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Friday, 21 October 2011 00:40

My movie idea: Bea gets fat

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You may have read that I intend to make a movie someday.

Today I had the most delicious idea to make a movie about a feeder and a feedee in which I will show a lot of dreams that we have today.

Here some details about the content:

Peter is working in a lab and is a feeder, his girlfriend Bea does not know that he yearns to feed women. Bea is superthin and Peter slowly looses interest in her, because her meager body and boring (because nonexistent) curves.

One day while doing a animal experiment in the lab, he discovers a potent fattener drug.

He is perfectionating the drug and then sneaks Bea a very small dose in her drink. Unbelievably, but it works. She starts to fill out. He cannot stop himself but to try to see what happens when he let's her have a whole quart of the liquid. Bea in the process fattens up to immense dimensions and when she ingest the overdose, she starts to fatten up in real-time, i.e. in front of his eyes.

And that is how I will make it:

I guess we all have seen the Nutty Professor. Well, in my movie there will be not much special effects. No computertricks, the fat will be real!

The mainactress will be fattened from very thin to very fat during a year. The shooting takes place from time to time, taking shots of her increasing girth. On film, it will look like she is gaining a lot of weight by the minutes. The first scene will be filmed in the second month, in which she is pretty slim still. A pillow in her pants inflating with water will show her instant growth. Then in month 5 she won't need that pillow anymore, since she has filled out to that degree with real fat.

Everybody in the movie will wear sexy clothing, that will enhance all the fat with it's tightness. One highlight will be when her jeans burst and her pant button flies across the room by the sheer immensity of the fattening. The belly then just grows out of the pants and beyond. This will be very exciting to watch, because I will make other clothing become victim to her fast weight gain. It will be a monumental movie, so big that the seams burst!

Because the swelling will be in waves, she can also lift her T-shirt for once, to check out her just grown belly, that will be real of course. Then her gut will be swelling again and she grows even larger, which she will then reach in a few months in reality.

In this movie I will make sure, that the excitement and suspense comes across, when she is standing there and starts to grasp what is afoot with her. The soundeffects will be with the same realism as in my stories and the main actress will show very convincing what lust and hot sensations she feels while she grows into a lard tub! Well, let me tell you, that is incredible lusty and hot when you belly swells!

For the bellylovers I will make a scene where she opens her pants to check out this funny new feeling she has and just as she does, her belly pours out, showing that she already got a real hang gut. How her boobs are going to swell, I will also take good care to illustrate this.

I know that every feeder and many feedees will want to have this movie, because THERE IS NO SUCH THING on this planet yet. And that is exactly my motto: Nobody did it before? Well, if nobody does, looks like I will be the first to do it then.


The movie of course needs a main actress:

The part of Peter should not be any problem, much more important is the part of Bea.

The actress for this should be more or less thin, ready to gain a lot and looking forward to be fat. She would also need to inspire others by playing it on the big screen, filmed by a camera.

What else is required? Well, she should be ready for fame. This movie will be a big thing worldwide and find many clones. Whoever will impersonates Bea will become famous for being the first ever feedee on (real) film and possibly most famous feedee worldwide. I know that EVERY feeder will want to have this movie and there are much more feeders than anybody would think.

Nakedness is not an absolute must, because it would be possible to make the movie with a minimum of bare skin.

If you are filled out already and would like to write movie history by growing fat on film, I will also change the script to accommodate a larger beauty as Bea. I will than write a nice (kind of evil, but exciting) "twist" where Bea is drinking a slimfast Drink, that should help her loose pounds and instead makes her even fatter. Ever dreamt of making a fat lady even fatter?

Of course there would be a discussion about how the weight would be gained, by external feeding (encouraging) or self feeding. But I guess that would be the smallest of problems.

People, give me feedback!

What do you think about this idea? Did YOU think about it already that this film would be the most exciting way for you to get fat?

I know, I know: I am AGAIN very aggressive and special (as in crazy and inventive), but I guess you know me already through my website. Yes, I am without compromise, I am direct. Others will say that a woman is "kind of plump". I will say that she is FAT and wonderfully soft. That is direct admiration.




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  • Comment Link Saskia Wednesday, 09 October 2013 23:40 posted by Saskia

    Oh Ruben ich bin sehr schlank und Feederin.Ich hoffe bloß das du jemandem findest der diesen Film mit dir dreht. Außerdem bin ich ja ehrlich ich hoffe das du den Film für angemeldete User kostenlos auf deine Seite stellst weil ich den wirklich zu gerne sehe aber mit grade achtzehn und Abiturientin nicht die Mittel habe um ihn zu kaufen.

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