbelievably she confesses that she has well above 220 lbs and regularly overeats.
I tell her then that 90 lbs is not too much, but way too little. She replies that she said 220 lbs, not 90 lbs.

I look at her puzzled and ask, why she keeps repeating her weight of 90 lbs. (a delicious misunderstanding on my part)
As she realizes that I am serious, she bolts out of the room, but stumbles right into the room where the chair is installed that I prepared for her. (Beautiful how this game develops). She finds the other exit of the room locked and I let her stand there for a while, realizing what little options she has.

"Running away does not change anything, Eli! There is not escape for you. You got something in your little snack before, a very fattening drug is inside your stomach now! You are going to get fat one way or another."
Eli feels that there is no getting out of this for her and draws hot feelings out of being prepared for feeding like a French stuffing geese. 
Quickly I overpower the large lady and tie her to the chair. I know that it makes Eli unbelievably aroused and horny that she is immobilized and it defies the word "perversion" fattening up a lard tub like her deliberately.

I show her the tube and Eli gets into heat, breathes heavily and her pupils dilate. She becomes dripping wet between her legs. My feedee realizes what that means for her as she faces the tube and is drifting into inhumanly lust as she imagines in anticipation what is about to transpire.

I fire her up a little: "Okay, now we'll fatten you up that you beyond believe. Let's see if you still fit through the door afterwards."

My own erection documents my own lust as I prepare the feeding liquid, that is well adjusted for Eli's stomach-size. I mix it in front of her, just to make her one bit hotter as she witnesses how much pure fat I put into it. (From our mails I know that she had drunk high fat content drinks before)

As I approach her with the tube, she keeps swallowing empty out of sheer lust and her large boobs raise and fall with her horny breathing. 
"Please, let me go. I will get much too fat from this!" she begs not very convincing. The signs of her lust are only too visible.
"Open your mouth wide now" I order her. "If you don't cooperate I'll have to give you some special treatment. When you are full, I'll have to overfeed you 50% more than normal. That will make your stomach huge and fatten you up faster in the process."

She opens her mouth readily and I insert the transparent tube inside her stomach, test if it is in fact in the right location and then we are ready to go.

Eli meanwhile flies in gorgeous lustfeelings. She feels that she is a force-feeding pig, with a tube in her stomach and the incredible perversion and impossibility of force-feeding an overweight woman like her with a tube and almost pure liquid fat gets her unearthly wet. She is trapped in a dream of lust, like in trance she tries to break her shackles and gets even hornier as she realizes that she cannot escape anymore and will now be force-fed.

Me myself personally (what a funny expression ;-) almost burst having so much lust in my body. I get so hot at the realization that I did find one of these real feeding cow, that needs to be force-fed regularly and let her fat grow for my pleasure. I dominate her and she is aware of it.

After I have connected the bottle, I wait a moment. Eli gets comfortable in her chair and knows that soon the party will start. Her party! She lets the though to be force-fed like a pig in a short moment roam inside her and her heart and breathing works fast in the excitement and lust that is now flooding her. I place the bottle somewhere high and immediately the fat solution starts to pour into Eli's stomach. Her belly is starting to bulge out and I enjoy with my hand on her gut how she grows. Eli is extremely hot and outright horny and orgasmic as she feels how her stomach is bloated up by the feedingmix. Eli breathes heavily and moans softly as her gut starts to fill out to the max. My erection and my heavy breathing also show Eli how I feel about her expansion.

Her royal stomach if full now and I know, that Eli gets the kick out of getting it a little stretched. I overfill it carefully and listen how she like a fat-pregnant softly moans by the exciting pressure that is pumping her up inside.

Some feedees that like tube feeding, find the idea exciting to be connected to a feeding machine and to be helplessly fed automatically to grow larger and larger.
I massage her tummy, which even causes her more lust. Now it is time for Eli and I uncover her pussy. I find it wet like an ocean, massage her clit which makes her moans louder. My own dick has almost ruined my pants and so I let him out to play in the outdoors ;-) I know that Eli is now open and ready and only all to eager to heighten her lust even more by being penetrated. I feel the need myself but still want to enjoy a little more how she marvels at my hardness and her own hot glowing clit. When she finally cums, I am probably already inside her and orgasming hard myself with loud moaning. I know that Eli cannot have such a lustdripping and boneshaking orgasm in any other way than tubefeeding and I myself neither. We did both do what makes us hottest of it all.

Normal sex is only a shadow of what the tube can do if you are inclined to it. I let Eli out of the chair and with enormous pressure in her paunch she lies down, fat-pregnant and soon lots of pounds fatter.

It can well be that a feedee is asked about her rapid gaining, by a friend or a doctor. Very often, she will get the kick out of telling that she if fighting the gaining with all that she has, but on the other hand feels the highest of lust to regularly return to her feeder to be tied down and to be crammed.

Eli does belong to this special type of feedee that is sexually aroused to have her belly pumped up by a tube.

The feeder of Eli loves when Eli fattens up quickly and that she grows with his insisting and pushing "to just take another little bit, there is still room, I know it." He likes to dominate and is happy when he can subject her to his mast and force-feeding.
He finds it important that a feedee does have a roomy stomach or will gladly help her to develop one.

Okay, that's it for my little introduction into the fascination of tube feeding. I hope I have again inspired many of you and seduced some of you for exciting new ideas.

I hereby offer myself as a partner for an experience that a feedee would like to undertake. Unfortunately, feedees that like this tube-feeding are rare and I did only a few of these lovely sessions, including with myself. I can say that they all went very good and that I know how to properly insert a tube inside a stomach. So don't be shy, I am a normal human and we'll go step by step. I invite you to specify if you like force feeding and being tied down or if you like to hold your belly when it starts to grow, also whether you like to be filled with potent fattener liquid or just water.

To all of you trying this alone, I wish the hottest of feelings and a new frontier discovered.



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