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Hog Feeding

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This is a male feeder and male feedee story. About a place where men get taken and then fattened up against their will and their struggle to escape and keep their bellies together and being able to get back to their life, before the force feeding takes its toll and they won't be able to ever get up again. They fought the evil that threatened them, but did not consider that the worst could be closer to home, something they did not prepare for.  

Work in progress, this story is not finished yet, last update on 23. October 2016.

John got in contact with male feeder, Jeff, became good friends, his friend took him out eating regularly, encouraged him to eat, told John that he was into really obese guys and that he wanted to see him balloon up. John got so horny for gaining, needed to gain for others.
John got a bottle of olive oil from his friend, Jeff told him “you know what this is for!”
They chatted online, talked much more open, Jeff told John that he wanted to feed him immobile.  That he should consider getting this big. Jeff told him that he wanted to make John gain faster.
John took little drinks of the olive oil every day, Jeff had told him to drink pure fat was a confession for obesity.  John shows Jeff how he drinks the fat and he is already getting fat.
Jeff decides how much John should drink and fills the glass for him. The dose increases. John fattens faster and faster, as John reaches 300 pounds, Jeff sedates him.
John wakes up in factory with very fat pigs and massively obese men.
Jeff is not there.
But John found a little reminder that Jeff had brought him here: On his belly, he carried in black writing “first stage, 500” and a little balloon symbol.
That was a bad thing, as he noticed that other men were marked likewise and every hour or so, a strong person with a goose stuffer came over, grabbed a fat fold right where the writing was and other fat men swarmed and surrounded him, held him, at each arm and legs and sides,  and then when the victim could not move, shoved the goose stuffer in his mouth and pumped up his belly, till the fat guy was bloated up like a balloon, his midsection massively inflated and he was afraid to explode from the pressure.
John was very alarmed at the first treatment. He had seen geese being force fed for foie gras on TV, how their stomachs get pumped up rapidly.
Now when he got the very same treatment, felt how they immobilized him, he felt the large nozzle of the machine enter his mouth and an avalanche of feeding mush open up his gullet, inject with a lot of pressure and his stomach was full after only 5 second, but the machine kept going and he had immediately the feeling of his stomach being extremely full and then going to pop. But it just kept going, he felt it get over bloated, pumped up and he gasped, it felt like being raped in his stomach. But already the second time he could feel how something changed, he took it better, when pumped like this, his stomach gave in and took the load easier.

And when one of the large fatter ones got the treatment, John watched in amazement, how the obese guys fat drum belly moved and groaned, and bloated up real fast. The machine seemed to pump harder and faster for the really fat guys.

It was hot for him to watch that, how the fat filled them out, how unable they were to escape it. It was a surreal place, and it got even more surreal: Inbetween treatments, John noticed his body fat swell up, slowly but steadily, like he had to pay for the indiscretion of allowing to be fed like this.
John noticed a calming effect, he let it happen more and more. And he thought that he would take it easier and easier, but then he noticed that the machine was run longer and even though his stomach got larger, it was full in the same amount of time. He also noticed that the machine seemed to build up pressure, which then got released in a surge that pumped up and inflated his stomach, it felt more and more like an explosive release which he felt hard to take and he gasped as it overstretched his gut every time.
John had a strong stomach ache every time and groaned, felt his belly would explode soon, it was so massively inflated. And as the pressure went out of the stomach, the pressure seemed to pump up his fat folds everywhere.

A really super fat man came over to him, looked at him with concern.
He massaged John’s belly with his obese hands, he looked like a massive sumo wrestler.
“I’m Mike, call me M. Belly ache?” said M.
John nodded dazed.
“Just remember that you will get fatter anyway, this is just speeding up the process. Remember that you are not here by accident, nobody is and that this is a natural process for you, this is what you really need. Focus on the imagine on a large weather balloon, rubbery and flacid, that can be pumped up to 8 feet in diameter and visualize that your stomach is that, that it stretches easier. And focus on your fat cells, that absorb the fat faster and expand, that makes the pressure subside faster!”
“Thanks!” gasped John, it really did help, the pressure had subsided already.

“You got a nice shape developing there, you got what we call a tire swelling around you and your FUPA will get huge and swallow up your cock pretty fast and change your sexuality in a big way.” M commented.
John was to embarassed to answer, he had realized that he was naked, that M could see that and that M was also naked. He was noticing that he could not even see M’s crotch anymore, as he had gotten to fat that his belly hung over it.
M noticed John looking and lifted his gut and John looked away.
“It’s OK to look, we figure that is why nobody has clothing here. And as you can see my cock has been eaten up by my fat, it only pokes out a little bit when I’m hot. You don’t have to look away, it is normal consequence of getting really super fat.” said M.
“And it will also be honest, the feeders can see when you get aroused during treatment and use it expertly to open you up to more fattening”
John could not stop to look and saw how M’s FUPA was just a slit, a large fat mound, like a vagina that had grown around his vanished dick.

He had noticed with alarm how his own FUPA was growing wildly and he had a forboding what would happen in his case.

In a way he appreciated the honesty, all of him was visible, every fold and surface and it felt good to fully accepted this way.
He got to know M better, learned that he was a manager for a big corporation and had been in pretty lean shape, until he had rapidly gained weight and in a matter of months had started to get fat. He had talked with his doctor and he had put him on an exercise regiment, but he kept gaining and had uncontrolled bouts of very strong hunger for sweet and fatty stuff. It was right at the time when he suspected that his wife was having an affair, as she had suddenly become distant, refusing sex. It especially felt off to him that she was totally kind and attentive in other areas, like she had never been. She started cooking for him, all his favorite foods and insisted that she pack him a large lunch for the company.
Then he had gained even more and faster, friends and coworkers started to notice and he gained 70 pounds in short order. He got a special examination from his doctor for anything wrong with his stomach and colon and had gotten the sedative for the colonoscopy, but then had woken up here.
Or better, in a lab, where he was strapped in and fed by somebody he could not see. His hunger increased and he ate almost constantly and was fed by the unknown person.
He could not touch any of his body, as they constantly kept him strapped in, but he was alarmed when his gut started to grow down his thighs and his cock pushing against the fat and when he moved, large fat mounds moved and jiggled. They were fattening him up, very much on purpose.

Soon after, he could escape, when they let him go to the bathroom one evening. It was a little too easy, and he wondered later, if it was on purpose.

“I’m getting too fat, I have to stop this, I have to get back to my family, what are my kids going to think seeing me like this?” said M.
John felt the fat from the last treatment swell in him, pump up the tire of fat that was wrapping itself around him, there were two distinct fat folds that would develop, he could feel it already.

“Yeah, we all have to get out of here, we should work together to find a way out” said John.


And then there was Bruce. John immediately noticed him, because he was thin like a rake and tall. He did not seem like all the others. They were all gaining and expanding to some degree, he did not seem to be touched by this at all. What was most striking was what was between his legs, John could not stop looking at it and had no problem hiding it as he was still far away, but walked closer. Bruce was hung, but not just a little, but a lot, his large cock swung lazily back and forth as he walked and it was not even hard he noticed. And furthermore his balls! John first wondered if he had a special condition that the sack was so large. It was not that the balls were necessarily that large, but the sack was, it was a lot larger than his and seemed to be filled.He was transfixed by them and had never seen a hotter cock in his life, but soon tore his glance away and innocently looked at Bruce’s face, like he had always been taught to behave in shower rooms everywhere from young on.
“How are you guys doing?” Bruce said.
Before anyone could answer, he went over to M and looked at him with delight.
“Ohhh, you are starting to grow faster, so this hormones work a lot better for you, don’t they? My, you are getting fat!” and he slapped M’s huge belly, grabbed it experimentally and jiggled it.
“We will soon be able to process you, you must be starting to feel the special urge. Don’t worry, it is normal, you are not crazy, it is normal and healthy side effect generated by your ballooning fat cells! Maybe I should do a special session with you, making sure we can speed up the process!  And what do we have here? A new arrival?” he exclaimed.

John noticed how M had gotten quiet and the otherwise strong and dominant man was reacting to what Bruce had said last, like he was just imagining this special session and he was licking his lips and looked fatter than before and had gotten very submissive towards Bruce. M’s gut was still jiggling from the slap on it.
John felt that they knew each other, and that Bruce was part of the reason M had gotten this fat.
Then he turned to John as he said the last words and looked him up and down.
“Who’s your friend?” he asked and introductions were made.
John had first felt that Bruce was a jerk, but he found soon that Bruce was actually a nice guy. They talked long and through it all, M, usually outspoken, was very silent and only said a few things.
John talked about his discomfort and Bruce responded that he would notify one of the doctors, that he was in this section too early, that they usually prepared newbies with some balloon therapy, which helped.

Through it all, John had the oddest feeling in his belly. He noticed that Bruce was totally fatless, it was all bones, muscles and skin, he did not even have one pound of fat on him and he looked so lean, like something was keeping him thin and lean, something that was holding his thin form thin. And it would not have been this odd if he did not get the opposite feeling that the same was true for him in reverse, the contrast to Bruce’s lean body and his fat one seemed to push his belly apart. Like he was a fat pig that was supposed to grow and Bruce would stay thin, no matter what, that he could eat insane amounts of food, without gaining an ounce, but since John was already so fat and was in the position to gain more, he would receive all the food, it would pour into him naturally and do short work with trying to keep his belly together.

They talked a lot and Bruce explained that he was in charge of supporting everybody as well as they needed, that many people were a little shy and scared of what was happening to them, but that it was an exciting and wonderful process.
“I know you guys will also know to support each other, it is great if you have somebody that helps you do what you might be scared to do yourself. And as M might be able to tell you, obesity is not a problem to be scared about, it is just unknown. And for some of you the word immobility might loom and scare, but as M can tell you, you grow into it, what felt strange and scary before, starts to feel like home. You guys are not like everybody else, you have special needs and wants and we will help you to become all you can be.  And if you can’t walk anymore, we provide for that too, it might be time to settle down and get comfy in one of our motorized chairs that will help. Most of the time, this will speed up the gain, since you can preserve your energy and see it get turned into fat. We have no weight limit here and for me this is not just a job, I’m into extreme obesity and can’t wait to watch you guys reach your goals that are deep inside you!”
Bruce was so very reasonable, suddenly, John was not afraid any more, this especially also because M seemed to have a connecting with Bruce, he seemed to trust Bruce deeply, probably through the therapies he had received.

Then he looked at John, and touched the two fat rings that were developing around him, checked them out and the way he did it, it because suddenly clear that he was a feeder. And not the sane type, the one with an upper limit.
“I love the shape you are getting, we don’t have many tractor tires around here. But we have to speed up a little, get you into shape!” he exclaimed.

Then he turned to M and said, driven by a suddenly impulse it seemed “and you, you are behind expectations. We are not happy with your size, you should be a lot closer already to losing most of your mobility.I’m sure you want to help us make sure develop as you should. I will come pick you up tomorrow morning for a longer treatment that should get my fatty on track again!” he said.
Then he left and M was nervous and anxious, like he knew what was up.
“I’m scared what they are going to do with me if I gain even faster. I have seen the really fat guys vanish, they struggle with their weight, ride around on scooters and then soon after, they are gone. I have never seen one again. When I was smaller, I did not think much about it, but now I’m starting to gain faster and faster. And you know what the craziest thing is, it starts to sound appealing of sitting down and then not get up any more and then them doing with me whatever is supposed to.”

John and M went out to eat together, their always larger and larger stomachs gave them a lot of hunger and there was a buffet that was always open. They both ate copious amounts, John loved fries so much and M loved pork belly and bacon and after talking and eating for 2 whole hours, they both still were not full. After another hour, John got full, but M was not yet.  John had also notice that M had gorged on a ton of bacon and pork belly, he seemed to love this stuff.
M told him a lot about the place, the crazy people, all the people that you hardly saw because they hid and said that they should have united and fought against the people fattening them up, but often that did not happen. On the contrary, a codex was sabotaging them big time, one that said that feedees helped other feedees overcome their fear and supported them in gaining, to make sure they encouraged them, helped them, sometimes with force. Every feedee knew that there was a moment of fear or resistance, but that others could help them let happen what needed to happen anyway. They would thank them later when they were bigger already.

This was fatal and hindered their strive for freedom from forced gaining.

John could not stop looking at how fat M was becoming, his massive fat was swelling up with the force feeding that he had received the morning earlier.
These stretch marks, that balloon gut with massively hanging fat, John wanted to help M to get back to his family and start losing weight, but he also noticed the wish to watch M get even fatter than this. And he was drawn to how submissive M had become when Bruce had been around, like he had fattened him up before and all the fat he carried, that he had likely got from Bruce carried the obligation and need to keep gaining.

And they had not finished eating, when the person with the goose force feeding stuffer arrived. John immediately flinched, but felt his belly, he was surprised that there was not all resistance in him.
But the nozzle went directly to M’s mouth. He saw the change of expression on M’s face, he suddenly did not talk anymore, got quiet and seemed busy with some thoughts that preoccupied him. John thought he saw the submission in M’s face, how the fat man remembered all the other times and how it had grown him and how all the fat made it harder and harder to resist.

John realized that it was time to intervene and came to M’s side and held the nozzle, while M looked at him beseechingly and whispered “help me!”, like he was losing a fight raging inside him.
John could feel that he needed to help him, that he liked him, admired him, adored, and suddenly, the feeling came up, that he loved him. He grabbed M’s massive fat bulk and pulled him closer, in effect pulling himself closer and kissed him, deeply. It was a thing that he had wanted to do for a long time and now just realized that he should. M met his tongue and he could feel the massively obese guy, how he was submissive due to all that fat, how it had made him soft and pliable.
Once the kiss was finished, John grabbed a large fat fold on M’s side, held him, so he could not get away and then lowered the nozzle into M’s mouth and pushed it deep inside, while he said “I will help you! I know what you need!”
He held it down and pushed it even a little deeper and the operator did not hesitate and pulled the trigger and a deep heavy FUMP was audible as the built up pressure in the buffer got released and explosively shot down high calorie feeding mush, unloading the pressure into his large stomach.John could feel outside on the fat, by the feel of his whole torso, how large M’s stomach was.  And it was meeting its match, M’s eyes were bulging out, he wanted to moan or grunt like a pig, but could not, as his gullet stood out as it was receiving high pressure and acted as thick tube pumping food into his stomach. He was not fully empty, but the machine did not care, it treated him as such  and the fat guy soon found his stomach extremely full, fat pork belly and bacon pushing against the large swelling balloon that had become his stomach. OMG, it was so hot to do this to such an obese guy, he was not thin any more, he had accumulated a very thick fat layer and seeing all this sagging overstretched insides being inflated and overfilled in such an direct, fast and industrial way was the hottest thing that John had ever seen.His cock got hard and rose and M, John had done the exact right thing. M felt the dock and looked at John, seeing the look of desire and greed for him fattening up on his face, and such an intention, M knew, was damning, as he felt become even more pliable and submissive.


2. Force Feeding

When the pumping started in his large gut and the fat started to swell John was there with him, held his hands, held the swelling fat folds and let it happen, supported him in this natural process.
Soon, his stomach groaned and sounded morbidly pumped up and ready to burst. The machine got lifted and left him pumped up and distended like a huge barrel and panting and gasping, as he swole with lard.

M’s face and body language was crazy mix between having the most incredible fear of bursting, surprise, how his stomach reacted to the pressure and sexual arousal at being forced to gain and being inflated like a balloon. This was not the first time this had happened and as crazy as it sounded, that part of him was getting addicted to this treatment and needed more and more. The fear of being so close to have his belly explode make his fat cells fill with unprecedented strength.

M tried to get away, but John held him, making sure he could not. John whispered just the right things in his ear that a feedee needed to hear in this state: “I love watching you balloon, the stuffing is good for you, it opens you up for the next stage of your fattening process. Don’t fight it, just let it expand you, imagine your stomach made of rubber. It’s so exciting to see how large your stomach is getting, how overstretched it already is. I love your fat folds, how they hang. Gain for me, fatten for me, show me what your gut can do, show me what you are made of!”
M gasped, wanted to say something, but only gurgled. His face changed, it got softer, he held the nozzle, caressed it with his tongue, welcoming it, and his face looked like he was opening up, like he was bareing his stomach for pumping and heavy inflation.He looked more like a pig, he started to get aroused, his cock pushing against his massive hanging belly fat. And M accepted here and there that if they would make him pop, that it would be the right thing for him. His stomach got more relaxed and pumped up massively due to it, came apart, his belly giving way o the pressure inside him, it was like being raped with fat, but enjoying it and accepting it. M came at the feeling of fat pumping into his huge fat folds, this was not his first feeding orgasm and it would not be his last. John could feel what was happening and how the fat hog of a man got processed, how they were transforming him and he was glad that he could support him in it.

Then the nozzle of the goose feeder disconnected and John was left with a M that was stuffed till the gills, his stomach extremely stretched. The first thing that John heard was M moaning and having several short contractions inside his gut, to which M gasped, as it probably felt to him like he would explode. His normally very saggy and fat belly had been inflated like a massive balloon, his navel a large funnel of fat, seemingly ready to be hooked up for direct pumping. It showed how huge his stomach was, how much he could hold and it was mind boggling.

John remembered the message that Bruce had sent him, telling him that M needed his support and that he needed to grow a lot more. And that he would be scared sometimes, but that fat was something natural for him and that he was so fat already, that he could could not stop. That was like he was pregnant and needed to carry the fat to the term. And even though M might not admit that, he would need more and more force in being fattened up. That the fat did something to him, that every human being had a small pig part in him/her and that in M this part was taking over more and more and that he needed to be fattened up more and more. And he told John to look for signs of this emerging.

And they did emerge, John could see that the fattening was arousing M, that his moans were out of shock what was happening to him, but also out of excitement and realizing that what was happening to him was perfect and right. John held him and felt his swelling fat folds and belly as the fat guy was being fattened up by the treatment. And it was not so alien anymore, he could feel a similar thing in his own fat belly, although it was still kind of small compared to M's, but he could see where it would go.

He had noticed the compliments that Bruce had given him, how his belly looked promising and John was flattered that Bruce wanted to do a special session with him, and especially Bruce's intent, that he wanted to see John fatten up and become very obese, John could feel how he wanted to grow for Bruce. John stayed with John and was there for him, held him as he pumped up with fat. John kissed M over and over and felt how full and pumped up he was, how nervous M felt with the pressure inside him and how if they would have come back with that infernal device, plugged it into his mouth, it would have taken about 30 seconds to overload M's gut and make him explode in quite a violent bang. The high pressure inside him and the fear of bursting, which M constantly gasped and panted "OMG, I'm going to burst!" pushed his fat cells and made him gain quite fast, like his gut trying to absorb all the fat in order to not explode.

3. Escape

John felt his fear and remembered the last time he had received the treatment and how much fatter it had left him and he got aroused at the thought of what Bruce would do with him. When he kissed M, he could feel the gurgling and welling inside the fat man's inside, he could feel it in his own belly too. There was a process that was happening and it was progressing, he needed to get out before it was too late, they would turn him into a huge fat pig. He would not get out of here any more, he knew it.

"We have to get you out of here tonight!" John exclaimed to M. He tried to get the massively obese to stand up, but soon found that his legs would not carry him, he had gained too much too fast. Also, when M finally stood, every step he took produced a loud groaning noise that sounded like with walking, there was a danger that it would make M's belly pop. M got so scared at the feeling that he begged John to let him sit down again. John finally found a wheel chair and moved M like this.

He wheeled M past the most crowded area, seeing some other fatties receiving treatment and seeing some incredibly fat men. Then, finally they were out of the area they had been in and the part of the factory that they visited looked abandoned. There was broken piping, tools and hoses everywhere, some of them very old. They both knew they had to hurry up, time was running. John could see that also something was happening with M, his belly was not getting smaller, but larger, it was bloating up and M was getting a very strong stomach ache from it. There was a powerful foreboding that M had already gotten too much and that a perverse process what happening to him where his belly would swell up larger and larger and him being pumped up till it all got too much for his gut.

"I'm so sorry" said John "this is all my doing!". He was honestly concerned for M, it was not just that his belly was inflating, he had also put on a huge amount of fat just in the last day. He was conflicted, on the one side he loved M and wanted him to be well and be able to escape, but on the other side he wanted to watch him become immobile. Part of him wanted to turn back and turn him in, make sure the process happened a lot faster still. He had a feeling that it would be natural for him as the thinner man to help the more obese one fatten up and use how he became more and more helpless through the fattening.

"Oh God, I'm going to explode!" gasped M and held his gurgling belly. The stretching noise that his stomach produced got louder. John tried to soothe him, massage his belly and get him absorb the fattener in his gut faster.

"You have no idea what is happening to me, I'm gaining faster and faster, they are pushing me. They told me in the beginning that I'm a fattening hog. And I found it strange, but now I can start to feel it. And it is crazy, but I love how they raise the pressure, I need it more and more, they are pumping me up like a balloon. And they are helping me. Helping me with this morbid process. But I'm scared what is going to happen with me. The treatment do I know they are not just going to pump me  and inflate my belly with a really powerful pump and wait to see how long it takes my gut to explode? Please don't think I'm crazy, but since I have gotten this massively fat, and when I'm really desperate for feeling the pressure and they start pumping my stomach, when it starts getting full and the fat starts growing on me, I get this impulse, this wish, it makes me horny to think that they just should keep the stuffer running and make me explode on purpose. Please keep this to yourself, I know this is really insane and morbid. I don't know what is happening with me. We have to get away, I can't take the treatment tomorrow, I know they have something planed for me. "

John hurried up pushing M through the room and they found an elevator at the end. There were no buttons and M said "I know these, these are weight sensing. Only if you are thin, you can go up and down, when you are a certain weight, they only go down and I heard that the really fat guys step on it and nothing happens, but the elevator scans them for body fat content and when the elevator goes down with one, it only goes one way. And the fat ones go into the lower levels for final processing, they never come back up. Rumors are that they could not even fit in the elevator anymore. I don't want to go in there, I'm scared of what it will do."

They found another door and they soon found that M was too fat to fit through it, both sideways and front. John pushed and pushed, got him out of the wheel chair, but it was hard. But after pushing and squeezing, M could fit through, when John lifted and squeezed his fat folds through the door. There were in another room, a lab it looked like it, all brightly lit and every surface white.The room had a weird feel, John noticed immediately the large tanks on the sides of the room and all the tubes and hoses that snaked around it and he got a funny feeling in his belly.

"These are feeding pumps!" he blurted out. M said nothing but got nervous at the size of the thing. This couldn't be, the tank was too large, no human was large enough......He got a very strange feeling in his gut, like he should not have come into this room. His belly was slowly growing and fattening and the stomach ache had vanished,but had been replaced by a feeling of emptyness.

John looked around the room and found some photos laying on one of the tables.They showed a patient profile. He could not really look at much of the text, as the photos, that documented a progress were too graphic: it showed a man that was quite a lot bigger than M from the side and front, like in an examination and in every picture, he was visibly larger, from the way it looked about 50 pounds heavier and then in one a massive jump, he surely was 100 pound fatter in one picture. John looked at the consecutive pictures and got a hard one watching them, the fat guy ballooned up, was taken over by the fat, settled down, got immobile, he was sure and then gained even faster. It was so crazy, so hot and so morbid to watch. He took the photos and hid them behind the machine, making sure that M could not see them. It would have maybe made him scared and if M was on a road with no turns, why alarm him?

M noticed that he had a hard on and misunderstood the signal. "I know you want to see me gain" M gasped. "You are turning me on and wanting to fatten up just when I see how you look at my fat belly. " said M. John could tell that the fat hog inside him was talking more and more. John came close to him and M continued "I love you and trust you, if you want to feed me with these machines, if you want me to get fatter, my will will get really soft and it will be right and proper if you fatten me up!"

John kissed him deep after that remark and felt his own belly, he was hungry, so hungry and this room was doing something to him. He heard his wrist watch beep and there was a message, from Bruce. "I can't wait to fatten you up today, please come to my office at 8 am, I have a lot planed for you fatty, your figure is still very lean, I can't wait to watch you gain real fast and ruin all that firmness with a ton of fat. You won't believe what I can do to your belly!"

John panted, felt his fat gut and knew that he needed that, that he had a lot of seed fat, lots of empty fat cells had formed in his gut and on his sides and it was all yearning to suck up fat. He could not think straight. M saw his reacting, read the message and massaged his belly. "I know how it feels, trust me! I had the same ones. And I also want to see how your belly gets fat! You might be fat for some, but Bruce is right, you have just scratched the surface, your belly is not even hanging over your cock yet, you are just waiting for a lot of inflating." said M. John got weak knees at hearing this, he got aroused and hot, felt his belly, got even more hungry.

M took Johns hand and put it on his huge belly and kissed him deep. "You are going to get as large as me and then they are going to use this machine on you and you will grow way beyond." M pushed John towards the big tank, till his fat gut touched the metal surface and John was getting hot from the connotation. His stomach felt so empty, the goose stuffer always felt traumatic and hard, but now he noticed that he needed it.

He thought back at the photographs and could not believe what he had seen.


4. M's journey

And suddenly, Bruce appeared, smiling. He had two very powerful aides at his side. He came closer and then told his aides "leave us, we won't need you, it is not like our friends here tried to run away!"

M became quiet as he saw Bruce, he licked his lips and moaned in a low volume. Bruce noticed him.
"You are coming along nicely! You will love what I have prepared for you tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure you guys don't get lost in this maze. Oh, you found one of the special treatment rooms, they used to run experiments here, some of them failed, but some of them had surprising effects!" Bruce turned to John and exclaimed "Don't you love how he is settling down, how his belly is finally filling out and taking over? He is just becoming a beautiful hog, we will soon be able to take him to the next stage! I'm sure you too can't wait to see him balloon up and get so much fatter!"

John could not stop looking at Bruce's massive cock, how it was dangling, how thick and heavy it was. It looked so powerful, so dominant. He felt so fat, compared to the rake thin Bruce and felt there and then that he would get fattened up more, that the little fat belly he had was meant to grow, fatten and expand. His own cock was being swallowed up by the vagina of fat that was growing, his FUPA, he was being impregnated with food, with fat, transformed into a fat hog and his sexuality was converted too, fat and fattening made him hot, it felt right that his cock would get sucked into fat, that the fat would take over. His fat belly and fat everywhere whispered in his ears, sweetly and seductive. It was OK to give in, it was OK to let the fat come, fill him out, it was the right thing to do.

Bruce went over to M and grabbed one of his fat folds and kissed him deep, M melting and getting totally submissive. Bruce checked out M's gut and folds and grabbed them in a demanding way that spoke a clear language. When the kiss ended, he slapped his fat gut.

"I'm going to do now something wonderful for your fat friend here" he said to John. "Your fat porker is already familiar with it and it corrupted him some time ago and it is responsible for making him such a lard ass. it is delicious and beautiful and hot. Can you guess what it is my fat piggy?" he said to M. M started to get aroused and panting heavily and gasped and moaned, his pulse quickening.

"No please, don't!" M begged. But his voice spoke a clear voice: He was too fat already, his fat wanted to balloon up more. Bruce went over to the machine and got one long thick hose unhooked. "Stop, I can't!" gasped M, now his fat gut started to produce loud rumbling noises, he held his massively fat gut. He was becoming more and more a victim, turning more and more submissive. He could not get up or get away. There was something very hot about that for John, but when Bruce approached M with the thick hose, John intervened. He could not let this happen, he loved M, he had already let him get too fat, he had to stop this.

Bruce found this amusing. "Your concern is heart warming. But you don't know what is happening to him. You think he got this fat by accident? This fast? He wants this, or better: needs this badly. He has dreamed about this for the last days!"

M looked at John and licked his lips, was unable to talk. His gut was so fat, so large and so jiggly, it was just getting a nice hang to it and it looked like it needed to hang a lot more.
"I'll tell you what, if he really does not want this, I will stop." said Bruce. He lifted M's heavy gut. John could see the secret of massively fat obese man, his massive FUPA, how it had ballooned up readily from all the fat and how his cock had been eaten up by all the fat and it looked more like a fat vagina than anything else. He was confronted with a morbid fact of obesity, but something that made more and more sense. And he could see that this was something that was in store for him, surely as none, if he stayed here and if they pushed him to gain. M had given in to the fat, fully, 100%.

"Come on my fat pig, you know what I want to do with you! You do remember the last treatments I did with you, the way I introduced you, the initial uncomfortable feeling, but the how hot it felt and then the pressure and the fat, how it fattened you up in a really powerful surge, how you got scared and shocked at fast your belly bloated up with fat, how I told you that this is a favourite way to fatten up pigs and that now you can feel it too.And that you could feel the shock of gaining so fast, out of control, but that you are got addicted to the treatment, that soon you would need and want it again. Well, it's time my fatty, I'm a little impatient with your growth, you are still too thin!" said Bruce.

"And then you can show John here what you are really made of, that you are not accidentally this fat, that it is not random that you are gaining weight, but that you are a fat pig that NEEDS to be fattened up!" teased Bruce.

The effect was immediate, M started to moan and pant louder, sounding like he could not believe what was happening to him, the tip of his cock poked out of the fat, just a little to show how hot he was. Bruce smiled "In case you are unsure if a fatty needs feeding or not, his cock will always tell the truth. And this works especially well with more extreme ways of feeding, if he feels like he is going to burst, but the fat gut will signal like that, if it should be pumped a little more for maximum fattening effect." said Bruce.

John could not believe what was happening to M, he was so massively fat, but yearned for more fattening up, he could see it by the way he was licking his lips. Bruce pushed John gently out of the way and said "and now let me help this obese hog, he can't wait much longer. he can feel his destiny calling, getting fatter and fatter does have a price and more and more feeling like you should not stop and then can't stop getting fatter is one of them. If you are thinner, you feel the fear more, when you get fatter and more massive, all the fat overrules you and keep swelling and growing with fat, impending immobility become more and more neutral and even appealing."

John knew that Bruce's words were correct, he knew a lot about the subject. He moved apart, knowing that Bruce could help M, that he knew about his needs. "Come on my fatty, I know you need it, lets get this show on the road!" said Bruce and M moaned louder and was getting more nervous and excited.

Bruce came closer with that thick hose and John noticed how the nozzle looked, how there was something odd about it, it looked like no oral nozzle that he had seen in any of these machines and was also way too big. Time slowed down as M stood up with effort, turned around and Bruce went purposefully with the hose to him. M was now very excited and looked back and with one hand spread one of his butt cheeks, showing his anus. Bruce went to it and put the nozzle directly on his anus and pushed. It looked way too large, but then started to slide in, M moaning harder and panting. M still looked like he was conflicted, fear of what soon what happen, and sexual arousal was needed to happen, remembering how it had been last time, fighting. But the Lust was starting to win, John could see that. M licked his lips, looked back at Bruce and his face showed that he was incredibly horny. He was still opening his butt cheek, a sign of submission and was gasping and panting and whispering "pump me! Pump me! Hurry up, I can't wait any more!" louder and louder. The hose was not moving in any more, due to the fact that the nozzle was getting really wide at this point. Bruce pushed  and pushed. M moaned very loud and it slid in with one fast jerk. M could feel the thick thing opening him up, he tried to close his anus, but all that happend that he held the nozzle more firmly inside. He was open and plugged in, the feeling was totally out of this world, and the anticipation was driving him crazy. M looked at John and Bruce and stammered "Please don't, don't switch on that pump, I'm going to get too fat!" It was in contradictions to the panting and gasping and the anticipation. 

"They are going to take me downstairs, OMG, I will lose my mobility!" M panted.

"I have to help you, you are supposed to be quite a bit bigger already, we are behind schedule with you. And this is not all just professional, I want to see you get as large as possible!" said Bruce. John looked at M and said "You look like you need to gain more, I also have to confess that I want to see you become fatter still!"

M changed and held his belly, the two wishes from Bruce and John seemed to do something to him. Bruce did not wait, but switched on the machine. The machine sounded like a large compressor, the whole room was filled with noise. First there was nothing, M's belly moved a little, but what was happening inside him was documented in his face expression. He felt plugged in and at the merci of this machine, a fat pump that was so dangerous for a fatty like him. He felt that unholy fattening substance enter his colon, with considerable pressure was it injected, his large intestine was full in a second and started to stretch with a noise that was undescribable. He felt how it was impregnating him and he remembered that feeling, how he had longed for it. His tongue was far out of his mouth and he panted and moaned feeling this thin inside his ass, pumping him up so easy. Then his large belly started to grow and inflate and it happened quite fast too.

5. Finally

John could not believe what he was seeing, it looked like M was being inflated like a balloon. He got a hard on and Bruce's huge cock started to grow at the sight of M's growing gut. John could not believe how hot that looked, seeing this huge hanger grow and expand.
"They fatten pigs like that, and make em huge too! I always wanted to try it out on him. And you should have seen the effect, how fast he fattened up! No wonder the pigs kept coming back for it. Every time it almost blew them up, I pumped them so long till they must have felt they would explode in a second. But like M they got addicted to it and needed it over and over. It seems to activate something inside him that is very old and the same as from pigs." Bruce said.

M saw Bruce's huge cock and John's and how he was turning them both on by his inflation.

"It is so easy, to just plug in, and he grows so easily, you should have seen how small he was before I started this treatment with him!" explained Bruce. M's hanging fat belly was now being lifted up and got larger and larger. His belly button grew as his belly inflated, it looked so natural how his gut got pumped up, he needed to be fattened up, he was already too fat to be able to stop. M was seeing how huge Bruce's cock was growing, it was getting very thick and incredibly long. M knew that his growing gut was causing this and it made him even hornier and Bruce could just lift the fat of M's growing gut as M started to orgasm and ejaculated from a fat and bloat induced climax. Growing pressure in his colon, feeling liquid fat filling it, while carrying a lot of fat on his gut made him come. While he camend moaned really loud, his gut grew so fast, that it virtually blew up. John did not know if this was because the pump was running faster or if the obese guys gut was just giving in more to the pressure.

"You are turning more and more into a fat pig, the fat we are pumping into you is from pigs that we force fed for months and some of them burst while we did that. You are probably already feeling this in your intestines, how it imprinted their lard when they popped. I can't give you any guarantees that we won't go too far with you." said Bruce.

M's whole belly started to pulse, his fat laden guts were contracting and expanding rhythmically. "Oh God, the fat!" gasped M and felt like a pump was starting up in his insides, patiently and slowly working him. And there was a change, his gut was not just inflating, it was suddenly visible in his face, that had gotten wider, his moobs had grown and his large fat gut had put on fat and every pump inside him made the obese porker get fatter visibly. It showed that this was an easy and fast way to fatten up an obese person like him.

And then, M got FAT, all that pig lard in his guts, the pressure, the pumping got stronger and faster and Bruce was starting to masturbate to the sight of M and M could feel that he was being converted, being transformed, he could feel an insanely fat hog, how it was growing and taking over, what would happen to him, that there was no way for him to escape, not any more. It was like this machine was having its way with him, coming inside him, ejaculating and it was fattening him up.

John could not believe his eyes, M looked so hot as his already huge belly was putting on fat rapidly, M looked more and more like a fattened up pig. John got so horny watching him, he held his swelling belly, held his hand, as he got pumped up and kissed him, feeling the turmoil inside M, how incredible that felt to be pumped up like this. And what a dangerously fattening thing a treatment like this was, how he fat was pumping into his fat cells. And John saw how M's face, his eyes, his face, how he felt that thick nozzle plugged into his rear, how his large intestine was groaning with PSI and PSI of liquid, taken from pigs that had been force fed, that found in his guts a welcome receptacle. And the fat was softening him,stretching him like a rubber balloon and his will was getting saggy with fat. He was getting more and more submissive from the treatment. "OMG, I'm getting fatter!" M gasped, with a voice laced with pain and pleasure at the same time, with a double chin pumping up happily.When John kissed him, he felt something in his own belly and his anus, like it was contagious what M was going through. He knew that a secret from not having the same faith as M was to make sure he fattened up as much as possible, like that every pound of fat that M bloated up with could not touch him.

Bruce panted as he masturbated, his cock looked more like something that a horse had,  his cock was very thick but squishy, and it was not fully hard, it looked like something as large as this could not become fully hard. John looked at it and noticed again how thin Bruce was, he was not that far away from M and the rhythmic pumping that shook M's belly and made his fat jiggle jollily made him look insanely fat compared to Bruce, it seemed to right that M would be transformed into a fat pig while Bruce stayed lean. You could see Bruce's frame and in the back M's expanding bulk, like a whale that got pumped up with an industrial compressor.

He went to the controls and suddenly switched off the pump. M gasped and panted, was still growing. Bruce fumbled with the thick tube, pushed something and suddenly, it disconnected. The nature of the extreme pressure that had been injected into M's guts, John imagined that a jet of liquid fat would escape, but it stayed closed like it was glued.

Bruce called John over and he was touching M's anus, massaging it. M was getting more nervous again, and horny too, he gapsed and panted in rags, moaning when Bruce touched him there. Bruce indicated that John should try it and he did . There was tons of fat in the way, his anus was inside a lot of fat, but he could trace it with his fingers, to which M reacted. He realized that there was something special he had to do for M. He fingered his anus and felt how closed it was, dipped his fingers inside and felt how huge his asshole was, like he had adapted to take pumps, hoses and nozzles of this size as he had gotten fatter.

Time slowed down, John knew that he was fat, but that M was a lot fatter than him and that he had the obligation as the thinner man to make sure M got even fatter, to feed and empower the pig that was getting stronger and stronger in the fat porker. It was hot to see how helpless and submissive M became though the fat. and how that machine had just pumped him up, wasted him with fat. And he felt that he needed to use the situation, M was still fattening up.  He also looked more and more like a fattened up woman, his titts were huge an hanging, where he had had a cock was just a slit of fat, where the FUPA had fattened up and swallowed the fat hogs cock and as a fat pig, his anus had become the prefered and best way to make sure he kept gaining. John could feel that he had complete control over him, that M was ready and eager to receive more, to get inflated more if John chose to do it.

John kissed him and felt how M was so horny and hot and shaking with excitement. This machine had done something to him, it had opened him up and he was gasping and moaning "Fatten me up! Oh please, plug me in and inflate me" he raved in total heat and fat addiction "Don't stop now, I need finishing!" his belly groaned at his words, like a damning seed had been planted inside him and he needed it to go off. John knew that M needed him, that it was urgent and he could not wait.

John looked at his M's Anus and it looked so hot, he knew that it probably had taken on some hog properties through the treatment with the pump. He suddenly put his lips there and did this instinctively. [John licked M's anus and M moaned so loud that it sounded like a loud scream of forboding and extasy. John did not know why he did it, but it felt right, little had he a clue what it meant and the grave consequences it had for M. M's belly groaned and gurgled as it grew in one big push, getting ready for what was about to happen. M's voice sounded conflicted, like he wanted him to stop, like ha was alarmed at what John was doing, but at the same time needed him to keep going.

And then M was waiting, to be plugged in and abused more, to be wasted with fat, to have the pump blow him up. And he realized how hot it looked what that machine did to him,to be such a fat porker, so obese and having pure fat pumped into his ass. He had seen how excited Bruce and John had been, how they had gotten hard at the sight of him turning into a fat blob, how his clock was ticking and that they were waiting for him downstairs where there as no coming back any more.

He wanted to thank John so much for making sure he had fattened up like this and he had looked at John's cock and had imagined taking him in his mouth, pleasuring him and thanking him for the fattening, an universal and perfect gesture for a feedee to his feeder. But the fat hog had also opened up, the pump had stretched him wide and when John's cock touched his anus, his moans changed and the situation felt so right. John dipped a little in and M felt himself being impaled by it, held the cock, felt how right it was, that he was supposed to be used and that he had turned on both men like crazy and that it was the pefect thing of John to fuck him now.

They had bonded before through the talks, the touching and the kisses, but John had never thought about this, but now it happened and it was so right. M was the receiver, he had opened up and taken and received and it had made him fatten up enormously and now it was just normal. M gasped, it felt so hot, he knew this was his doom, he was supposed to stop this right now, the price was too high for him. But it felt so good and so right and his gut gurgled and groaned at the pressure and the fat folds grew and filled. the fat sagged and jiggled. John moaned, M's asshole felt so good, so soft and he pushed deeper and harder and the fat porker jiggled and wobbled so hot with every thrust. It was the relationship a feeder and a feedee had, but it was similarly the relationship that a farmer and a hug had. Like a hog, M had a forboding what getting fatter and fatter would mean for him, how he would get more and more immobilized by the growing fat, but instead of growing slowly and without plan, he needed a feeder that knew his special needs, and made sure he blew up with fat, teased him and seduced him with fat, keeping him growing,  making sure he did not stop, could not stop by overfeeding him and over stretching his stomach.And giving him more fat that an obese guy like that should ever get and triggering the accelerated gaining that a fat hog like this could get into.John loved M, wanted him to retain his freedom, save him also from this place, but as he fucked him, saw how much pleasure M was getting from it, he realized that he had also become his feeder. He was a lot fatter than John, and the fat had made him more and more helpless and abusing and using this helplesness, seducing him to the fat was what a feeder was supposed to do. And the way M's gut looked, how fast he was gaining, how the pig was getting out more and more, he knew he had to help him. And helping him could mean that he would not last that much longer, that he would give himself up to the fat, become a fat producer, and that he would accompany him down to the lower levels, making sure he kept growing. It was so hot to see how he was getting fatter and imagine how fat he could get. He felt the danger in his own belly, that fat did never have enough, that there would be always more and more and more. And that he would be afraid, for his mobility, his freedom and ultimately his life, but that as his feeder, he had to keep going when the moment came, where it went over the limit. He had an obligation to keep going.

"I will fatten you up like a fat hog that you are. I can't wait to see you lose your mobility and will make sure that you do!" said John. M moaned louder and louder at this "Yes, please please please, I'm ready, it needs to happen! Please help me, I can't wait any more!"

These words made John very horny, he could also feel that the pumping thrusts into M's butt made him fatter, that is was the perfect thing to do for a feeder to fatten his feedee really up. He felt his own FUPA, how the fat pushed against M's ass and M felt it too, that fat mound growing, that obscene and morbid batch of obesity, where a man got de-manned, the sight of that fat FUPA, that fat vagina showing the process by which a man was serving fat more and more, where he did not get to use his cock anymore. Where he did not penetrate anymore and impregnate others with fat, but was pushed into submission by his massive fat and could not stop getting fatter and fatter. And where orgasms were triggered by over feeding and anal hog feeding, by the uncontrolled gaining.

M realized suddenly that John had licked his anus and all the meaning of this struck home and he started moaning really helpless. He knew he had not much time left and that he was scared, but also impatient and in a hurry to get there. He tried to close his anus, but all that happened was that he got tighter and John had more resistance to push against and made it hotter to penetrate him. John could feel that hot feeling coming up and he got so excited at M's hot moaning, he could feel that something was up.

"I'll feed you like a fat porker, you'll overeat for me, I'll mercilessly push you fatter and fatter and when you are so full that you think your belly is going to explode, then I will fuck you as a reward. And each time, it will come with a high price for you, it will push you a lot fatter. From now on, sex will be paid in pounds gained and becoming a massively obese fat whale." M could not hold it anymore and came again, and hard. At the same time, John came also and felt the strong pulsing squirts of his ejaculation.

At the same time, M's eyes bulged out of his head, his mouth wide open, his tongue licking and searching for a thick hose to hold, his growth and fattening had slowed down to be hardly visible any more swelled up in one big push. M felt his whole belly insides surge with the climax, everything getting tight and bloating up, at the same time his face got wider and softer, his double chin larger and all his fat cells filled rapidly and multiplying also crazily and his whole fat porker belly fattened in a rapid push that was insanely hot to watch. M grunted and oinked like a hug, it was a direct confession what he was, there were no other words that could express it more perfectly. It sounded so hot from somebody as fat as M.

Bruce saw it too and M's fat gut expanded like crazy, with a loud stretching noise, massive fat folds forming on his sides, his moobs doubling in size and then doubling again. Fat gut competing with the rapidly pumping up FUPA, his cock never to be seen again. John felt his ass expand too and pushed hard, to keep inside, he knew it was important to do so. M got weak legs as he rapidly gained 10 pounds, then 20, then 30, swelling like the fat pig he was. His legs got huge too, the fat folds ballooning up, his tighs swelling and fattening and pushing against his larger and hanging gut and his FUPA, pushing all together. John held his hand and felt how tense and hot M was, how he was so busy getting fatter, his whole being focused on it, going off like a balloon that had been hooked up to a 1000 PSI compressor. John kept pushing inside till he had squirted every ounce of his hot liquid out of his heavy sack into M's rear end. M looked back at him, his eyes desperate and pleading and so excited how he ballooned up, realizing that he was turning into a pig, into a hog more and more and that John would help him.

6. Sublevel

John did not have much time with M before the team arrived with a huge wheelchair and a lifter to get him on it. Bruce was with them and John was first protective of it. But Bruce could lay any doubts that John had to rest by explaining that they did not transfer him yet, that he would stay on this level and they just needed to fit him with a bigger chair. Also, that M needed a health check to make sure that his body was absorbing all the new fat and to find out how much his new gaining rate would be following his immobility. He also needed a special bath to help his overstretched skin to adapt to all the fat he had come apart with.

"But we are talking too much about M, we should talk about you!" Bruce said. "I want to invite you to a special dinner tonight! We will eat the most delicious food you ever had in your life, I promise you that!"
John agreed and they communicated via messenger. John wanted to wear shorts because he felt uncomfortable being fully naked and especially feeling his butt exposed and sitting on surfaces without fabric between it. Bruce was fine with it, wanted him to be comfortable. Bruce was also wearing shorts and John could not stop thinking how well these shorts hid the massive penis that was dangling between his legs.

7. Feast

Bruce was picking him up with a little automatic car and they drove quite a while. They stopped at a nice restaurant and as John wanted to get up, Bruce told him to wait and the seat that had been built into the car detached and became a large wheelchair.
"Don't worry about it, I want you to give your legs a rest, they have worked hard since you gained all that weight!" said Bruce. John had noticed that, walking had gotten more difficult and he was getting out of breath faster.

As they got in, John was amazed how fat everybody was. There were lots and lots of extremely obese men sitting around tables and chatting. An extremely obese woman took their order. Bruce spend a long time with the server, ordering probably 20 items, many of them he specified as bottomless and Bruce brushed past John's fat standing out gut, holding it for a second, whispering in his ear "making sure we can fill you up and.... fill you out!" He then left with the Server, saying nothing, but returning shortly.

John could feel his gut very strongly, how it was curving out more and more, how much fat was growing on it. It felt like he was pregnant with lard. The food arrived and John was curious what it was. Bruce just smiled and let him taste it. It was so delicious and rich, and so silky on the tongue. John was curious what it was and Bruce just smirked: "It is pork belly,but not like you have ever had it before. Normally, it has more lean meat and less fat. This one here is after a special formulation that keeps it buttery and silky soft, the fat is not disturbed by too much lean meat."

John loved it, it was a dream to eat, it was probably the richest and amazing tasting thing he had ever eaten in his life.

While they ate, the subject turned to M. "I want you to accompany M down to the lower levels and make sure he keeps gaining. You have already helped him so much and once you see how he will grow once he can't get away any more from feeding tubes, oral or anal, you will see that you did the right thing for him. See there happens something with the psyche when a person is more and more composed of fat: the fat takes over and the brain also serves the fat more and more. Fattening treatments that you would find grotesque will feel very homey to M as he transforms into becoming a human fattening hog. M will gain in any case, nothing can stop that any more. By hesitating you just make it less pleasurable for him. Why let him wait and not speed up?" said Bruce. John agreed that he would help M gain and use any kind of treatment and machine to make sure M kept gaining and that his weight gain accellerated. He owed him that as a fellow feedee and there was his feeling: M was already too fat to be let go, what had started with him becoming massively obese had to be finished. He knew that even though it might be scary right now for him to gain so uncontrollably, he would later thank John for it.

John was glad that he was wearing something on his bum, that it was touching fabric and John's gaze was always going back to Bruce's shorts. He remembered how large Bruce's cock had gotten, and at what? At how M's belly had grown, inflated really, how he had just plugged this hose into his ass and pumped him up like a balloon. He felt it in his own belly, that suddenly felt much larger and heavier and he got so hungry. He shoved a large bit of the meat in his mouth and it was like a taste explosion and he was chewing it thoroughly, but realized that he was chewing it too long. They brought more and when they lifted the lid, Bruce said "there is plenty, dig in! Don't want you to go hungry!"

And so he took whole chunks and swallowed them whole, it was so buttery soft that it did not need chewing. Bruce looked at the fat ring around John's navel, how it was spreading and growing as John was getting fuller and fuller.  It looked so hot when a fatty with already a fat gut ate that much. John's navel was getting larger through it and pushing forward as his fat gut filled. And the more he ate, the hungrier he got and the tastier the white fluff got, his belly started to groan and gurgle and John felt a hot exciting feeling growing in his belly fat. Bruce put his hand on John's fat gut, put his thumb inside the navel and grabbed the fat with his hand. It felt like he was measuring him, checking out how fat his gut got and John could not stop but getting aroused, especially there was this feeling building in his belly. He had to eat, he could feel that, he needed to get fat, get fat so bad. He wolfed down a ton of mashed potatoes, corn that was swimming a cheese sauce and then when a whole try of the delicious pork belly arrived, Bruce helped him put the whole tray to his mouth and made him swallow one after another till the whole tray was empty. Now his belly was getting full and he was getting a funny feeling in his fat gut, a loaded and charged feeling, like he was ripe and stuffed like a turkey.

Bruce showed him his cellphone, John saw a video, showing one large pink mass. He could not recognize what it was.
"I chose this one for you!" said Bruce. "It was the largest and fattest they had. I has not been able to walk for quite some time, and before that, they tied it down so it could not move, making all the meat and fat super soft." Suddenly, John could see that it was a huge fat pig, so fat that he had not even seen it as a pig, it was so wide and massive and most of all, incredibly fat. And John felt the pump in his belly, how he was holding a ton of this obese pig's belly fat in his insides and how exciting it felt, how right it was. An he started panting, felt the fat layer on his gut, how it was calling for it.  That this pig had gotten fat for him and now was helping him go the same way. Bruce was massaging his belly, "I love how you are starting to get fat, but have still such a long and exciting way in front of you. Your gut is still so firm and small, your fat layer is probably only 3 inches thick, I can't wait to overstretch you with lard, fatten and start sagging, destroy any firmness left. "said Bruce while he massages his fat gut. "This will help you start fattening up my fatty, boost your digestion."and with this he massaged John's belly in circles. He pinched the fat folds on his side, felt his double chin and felt his fat everywhere. He kissed him deep, while he was visibly eager to boost John's digestion, that he got fat faster.

John could feel all the fat in his gut, all that he had wolfed down and he remembered the taste  of it, knew that it had tasted as rich and irresistible for the pig too, and it was working on his gut, he could feel it in his belly fat and he was so hungry, desperate, he needed to eat more, it was such a strong urge. A serving cart got rolled in, with 4 more large trays of the pork belly, John could not believe his eyes and he licked his lips. Bruce took the first try and started to feed John, which swallowed gratefully. As he was wolfing it down, he could feel his stomach groan, the pork belly was massively fat and the pig had been forced to gain and it pushed against his stomach lining and so much fat made them pliable and give in to the rising pressure and enlarge.

Bruce pointed to the wall and said "There is something I want you to see, something so beautiful!"

The wallpaper disappeared, and John realized that what had looked like a real material had just been a picture being shown. It was replaced by real fat man, with a huge belly, he guessed that he must be around 700 pounds or even more, his belly hung down and spread his legs wide, the moobs he had were larger than most women's breasts. He looked like somebody had put him on the spot and that he knew he was being filmed, he fidgeted and was a little nervous.

8. Alexandro

"This is Alexandro, I had been fattening him up a lot and was using some growth hormones that work really great with male pigs, but on human males, they can be temperamental at times, have a slower effect or suddenly work a lot stronger. This happened while I was feeding him, we spent a few days together, he was driving me crazy and made me really horny,so I stepped up because I was impatient..."

Alex was saying something jokingly to somebody off camera when he stopped mid sentence when a loud groaning noise was audible, his belly had grown visibly and that was lot of belly, it was a huge gut. He licked his lips, his mouth half open, his face expression changed, he looked like he had just lost a lot of IQ and was feeling something inside his guts that made him very busy with it, unable to think about anything else.

"He had gained pretty fast before, you should have seen how his moobs expanded, and how it made them hang. But he had complained about pretty bad belly aches, but when I was ready to take him to the emergency room, to make sure everything was OK, I realized that he had just been going through a process and that I had not seen the end result yet." said Bruce.

Alex's belly suddenly inflated really fast and turned into a huge ball, getting larger and larger, it looked like he was being inflated like a balloon. His belly button got larger and larger and judging from his face expression, he could hardly believe what he was feeling. Then when his belly was huge, a stretching noise was getting louder and louder and his gut, so pumped up and firm started to sad, it looked like the pressure had done something to it and more and more it was hanging down. The shape of his gut was changing and then he fattened up, with a sound of liquid fat swelling his gut. John could not believe how hog like the fat guy looked, like massive fattened up pig, ready to be slaughtered and it looked so right how he was being made even fatter. There had been fear on Alex's face, which was now replaced by lust and disbelieve, it showed that he was happy and eager this was happening, that he had been fed and overeaten and felt the pressure in his gut, all the fattening stuff, aspired to be a fat hog, flirted with incredible gluttony, turned into a human fattening pig more and more and regularly afraid that his belly would explode after feeding, the pressure having grown that much. And so this came to as no surprise to him, he had asked for this, it was a natural consequence. 

Alex looked at something off camera and got nervous, even though his gut was already settling down and fattening up into more liquid sagging. Bruce came into the picture, wielding a half transparent plastic botttle of liquid. John could see that Alex knew what that was. "Oh God" he gasped while his gut gurgled and grew. Bruce came closer to him and John could see that he was naked, his cock fully extended and hard, a huge horse sized cock and he knew that this made Alex gain even faster, knowing he turned Bruce on so much.

"Need a little bit of fat?" said Bruce and opened the gallon and connected it with Alex's mouth and made him drink, lifing up the jug.  Alex moaned so loud, John knew that his cock was getting as hard as he could, in that fat cave of his huge fat FUPA, his hanging belly, his thighs and everything else that made the guy insanely fat. He did not let him drink though, which Alex did, he could not help it really. He saw Bruce's back, how lean and thin he was and it made Alex look like even a larger fatter sack of lard. He lifted the bottle more and then pushed the opening deeper into Alex's mouth and then squeezed the bottle together and he pushed hard, the liquid fat rushing down Alex's gullet and making his eyes pop out of his eye sockets at the feeling.

"Come on you godamn pig, drink, gain, fatten! I'm sick and tired to see you gain so slowly of only 2 pounds a day. I'm tired of waiting for you to fatten so slow!" Bruce squeezed harder and the rhythmical swallows of Alex became harder and more labored, each gulp pushed more liquid fat down his gullet. Bruce pushed even harder, the gallon jug collapsed and you could see that Alex would have moaned at the feeling of pure fat pushing down his gullet and pumping his stomach hard. Alex stirred as he felt Bruce's strong arms push his full stomach apart and stretch it. Alex tried to lean away from the jug, but Bruce pushed the opening deeper in Alex's mouth.Alex could feel that Bruce was really impatient and tired of waiting. It looked very hot, this fat hog having this large jug jammed deep into his mouth. Alex gut groaned and his face showed that he felt like he was about to pop. But Bruce kept pushing hard, even increased the pressure still. There was a jerk and suddenly, Alex's belly came apart and grew big in a big push, the bottle got empty much faster and it looked like the stomach had given up resistance and stretched in a big way. And then the fat guy started pumping, it looked perverse for a fat guy to get fatter so fast, but it also looked very natural, like he had been waiting for this. Like he had been playing with fire all along. He looked like a victim and helpless when he fat expanded and bloated up.

"You should have seen how he blew up after that, he gained at an insane rate!" said Bruce and stopped the video. John could not believe what he had just seen, so much fat, so much gaining. And he was stuffing himself and was so hungry, he felt all that pork fat in his insides how it was reacting with his own gut fat and he wished for some force feeding, that would force him to eat and gain. Something natural occurred to him and he had the same impulse that many feedees had had before him, a deep and wonderful gratitude for being fed, for his feeder helping him gain and fatten up. He stopped eating and went over to Bruce, kissed him deep, while their guts touched, Bruce's thin and lean one and his fat tub like one. Then he went down and explored Bruce's lean and totally fatless belly. He knew that maintaining it thin and lean, shun fat from it, he had to keep gaining, that him turning into a fat lard ass kept Bruce thin.

Then he went further down and found the waist band of his shorts and slid them down and was immediately confronted with Bruce's humongous cock and he looked at it admiringly, kissed the side of it, noticed how veiny it was, how animalistic that looked , like the cock of a horse or a bull.Then he kissed his head, took it into his mouth a little and then deeper and deeper. It was a gesture of worship and giving thanks. Bruce got hornier from it,  and he grew more, got thicker. John took it deeper and deeper, taking the cock of his feeder and giving him pleasure was such an old and traditional thing that he did it without thinking. It also made sense, because he knew that a feeder would not let his feedee have sex or come, even tough he wanted it so bad. But that the feeder demanded that he first got some new stretch marks or that he gained 20 pounds, before he was allowed.  And using a chastity belt, he could not even touch himself and stayed horny, and because of this so hungry and kept overeating all the time.

As Bruce's cock got harder, he wanted to fuck and started thrusting inside John's mouth and this stretched John's gullet and the huge cock went deeper and deeper down his throat. It was incredible that this massive thick pole fit down his gullet and he felt that Bruce was opening him up, stretching him, like it was a vagina.

John gasped with every thrust, as did Bruce. John got so hungry, he could feel how his stomach was full, but he was so hot for more of the soft pork belly, he needed it so badly. Like Bruce could read his mind, he pulled out his cock, and shoveled a piece inside John's mouth and slowly pushed his cock back into John's mouth and then pushed the fat down. John gasped as he pulled the cock out again and put the next piece in. He pushed in again, this time a little faster. John felt his pumped up stomach, how it expanded.

"You are a little full right now, but we have to keep going" gasped Bruce. "You can probably feel it, we have to push past a limit, the next level you'll fatten quite a bit faster and not be that tight any more in there. This is the best thing that can happen right now and you can feel the pig inside you, that huge fat hog how it wants to prepare you for what is coming!"

John gasped and panted, Bruce was so right, it was exactly the right thing! John took two pieces, took them to the back of his throat and then swallowed Bruce's cock greedily and before he could suck it in deeper,  Bruce pushed deep and fucked him, feeling the soft fat ride on his cock and he pushed deeper. John thought it, and Bruce did it exactly as if he could have read John's thoughts and went all the way in, pushed and pushed, his cock was huge and long and John was swallowing it, felt like he was fat fucked, like he was being stretched open for the fat. Bruce's cock did not quite reach his stomach, but it felt like it. Bruce went all the way in and John could not breathe any more, but it felt right, because fattening was more important. Bruce pushed and pushed and inch by inch it went deeper and John soon felt Bruce's balls touch his chin and his ballsack was huge, it was full too, two large massive balls that could have belonged to a bull and fit perfectly with this huge cock and tons of sperm too, heavy and filled. Then they touched his lips and he gasped, the pig lard pushed inside his stomach. The large sack was filled to the max and the two large pieces of pork fat pumped it up a little, stretching it. Bruce pulled out and put two pieces more in his mouth and then pumped them in, hard. John could feel how Bruce would make him so massively obese, he had a glimpse of this gigantic sack of lard mountain of fattened up man and he knew it was him. He got so horny, felt his cock rise in his fat vagina, pushing against the large sack of fat that was his hanging belly and every push was stretching his stomach a little. It hurt a little, but then sent him into a fat frenzy, feeling that Bruce helped him where he needed to go. And every push stretched his stomach a little more and more and more and he felt it in his ass too, his asshole itched, he remembered how M had been fattened, how it happened with real fat pigs. Bruce kept doing it, force feeding him, pumping him and his stomach got larger and larger and larger,  and the pressure rose and he had more and more the feeling and danger of bursting. He panted in between thrusts and gasped "OMG, I'm going to explode!", to which Bruce stuffed 4 large pork fat pieces in his mouth and then shoved them in. This time his stomach groaned loudly and it pumped his belly up big time, over stretching it quite a bit, but John felt immediately that it would help him, that his stomach would not shrink anymore and had been enlarged to a bigger size permanently.

"I'm not going to let you pop yet!" Bruce said. "This is just opening you up to the things I'm going to do to you in the next days!"
John came hard at that, not having touched his cock, but having felt the fat rub and touch his cock all around. Bruce pulled out and lifted John's belly, checked John's cock, looking satisfied, massaging his gut. It was really pumped up and taut and groaned. Bruce kissed him deeply and massaged John's gut with a circular motion. "Now I want you to concentrate on getting fatter, if you feel the pumping starting, relax and let the fattening happen, if you feel that you are going to burst, think about your innards as being made out of rubber and that popping is a possibility and that one day you might be so fat and immobile that we will force feed you non stop to see how long it takes and hot fat you get till your fat gut gets too much and makes you pop. But that you are not there yet and need to produce a lot more fat before we will try out your ultimate fattening limit. Now you have a huge amount of pig fat inside your gut and it will start working on you, you can probably feel it already now.  Just breathe deeply and let your belly do what it needs to do and think about your fat folds and fat cells, how they need to grow, how exciting it is to be finally a full hog, a fattening pig."

John gasped and felt so pumped up, the groaning got louder and Bruce knew that he was feeling these words. John looked down on his belly and his belly had grown very slowly, like something was growing inside it. Bruce took John's wheelchair and moved him. They went through the kitchen, where several very fat cooks were at work. They did not seem to pay attention. Bruce was breathing heavily, John noticed that his cock stayed hard, he wheeled John out at the back of the kitchen and they ended up in what looked like the pig pen. John immediately noticed how fat these pigs were, much fatter than he had ever seen, they looked like somebody had inflated them, all of them were on their bellies, which were so wide that they could not walk any more. John felt how his belly fat was reacting with the fat he was carrying in his gut. Seeing all these incredibly obese hogs, his gut started to swell, it was like the pig fat was swelling up inside him and it produced a loud groaning sounds and he moaned  from the feeling, it was like he suddenly remembered how much of that fat he had taken inside him and his belly, especially his belly fat, that looked now very pig like indeed seemed to react to being a human man, but having been fattened up like a fat pig.

 To John it felt like something in this room was making his gut start ballooning up and it was not just that his belly was inflating, the fat was also growing. He was getting a lot of fat all around, like a huge life saver wrapping itself around him. He had a flash realisation how he would look soon, and it went through him like a wave, making his gut groan and gurgle.  He knew that all this fat would do something crass with him, that he would not be able to get away, that he had waited too long, allowed too much to be done with him. Why did he not stop Bruce? But it had felt so natural, it had aroused him so much. He could feel this room in his belly fat, there was something here... Bruce was in a hurry, he knew the conditions were perfect right now, that it would take days off John's finishing stage. He went behind John and then reached under the chair, using a little lighter, like a torch, clicked it alight and then let the blue flame touch John's shorts, which blazed alight, but in less than 2 seconds, the whole shorts had burned into very little ash, that blew away in the wind. It was some kind of special fabric that was designed to do that. Now John found himself sitting naked on the chair and before he could move, he felt Bruce's fingers on his anus. The Chair had a hole right where it was and he felt exposed and vulnerable. Bruce was playing with it, exploring it.

"You must have wondered how that felt!" said Bruce. "When M got it, how such a thick hose feels, when the machine started running and he could feel that indescribable sensation, the concentrated fat hit his large intestine and start pumping it full and pushing upwards and then when you start sucking it up, like a sponge!" The words did something to John, he could feel his loaded gut and felt the danger, he had to get away. Right in this moment, Bruce's finger slipped inside him and he stopped stiring. He had been trying to get up, but felt too heavy, all the pig fat had weighed him down and his fat gut was sitting on his lap, fat, heavy, prone, sagging, and incredibly fat. He felt like a lard ass, he fat bogging him down. Now he felt Bruce exploring his anus and he could not move. Bruce left and he could suddenly see what was going on in the room and that the fattest of the pigs had a hose in his ass, the damn thing was massively thick. The huge hose jumped rhythmically, followed by a deep gurgling sound that filtered out of the fat animal and slowly swelled the fat flanks of the pig. nd there it was, a feeding pump, with a large tank, the tank transparent and full of probably thousands of gallons of liquid yellow fat, enough to make 50 of these pigs pop. John was scared where he was now, how it had all come to this, but at the same time his cock was at attention, it stood in his fat vagina, pushing against the hanging side of his gut and he felt fat, so fat, such a perfect victim. Bruce pulled it out, first unlocking it with a complicated mechanism. It needed both hands, and John realized, impossible to achieve on yourself if it was plugged. in. Bruce came over to him with it and the chrome nozzle was huge and put the hose next to the chair and went again to John's anus. John felt Bruce's fingers, how they gently and lovingly stroked his anus, like it was a precious orfice and he could feel both loving affection and care but also strong dominance and knowing exactly what he wanted. He pushed more and more fingers inside and John suddenly realized that even though he tried to close it, he could not, it was kind of half open. And he knew that the pig fat in his gut had something to do with it. It had tickled in his anus for the whole time he had been fed.

"Have you fantasized that you would soon get this thing, that I was getting interested in you, but don't want to wait?" said Bruce and with this, he kissed John's Anus, put his lips on it and John moaned loud and suddenly. No, stop, please don't, he could feel the doom, the heavy price, the symbolism. he did not know exactly why, but...and then Bruce licked him, let his tongue dance across it, dipped it in and John moaned and panted very loud, he felt so fat suddenly, felt like all the fat inside him might make him pop right there, like it was being agitated. John tried to get up, looked at his fat gut, felt all the fat, all these fattened up pigs, how they were filling him, bloating him, how he would bloat up like a balloon of fat and his legs would not work any more. In the meanwhile, Bruce was preparing him, he knew what kissing, the lips of a feeder, the tongue on his feedee's anus meant, he could not articulate it, but he felt it in his gut. It felt really hot, but there was a price to be paid, a very high price. His ass hole was opening, he tried to close it, but it just opened more. John tried to operate the wheelchair, but it did not budge. He could feel the room, how it sucked on him, like there was a vacuum, like the room tried to pull him apart, on his flanks, his fat gut, his fattening legs, arms, like making him bloat up ridiculously.  he needed to get away, tried to get up, but his gut was so heavy, so fat, he felt like such a pig.

"We have not brought you here by accident" said Bruce. "You might think that you don't belong here, but you might be wrong. You might want to get back to your old life, but I want to show you something about yourself, an alternative path. I want you to experience this.

"You might have a skill that you did not know you had, something that you are really good at, that does not require a lot of work, that enables you to do other things, in the short time before it takes you over full time. The thing was that he could feel all that, in a subliminal way.

Bruce dragged the hose over and pushed the large ball nozzle against his anus, John's backdoor opened slowly, but not enough to let it in.He tries to plug it in and it fails, he kisses him deeply "we need to get this inside you! I can't wait to see you balloon!"
Bruce pushed the hose again and again,  and when it did not enter, he did kiss and lick John's anus passionately, and every time he did, John could feel something change in his gut, he could feel the set weight go up and up and up, like he was programmed to become fatter and fatter, without stopping.

Then he suddenly realized that this hose, this ball nozzle that was pushing against his asshole had not been washed, it had been in the pig's anus and he could feel the tingling inside his gut what this thing had done to the poor fat pig. It slipped open and got overstreched as the ball slid in and locked itself inside his behind. He moaned suddenly at the feeling and then he immediately realized what had just happened, and that he had to take it out, he could feel what this thing did with people. He remembered M's face expression as it started, that it had prepared him, made him.

And he suddenly felt something deep in his gut, that it was OK, that he would not have to worry about a thing anymore. He saw Bruce, how lean and thin he was, he touched his hard flat abs, how firm it was and he could feel how fat his gut was and knew that he had to balloon up, he was the fat guy that got fatter and fatter and Bruce was the fit guy that pushed him to fatten up, it was just as it was meant to be. His mouth found Bruce's massive hanger and it felt so right to take it deep inside. It was the right way for a fatty to thank his thin lean muscular feeder for making sure he was turning into a fat hog, an obese porker as soon as possible. He took the cock deeper and deeper and he felt the metal nozzle in his butt, how it was waiting for him, or he was waiting for it. John took the cock all the way in and swallowed, feeling it penetrate his gullet, sliding into the pipe that went to his stomach. He gurgled, could not breathe, but kept pushing it in. It felt so right to take the large cock of his feeder like this, he had to thank him, serve him for making sure he kept fattening, for him wishing to transform him into a massive pig, immobile, too heavy to walk, he knew it. He saw in the mirror how Bruce's cock made his gullet on his neck poke out, it was stretching it and the little pain he felt was good, he knew that it would help him for what was about to happen.His lips touched Bruce's huge balls, that massive sack. Bruce's balls were much larger than John's and also the sack was massive and heavy and contained a huge load of sperm. He was a breeder. It made John horny, he had seen what fat sack Bruce had turned that other man into. John touched Bruce's large ball sack with his tongue and he could tell that Bruce enjoyed that, his cock got harder and thicker, stretching John's gullet. John had to pull out, so he could breathe again and Bruce massages his fat gut greedily, grabbed the fat folds that were forming on his sides. "Let's get you ready!" said Bruce and again John, like many times before noticed the steel belt that Bruce was carrying around his flat abs.

John asked about it and Bruce smiled, "I will show you in a second!". He went out of the room and came back with a huge black rubber belt, that had the diameter of a queen size bed. "This was Alex's, but he won't need it any more, it has done all it needed to do!" said Bruce. He started to size it down, it had a strip of holes in the middle, all the length of it. He wrapped the belt a few times around and then wrapped it around John's belly. "This will be a lot of fun for you to wear, you will wear it from now on, it will be monitoring your circumference,and it is the counter piece to my metal one. Mine belly never grows, while yours always does. It it very stretchable, as as you can see, though all these holes, help you get up to stage 5, the same as Alex did. I don't really know how it works really, but trust me, it does: I can eat absolutely anything, no matter how fat and I never gain an ounce, while at the same time for you it won't be that easy: The stuff I overeat that seem to fall into a bottomless pit will make sure that you can' keep your weight stable and no matter how hard you try, to keep your belly together and from coming apart. Alex has not worn it for a few days, so you should be already starting to feel the effects on your pig belly." As Bruce put the belt on John's fat gut, John could feel it suddenly, it was like a huge hunger coming on and a desire for fat food. He looked down and saw the belt on him, the black rubber symbolizing morbid obesity and industrial fattening, where the rubber touched his fat, he could feel all his fat cells and how he was getting several fat rings around his gut and how they needed to be inflated badly, how he needed to grow fast.

Suddenly, without warning, the machine came to life and unloaded a large amount of a liquid into John's colon. "Oh, it's on automatic, now describe to me what you feel!" said Bruce. "It pumps and then there is a pause....and repeats" groaned John. He could feel it, this was not just any liquid. He could suddenly feel all his fat cells, got so aroused and felt how fat he really was and how dangerous this stuff was for his fat. "What is this stuff? OMG, ....I'm going to...." he gasped. Bruce held his belly and got a huge hard on when he saw that John's gut was moving. His eyes were wide and he John could feel how he was  making Bruce hot and it was so rewarding and making him hot too.

John could see himself in the mirror, saw the large fat folds that were all around his gut, he saw the black rubber around his belly and sides, how it held it, how incredible obese the last wearer had been, how it was blowing him up like a blimp, keeping track as he expanded, saw Bruce, how thin and lean he was,  and then he saw how his fat gut moved. With a few more pumps, his colon was full and started pressing and pumping. John was licking his lips, could not believe what this thing was doing with him. "OMG, I think my colon is going to explode!"

Bruce kept massaging John's belly "try to relax into it! You are a little tight down there, is is unfortunately necessary, try not to cramp your anus, but open it  up, like you are going to the toilet! And pushing your gut out!"

John tried it and the pumps got weaker, he almost could not feel them any more, but his gut grew from this, a lot, like there was less than was holding it together. Also, opening his anus seemed to do quite a few things to his belly, he could feel the pump having an easier game with him, less resistance and that he welcomed the fat. A fatal and morbidly sick thing that any normal human being would have realized and resisted, clearly aware that this machine had a very large tank and that the weight gain would happen very fast and not stop till he would be ready for the finishing phase, by which time he would not even be able to get up any more. But he had gotten fat and the fat started to change his judgement, all that fat wanted to grow more and he also got more and more fat cells, which all needed to be filled.

"Oh wow, that is hot my fatty! I can't wait to pull out all the stops. I'm not going to wait with you like I did with M and Alexandro, I have an experimental treatment that I will try out on you. The fat that you are getting is from special hogs that have not been ordinarily fattened up. It's a surprise, you will soon start to feel that in your gut!"

John's gut groaned and gurgled, the fat pumped an pumped higher inside him and soon he could feel the powerful pumps again, the way his gut came apart, the fat was stretching, the machine had not slowed down, but just had an easier time inflating him. It settled on his thighs and the sound it made during it showed that his gut was filling with liquid fat.  He found that opening his anus gave him a hard on and gave him a hot tingling feeling in his balls, cock and belly.

9. A big, fat, drum!

Bruce check out the rubber belt and licked his lips in excitement. "I love how this makes you look, it shows that you are now entering industrial fattening. You should have seen how it held Alexandro's fat, how it paced his massive fat gut." Bruce checked John's fat rings, and was amazed. He loved the special shape the fat porker was getting and it would allow the fat guy to be made much more obese than otherwise. Just these fat rings would fetch a handsome extra bonus.

And that fat configuration on the body allowed for a much larger lard yield, it was a very even growing of fat, and the side effects of too much fat in the body, the more and more uncontrollable fat surges that afflicted the massively obese and immobile that led to eventual doom of the porker, because the fat did not stop surging at one point, these effects would kick in later. He would turn into a big gigantic fat drum of fat. Bruce imagined the fun he would be having to push him over and then roll him, John unable to right himself and not being able to resist being rolled like a large fat drum.

"I love how thin you are still, like a virgin, I can't wait to see how you expand and fatten fast, I will bring you through all the stages, including stage 5! You look like you need to be pigged up with fat, wasted with lard" said Bruce, visibly aroused.

John felt a strong sense of ownership by Bruce,  he had seen Bruce with Alexandro, and it had felt different. He could feel that Bruce had wanted him from the very first time he saw him, to take care of him.

The gurgling inside John's gut got louder and the liquid fat was going higher and filling out his gut more and more. Bruce kissed him deep and massaged his belly, telling him how he just had to breathe deeply and relax and let the pressure work his gut, feel into it. John groaned and felt a few times he would explode, but Bruce calmed him down, lifting up his gut and exposing John's cock or what was left of it, that had not yet been eaten up by fat and told him that fear of bursting, to have your belly explode made him fatter faster, it made the belly suck up the fat faster to prevent popping. Also, the fat would make his innards more stretchable.

Even though John had really strong fear of bursting, it was also magic and felt very hot to be pumped up like this, it felt so good to hold the nozzle of the tube inside his anus and know that it could not have slipped out, no matter what, because the ball had become even larger through the pressure. But his belly got larger and larger and larger and he begged Bruce to stop, because every time he thought he would explode grated on his nerves and made him gasp and pant and moan stronger and louder.

But Bruce kept going, it was not even clear if he could turn off the machine and he held John's hand, kissed him over and over and told him how hot his gut looked and that the treatment , the stretching was necessary for his future fattening up. That it would help him hold more, get roomier inside and grow faster.

John got cramps from time to time as the pressure rose and his insides got stretched more than they had ever before, he held his belly but got pumped larger and larger. Soon his belly was so pumped up that it was a large inflated blimp, his fat and navel so stretched that it gave the impression of "explosive pressure". It had become larger than it had ever been before and loud gurgling and sloshing noises came out of it when John moved. John touched Bruce's metal belt and saw his own rubber one in the mirror, how it marked him as an industrial gainer, how it paced his growth and stretched with his gut.

 His fat gut got larger and larger and larger, every time he touched the metal on Bruce's belt, he could feel the rubber hold him, measure him, pace him, envelop him. And then his gut groaned dangerously, John knew that he would pop any second now, his gut was so huge. And then the machine just stopped.  And John moved and for the first time, now that the noise of the machine was not there, his gut gurgled and produced liquid noises, when John shifted his weight, it sounded like he was a water bed. His insides were stretched to the limit and his belly looked primed to explode, if somebody wanted to make him belly pop, this was how his last moments would have looked like.

The groaning in his gut got louder, John's gut got a little bigger in one push that sounded like somebody was moving on the water bed, it was apparent that the fat was doing something inside him. He could hardly breathe, he was so pumped up.

 Bruce looked at him, how full he was, with that hose in his ass, panting and moaning. And both knew in that moment that John was a pig, a hog that needed fattening up and Bruce was his his farmer, his feeder. And how grotesque that was that the fatty was gaining in this way, but how natural and normal it was, how John had arrived, how he was being fattened up the right way. Bruce could not relate to it himself, how did that feel to be inflated like a balloon like this, of giving in to the fat like this? But he knew that he was helping John, helping fullfill a destiny that all fat people potentially had.  And soon there would be no doubt left, he had seen the transformation before. He would be scared of having his belly explode from the pressure and gaining too fast, but soon after, he would beg Bruce to plug him in and pump him up again.

Bruce grabbed the hose and pulled it out by pushing the release, which only the feeder could undo, it was placed as such that the feedee could never undo it. The hose slipped out and this time the ball has no problem fitting through is anus. Bruce got so hot, he had seen this before, but not on a human being: The really fat pigs got back doors of incredible sizes. And John's now looked exactly as one of the really fat pig's. John expected the huge pressure to gush out, but it closed and locked like nothing. 

And John saw Bruce's huge hard cock, how it had gotten even larger. Bruce noticed him looking and Bruce touched John's own cock and he would have had to lift up John's fat gut but the pump had taken care of that, the pumped up gut had risen and was standing out. Bruce stroked John's FUPA, caressed the fat. "I can't wait for this to swell with fat! I want your cock in your fat vagina, no longer showing. I want you to give in to the fat and a cock eaten up by a growing fat cunt is the best sign of that. You should still fuck somebody as long as you still can!" said Bruce, while he slapped the double fat pillow that was eating up John's cock. The contrast was stark, Bruce's own cock stood, was long and hard and very thick, it looked masculine, aggressive, animalistic and powerful and John was a fat porker, he had been fattened up, his face had gotten wide and soft, the double chin had grown large and his whole body showed signs of fattening, that he was a feeding hog, all the fat growing uncontrollably, it showed that he was giving in to what was happening to him.He should have stopped it a long time ago, now he was marked and shaped by the fattening, he looked soft and yielding, his face expression showed that the fat had also done something to his will power, it had made that soft too. And his cock, there was only half of it visible still, the contrasts of their cocks, it showed in which positions they were each. 

"I love when the cock gets eaten up by the fat, it is such a hot sign of morbid obesity!" Bruce exclaimed.   John realized that he had pushed M's FUPA to eat up his cock. He liked fucking, but he had now met his match in Bruce. And then the feeder got impatient. Bruce grabbed one of his buttocks so that his thumb was touching his anus and helped him lean forward, into a contraption. John felt the dominance of his feeder, how he was a product of his, how he had pumped him full with fat and how he was pending to fatten in the most grotesque crazy way through pig fat in his gut. He was following Bruce's lead. It looked like a gap that was as wide as he was, with large liquid filled rings on the sides and bottom that looked very similar like his fat rings and when he slid in, was on his belly, he could heard them gurgle and wobble, they were liquid filled and mingled with his fat rings on the sides. When he was on his stomach, it felt like he was lieing next to two really fat guys and he could feel that the other rings were larger and more pumped up. It felt so good, the rings were adjusting to his fat gut and he felt them slip and slide and hold his gut. He knew immediately that this was latex. It felt like a water bed, except that this was not water, the way it gurgled and moved slower, he could tell that this was nothing else than liquid fat.

And it felt so hot to have his fat gut and that the latex rings held separated the fat below and the fat in his gut. His gut also moved like a water bed and was so pumped up and huge, he felt he would explode soon. The fat sloshed around his gut and he felt it on his belly fat. The fat rings around his gut were stretched and taut. He could feel that all the fat in his gut was working on him, he never felt his fat ring like this before. OMG, what had they done to these pigs which whom fat he had been pumped? He could feel his grip slipping, soon all this decadent fat would blow him up like a blimp, but he could feel how right that felt. It was a normal natural consequence.

And then John's thoughts froze and then melted, he got soft and submissive, he could feel Bruce's massive penis head push against his anus and it was time, John knew that this was a blessing, that he was supposed to be used by his feeder, that it was a way to thank Bruce for making sure he became a fat porker. There was a feeling of ownership, in one way Bruce was a dear friend, a lover that desired him. But in a much more basic way, he was a fattening hog that needed to lose his virginity, to be opened up and stretched, to learn about force feeding and needing it more and more, of being fattened up so much that he could not stop gaining any more and even though he feared for his mobility begged his feeder to fatten him up more and faster.

Bruce pushed and it felt so right, John could feel him open him up, his pig shaped asshole opening around the huge cock, it was like a key sliding into a lock. Bruce had impregnated him so much, he could feel the ownership like a pig that got fattened up by a farmer. John could feel his anus get larger and larger, as Bruce's massive horse like cock slid in. He had never felt something like this and he panted and moaned really loud. He suddenly panicked and felt the fear of exploding, he had too much fat inside him, too much pressure. But then the penis head cleared his anus and his massive shaft started to slide in and John felt how he was not resisting any more, how he got pleacefull and hot at being taken like this, as the thing slid deeper and deeper he felt getting softer and more pliant. He was being fucked by the guy that was feeding him and it was now his task to fatten up. And he suddenly realized with a moan, the larger the cock, the faster the gain. his belly gurgled and groaned. He was afraid of being inflated and exploding. Bruce slid all the way in and then out and his strokes were getting faster and faster. His massive cock plowed through the liquid fat that filled John's colon and John could feel something developing in his lower belly, this feeling... this was making him fatter, the pure act of submission was making him fat like a hog. Bruce fucked harder and faster, John felt his gut swell and inflate, it felt so right to be fucked like this, that he was being used and he knew that every push was making him fatter and lazier, more a victim of the fat. And Bruce made it a point of sliding all the way out, just to be able to penetrate John's pig anus again, forcing his cock in and opening him up and John felt how that opened him up more and more with every entering. And John played with it by sometimes holding it closed so that Bruce could push harder and force it open more.

Bruce moaned and started to grab John's fat and started to tell him while he fucked him "I want to turn you into a fat pig as soon as possible.You won't be able to escape any more, I wanted you and I got you now. You will soon go through a transformation that will turn you immobile very fast. The fat I pumped you with, these pigs were not slaughtered, I had my fun making them explode, this imprint once you have absorbed the fat in your gut, will give you the same morbid urge in good time . And I will have my fun with you and fatten you up as much as possible, but there will be a point when I will want to see what you are made off and a stomach used to massive stretching and pressure and so much fat that you can't even turn over, I will just keep force feeding you for days, non stop, to see how much a fat pig like you needs till it becomes too much fat and too much pressure in your gut!"


To be continued... hopefully

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Hi, I'm Rubens and the creator of this website. I'm both a feeder and feedee.

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