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Why Fat Is Erotic

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We all constantly get bombarded by the media: Slim is beautiful and the man of today (you can read this in every magazine) prefers a slim woman, with tight hips, a firm ass and hard, standing breasts.

Eventhough it sure seems like it, this was not always like this. There is proof that a hundred years ago another beauty ideal ruled: fat = beautiful.

So for thousands of years, big soft womanbodies have been viewed as attractive, why now suddenly thin is the thing to be? Scientificaly a lot of times, the hard(er) to reach situations are viewed as attractive and beautiful. Centuries ago, when food was scrace and expensive, only the rich and royals could afford to be fat. We can therefore assume, that cleopatra was pretty fat and had a beautiful big soft belly as well as a large bossom and curveous body. A thin queen would have been frowned upon at at that time. Although we know that Julius Cesar, the mighty emperor was quite a big man, fattened by all the delicious meals and excesses he had the possibility to enjoy, we still see him as a thin lanky man, like cleopatra. This is conforming to the beautyideal of today.

Today it is much harder to be thin and much easier to just get fat and because of this it is (in my reasoning) that thin is regarded a beautiful. At least that is what the masses think, driven by the media.

There are men and women, that are still natural. People like me that enjoy the fat. People that enjoy and get the kick of "letting themselves go", getting big and fatter. People that accept and cherish the tendency of the womans body for a hight bodyfat percentage.

I say openly here: You are beautiful! You are big, soft, wobbly and soooo erotic!
I appreciate your nice bellies, the deep receiding navel, the fat bellymass, that is hanging already now on some of your luscious gorgeous ladies.

And I do love these big soft breasts, how they are voluminous soft and all that often, they hang and sway, touching the large form of the belly.

It is so erotic, how your tighs tease, with lovely cellulite and they talk a seducive language when you walk and the fat wobbles!
Your nice kingsized wide hips, that grow wider when you sit down and your beautiful soft arms, where fat lives neatly pudding and tells me with every embrace: I am big, I have a lot of tender fat and am sensual.

Yes, you are sensual and gorgeous!!!

Erotic, beautiful and simply better than all these starving skeletons out there, no matter if they are prestigious supermodels.

And I tell you what: It is only natural for a man to desire a fat woman, since a big fat body is (more) fertile. Instictivly a soft woman belly talks to a man and whispers to him, that he is ready to carry a baby. Yes, there is a connection between slimness and unfertility, but of course nobody would dare to reason that a slim woman is unable to get pregnant just because she is too thin. Thin cannot be bad, that's what you hear and feel all around you.
Well, the body needs fat reserves that can be converted into energy should the need arrise. Thousands of years have tought us that these fat will save mother and child should a period of hunger appear. A baby is an enourmous needs enourmous amounts of energy to grow and a thin woman would die fast, also killing the baby.

This explains neatly why women regulary gain weight during pregnancy.

A marvelous mechanism that might as well have saved our civilisation in harder times before. And just because of this it can be that a (too) thin woman will not be able to become pregnant, which will of course puzzle the doctor to no end, since he knows that every pound of fat is a pound too much and labels it overwheight.

Because of all these reasons, a big fat soft woman is much more erotic and desirable than a thin, skinny boring girl, that deprives herself of all fun and pleasure.

Could it be that while going from one diet to another, trying to kill their appetite, they also manage to strangle the pleasure and lust for life, wiping out their richness and sensuality?


To all the women that are reading this and do love to eat and do love the size their bellies have grown: Take a moment, go to a mirror, maybe open your pants to let your belly free a little and then in front of the mirror, touch it and see how it hangs, sink in with your hands and know that you mean the world to some of us and that your are beautiful, rich, fat and gorgeous! Enjoy your size, I know I do!


Rubens Feeder, December 2000


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