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Tuesday, 03 February 2004 18:03

Are we headed for a fat future?

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Did you notice: Everybody is trying to lose weight, and everybody is getting fatter and fatter. Many diets end in putting on more weight that the person had in the first place. There are more and more fat people in our societies.

Especially in the USA, where food it geared to be delicious, plentiful (now get 30% more...), this is true more than anywhere else. Although you find 0% fat, fat free signs in all supermarkets, when it comes to fast food, the average Joe's favorite food, it is very fattening indeed. Nobody would eat fast-food anymore when they would label on it how much fat it contains.
More than half of all Americans are overweight. Some of them even extremely, as I have seen the most delicious fat women for example on the streets of America. Girls with large overflowing guts, large voluminous legs and breasts of immense proportions larger than anywhere else in the world.

Are we steering into a future, where thin is still the ideal, but only 1% of the people are thin? Or is it coming, true, my dream vision, my delight, that in the future, everybody will be fat?

It sure looks that way to me, "alert" messages coming from all sides to my ears and making my believe more and more in my dream.
Many people have already fat parents, being predisposed to become fat too.
There are women that even as they turn 20, they already fully grown and ripening still, growing fatter and more luscious every year.
Let's hope that we are finally snapping out of this thin-insanity, this fat-phobia and start having bellies instead of this flat nonexistence thereof.
A friend of mine noticed, while going out for some years, that even thin girls, revealed by the belly-free fashion style, are starting to collectively show curved tummies, instead of the awful flatness. Some of these girls start to bloom, the curved form developing into a larger round ball, usually when having a boyfriend and not having to run around and impress men with their thin forms.

I am welcoming this development very much, and is it not a delight, to see even the smallest of bellies on somebody else, or even yourself?

One way or another, there might be a nice time coming, a time where the big majority of people are big and women will not have to hide themselves so terribly.
Maybe a time where more and more women will have their guts hanging in sheer abundance, carry these very large and lovely breasts, sizes more in the middle of the alphabet then in the beginning, the ones that only a few fortunate have today.

Times where enjoying your food and having pleasure is more important than controlling yourself in everything you do. Where you try to enjoy life to the fullest, where food is made to be delicious, not thinning.

A time when beauty is again signified by existence of things (curves, rolls...) not the nonexistence thereof.
Where the "geography" of a woman can be described in a grand long poem, showing her uniqueness and not stating: flat are the plains, flat are the mountains, sparse every hill. The end."

A time when fat is again the delicious sensual lovely moving soft stuff that I know it to be.

You can also contribute that this future will be sooner: Don't hate or ignore your fat. Value it, love it and enjoy it.

Or do you want to look like everybody else, be exchangeable?

Did you know that a woman only develops her complete body shape and distinguishedness when she starts to fill out? And there are not two that look the same:
Some women develop a most adorable guts, some of them heavily fat-laden, hanging with unspoken sexiness, others turn into round inflated balls of marvelousness, others still develop several folds that compete with themselves for perfection.

Some women develop most marvelous legs, full and soft, moving with every step and inspire and seduce any viewer.

Others start to get real huge boobs, driving us men nuts with their beauty.

If you have not discovered this yet, there is a worthwhile and plenty journey ahead.

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  • Comment Link Marzopolis Sunday, 17 February 2013 20:27 posted by Marzopolis

    I feel that due to climatic chabges and the destruction of farmland, which invariably will lead to food shortages, we have been programmed at the point of creation for these times to store fat more efficiently and therefore increase the occurance of obesity and especially the degree of obesity amongst females, the mothers of our race. In a time of barely affordable food (when available), only the obese shall survive. So in a round-about way, those who foist weight loss amongst the public conscience are inadvertantly contributing to the extinction of humanity!

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