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Fat makes sexy!

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Do YOU want to become a sexbomb?

Well I know that this is a little provocative, but seriously: Would you like if men would turn their heads to look after you?
Yes? Well then you gotta fatten up and gain weight! Eat pounds of chocolate, cheeseburgers and spaghetti that drip with oil. Make sure your stomach is always bursting full. Eat, eventhough you are not hungry anymore. Stuff yourself!

And then, with 100% warranty, this soft mass will grow on your belly, your hips will grow wider and wider and even if you do have small breasts, they will flourish and grow and very soon, you might have D-Cup bras hanging in your dresser.

And the effect? You will become a sexbomb. Not to all men. But a lot of men will admire your big soft body, with all these curves. They might not admit it openly, but deep down inside, they desire! Scientific studies established that most men instinctivly are looking for wide hips and big breasts and (maybe not open) prefer a woman with a stomach that is visible as a belly and not that flat thing that in absence of any curvation cannot be called abdomen. This shows fertility and indirectly looks like being pregnant. Yes, that is life and we're all in it's grip! Even with all these technological development, some things in us never changed for a million years.

The above mentioned foods all have in common that they contain a large percentage of fat and that makes them highly fattening. See, that's a bigger breast and all without silicone, completely natural.

Furthermore, men like lustwomen. Let me explain the term: Women that love life and dare to enjoy it. Women that let themselves go and relish the sweet fruits of this earth. The aura of such a free woman speaks for itself.
A good example is Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith. Both women are not really thin and do not fit into the slim beauty ideal that we all cherish so highly.
No, on the contrary: They have some nice bellies, are nicely padded like is it so common for lustwomen. Needlessly to say that they do have nice big erotic breasts. Breasts of the different kind, not so firm and hard like you do that with silicone.
It is in fact a big men fantasy of seeing large breasts hang and move from side to side, especially since they do that so lovely while having sex. Heavenly!

And soft, natural breatst that have grown from eating and stuffing surely fall into that category....


Rubens Feeder, December 2000


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