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Monday, 10 January 2005 17:55

Eat as much as you like, a regular Feeder / Feedee meeting

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Imagine being among like minded people, feedees that want to grow and feeders that want to help them balloon up. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is... at least so far. But one may dream! Of a world where the closet holds no power over the minds of fat lovers.

update from October 2011:

The original article is really old, from 2005 and by now I have realized that this is a total utopian dream. You can recognize a totally unexperienced feeder right away by proposing something like this. It has not happened, despite my efforts, not even close. As far as I know, such a thin has never taken place anywhere. Feedees are much too shy to ever agree to something like this, in a time where even face to face meetings for any purpose, even as harmless as just having a coffee are impossible. The closet holds many strongly and keeps them there, often not even having the wish to venture out into the world with their sexual preference. I won't give up though, I have never known when to quit. One day, my friends, this will become reality.


Here something that I would like to realize sometime (with the right people):

A regular meeting in a restaurant of the type "eat as much as you can". Feeder bring their feedees or everybody just comes alone, without knowing themselves beforehand. Officially it is a cozy diner, and the only extraordinary thing is that the women, which are already very big, are eating very (too) much.
This is not by any way a moral lecture, I just show how this would look to normal "Fitness-diet-the-whole-week" person.
Each Feedee is going to be pampered to her favorite food by her (or any) feeder.

For discussion during diner I see all kinds of subjects, only weight gain and diets would be off limits. While the food is piled up by all these lovely "waiters", each feeder can gently feel out the limit of a feedee, maybe provide gentle pressure for her to eat even more, to "top her off" completely.

The main goal of my idea of this meeting is to provide a enjoyable and "funny glances"-free environment, in which a woman can eat (or gorge and guzzle) freely. The only attention a feedee would get in this context would be the admiring glances and encouragement of their "waiters". "Are you sure you are full already? I am sure you do want a desert still..." The words feeder, fatten or stuff would probably not be used, but everybody would know what is happening.

To make the whole thing even more interesting, many games could be played:

1. Crowning of the gourmet queen: At the beginning of the meal every feedee gets weighted and after the meal again. The one with the biggest difference in weight wins. There would be no time limit and every feedee could eat at her own pace and "fill out the corners".

2. Girth Queen: In the beginning of the meal, every feedee is measured around the belly and again after the meal. The one with the biggest difference wins.

3. Estimation of weight: Feeders estimate the weight of feedees just from looking at them. The one that is closest, wins a golden spoon, with which he is entitled to invite the feedee that he estimated most accurately to an rich meal, in which he feeds her exclusively with this spoon. This special spoon obligates to feed her nonstop with her favorite meals till she is stuffed like a turkey and starts to pant from the fullness.

These awards would probably be held at another locale, after the group has left the place of the feast full and happy. It would of course be embarrassing to many feedees that the other guest of this "all you can eat" restaurant would see them get these awards for "eating like a pig". A more private setting where feeders and feedees and FAs could share their passion together and give the new crowned queen due reference. The queen would next time enjoy the golden spoon and of course defend her title, lest a "hungrier" contestant would take it away from her.

So far with my idea. Like always, I welcome feedback. It is kind of futuristic and I am pretty sure that this would be a first time ever for such an event to take place. An although it might never happen (due to feedees that don't enjoy this sort of thing, feeders are usually more adventurous), I guess I may dream and have the vision at least.



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Ich bin Rubens und der Macher dieser Site. Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich.
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Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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  • Comment Link daeor  naiht Wednesday, 01 May 2013 05:26 posted by daeor naiht

    Mini piggy here knows that she can never compete with the beautiful female fertility symbols here on your pages Rubens_Feeder. I would like to be a fertility symbol here if only magnified to show it.

  • Comment Link Rubens_Feeder Wednesday, 13 March 2013 10:26 posted by Rubens_Feeder


    I would love to take you out to an all you can eat and wait on you, bringing you your favorite foods, watching how you eat and marvel at how much you can eat and watch your belly excitedly, see how it is getting larger all the time. You sound like you have a passion for overeating and love to show it. I would be so curious of how much you could fit inside your stomach, that is always something that takes my breath away and lets me marvel, when I see that a woman had a genetic predisposition for overeating, for getting a large stomach, for gaining easily and as a conclusion, to be fattened up and being force fed.

    I will organize a group of feeders and feedees, people that are into the same thing, so we can take this into the real normal life.
    Feeders will always want to fatten up feedees and feedees will always dream of getting fatter and inevitably gain step by step. It is important that when Clara (example feedee in the group) gains, that the other women that are feedees can see it give her compliments how great she looks with the larger belly and dream about growing too, that Clara shares with them how it is to be fattened up, inspires them to let go to and find a feeder. And of course, if somebody starts ballooning up, the first question might be: Who is her feeder? Is it somebody from the group?
    And the group would not only be for support, but also for dating, as dating happens in the real world and the chemistry must be right, before the feeder and feedee enter into a relationship and she/(he?) starts gaining. And there is a big world that has nothing to do with feeding that makes up a relationship, but it it is amazing and hot to know: these people are all into it, each one of them.

  • Comment Link Susanne Saturday, 09 March 2013 03:43 posted by Susanne

    That is truly a utopian safe place. I don't think I'd ever leave such a place! It would be ideal not only for the blossomg feedee, but for the new to feeding feeder. I've had a similar Thought. It involved me showing up to a buffet alone. After eating two huge plates of food I notice a gentleman across from me watching me with a longing look in his eyes. I go back to the line and get another two plates in one trip. He stares as I devour them. My belly starts getting tingly from stretching so I rub it. He can't take it anymore. He comes over and offers to feed me so I don't have to waddle to the buffet. I place his hand on my blubberous belly and with a smile tell him I'd love it and I hope he can keep up!

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