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Love goes through the stomach

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 You have probably seen it already in my stories: I am a little technical in my writing. I often describe how a stomach grows, how it stretches, or how guts start sagging or how a belly looses shape and hangs more and more. This is so engineeringly writen.But behind that if my deep love for stomachs! Not bellies, stomachs! 

And this article is dedicated to it.

There is something special the stomach, something extrordinary. The shape that you see on the picture above looks crude and strange, but think about it: A heart, which is also a thing of extreme affection, looks ugly when drawn in its natural form. The same is true to a stomach.Imagine how much pleasure and good feeling our stomach gives us. Don't you love that feeling of overeating when the stomach is fully inflated and maybe even a little overstretched?I would like to encourage a dialog and discoussion about stomachs in general and female stomachs in particular.Your have to know that for me a woman with a large stomach has something magic. There is nothing more exciting for me than to see how much a girl can fit inside her stomach and how it stand out when the normaly loose bag gets pumped up into a taunt ball that protrudes out on the belly.Stomach stretching:So you like the thing and you want to get a bigger stomach, maybe because you think as I do or you just like to be able to eat more, here is the way to do it:Slooooowly!Don't get scared but some women exploded literaly by pumping up their stomachs too fast. And your stomach can burst, trust me!Read her for full story of some women that went too far:
As mentioned in the article, sudden and excessive overfilling of the stomach can make it burst, while slow continuos stretching and filling makes it grow.There are some women that have enourmous stomachs and others that have very small ones.If you are a very big woman, chances are that you already have a very large stomach, because it is the thing that is fattening you: your stomach growing larger and larger, requiring more and more food as it grows. If you are such a woman, please write me fast. I have to get to know you!!!Besides all that, a small stomach is not anything to be ashamed of ;-) With a little effort and pushing it can be easily converted into a large fat pump that is fattening you lovely.Some women even have a genetic preposition for a special "eat muscle": They fight weight when they are pretty young, fatten at every little extra bite and constantly feel the need to just gorge and guzzle. It is a real nightmare for any fitness and slim fanatic, but the true dream of a feeder or feedee: 

Although that her stomach is small, it just waits to be filled right. In case it is overfilled just slightly, it comes apart and grows so easily that it soon reaches enourmous rooming. Such a woman usualy never can push her weight down past plumper and should she ever let herself go (and she should certainly do so), she very fast and grows with a lot of fun and pleasure into a kingsize lardtub blimp. There is no need to mention that for a woman like this, heavenly strong orgasms after feeding are a rule.The normal stomach holds about 1 1/2 quart, while really large ones, even some of my feedees had some like that, can hold around 2 galons of stuff. Think about how huge that is!I think that it is so sexy and erotic to have such a stomach! It's like the pleasure and fun capacity!I invite you to write your opinion or your contribution in my guestbook on this subject. This way, everybody else can read something about YOUR stomach. Take a little milk or some other sweet liquid and drink from a large measusing cup till your are full to see the size of your "feeding organ".That's right, love does go through the stomach!


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